Dancing on Ice around the world

Dancing on Ice around the world
This article deals with international versions; for the UK version, see Dancing on Ice (UK).



In Argentina, the show was broadcast on Channel 13 as a segment inside the television program "Showmatch", hosted by Marcelo Tinelli. It started on August 9, 2007 featuring an all-female cast. The segment was called "Patinando por un Sueño" (Ice-Skating for a Dream) due to the titles of the other segments: "Bailando por un Sueño" (Dancing for a Dream) and "Cantando por un Sueño" (Singing for a Dream).


Place Celebrity Partner
W Ximena Capristo (Model/Former GH contestant) Marcelo Porce
F Anita Martinez (Actress) Hernán Cuevas
SF Evangelina Anderson (Vedette/Model) Adrián Baturin
SF Jessica Cirio Juan Carlos Acosta
5th Luli Fernández (Model) Jonathan López Luna
6th Valeria Archimaut (Dancer) Cristian Rodríguez
7th Natalia Fava (Actress/Model/Former GH contestant) Gastón Passini
8th Eliana Guercio (Model/Actress) Sergio Lois
9th Marixa Balli (Actress/Singer) César Agrelo
10th Claudia Albertario (Actress/Model) Fabio Gigli
11th Wanda Nara Diego Robles
12th Jesica Cusnier (Model) Julián García
13th Claudia Fernández (Actress) Omar Andrés Grimalt
14th Mariana De Melo Jonathan Matta
15th Marina Calabró (Journalist/TV Host) Fernando Belleggia
16th Gladys Florimonte (Actress/Comedienne) Flavio Fisolo
17th Fernanda Vives (Model) Nicolás Gaudioso
18th Victoria Vanucci (Model) Pedro Romero
19th Evangelina Carrozzo (Model/Beauty Queen) Rodolfo Goldstein
20th Analía Franchín (Journalist) Diego González
21st Belén Francese (Model/Actress) Daniel Cejas

Jury votes

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 FINALE
Ximena 40 37 37 39 36 38 39 40 38 38 38 40 33 80 69 76 77 6 5 Winner
Anita 31 33 37 36 38 39 35 38 35 40 40 37 36 69 71 65 79 4 2 Finalist
Evangelina A. 35 38 36 37 33 35 35 35 37 35 37 37 32 65 70 76 76 2 Semifinalist
Jessica Ci. 32 36 31 39 37 39 40 32 35 36 36 35 40 71 78 62 76 2 Semifinalist
Luli 36 37 35 38 36 40 40 40 36 38 32 38 34 70 70 71 75 Eliminated
Valeria 35 33 38 40 40 36 35 39 38 36 33 39 27 69 70 70 Eliminated
Natalia 36 38 40 40 38 37 37 40 40 40 33 36 36 72 A Eliminated
Eliana 31 38 36 35 35 30 39 31 40 34 33 38 31 67 Eliminated
Marixa 37 40 32 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 35 38 31 Eliminated
Claudia A. 35 36 35 39 36 40 34 39 40 35 36 36 Eliminated
Wanda 32 33 32 34 34 38 33 35 40 36 33 Eliminated
Jessica Cu. 30 35 34 34 33 35 36 36 34 33 Eliminated
Claudia F. 30 37 37 32 37 32 35 38 33 Eliminated
Mariana 30 30 34 32 33 36 31 35 Eliminated
Marina 30 32 34 35 37 33 34 Eliminated
Gladys 35 37 31 35 36 33 Eliminated
Fernanda 28 33 31 35 33 Eliminated
Victoria 32 36 32 34 Eliminated
Evangelina C. 26 33 30 Eliminated
Analía 32 30 Eliminated
Belén 26 Eliminated
  • ^A Note: On week 15, during the performance Natalia had an accident, and she was unavailable to continue, so she became instantly nominated.

     Biggest score.
     Up for eviction and saved by the jury.
     Up for eviction, and saved by the public.
     Up for eviction, and eliminated of the show by the public.
     Replaced by Adabel Guerrero, and had the biggest score.
     Replaced by Adabel Guerrero.
     Replaced by Adabel Guerrero, nominated, and saved by the public.
     Replaced by Virginia Da Cunha.


