Dynamics (from Greek δυναμικός - dynamikos "powerful", from δύναμις - dynamis "power") may refer to:


Physics and engineering

  • Dynamics (mechanics), the time evolution of physical processes
    • Aerodynamics, the study of gases in motion
    • Analytical dynamics refers to the motion of bodies as induced by external forces
    • Anomalous dynamics is the stochastic motion of objects with mean square displacement (MSD) that deviates from the relation for normal dynamics, MSD~t, where t is the time the process is seen; Anomalous dynamics are either faster than normal dynamics (MSD>t) or slower (MSD<t).
    • Brownian dynamics, is the occurrence of Langevin dynamics in the motion of particles in solution (e.g. a grain in water, as was first seen by Brown); its famous property is, MSD~t, where MSD is the mean square displacement, and t is time the process is seen.
    • File dynamics, stochastic motion of particles in a channel
    • Flight dynamics, the science of aircraft and spacecraft design
    • Fluid dynamics or hydrodynamics, the study of fluid flow
    • Fractional dynamics studyies the dynamics with integrations and differentiations of fractional orders (in physics, economics, and related fields)
    • Molecular dynamics, the study of motion on the molecular level
    • Normal dynamics, is a stochastic motion having a Gaussian probability density function in position with variance MSD that follows, MSD~t, where MSD is the mean square displacement of the process, and t is time the process is seen. (Normal dynamics and Brownian dynamics are very similar, where the term that is used depends on the field).
    • Langevin dynamics, a mathematical model for stochastic dynamics; used in modeling molecules, yet also the stock market, and other things. The most important feature of Langevin dynamics is having a Gaussian random noise.
    • Quantum chromodynamics, a theory of the strong interaction (color force)
    • Quantum electrodynamics, description of how matter and light interact
    • Relativistic dynamics, a combination of relativistic and quantum concepts
    • Single file dynamics, also termed, file dynamics, is the diffusion of particles in a channel
    • Stellar dynamics, in astrophysics, a description of the collective motion of stars
    • System dynamics, the study of the behavior of complex systems
    • Thermodynamics, the study of the relationships between heat and mechanical energy

Sociology and psychology

Computer science and mathematics



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