CAS number 11089-65-9 YesY
PubChem 6433557
MeSH Tunicamycin
Jmol-3D images {{#if:CC(C)C\C=C\C(=O)N[C@@H]1[C@H]([C@H]([C@H](O[C@H]1O[C@@H]2[C@@H]

([C@H]([C@@H]([C@H](O2)CO)O)O)NC(=O)C)CC([C@@H]3[C@H]([C@H] ([C@@H](O3)N4C=CC(=O)NC4=O)O)O)O)O)O|Image 1

Molecular formula C39H64N4O16
Molar mass 840.0 g/mol
R-phrases 28
S-phrases 28-37/39-45
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Tunicamycin is mixture of homologous nucleoside antibiotics that inhibits the UDP-HexNAc: polyprenol-P HexNAc-1-P family of enzymes. In eukaryotes, this includes the enzyme GlcNAc phosphotransferase (GPT), which catalyzes the transfer of N-actelyglucosamine-1-phosphate from UDP-N-acetylglucosamine to dolichol phosphate in the first step of glycoprotein synthesis. Tunicamycin blocks the synthesis of all N-linked glycoproteins (N-glycans) and causes cell cycle arrest in G1 phase. It is used as an experimental tool in biology, e.g. to induce unfolded protein response[1]. Tunicamycin is produced by several bacteria, including Streptomyces clavuligerus and Streptomyces Iysosuperficus.

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