Los Angeles City Council

Los Angeles City Council
Los Angeles City Council
Coat of arms or logo
Type Unicameral
Council President Eric Garcetti
since January 1, 2006
Members 15
Voting system Single-member districts
Meeting place
Los Angeles City Hall (color) edit1.jpg
Los Angeles City Hall
1 John Ferraro Council Chamber, Room 340
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3224
Los Angeles City Council Website

The Los Angeles City Council is the governing body of the City of Los Angeles.

The Council is composed of fifteen members elected from single-member districts for four-year terms. The president of the council and the president pro tempore are chosen by the Council at the first regular meeting after June 30 in odd-numbered years. An assistant president pro tempore is appointed by the President.

It holds regular meetings in the City Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays at 10 am (except on holidays or if decided by special resolution not to meet).[1]

A current annual (July to June) schedule of all Council meetings, broken down by committee, is available as a .pdf download from the Office of the City Clerk.


Current members


District Name
1 Ed Reyes
2 Paul Krekorian
3 Dennis Zine
4 Tom LaBonge
5 Paul Koretz
6 Tony Cardenas
7 Richard Alarcón
8 Bernard Parks
9 Jan Perry
10 Herb Wesson
11 Bill Rosendahl
12 Mitchell Englander
13 Eric Garcetti
14 José Huizar
15 Vacant

Past members

1889–1909 (nine wards)

Year Ward
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1889 H. V. Van Dusen George P. McLain William Hartshorn Bonsall Jacob Frankenfield Austin C. Shafer A. N. Hamilton J. T. Brown Theodore Summerland Robert E. Wirsching
1890 George W. Stockwell Daniel Innes William Hartshorn Bonsall William Henry Rhodes John Quincy Tufts C. H. Alford Daniel Michael McGarry Theodore Summerland Samuel Rees
1891 George W. Stockwell Daniel Innes William Hartshorn Bonsall William Henry Rhodes John Quincy Tufts C. H. Alford Daniel Michael McGarry Theodore Summerland Samuel Rees
1894 George W. Stockwell Meredith Pinxton Snyder Frank Styles Munson Samuel H. Kingery Freeman G. Teed George Douglas Pessell James Ashman Thomas Savage Evert L. Blanchard
1900 William Henry Pierce George P. McLain Frank Walker Pomeroy Wills Powers William Miller Brown A. A. Allen Benjamin Samuel Lauder Robert Asa Todd Evert L. Blanchard
1902 Owen McAleer Chauncey Fitch Skilling Oscar Eugene Farish Theodore Summerland William Miller Brown James Potter Davenport Edward Kern Robert Asa Todd Frank U. Nofziger
1907[2] Reuben Wiser Dromgold Edward A. Clampitt Walter J. Wren Niles Pease Albert Joseph Wallace H. H. Yonkin Henry Lyon Bernard “Barney” Healy Evert L. Blanchard
1908 Reuben Wiser Dromgold Edward A. Clampitt Walter J. Wren Niles Pease Albert Joseph Wallace H. H. Yonkin Edward Kern Bernard “Barney” Healy Evert L. Blanchard

1925 and after (fifteen districts)

Year District
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
1925 Charles Randall Robert M. Allan Isaac F. Hughes Boyle Workman Robert Stewart Sparks Edward E. Moore Ralph Luther Criswell Frank L. Shaw Winfred J. Sanborn Charles E. Downs/Otto J. Zahn Peirson M. Hall A. J. Barnes Joseph F. Fitzpatrick/Carl Ingold Jacobson Isaac Colton Ash Charles J. Colden
1926 Otto J. Zahn Carl Ingold Jacobson
1927 Arthur Alber Ernest L. Webster William M. Hughes Virgil A. Martin Lester R. Rice-Wray Howard W. Davis E. Snapper Ingram Douglas Eads Foster William George Bonelli
1928 James G. McAllister Evan Lewis
1929 Thomas F. Cooke Robert L. Burns J. C. Barthel Thomas W. Williams Charles A. Holland A. E. Henning
1931 James M. Hyde James Stuart McKnight Roy Donley George W. C. Baker Clarence E. Coe Thomas Francis Ford Edward L. Thrasher
1933 Jim Wilson Stephen W. Cunningham Byron B. Brainard Earl C. Gay Charles Winchester Breedlove James T. Carroll/John W. Baumgartner Darwin William Tate Franklin P. Buyer
1934 Robert S. MacAlister John W. Baumgartner
1935 Will H. Kindig Parley Parker Christensen G. Vernon Bennett
1937 Howard W. Davis Howard E. Dorsey/Winfred J. Sanborn
1938 Winfred J. Sanborn
1939 Norris J. Nelson Arthur E. Briggs Carl C. Rasmussen Parley Parker Christensen Harold Harby Roy Hampton Wilder W. Hartley
1941 Delamere Francis McCloskey J. Win Austin Ira J. McDonald Charles A. Allen
1942 Dave Stannard
1943 Lloyd G. Davies Harold Harby Ned R. Healy John C. Holland George H. Moore
1945 Leland S. Warburton Harold A. Henry George P. Cronk L. E. Timberlake Ed. J. Davenport Meade McClanahan
1946 John R. Roden
1947 Don A. Allen Kenneth Hahn Ernest E. Debs
1949 Edward R. Roybal
1951 Earle D. Baker Charles Navarro John S. Gibson, Jr.
1953 Everett G. Burkhalter Robert M. Wilkinson Rosalind Wiener Wyman Gordon Hahn Harriett Davenport
1955 Ransom M. Callicott
1957 Patrick D. McGee James C. Corman Karl L. Rundberg
1959 C. Lemoine Blanchard James Harvey Brown
1961 Thomas D. Shepard Ernani Bernardi Joe E. Hollingsworth
1962 John P. Cassidy
1963 Louis R. Nowell James B. Potter, Jr. Billy G. Mills Gilbert W. Lindsay Thomas Bradley
1965 Edmund D. Edelman Marvin Braude Paul H. Lamport
1966 John Ferraro
1967 Robert M. Wilkinson Arthur K. Snyder
1969 Donald Lorenzen Pat Russell Robert Stevenson
1971 Joel Wachs
1973 David S. Cunningham, Jr.
1974 Robert C. Farrell
1975 Zev Yaroslavsky Peggy Stevenson
1977 Bob Ronka Joy Picus
1979 Hal Bernson
1981 Howard Finn Joan Milke Flores
1985 Michael Woo Richard Alatorre
1987 Gloria Molina Ruth Galanter Nate Holden
1992 Mike Hernandez Mark Ridley-Thomas Rita Walters
1993 Laura Chick
1994 Richard Alarcón Jackie Goldberg Rudy Svorinich
1995 Michael Feuer
1997 Cindy Miscikowski
1999 Vacant Nick Pacheco
2000 Alex Padilla
2001 Ed Reyes Dennis P. Zine Tom LaBonge Jack Weiss Jan Perry Eric Garcetti Janice Hahn
2002 Wendy Greuel
2003 Tony Cardenas Bernard Parks Martin Ludlow Greig Smith Antonio Villaraigosa
2005 Herb Wesson Bill Rosendahl José Huizar
2006 Vacant
2007 Richard Alarcón
2009 Paul Koretz
2010 Paul Krekorian

Original City Council (1850) Consisted of 8 members including Morris L. Goodman (served 1850-4); He was the only American on the council—everyone else was Mexican.

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  • Chronological Record of Los Angeles City Officials: 1850—1938, Compiled under Direction of Municipal Reference Library City Hall, Los Angeles March 1938 (Reprinted 1966)

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