List of minor EastEnders characters (2006)

List of minor EastEnders characters (2006)

The following is a list of minor characters that appeared in the BBC soap opera "EastEnders" in 2006, by order of first appearance.

Marie Matthews

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Marie Matthews
actor_name=Susan Cruse
appeared=5 January 2006
occupation=Market inspector

Marie Matthews was the Bridge Street market inspector in Walford, following Richard Cole, Michael Rose and Lisa Fowler. She made an appearance on 5 January 2006 when Deano Wicks was illegally selling "WOOF" (Walford One Owed Freedom) t-shirts, to try and help save Gus Smith's dog, Wellard from being euthanised for attacking Ian Beale.Deano used his "Wicks charm" on her, and got off with a warning. He later sold the t-shirts legally by taking over Alfie Moon's old stall from Alfie's second cousin Jake.

Guy Matthews

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Guy Matthews
actor_name=Steve Sarossy
appeared=10 February 2006
occupation=Wine merchant

Guy Matthews was the owner of a flash car that Minty Peterson was fixing at The Arches. Dawn Swann started to talk to Minty about the car and its owner, not realising that Guy was within earshot. He revealed that he was a wine merchant and asked Dawn out for dinner. Dawn was impressed on her date with Guy, sharing conversation about importing wine, and talking about Dawn's brother Mickey's toy importing business. As they stepped outside of the restaurant, Guy kissed Dawn and pinned her against a wall. She struggled to get free, and shouted at him, telling him she was too good for him. She kicked his car, denting it, and walked home.

Megan Macer

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Megan Macer
actor_name=Niky Wardley
first=16 February 2006
last=18 February 2006
father=Joe Macer
mother=Jools Macer
sisters=Shelley Macer
grandfathers=Brian Macer
grandmothers=Elsie Macer
aunts=Bobby Macer

Megan Macer was the daughter of Joe Macer, and came to Walford for her father's wedding to Pauline Fowler, and instantly took a disliking to her. [" [ Joe's daughter to stir pot in EastEnders] ", "Digital Spy". URL last accessed 2007-02-16] On the wedding day she made up with Pauline. After the wedding she left Walford, but it was later revealed that she had given Bert Atkinson Joe's new address when he got out of prison.After Pauline died on Christmas Day 2006 and Joe confessed it was him who had caused her death, Joe died on 26 January 2007 after falling from a window in Pauline's house during a struggle with Dot and Jim Branning. Megan has not been mentioned since this happened.

Yanis Pappas

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Yanis Pappas
actor_name=Peter Polycarpou
first=20 February 2006
last=23 February 2006
status= Married
occupation= Restaurateur
brothers=Andreas Pappas
sisters=Helen Pappas
wife=Anna Pappas
sons=Nico Pappas
uncles=Chris Pappas

Yanis Pappas was the father of Nico, Carly Wicks's husband. Yanis did not approve of Carly, but was prepared to put up with her for the sake of his son. He owned many restaurants in Cyprus and London. Yanis and Kevin Wicks, Carly's father, arranged a family liaison meeting at 31 Albert Square, but it ended up in almighty brawl, where Kevin and Yanis exchanged punches. When Nico and Carly reconciled, Yanis offered them a restaurant in Cyprus, with his brother Andreas. Nico accepted his offer, but Carly decided to stay in London. Yanis is definitely a family man, and showed this when he brought his sister, brother-in-law, uncle and wife Anna to the family meeting. He also has strong Greek morals and believes family comes first.

Nico Pappas

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Nico Pappas
actor_name=Gerard Monaco
first=20 February 2006
last=24 February 2006
father=Yanis Pappas
mother=Anna Pappas
wife=Carly Wicks (?-2007)
uncles=Andreas Pappas
aunts=Helen Pappas
great uncles=Chris Pappas

Nico Pappas was married to Carly Wicks but their marriage was shaky. He didn't really know how to stand up to his family who didn't think Carly was good enough for him. Underneath, however, he really loved Carly but he didn't want to upset his family. Before his arrival in Walford, he and Carly had been living in Cyprus with his family. Carly left Nico after a string of arguments. They then reconciled for just one day before Nico's father Yanis offered him and Carly a restaurant in Cyprus. Carly didn't want to go, so Nico left without her.