The jury was made up of 2 "Celebrity" journalists and 2 personalities:

  • Laura Ubfal, a "celebrity" journalist.
  • Marcelo Polino, a "celebrity" journalist.
  • Reina Reech, a former dancer, a choreographer and an artist director.
  • Florencia De La V, a vedette, actress and dancer. Winner and contestant of "Bailando por un Sueño"

The jury's members also studied ice-skating practice and critical theory to support their knowledge.



There are two versions of Dancing on Ice in Germany aired on different channels.

RTL Season 1

The German version was aired beginning 9 October 2006 on RTL and hosted by actor Wayne Carpendale and Mirjam Weichselbraun. The show scored average and sometimes even below.


Place Celebrity Partner
1st Ruth Moschner (TV Presenter) Carl Briggs
2nd Marco Schreyl (TV Presenter) Sarah Jentgens
3rd Branko Vukovic (Actor) Theresa Schumann
4th Sven Ottke (Former Boxing World Champion) Mandy Wötzel
5th Lars Riedel (Olympic Discus Champion Atlanta 1996) Darya Nucci
6th Michelle[disambiguation needed ] (Singer) Jan Luggenhölscher
7th Liz Baffoe (Actress) Hendryk Schamberger
8th Collien Fernandes (TV Presenter) Rico Rex


Pro7 Season 1

Another German Version called Stars auf Eis started on 18 October 2006 on ProSieben, which is hosted by Stefan Gödde and Katarina Witt. The show scored successful and season 2 was announced just after the finals.


Place Celebrity Partner
1st Oliver Petzokat (Singer/Actor/TV Presenter) Kati Winkler
2nd Charlotte Engelhardt (TV Presenter) René Lohse
3rd Lucy Diakovska (Singer) Silvio Smalun
4th Annabelle Mandeng (TV Presenter) Matthias Bleyer
5th Magdalena Brzeska (Athlete) Norman Jeschke
6th Ande Werner (Comedian) Annette Dytrt
7th Eberhard Gienger (Politician) Mikkeline Kierkgaard
8th Heike Drechsler (Athlete) Vladimir Tsvetkov
9th Pierre Geisensetter (TV Presenter) Denise Biellmann


Pro7 Season 2

The German Version Stars auf Eis is currently airing sincd 13. December 2007 on ProSieben, which is hosted by Oliver Petzokat (Season 1 Winner) and Katarina Witt. Changes include the jury member Kati Winkler (Season 1 winner's partner) and a larger field of contestants. Charlotte Engelhardt (Season 1 Second) acts in assistant role and Elton serves again as comedy sidekick.


Place Celebrity Partner
Winner Susanne Pätzold (actress, comedian) Maurizio Margaglio
3rd Frank Matthée (TV presenter, MD) Mikkeline Kierkgaard
8th Yvonne Schröder (model) Paul Pradel
7th Bürger Lars Dietrich, Carsten Spengemann (comedian, singer) Susanne Peters
6th Patrick Bach (actor) Denise Biellmann
2nd Patrick Nuo (songwriter, model) Pauline Schubert
4th Christina Surer (race car driver, model) Norman Jeschke
9th Nina Bott (actress) Vladimir Tsvetkov
10th Giulia Siegel (model, actress) Jan Luggenhölscher
11th Verena Kerth (TV presenter) René Lohse
12th Boris Entrup (make-up artist) Darya Nucci

Nina Bott entered after the first show replacing Janaína Zarrella due to her broken ellbow.


The Netherlands & Belgium

In September 2006 Dutch broadcaster RTL 4 and Belgian broadcaster vtm started a combined Dutch-Belgian version of Dancing On Ice. The show featured 5 Dutch and 5 Belgian stars, who were paired up with several Dutch, Belgian and foreign ice skaters from Holiday on Ice. The show was hosted by Dutchman Martijn Krabbé (nl) and Belgian Francesca Vanthielen (nl).


