List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force villains

List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force villains

This is a list of villains or monsters that appear in the television series "Aqua Teen Hunger Force".

Recurring villains

These villians have appeared more than two episodes


Status: Alive (All)

Ignignokt and Err are two-dimensional aliens voiced by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro respectively. They are both similar in appearance, but Ignignokt is larger and green, while Err is smaller and pink.

Ignignokt, as the leader of the Mooninites, concocts various plans that never cease to annoy the Aqua Teens and Carl. When these plans don't work and he is endangered, he makes a hasty retreat, even leaving without Err in "The Last One". His excuse for this was that he felt safer parking their ship in a garage, and adds, "Kick some ass!" He makes reference to rock-and-roll music numerous times, especially in "Revenge of the Mooninites" where he torments the Aqua Teens with the Foreigner belt, a voice-activated magic belt that grants its wielder all the powers of 70's rock group Foreigner.

Err is known for his trash talk. He regularly coerces Meatwad into going along with Ignignokt's schemes. He has said that the reason he acts the way he does is because he does not have a father and needs attention. Err fits precisely into the notch on Ignignokt's head, and when combined they can pool their firepower into the "Quad Laser", which is a stronger, yet slower, version of their (already impractically slow) standard lasers; on the rare occasion that their lasers actually "do" connect with their target, it is immediately warped to the surface of the moon. A larger and more powerful version of this attack, the "Quad Glacier", which is done by replicating themselves into the form of a massive pistol, moves at a pace that barely registers to the naked eye (Err has to hold it up, which is so heavy it broke his legs in "The Last One").

They have made several small appearances in several episodes as well, such as in the "Super Computer" episode. In which case when Frylock asks Carl which direction the first prototype of his first Super Computer went, the scene changed to the moon where the Mooninites found the first prototype. Err thought it looked like an egg, just as Oog did earlier in the episode. They also make a brief appearance in an episode when Frylock moves out to his own apartment. Frylock had moved due to the fact that he had put up with Shake enough. When he tried to throw a house warming party and nobody showed up, Frylock called the Mooninites and invited them. They declined the offer, that is until Frylock mentioned he had free food and beer. They took all of the food and beer, then proceeded to vandalize Frylock's new apartment, writing the word "Fart" all over the place (Afterwards, Ignignokt telling Frylock he will "see him in hell").

In the later seasons, they appeared in the opening shorts entitled "Spacecataz," taken from the failed spin-off pilot of the same name. In these shorts, they would feud back and forth with the Plutonians. Each side would trash talk the other and play pranks. For example, in several shorts, the Plutonians attempt to prank the Mooninites by ordering so many pizzas, it took a space crane to load it all into the Mooninite's ship. This prank ultimately backfired when the Plutonians beamed over to share the pizza with the Mooninites.


Status: Alive (All)

The Plutonians, Oglethorpe (Andy Merrill) and Emory (Mike Schatz) are two spiked aliens from Pluto. Oglethorpe is orange and fatter, while Emory is green and taller. They are named after two Atlanta-based universities (Atlanta being where Adult Swim is headquartered). The ship they drive is, incidentally, Uglor's ship from "Space Ghost Coast to Coast". They are seen feuding with the Mooninites throughout the series.

Oglethorpe sports a heavy German accent. He also speaks German. When preparing to shoot a laser, he shouts, "Eins, Zwei, Drei (One, Two, Three)." He is quick to anger. He claims to be a genius, but is actually just a buffoon with access to 'advanced technology' (which is often from a disco supplier). He plans to conquer Earth, through such nonsensical plans as sending a Master Shake clone to "de-terraform" the Earth and stealing the Aqua Teens' cable through a Stargate (which a lawsuit-fearing Oglethorpe calls a "Fargate" - a reference to the Farscape and Stargate series). He went to high school with Ignignokt, although they despise each other (Ignignokt claims that "Plutonians are teh suck") and are currently at war (which just seems to consist of the Plutonians and Mooninites trading insults and pranks).

Emory appears to be far more intelligent and logical than Oglethorpe, but, being the soft-spoken sort, goes along with his hare-brained schemes. He wears a sweatband, as does Oglethorpe, but since Oglethorpe wears his beneath his mouth, Emory calls it a "droolband". He can squirt a foul-smelling "soap" from his spikes. He claims to use it to clean the ship, although Frylock believes that this substance is actually waste. Emory found Meatwad's broken Jiggle Billy doll, which still works, despite having its head blown off. Emory enjoys jiggling with it, although Oglethorpe believes that the doll is trying to "control" him. In the movie, it is revealed that Oglethorpe is gay (or possibly bi) when he makes out with the Cybernetic Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Future in a dark corner as the Aqua Teen's are walking by at Dr. Weird's castle, which had been turned into loft apartments. They frequently keep making out throughout the movie.