On 29 May 2007 Carly learned that Nico had filed for a divorce.

Anna Pappas

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Anna Pappas
actor_name=Anna Savva
appeared=21 February 2006
husband=Yanis Pappas
sons=Nico Pappas

Anna Pappas was the mother of Nico, Carly Wicks's husband. Anna did not approve of Carly, and voiced this opinion openly. She also hated Carly because she couldn't speak Greek. Her husband Yanis and Carly's father, Kevin, arranged a family liaison meeting at 31 Albert Square, but it ended up in almighty brawl, where Kevin and Yanis exchanged punches, and Anna fought with Carly.

Helen Pappas

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Helen Pappas
appeared=21 February 2006
brothers=Andreas Pappas
Yanis Pappas
uncles=Chris Pappas
nephews=Nico Pappas

Helen Pappas was the sister of Yanis Pappas, and aunt of Carly Wicks's husband, Nico. She attended a liaison meeting with her family, Yanis, Nico, Anna, Chris and Peter, as well as Carly, Deano and Kevin Wicks, and she ended up pulling Carly's hair when the meeting turned into a fight.

Chris Pappas

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Chris Pappas
appeared=21 February 2006
nephews=Andreas Pappas
Yanis Pappas
nieces=Helen Pappas
great nephews=Nico Pappas|

Chris Pappas was the elderly uncle of Yanis Pappas and great uncle of Carly Wicks' husband, Nico. He attended a family liaison meeting with his family, Yanis, Nico, Anna, Helen and Peter, as well as Carly, Deano and Kevin Wicks. He was a frail elderly Cypriot gentleman, who used an oxygen mask to aid his breathing.

Jez Franks

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Jez Franks

actor_name=Tex Jacks
years=2006, 2007
first=28 April 2006
last=2 April 2007
home=89a George Street
father=Vince Franks

Jez Franks was a bully in Ben Mitchell and Abi Branning's year at Walford Primary School. He was first seen at Ben's tenth birthday party, when he and another boy, Ali, fixed a game of pass the parcel, so Jez won the prize, a camera. He was later seen at the opening of Walford Video, when Ben's father, Phil's lawyer, Stella Crawford embarrassed Ben by revealing that the shop wasn't actually his yet - and Jez teased him. Jez was then seen in March 2007, bullying Ben in the playground at school, threatening to make him deaf in his only hearing ear. This led Ben to wet himself, and Stella, Phil's girlfriend, told Ben to stand up for himself, then watched as Jez attacked Ben. Phil later attacked Jez's father, Vince, and told him to keep Jez away from Ben.

Briony Campbell

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Briony Campbell
actor_name=Rae Hendrie
first=28 April 2006
last=16 May 2006
occupation= Paediatrician

Doctor Briony Campbell was the paediatrician who looked after Freddie Mitchell when he was injured and had blood on the brain. She interviewed Oliver Cousins, Walford's GP and boyfriend of Freddie's mother, Little Mo Mitchell. Oliver told her that Mo had once nearly hit Freddie. Briony then informed the police and social services, who investigated Mo. When Mo found out that Oliver had told Briony, she ended their relationship. After more extensive tests, Freddie was found to have a low platelet count, and Mo was cleared of all allegations. Mo later thought that Briony and Oliver were a couple, but Briony informed her that Oliver still liked her.

David Walsh

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=David Walsh
actor_name=Jeremy Child
first=15 May 2006
last=5 September 2006

The Reverend David Walsh was a vicar, first seen renting a pornographic film in Walford Video for a sermon he was writing. He later visited Billy Mitchell and Honey Edwards, who wanted to get married in a church, but when Reverend Walsh found out that Billy was divorced (from Little Mo Mitchell), he told Honey and Billy they couldn't get married in the church. He was later blackmailed by Peggy, who threatened to tell everyone that he rented a porn film. He later married Billy and Honey in September.

Carla Mitchell

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Carla Mitchell

actor_name=Christianne Oliveira
first=26 May 2006
last=9 June 2006
occupation= Landlady
husband=Grant Mitchell (2003—)|

Carla Mitchell was the Brazilian wife of Grant Mitchell. She lived in Rio de Janeiro and ran a bar with Grant, before moving to Walford. She doesn't get on well with Grant's daughter Courtney. She also has her own son named Mathias. Grant left her in February 2006 when she had an affair with a man called Ray. She arrived in Walford on May 26, 2006 to try to patch things up with Grant. Grant did not want anything to do with her at first, but he gave in to her pleas and they slept together.