Place Celebrity Partner
1st Staf Coppens (Belgium) (TV Presenter) Monique van der Velden
2nd Froukje de Both (Netherlands) (Actress/TV Presenter/Radio DJ) Vitaliy Baranov
3rd Kelly Pfaff (Belgium) (Model) Andrei Lipanov
4th John Williams (Netherlands) (TV Presenter/Actor) Melanie Carrington
5th Wendy van Dijk (Netherlands) (TV Presenter) Ruben Reus
6th Wim Soutaer (Belgium) (Singer) Joëlle Bastiaanse
7th Pascale Naessens (Belgium) (Model/TV Presenter) Franck Levier
8th Luc Appermont (Belgium) (TV Presenter) Ellen Mareels
9th Babette van Veen (Netherlands) (Actress/Singer) Thomas Hopman
10th Bert Kuizenga (Netherlands) (TV Presenter/Actor) Chouw-Lan Chan


The jury was made up of 3 Dutch and 2 Belgian experts:

  • Katrien Pauwels (Belgium), a former figure skater who represented her country at the 1984 and 1988 Winter Olympics.
  • Thierry Smits (Belgium), a world renowned choreographer.
  • Jeroen Prins (Netherlands), a former figure skater and currently a judge at international figure skating events. His former coach was Joan Haanappel.
  • Joan Haanappel (Netherlands), a former figure skater who is a three time bronze medallist at the European Championships. She represented the Netherlands at the 1956 and 1960 Olympics, where she finished 13th and 5th respectively.
  • Sjoukje Dijkstra (Netherlands), the 1964 Olympic Champion of Figure Skating. She also won the silver medal at the Olympics of 1960, as well as gold in 5 European Championships and 3 World Championships.

During RTL4-VTM's broadcast of the Dutch-Belgian version of Dancing on Ice, the Dutch broadcaster SBS6 broadcast a similar programme called Sterren Dansen Op Het IJs (translation: Stars are Dancing on Ice). The show, which ran from August–October 2006 was hosted by Nance Coolen and Gerard Joling (nl). The winner was Hein Vergeer (nl), a former World Champion of speedskating. Singer Jody Bernal (nl) came second and former Dutch Idol runner-up Maud Mulders took the bronze. The SBS-show featured only Dutch stars and drew a bigger audience than its Dutch-Belgian counterpart.

The Netherlands

In 2007, a second series of Dancing On Ice aired in the Netherlands. This time the stars were all Dutch (except Dieter Troubleyn, he's Flemish, but is known in the Netherlands).


Place Celebrity Partner
1st Joris Putman (Actor) Sanne Samuels
2nd Quinty Trustfull (TV Presenter) Stuart Widdall
3rd Sander Janson (TV Presenter) Chouw-Lan Chan
4th Winston Gerschtanowitz (TV Presenter) Katja Golovatenko
5th Antoni Wanders Nancy Broeders
6th Mariëlle Bastiaansen (TV Presenter) Joel Mangs
7th Jan Postulart (Dancing with the Stars Jury Member) Joëlle Bastiaanse
8th Stella Gommans (TV Presenter) Ruben Reus
9th John Jones[disambiguation needed ] (Actor) Katie Stainsby( Choreographer to dancing on ice)
10th Dieter Troubleyn (Actor) Theresa Schumann
11th Marilou le Grand (TV Presenter) Mike Aldred
12th Kelly van der Veer (former Big Brother contestant) Andy Renard
13th Regilio Tuur (Former Boxer) Janna Forrovà
14th Suze Mens (Daughter of TV Presenter, Harry Mens) Jozef Beständig

Martijn Krabbé returns to present the show. John Williams (contestant of the first series) will co-host. Joan Haanappel and Sjoukje Dijkstra return in the jury. Chris de la Haye is a new member of the jury.


In 2007 the first series of Isdans aired in Norway.


Place Celebrity Partner
1st Pål Anders Ullevålsæter (Rally motor cyclist) Anna Pouchkov
TBA Sandra Lyng Haugen (Singer) Aleksander Sunde Iversen
TBA Dorthe Skappel (TV Presenter) Janusz Komendera
TBA Per Christian Ellefsen (Actor) Marianne Fjørtoft
TBA Anette Bøe (Retired cross country skier) Aleksandr Smokvin
TBA Jim Martinsen (Retired ice hockey player) Kaja Hanevold

Poland - Gwiazdy tańczą na lodzie


First edition

First Polish edition started on September 28, 2007 on TVP2

Place Celebrity Skater
1 Olga Borys Sławomir Borowiecki
2 Rafał Mroczek Aneta Kowalska
3 Katarzyna Glinka Łukasz Dzióbek
4 Anna Popek Filip Bernadowski
5 Przemysław Saleta Agata Rosłońska
6 Piotr Zelt Agnieszka Dulej
7 Przemysław Babiarz Michaela Krutská
8 Maria Sadowska Roger Lubicz-Sawicki
9 Zygmunt Chajzer Aleksandra Kauc
10 Ewa Sonnet Łukasz Jóźwiak
11 Jarosław Kret Sherri Kennedy
12 Beata Sadowska Sławomir Janicki
13 Christina Bien Maciej Lewandowski
14 Ewelina Serafin Michał Więcek