MC Pee Pants

Status: Deceased, resides in Hell (although he is frequently reincarnated)

MC Pee Pants (Chris Ward IV) is a mentally insane, eight-foot spider who wears a shower cap and a diaper. He is known for his overly convoluted schemes, all of which use rap as a cover for his criminal tendencies. His address is 612 Wharf Avenue. He is frequently killed, after which he is reincarnated by Satan (who is actually a lava monster from "Superfriends") in a new form with another convoluted scheme.

In his spider form, he posed as a child rapper and used his song "I Want Candy" to get people wired on sugar, and then using the sugar-high populace as a power source to run a giant drill and tunnel to Hell to release an army of demons to use as minions in his diet pill pyramid scam. Once the Aqua Teens get wise to his scheme, they trick him into getting a job at an obviously abandoned, derelict restaurant and fun center called Pizza Potamus (a reference to Peter Potamus), but only blow the place up and destroy MC Pee Pants, sending him to hell.

He was then reincarnated by Satan and sent back in the form of Sir Loin, a cow with the same eyes, shower cap and diaper. He once again posed as a rapper, this time using his song "Doin' It 4 Da Shorteez" to convince people that he was running a charity food drive. Once the food was brought to him, he would use it to attract flies and collect their acidic saliva to burn a hole into the First National Bank, from where he would steal money to keep up with payments on his broken patio furniture. He dies again when the Aqua Teens trick him into going into a slaughterhouse.

He is seen in The Last One, this time as a worm. He proposes a plan to make a haunted house, which would also be a condo that is for sale. Ignignokt objects, and tells Err to step on him, killing him.

His final form is that of Little Brittle, an old man living at Tragic Castles retirement home. His plan was to release his song "Please Come Visit Me, Dawg" in Transylvania, in order to get a vampire to come and bite him. His aim was to become immortal so that he would never go back to Hell to receive more complicated assignments from Satan. Frylock just suggests he just become a Christian, so he does. A vampire does visit though and bites him, turning him into a vampire. The vampire forgets to tell him that sunlight will kill him though, so he dies and ends up in Hell anyways.

He appeared in "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters" in his original spider form, along with a new form, which is a fly. He is shown developing a rap about the Insane-O-Flex for Meatwad. He is then killed when Master Shake hits him with a flyswatter, and then immediately hits Meatwad with it, getting "fly guts" all over him.

For unknown reasons, in the Mexican dub, MC Pee Pants sex was changed to be a female, except when he returned as an old man, were kept him as a male.

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future

Status: Alive

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future (Matt Maiellaro) is a psychotic robot who claims that he is the Ghost of Christmas Past, characterized by starting superfluous stories with the line "Thousands of years ago into the future..." along with conjuring huge clouds of fog. He first shows up in Carl's house (in February) and tells Carl "what Christmas was like" when Carl was eight, in which he was made to eat carpet by his father and his house was destroyed by robots and lasers (Carl remembers eating carpet, but not the robots and lasers). He then proceeds to fill Carl's pool with elf blood and tell the Aqua Teens and Carl about the original Santa Claus, an ape named "Sir Santa of Claws", and elves from Mars. He has a penchant for telling such drawn-out stories, with absolutely no factual basis or internal consistency, often losing his place in his own nonsensical narrative. He says that the only way for Carl to get rid of the blood is for Carl to have sex with the Great Red Ape in Space. Carl eventually gets rid of him by selling his house to Glenn Danzig, whom the Ghost can't stand. He appeared in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters, where it was revealed he was built by Dr. Weird.

He may be related to Turkitron, who once claimed to "be" the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future but was later discovered to be a defective toy from the present. Still, the Cybernetic Ghost and Turkitron have the same voice and same penchant for telling convoluted stories. He says he has something to do with Sigourney Weaver in the film "Alien" and that he survived the "Quickening of the Dragonoids".

Minor and Guest villains

These are the villains and monsters that have only appeared in one or two episodes. They are listed in the order in which they are introduced.


Status: Functioning (Alive), seen dancing in the movie.