On 5 June, Carla was terrified to find Ray in Albert Square, demanding £12,000 that Carla had stolen from him. When Carla promised to pay him, they slept together. However, Ray hadn't forgotten about the money as Carla had hoped. Carla told Grant that Ray wanted £25,000, in a bid to run back to Rio with Ray. Grant and Carla planned to start a new life in Portugal together with Courtney and Carla's son Mathias. Grant learned of Carla's scam with Ray not long after Ray and Carla's affair began again. Eventually Carla told Grant that she wanted to have his baby. Grant wet Carla's appetite with a wad of cash, supposedly to pay off Ray, but the previous day Grant had ordered Ray to leave the Square with nothing. When Grant was in the shower Carla took the bag of money out onto the Square, but Grant was watching his lying wife through the Vic's bathroom window. Carla then realised that she had been tricked, and as she opened the bag of 'money' she was surprised to discover Grant's pants and socks in the bag and no money. Upon returning to the Vic, Grant and Carla kissed, but Grant took Carla upon his shoulder and dumped her in Gus Smith's litter bin, much to the amusement of Courtney, Gus and more Albert Square residents. Carla returned into the Queen Vic, only to be met with an angry Peggy, who slapped her across the face before her famous 'get outta my pub' line. Carla did so, and has not been seen since.


Infobox EastEnders character
actor_name=David Kennedy
first=5 June 2006
last=9 June 2006

Ray (also known as Marco) arrived in Walford on 5 June 2006. He had tracked down his ex-lover Carla Mitchell, who had left him in Brazil to return to her husband Grant. Carla had been having an affair with Ray while she was married to Grant.

He followed Carla to Walford to reclaim £12,000 that Carla had stolen from him, but Carla slept with him, telling him that they could get back together. However, Ray told Carla that he still needed the £12,000 back. She went to Grant and told him she needed £25,000.

The next day, Grant and his brother Phil paid a visit to Ray, who told them that he needed the £12,000. When Grant found out that Carla had lied to him he was distraught, giving Ray the opportunity to run from his hotel room. Phil went after him, and while they were gone Grant smashed the room with a baseball bat. After smashing a chest of drawers, Grant found Ray's passport, giving a false name, Marco.

Ray was next seen being pulled from the boot of Phil's Jaguar by Grant outside The Queen Vic. Grant had realised that he was a criminal, and gave him a small amount of money and his passport, directing him to the tube station, telling him never to return. This was Ray's last appearance.

Elaine Jarvis

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Elaine Jarvis
actor_name=Sian Reeves
first=8 June 2006
last=14 July 2006
occupation=Restaurant manageress

Elaine Jarvis was the manageress of Fargo's restaurant who took a fancy to Kevin Wicks. Kevin dumped her however, when she sacked Chelsea from the restaurant. She then walked in on Kevin passionately kissing Denise Fox.

Victor Brown

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name=Victor Brown
actor_name=Jimmy Yuill
first=15 June 2006
last=3 November 2006
occupation=Walford Community Charitable Trust patron
wife=Maeve Brown|

Victor Brown was a patron of the Walford Community Charitable Trust (the WCCT). He is an old friend of Ian Beale, and used to ask him for donations for charity events. He was first seen asking Phil Mitchell to host a World Cup gala in The Queen Vic. Phil refused (on the recommendation of Keith Miller); Ian overheard and phoned Victor offering to host and organise the gala. Victor invited him to sit on a sub-committee, helping to organise the event.

While talking to Ian in The Vic, Victor asked Ian if "Mrs. Beale" would be interested in being involved in the gala. Ian replied that Jane would love to help, leading Victor to believe that Ian and Jane are married. Ian and Victor decided to host the gala in the Square, during the England versus Sweden match, which was very successful. The next day Victor invited Ian to a party, and introduced him to Rob Minter.

Victor appeared again to ask Ian if Jane could help out in an auction the WCCT was organising. Jane agreed, but then told Ian she couldn't do it as it coincided with Peter and Lucy's parents evening. Ian told Victor that his wife would be there, but Jane refused to go, so Ian paid Dawn Swann to pose as his wife.

