Procedure Committee

Procedure Committee

The Procedure Committee is a select committee of the House of Commons in the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The remit of the committee is to consider the practice and procedure of the House in the conduct of public business.



As of 31 October 2011, the members of the committee are as follows:

Member Party Constituency
Greg Knight MP (Chair) Conservative North East Hertfordshire
Karen Bradley MP Conservative Staffordshire Moorlands
Jenny Chapman MP Labour Darlington
Nic Dakin MP Labour Scunthorpe
Thomas Docherty MP Labour Dunfermline and West Fife
Roger Gale MP Conservative North Thanet
Helen Goodman MP Labour Bishop Auckland
James Gray MP Conservative North Wiltshire
Tom Greatrex MP Labour/Co-op Rutherglen and Hamilton West
John Hemming MP Liberal Democrat Birmingham Yardley
David Nuttall MP Conservative Bury North
Jacob Rees-Mogg MP Conservative North East Somerset

Source: Procedure Committee


Occasionally, the House of Commons orders changes to be made in terms of membership of select committees, as proposed by the Committee of Selection. Such changes are shown below.

Date Outgoing Member
& Party
Constituency New Member
& Party
Constituency Source
1 March 2011 Mike Wood MP (Labour) East Yorkshire Helen Goodman MP (Labour) Bishop Auckland Hansard
21 March 2011 Angela Smith MP (Labour) Penistone and
Thomas Docherty MP (Labour) Dunfermline and West Fife Hansard
1 April 2011 Sir Peter Soulsby MP (Labour) Leicester South
Vote and
11 October 2011 Bridget Phillipson MP (Labour) Houghton and Sunderland South Nic Dakin MP (Labour) Scunthorpe Hansard
31 October 2011 Andrew Percy MP (Conservative) Brigg and Goole Karen Bradley MP (Conservative) Staffordshire Moorlands Hansard

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