The Rabbot is a giant robotic rabbit created by Dr. Weird in the episode "Rabbot" to solve the world's alleged "vegetable problem". Weird sprays French perfume into the Rabbot's eyes, causing him to get angry and escape the lab, leaving a giant Rabbot-shaped hole in the wall which is seen in several other episodes. He smashes Carl's car in the night while everybody's sleeping, and also breaks into the Powerpuff Mall and steals a hair-growth formula, with which he sprays random things in town, including Master Shake. He can only say two things: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0" and "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday". He also appeared in the movie on the left side of the screen when the Insane-O-Flexes were destroying the Aqua teen's neighborhood. He enjoys dancing, which was his ultimate distraction in the pilot episode; he and Meatwad were dancing when Meatwad pulled out a radio.


Status: Deceased (Merle and Flargon), Alive (Dingle)

Flargon (Scott Hilley), Merle (Andy Merrill) and Dingle are a trio of Leprechauns who steal Dr. Weird's rainbow machine. Flargon, the mastermind, leads his two underlings in a plot to use the machine to grab people out of the park and take them to the forest to steal their shoes. Flargon looks the most like a stereotypical Leprechaun, and is the only one of the group who actually sports an Irish accent.

Dingle is a pudgy, effeminate Leprechaun. He is in charge of manning the rainbow machine. His entire vocabulary seems to consist of "FEET!" and "NO FEET!", which he tends to scream out at random intervals.

Merle is actually just a normal human who happens to look exactly like a Leprechaun. He is half-Korean and native to Rhode Island. He uses his binoculars to spot people in the park for Dingle to take with the rainbow machine. He is the only one who looks normal enough to go grocery shopping for the Leprechauns.

They are seen in the episode, "The Last One", trying to get to the meeting with a spaceship made of wood. Dingle "lights" the fuse and causes Flargon and Merle to go up in flames with the talking trees attached to them.


Status: Alive

Mothmonsterman (H. Jon Benjamin) is a giant humanoid moth creature genetically engineered by Dr. Weird in "Bus of the Undead." He escapes the lab through the hole left by Rabbot when he is attracted to the city by the lights of Shake's "Shake Signal." When the light is turned off, Mothmonsterman does everything in his power to get it turned back on, which basically entails him manning a school bus and calling the Aqua Teens' house about the light and to threaten vandalism. Shake manages to convince Meatwad (and eventually himself) that Mothmonsterman IS the bus and that the bus is Dracula. When Frylock takes Meatwad to Memphis, Tennessee to prove that Dracula is dead (by visiting a tourist trap called "Dracla's [sic] Grave"), Mothmonsterman takes over the house and finally gets to turn the light back on.

Mothmonsterman is an easygoing fellow, who rarely goes through much trouble to achieve his ends. He can asexually reproduce and apparently has around 1,000 children, as he "laid about a thousand of his eggs" in Carl's esophagus. He owns a house in Belize. Also seems to be a parody of Mothman.

He makes an appearance in the episode "The Last One."

Brownie Monsters

Status: Deceased (All)

The Brownie Monsters were created by Shake when he attempted to clone a brownie in the same machine in which Frylock was analyzing a sample of Mothmonsterman. They revealed themselves after the Aqua Teens returned from Memphis in the episode "Bus of the Undead". They speak in a whirring, clicking tongue. Since they are infused with Mothmonsterman's DNA, each of them possesses his wings and claws.

The Brownie Monsters appeared in "The Last One" in which they appeared as members of the team the Mooninites assembled; they named the team a series of clicks, and they were later blindfolded and had a slow-moving beam fired at them, in a firing squad manner killing them apparently.


Status: Alive (Seen floating in the sky during the pan from their house to outer space in the movie.)

Balloonenstein is a static electric charged, thunderous balloon. It started as a small balloon animal that Frylock gave to Meatwad to release static electricity he had built up inside. The electricity made the balloon grow to the size of a zeppelin. Frylock, trying to destroy it, only made it worse with his lightning power. It blew to the ocean, and Meatwad was forced to remove his brain to create a cavity in his head so that he could float. Frylock then made Meatwad roll around in broken shards of glass, then float out to Balloonenstein to try and pop it. However, without his brain, Meatwad just floated around asking Frylock "do what now?" Suddenly, a black hole appeared and sucked the balloon and Meatwad into it. Although Balloonenstein is never seen again, Meatwad managed to return home. The only problem was, he had grown to the size of Carl's house.