Second edition

Second Polish edition started on March 7, 2008 on TVP2

Place Celebrity Skater
1 Aleksandra Szwed Sławomir Borowiecki
2 Marcin Krawczyk Magdalena Komorowska
3 Aneta Florczyk Maciej Lewandowski / Marcin Czajka
4 Robert Moskwa Sherry Kennedy / Aneta Kowalska
5 Weronika Książkiewicz Łukasz Jóźwiak
6 Karolina Nowakowska Filip Bernadowski
7 Tomasz Iwan Agata Rosłońska
8 Małgorzata Pieczyńska Radek Dostál
9 Robert Rozmus Agnieszka Dulej
10 Katarzyna Pietras Łukasz Dzióbek
11 Marek Kościkiewicz Aleksandra Kauc
12 Marcin Rój Elena Sokolova

Third edition

Third Polish edition started on October 3, 2008 on TVP2.

Place Celebrity Skater
1 Samuel Palmer Agnieszka Dulej
2 agnieszka włodarczyk łukasz jóżwiak
3 katarzyna Zielińska filip bednarowski
4. Beata Ścibakówna Radek Dostál
5. Michał Milowicz Michaela Krutská
6. Rafał Cieszyński Elena Sokolova
7. Gosia Andrzejewicz Nicholas Keagen
8. Paweł Konnak Agata Rosłońska
9. Katarzyna Burzyńska Roger Lubicz-Sawicki
10. Conrado Moreno Magdalena Komorowska
11. Jolanta Rutowicz Łukasz Dzióbek
12. Karolina Malinowska Jan Luggenhölscher


The Russian version of Dancing on Ice (Танцы на льду) is being aired on Rossiya TV channel since September 2006, and was renamed in 2008 to Star Ice (Звёздный лёд). Its counterpart called Ice Age (Ледниковый период, initially Stars on Ice - Звёзды на льду) is being broadcast on Channel One.


The Slovak version of Dancing on Ice (Hviezdy na lade - Stars On the Ice) is aired since September 2006 on TV JOJ.


First Edition

The Turkish version of Dancing on Ice is called Buzda Dans (Dance on Ice) started on 8 January 2007 on Show TV. The final was broadcast on March 11, 2007. The winner Zeynep Tokuş received a golden skate shoe trophy and a prize of TRY 100,000 (approximately US$ 71,000 ).


Place Celebrity Partner
1st Zeynep Tokuş (Actress) Robert Beauchamp
2nd Asena (Onur Çakmak) (Dancer) Jan Luggenhölscher
3rd Bülent Polat (Actor) Oľga Beständigová
TBA Mehmet Aslan (Actor) Ouida Robins
TBA Pınar Aylin (Singer) Jan Nerad
TBA Tuğba Ekinci (Singer) Romain Gazave
TBA Okan Karacan (DJ) Lucie Kadlakova
TBA Alp Kırşan (Actor) Julia Novikov
TBA Jennifer Şebnem Schaefer (Model) Kevin Stefan
TBA Yıldo (Showman) Alena Kramplova


  • Behzat Uygur (son of Nejat Uygur and brother of Süheyl Uygur)
  • Gamze Özçelik (actress and model)


the first version of the Turkish version of the show had 2 ice skating experts, and 4 amateurs in the jury. Figure-skating experts were:

  • Zafer Baykal
  • Cenk Ertaul

The other jury members were:

Second Edition

The Turkish version of Dancing on Ice called Buzda Dans (Ice Dance) was repeated for a second season on 2007/2008 Winter. The jury members who are not experts of ice dance were Olcayto Ahmet Tuğsuz, Hande Ataizi, Ahmet San and Sema Çelebi. The experts in the jury were Cenk Ertaul and Şebnem Ertaul. The winner of the show was former football player İlhan Mansız, the runner-up was actress Yasemin Hadivent. The partner of Mansız was Oľga Beständigová.[1]

United Kingdom


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