Jane eventually found out that Dawn had been posing as her, and forced Ian to confess to Victor, and quit the WCCT. Victor's wife Maeve also tried to seduce Ian.

Victor later appeared at Ian and Jane's engagement party, where he told Pat Evans that Maeve had left him after 33 years of marriage.

Steve Clarke

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Steve Clarke
actor_name=Tom Bennett
first=16 June 2006
last=11 August 2006

Steve Clarke was a colleague of Bradley Branning at Eichel Investment Banking, who first appeared in Walford on 16 June 2006, when he went for a drink with Bradley at Scarlet nightclub. Steve started jeering at the exotic dancer, SJ Fletcher, and Bradley joined in, upsetting his girlfriend Stacey Slater.He later appeared in August, and bullied Bradley in The Queen Vic pub, forcing him to buy all the drinks. Bradley's father, Max told Steve to leave Bradley alone, which only sparked more bullying at work, including Steve creating a flash animation of Bradley's head on a baby's body.

Bradley and Steve later found out that they were both up for a promotion at the bank where they worked. Steve was confident in his interview, but Bradley forwarded an abusive e-mail to their boss, Mr. Andrews, which got Steve fired. He was last seen being escorted out of the bank by security after losing his job on 11 August 2006.

Malma Chaudury

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Malma Chaudury
actor_name=Shereen Martineau
first=10 July 2006
last=11 July 2006

Malma Chaudury was a staff nurse at Walford General Hospital, where Sonia Fowler is a trainee nurse. She disciplined Sonia on 10 July 2006 for almost using a dirty plaster on a patient, and not being able to inject him. After this, she smelt alcohol on Sonia's breath, as Sonia had been out drinking the previous night. She called Sonia into her office and sent her home, saying that she was being unprofessional. The next day Malma called Sonia and her tutor into her office, and after smelling alcohol on Sonia's breath yet again, her tutor suspended her for two weeks.

Gemma Clewes

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Gemma Clewes
actor_name=Natalie J. Robb
first=14 July 2006
last=18 July 2006

Gemma Clewes was the mistress of Max Branning. Max visited her after an argument with his wife Tanya. After Max reconciled with his wife, he ended his relationship with Gemma. She proceeded to stalk Max, even introducing herself to his estranged son Bradley. The next day, she booked an appointment with Tanya to get a makeover. Bradley saw her waiting to see Tanya and forced her to leave, not wanting her to wreck his sisters', Lauren and Abi's lives like his was when Max left his mother, Rachel, for Tanya.

Tony Andrews

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Tony Andrews
actor_name=Alan McKenna
years=2006, 2007
first=8 August 2006
last=3 July 2007
home = Singapore
wife=Cheryl Andrews

Tony Andrews was Bradley Branning's boss at Eichel Investment Banking. He first appeared on 8 August 2006 [ [ Filmography by TV series forAlan Mckenna] at IMDb] when Bradley was offered a promotion, a job for which he competed with Steve Clarke. Tony appeared again in June 2007 when Bradley and another colleague, Julie, applied for the same job. He has since been relocated to the company's office in Singapore.


Infobox EastEnders character
actor_name=Andrew McKay
first=10 August 2006
last=25 August 2006
occupation=Security guard

Al was a mysterious character who arrived in Albert Square on 10 August 2006, moving into his new home, 93 George Street. Chelsea Fox took an instant liking to him, and he was watched by Sean Slater. He also flirted with Ruby Allen in her nightclub, Scarlet.

He was previously a soldier stationed in Iraq with Sean, until he shot Sean in the back at point-blank range because he thought that Sean slept with his girlfriend before they shipped out. He was acquitted of charges, and moved to Walford.

