Manzolini Libellula

Manzolini Libellula
Role Light experimental helicopter
Manufacturer Manzolini
Designer Ettore Manzolini
First flight 1952
Number built 3

The Manzolini Libellula was a 1950s Italian co-axial twin-rotor helicopter designed by Ettore Manzolini. "Libellula" is the Italian word for "Dragonfly".


Design and development

Etorre Manzolini established a company in Rome, Italy to develop a helicopter he had designed. The design was the Manzolini Libellula an unusual co-axial helicopter. The co-axial arrangement eliminating the need for an anti-torque rotor allowed the helicopter to have a twin fin arrangement. The Libellula (Registered I-MANZ) first flew on 7 January 1952. An improved version was the single-seat Libellula II which went on to gain Italian certification on 15 October 1962. A three-seater version (the Libellula III) was built and a four-seat Libellula IV was planned but Manzolini stopped development in the late 1960s.


Prototype, one built.
Libellula II
Prototype single-seat version powered by a 75kW (101hp) Walter Minor 4-III engine, one built.
Libellula III
Prototype two-seat version powered by a 104kW (140hp) Walter M 332 engine, one built but not flown.
Libellula IV
Proposed four-seat version powered by a 236kW (317shp) Allison 250-CT18 turboshaft, not built.

Specifications (Libellula II)

General characteristics



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