List of committees of the United Kingdom Parliament

List of committees of the United Kingdom Parliament

The Parliament of the United Kingdom (that is, the Houses of Commons and Lords) has a number of Committees – small numbers of members appointed to deal with particular areas or issues; most are made up of members of the Commons.

Select Committees

The Commons has Select Committees responsible for overseeing the work of departments and agencies, whilst the Lords has them for general issues, such as the Constitution or the economy. Both Houses have Select Committees for reviewing drafts of European directives (enacted as Statutory Instruments under the European Communities Act 1972). The Commons has Public Bill Committees (formerly Standing Committees) that are tasked with the detailed analysis of individual Bills. Joint Committees are sometimes formed, from members of both the Commons and Lords.

Some of the current Select Committees are listed below (these lists are incomplete):



* Business and Enterprise Committee (overseeing the operations of the DBERR and related bodies)
* Children, Schools and Families Committee (overseeing the operations of the DCSF and related bodies)
* Communities and Local Government Committee (overseeing the operations of CLG)
* Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee (overseeing the operations of the DCMS)
* Defence Select Committee (overseeing the operations of the MoD)
* Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (overseeing the operations of the DEFRA and associated bodies)
* Foreign Affairs Committee (overseeing the operations of the FCO)
* Health Select Committee (overseeing the operations of the Department of Health)
* Home Affairs Select Committee (overseeing the operations of the Home Office and related bodies)
* Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee (overseeing the operations of the DIUS, related bodies and the government office for science).
* International Development Committee (overseeing the operations of the DfID)
* Justice Committee (overseeing the operations of the Ministry of Justice, related agencies including the CPS, and other agencies that report to the Lord Chancellor)
* Transport Committee (overseeing the operations of the DfT)
* Treasury Committee (overseeing the operations of the Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs)
* Work and Pensions Committee (overseeing the operations of the DWP)


* Northern Ireland Affairs Committee
* Scottish Affairs Committee
* Welsh Affairs Select Committee


* Environmental Audit Select Committee
* European Scrutiny Committee
* Liaison Committee
* Public Accounts Select Committee
* Public Administration Select Committee
* Arms Export Controls Committee (formerly known as the Quadripartite Committee) - combined meeting of the Defence, Foreign Affairs, International Development and Trade and Industry Select Committees.
* Regulatory Reform Committee - examines subordinate provisions to amend primary legislation as created under the Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994, amended by the Regulatory Reform Act 2001.
* Select Committee on Statutory Instruments


* Select Committee on the Modernisation of the House of Commons
* Select Committee on Standards and Privileges
* Procedure Committee
* Select Committee of Selection


The House of Commons Domestic Committees are responsible for the provision of services to Members and the day-to-day running of the Commons part of the Palace of Westminster.

* Administration Committee
* Finance and Services Committee



* Communications Select Committee
* Constitution Committee
* Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Select Committee
* Economic Affairs Committee
** Economic Affairs Finance Bill Select Sub-Committee
* European Union Committee
** Economic and Financial Affairs, Trade and International Relations (Sub-Committee A)
** Internal Market (Sub-Committee B)
** Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy (Sub-Committee C)
** Environment and Agriculture (Sub-Committee D)
** Law and Institutions (Sub-Committee E)
** Home Affairs (Sub-Committee F)
** Social Policy and Consumer Affairs (Sub-Committee G)
* Hybrid Instruments Committee
* Merits of Statutory Instruments Select Committee
* Select Committee on Regulators
* Science and Technology Committee


* House Committee
* Committee for Privileges
* Procedure Committee
* Committee of Selection


* Administration and Works Select Committee
* Refreshment Select Committee


* Joint Committee on Consolidation, &c., Bills
* Joint Committee on Human Rights
* Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments
* Joint Committee on Tax Law Rewrite Bills

General Committees

In 2006, Standing Committees were renamed General Committees.

* Public Bill Committees (formerly known as Standing Committees on Bills)

* Delagated Legislation Committess
* European Standing Committees
* Northern Ireland Grand Committee
* Regional Affairs Committee
* Scottish Grand Committee
* Welsh Grand Committee


As well as the Select Committees and General Committees, there are also a number of other Parliamentary Committees.

* Advisory Committee on Works of Art
* Ecclesiastical Committeee
* Members Estimate Committee
* Members Estimate Audit Committee
* Public Accounts Commission
* Joint Committee on Security (advises on the security of the Parliamentary Estate)
* Speaker's Committee

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