Sean tracked him down, and planned to kill him until bumping into his sister, Stacey. Sean Broke into Al's flat and started threatening and intimidating him. He then told him to finish the job he started, implying that Al should kill him. When Al looked away, Sean headbutted him, tied him up and ducttaped his mouth shut to stop his cries. The next time they appeared Sean was taking a bound and gagged Al out of his car. He hung him upside down in a remote location and began torturing him. Al tried to reply to Sean but the tape on his mouth restrained him. Sean then cut Al down leaving him gagged and his feet tied up. He told him never to return to Walford, or he would hang him for real.

id Clarke

Infobox EastEnders character

character_name=Sid Clarke
actor_name=Simon Gleeson
first=11 August 2006
last=12 October 2006
status=In a relationship

Sid Clarke [" [ SJ (Sarah-Jane) Fletcher] ", "BBC". URL last accessed 2006-11-20. See "Love Interest" section.] was the Australian boyfriend of SJ Fletcher. SJ told Minty Peterson that Sid was her brother, so she could continue to use him for his money. Sid made it clear to SJ that he wanted her to bleed Minty dry of all his money, which led to SJ and Minty starting a relationship. SJ confided in Sid that she wanted to return to Australia and have a baby but he couldn't meet her demands yet. That night, Minty walked in on the pair in bed together. The next morning, SJ and Sid had disappeared.

Rachel Branning

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name=Rachel Branning
actor_name=Sukie Smith (2006)
Pooky Quesnel (2007—)
years=2006, 2007, 2008
first=14 August 2006
last=12 February 2008
husband=Max Branning (1987-1993)
sons=Bradley Branning

Rachel Branning is the mother of Bradley Branning, and ex-wife of Max. She arrived in Albert Square when Bradley's grandfather Jim threw him out of his house. She was still bitter about Max cheating on her with Tanya. She attacked Tanya at the opening of Booty. Rachel then became determined to split Max and Tanya up so she tried to kiss Max, although he did not reciprocate. She apologised to Tanya that she had kissed Max as part of her plan to split them up. Rachel then left Walford and moved back to Tring.

Rachel returned to the Square on 18 October 2007 to help with preparations for Bradley and Stacey's wedding. She was trying to take control of everything and continually kept making side remarks about Tanya. She also warned Stacey that she could be next on Max's list of women. Tanya told Rachel to move on, but she remained stuck in the past.

On 3 January 2008, she again returned to the Square after Dot had called her to tell her that Bradley needed her help. She told Bradley that he should move in with her to take his mind off things. Bradley first said no, but after second thoughts, agreed to go back to Rachel's. Bradley then left Dot a note, saying to her that he has changed his mind and has gone by himself.

On 12 February 2008, Stacey travelled to Tring to find Bradley again and went to Rachel's house. Rachel was not pleased to find Stacey at the door and told Stacey that Bradley wanted nothing more to do with her and tried to throw her out. But Stacey then revealed to Rachel that she had been pregnant with Bradley's child, but it was Bradley that forced her to have an abortion. Rachel showed her sympathy to Stacey and gave her Bradley's address. Bradley later confronted his mum about giving Stacey his address, but Rachel told Bradley she gave Stacey his address because he needs to make a choice about his relationship with her, and that choice must be made.

Maeve Brown

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Maeve Brown
actor_name=Siobhan Redmond
first=21 August 2006
last=25 August 2006
husband=Victor Brown|

Maeve Brown was the wife of Victor Brown, a patron of the Walford Community Charitable Trust (the WCCT). She was first seen on a weekend retreat, with Victor and his fellow WCCT members, including Rob Minter, Ian Beale and Dawn Swann, posing as Ian's wife, "Jane Beale". She pointed out to Ian that "Jane" was flirting a lot with Rob, and later witnessed them kissing in the hotel corridor. When the real Jane arrived (posing as Ian's nanny, also called Jane) she told Maeve that Ian and "Jane" had an open marriage. This led to Maeve flirting with Ian in his room, and them hiding in the wardrobe when Jane and Victor came in. When Victor found them in the wardrobe, he scorned Maeve for her promiscuous behaviour. They went home together and Maeve hasn't been seen since. When Victor attended Ian and Jane's engagement party, he told Pat Evans that Maeve had left him after 33 years of marriage.

Annie Grey

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Annie Grey
actor_name=Kate Anthony
appeared=8 September 2006

Doctor Annie Grey was a Consultant paediatrician who worked at Walford General Hospital, and advised Billy and Honey Mitchell about what to do when they discovered that their baby, Janet had Down's syndrome. She gave them leaflets but Honey snapped at her.

Liz Turner

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Liz Turner

actor_name=Kate Williams
first=12 September 2006
last=29 September 2006
sons=Owen Turner
granddaughters=Libby Fox

Liz Turner was the mother of Owen Turner, Denise Fox's abusive ex-husband. She arrived in Walford for Owen's trial, following his arrest for assaulting Denise. She previously lived in Spain. On her way to Denise's house, she put down her purse and forgot to pick it up again; it was then stolen by Sean Slater. She then had no money and had to stay with Denise. When Owen got a suspended sentence, Liz arranged for Owen to move to Cardiff in Wales with her sister. After a false alarm that Owen had kidnapped his daughter Libby, Libby turned up and Liz took Owen away in a taxi. As the taxi drove away, Owen got out and told his mother he needed an alcoholic drink. Liz contacted Libby and Denise, who went looking for Owen with her boyfriend Kevin. Liz stayed at the flat with Libby, Denise's other daughter Chelsea, and Kevin's son Deano. When Chelsea stormed out and Deano followed, Libby phoned Owen, who had just woken up in a park next to a half-empty bottle of vodka. Owen decided to go to the flat, but arrived drunk and Libby locked herself in her bedroom. Liz told her to stay in there and Owen knocked her unconscious. Liz later woke up and called Libby's name, but Owen had kidnapped her, and later tried to kill her and himself. She later tried to visit Libby in hospital, but Denise lied and told Liz that Libby was asleep, after this she returned to Spain.

Graham Stone

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Graham Stone
actor_name=Simon Robson
appeared=14 September 2006

Doctor Graham Stone was the cardiologist who visited Billy and Honey Mitchell with the results of tests on their newborn daughter Janet. He revealed that Janet had holes between the ventricles and atria of her heart, which is common in children with Down's syndrome. He informed them of an operation Janet could have to correct it.

Bryan Nolan

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Bryan Nolan
actor_name=Mark Springer
first=18 September 2006
last=24 December 2006

Charge Nurse Bryan Nolan works in the special care baby unit at Walford General Hospital. He looked after Janet Mitchell when she was born with Down's syndrome. Janet's parents Billy and Honey Mitchell warmed to Bryan, and Honey was upset when he was on an NHS training course. Bryan heard that Honey wanted to see him, and left the training course. He found Billy and Honey's address and went to their house to visit Honey, convincing her to give Janet a chance. He gave Janet a hat when she left hospital to go home.

He later appeared on Christmas Eve, and spoke to Billy when Janet was ill in hospital again.

Joy Lucas

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Joy Lucas
actor_name=Doña Croll
first=21 September 2006
last=17 October 2006
husband=Cedric Lucas (?-2006)

Joy Lucas arrived in Walford on 21 September 2006, with her husband Cedric, who was visiting his old friend and bandmate in The Five Hectors, Patrick Trueman. They got lost and asked Denise Fox in the Post Office for directions to Patrick's house. She complimented Patrick's wife Yolande on her cooking, and helped her with the washing up. After Cedric had revealed to Patrick (and his friend Jim) that he was dying, Joy and Cedric left. They stayed in London to visit more friends, and planned to return to their home in Trinidad.

Joy returned in October 2006 to tell Patrick and Yolande that Cedric had died. She attended his funeral and wake, with Patrick, Yolande, and Cedric's other surviving bandmate, Aubrey Valentine. Denise Fox had revealed that her father was in a band called The Five Hectors, and Patrick told Joy and Aubrey that her father was either himself, Cedric, Aubrey, or one of the two other deceased band members. Joy later returned to Trinidad.

Cedric Lucas

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Cedric Lucas
actor_name=Ram John Holder
first=21 September 2006
last=22 September 2006
dod=12 October 2006
wife=Joy Lucas (?-2006)

Cedric Lucas arrived in Walford on 21 September 2006, with his wife Joy, to visit his old friend and bandmate in The Five Hectors, Patrick Trueman. They got lost and asked Denise Fox in the Post Office for directions to Patrick's house. Cedric seemed tired and worn out, and Patrick was shocked when he declined an offer of a glass of rum, and only asked for a small portion of food. Patrick's other guest, Jim Branning, had heard of Cedric's wild reputation from Patrick, and was also shocked at the frail old man he met. When Patrick confronted Cedric, he told him that he was dying of pancreatic cancer, and this was the "farewell tour" - he advised Patrick to enjoy his life, and not take it for granted as he had done. Afterwards, Cedric and Joy left to go home.

After Cedric's death, Denise Fox revealed to Patrick's wife Yolande that she had never known her father but she knew he was in a band called The Five Hectors. It is therefore possible that Cedric was her father.

Karin Jones

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Karin Jones
actor_name=Anna Lauren
first=26 September 2006
last=29 September 2006
occupation=Brewery agent

Karin Jones was a brewery agent who visited Scarlet nightclub in Walford because her colleague, Mr. Thomas, was unavailable. She met with barman Sean Slater, and when the bar manager Jake Moon walked in on them later, Sean's actions implied that he and Karin had just had sex. Karin made her excuses and left the club. She came to the club later in the week, and Jake told her that she could use the office to have her meeting with Sean. Jake went to get Ruby, and dragged her to the office. They found Karin and Sean discussing alcopops. As Karin walked out the door, she zipped her skirt up out of Ruby's sight.

Susan Gilbride

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Susan Gilbride
actor_name=Jemima Abey
first=10 October 2006
last=13 October 2006

Susan "Susie" Gilbride was Rebecca Miller's teacher at Walford Primary School. She was first seen telling Rebecca's mother, Sonia Fowler, that Rebecca's grandmother Pauline had taken her ticket for the school's harvest festival assembly. Susie was then seen at the assembly, where she recognised Rebecca's father, Martin from when they attended Walford Primary School together. Martin also asked Susan if he could give a speech to Rebecca's class about fruit and vegetables.

Aubrey Valentine

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Aubrey Valentine
actor_name=Joseph Marcell
first=17 October 2006
last=30 October 2006

Aubrey Valentine was once a member of a band called The Five Hectors, along with Patrick Trueman, Cedric Lucas and two other men named Dwight and Earl. Aubrey first appeared in Walford on 17 October 2006, for Cedric's funeral. Patrick revealed to Aubrey that local resident Denise Fox knew that her father was in The Five Hectors, but she did not know his name. On realising that he could possibly be Denise's father, Aubrey left the funeral reception.

He later returned and attended a dinner party at Patrick and Yolande's house, with Denise, her boyfriend Kevin, and children Chelsea and Libby. He agreed to take a paternity test for Denise, and stayed with her at Pat Evans' house. He later moved in with Patrick and Yolande when he found out that Patrick and Pat had had an affair. He then got Yolande drunk and they shared a passionate kiss.

When Yolande woke up, she couldn't remember anything beyond the kiss.

Yolande decided to throw Aubrey out of her house, and whilst packing his bag for him, found that he hadn't sent off the paternity test. She confronted Aubrey, who told her that he knew he wasn't Denise's father, but didn't send off the test because he didn't want Patrick to have a daughter when he didn't. He also revealed that he wasn't rich as he had previously stated, and the car he drove was not his, but hired. Aubrey also confessed that he lied about having sex with Yolande, as he was jealous of Patrick having a wife.

Aubrey carried on pretending that he was awaiting the test results, until he made a speech during another dinner party at Pat's house, where he referred to Denise and her daughters as "family", and Yolande exposed him as a fraud. He subsequently told Patrick that he and Yolande had kissed. As he drove away he told Patrick that things hadn't changed, and he always got Patrick's girls.

Nina Brown

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Nina Brown
actor_name=Victoria Woodward
appeared=20 October 2006
occupation=HMP family liaison officer|

Nina Brown was a family liaison officer for Her Majesty's Prison Service. She and her associate, Kate Chole, went to number 23 Albert Square, looking for Ruby Allen. Bert Atkinson directed her to Scarlet nightclub, where they found Ruby and informed her that her father, Johnny, who had previously been incarcerated in prison, had died from a heart attack.

Kate Chole

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Kate Chole
appeared=20 October 2006
occupation=Governing governor|

Kate Chole was a governing governor in Her Majesty's Prison Service. She and her associate, Nina Brown, went to number 23 Albert Square, looking for Ruby Allen. Bert Atkinson directed her to Scarlet nightclub, where they found Ruby and informed her that her father, Johnny, who had previously been incarcerated in prison, had died from a heart attack.

Wayne Thompson

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Wayne Thompson
actor_name=Ian Virgo
appeared=3 November 2006
occupation=Bar manager

Wayne Thompson was the temporary bar manager of Scarlet. The owner of the club, Ruby Allen, hired him so she could take her boyfriend, Sean Slater, to Venice for a week. Sean was angered by this and threw his keys at Wayne.

Linda Clarke

Infobox EastEnders character 3

character_name = Linda Clarke
actor_name = Lynda Baron
years = 2006, 2008—
first = 27 November 2006
last =
status = Married
home = Florida
sons= Christian Clarke
daughters= Jane Beale

Linda Clarke is the mother of Jane Beale, who surprised her daughter by turning up in Walford for Jane's wedding to Ian Beale, who she accused of being a bad father after she heard his daughter Lucy talking to her friend Lauren Branning about strippers. She also criticised Pat Evans' earrings at Jane's hen party. She also berated Jane for wearing a white dress when she was marrying for a second time, until Jane told her to "shut up". She also shocked Lucy Beale when she called Jane by her birth name, Lesley. She left early when Jane's affair with Grant Mitchell was revealed at the wedding ceremony.

It was confirmed on Digital Spy that Linda would be returning to Albert Square later in 2008. It has been confirmed that we will uncover the history of her family.

Evie Brown

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Evie Brown
actor_name=Marji Campi
first=4 December 2006
last=8 December 2006
dod=8 December 2006
husband=Bert Atkinson
daughters=Karen Brown
grandsons=Jay Brown

Evie Brown (previously Atkinson) was the ex-wife of Bert Atkinson. She made her first appearance on 4 December 2006 when Bert visited her in a hospice, where she was dying of breast cancer. She told Bert she still loved him, even though she left him 38 years ago, while he was in prison. She revealed that her and Bert's daughter had died in 2004, also of breast cancer, and that they had a grandson named Jay. Bert and Pat took her to live temporarily with them in Albert Square. While there, she and Bert shared a kiss, and she then told Bert that she wanted him to make contact with Jay, and that neither Jay nor Karen knew Bert existed, as she brought Karen up to believe her second husband, George, was Karen's real father. She died in the front room of 31 Albert Square while talking to Bert and holding his hand. Bert sat with her for two hours until Pat realised she had died. Her funeral took place on 14 December.

Lydia Asler

Infobox EastEnders character
character_name=Lydia Asler
actor_name=Amy Noble
first=11 December 2006
last=13 February 2007
occupation=PR agent

Lydia Asler [" [ Bradley Branning] ", "". URL last accessed 2007-02-13] worked for the PR firm employed by Eichel Investment Banking to organise their Christmas party. She worked alongside Bradley Branning, who represented Eichel, and her colleague, Rhys. She defended Bradley when Rhys bullied him, and invited him out for a drink.She attended the Christmas party, and insulted Stacey Slater, Bradley's girlfriend. This later resulted in Stacey ruining the party and throwing a drink in Lydia's face.After this, Bradley broke up with Stacey, and entered into a relationship with Lydia.Bradley later got bored of Lydia and realised he still loved Stacey. He broke up with her during a Valentine's Day dinner. This was her last appearance.

Kim Smith

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Kim Smith
actor_name=Lorraine Arnold
appeared=19 December 2006
husband=Tony Smith|

Kim Smith and her husband Tony were the prospective foster parents of Petal Mitchell. When Petal's parents, Honey and Billy, decided to have her adopted, her social worker Kristina found her a home with Kim and Tony, who had just had one of their foster children adopted. Billy requested a meeting with them, and they came to Walford to pick Petal up. Kim saw that Billy was upset and suggested that they let Billy and Honey to say goodbye to Petal alone. The next day, Petal had to have a heart operation, and Billy and Honey decided to have her back (changing her name to Janet).

Tony Smith

Infobox EastEnders character 3
character_name=Tony Smith
actor_name=Enzo Squillino Jr.
appeared=19 December 2006
wife=Kim Smith|

Tony Smith and his wife Kim were the prospective foster parents of Petal Mitchell. When Petal's parents, Honey and Billy, decided to have her adopted, her social worker Kristina found her a home with Kim and Tony, who had just had one of their foster children adopted. Billy requested a meeting with them, and they came to Walford to pick Petal up. The next day, Petal had to have a heart operation, and Billy and Honey decided to have her back (changing her name to Janet).


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