Ol' Drippy

Status: Unknown, Presumed Dead

Ol' Drippy (Todd Field) is a benevolent mold-based creature first appearing in the episode "Ol' Drippy". He was created by Shake after he made a mess of the kitchen. He is altruistic, gentle-voiced, and loved by almost everyone. Shake becomes jealous of Drippy (who was named by Meatwad) as Drippy was receiving more attention than he is. When Drippy rakes the leaves from Carl's yard, Carl thanked Drippy calling him "well mannered," then tells Shake "he could learn a lesson from him." Shake does what he can to get rid of Drippy, although Drippy is sympathetic to Shake as well, and lets Shake eat part of his body for its medicinal properties when he gets sick. At the end of the episode, Drippy jumps in front of a truck to save Shake. True to form, Shake accuses Drippy of attacking him as Meatwad mourns his death.

Drippy later appeared in "The Last One" and was invited to a meeting on the moon called by Ignignokt, although he was tricked into believing that the meeting was a baby shower (he made lemon squares). He suggested an alternate method to Ignignokt's Screw of Damnation plan, which consisted of going to Earth and adopting a highway to "save the world", although Ignignokt believed that Drippy was trying to "shave the world," something apparently menacing. When his "mutiny" is revealed, the Mooninites shoot him with the "Quad Glacier", and although Drippy could have easily dodged the slow-moving projectile, he obeyed the Mooninites' commands to stay in place. He is not seen after this.

Major Shake

Status: Alive

Major Shake (Matt Harrigan) is an imperfect clone of Master Shake made by Oglethorpe in a plot to "de-terraform" the Earth. Oglethorpe got impatient and pulled him out of the cloning machine before he was ready, and as such, he appears melted, occasionally wears high heels, and has a "jambox" sticking out of his side. He also apparently has "hairy bosoms" growing out of his back, but he never appears facing away from the camera. The Plutonians abduct Master Shake and replace him with Major Shake, who Frylock and Meatwad immediately see through. Despite Major Shake's many attempts to contact the Plutonians and tell them that he has been found out, they simply tell him to go about with his mission. Major Shake eventually gives up and hotwires Carl's car.

Even though he was created by the Plutonians, he is generally found more pleasant than they are, which is probably the reason Ignignokt invited him to a meeting in "The Last One". He is hit by a truck while picking up trash on the highway, but he seems to survive this, as he appears later in the episode.

Randy the Astonishing

Status: Dead (Frozen)

Randy the Astonishing (Dave Willis) is the prince of Jupiter. He was sent to Earth to "infiltrate the human gene pool", but, since he looks nothing like a human, he could find no one with whom to procreate. He ends up starting a freak show circus. He meets Shake and Meatwad in a back alley wearing a trenchcoat, and Shake sells Meatwad to Randy's circus where, due to his shapeshifting ability, he becomes a popular act, making Shake jealous. Randy eventually gets up the courage to reveal his true form, which makes his father, who happened to be in the circus's audience, proud of him saying that he finally fulfilled his mission although the only thing that seems to have happened is the bigtop was set on fire and surrounded by police copters.

In "The Last One" he was under the control of Travis of the Cosmos. After Happy Time Harry stabs Travis, Randy asks Bingo if the hole in the back of his head (made by Travis's tongue) is noticeable. Bingo gives him a clown wig to cover it up, which turns Randy into a frozen clown.

Love Mummy

Status: Alive, Last seen in garbage.

Love Mummy is an ancient mummy who was discovered in the crawl space beneath the Aqua Teens' house. Those who do not heed his demands are threatened with an Ancient Egyptian curse. When Love Mummy is discovered by Meatwad, Carl, and Frylock, he commands them to give him love and hugs and cheap material possessions -- or else he will curse them. In actuality, the "curse" is the mummy himself; he is a freeloader. Once Frylock concludes that the Mummy has no powers he dumps it on the curb for the Garbage truck. However, it becomes evident that a part of the curse is true when Carl begins wearing the Mummy's headdress at the end of the episode and grows a snake's body from the waist down.

Status: Alive

Wwwyzzerdd (pronounced as "w-w-wizard-d") (Todd Hanson) is an entity that ran a shady Internet company that attempted to lure people with pop-up advertising and spyware, and then infests their homes with pop-ups that actually manifest in the real world, and are thin enough to slice through things. He also offered the "Home Invasion Cam", Instant Pestering (a play on the infamous Instant Messaging feature of most internet systems), and contests to win Porsches. The domain [] actually exists, and is owned and operated by Turner Broadcasting.


Status: Unknown, Presumed Dead, but appears around Dr. Weird's lab at one point in the movie

Romulox (Todd Barry) is a tar monster from Trenton, New Jersey that first appears in the episode "PDA". Shake accuses him of stealing his PDA. After an unsuccessful trip to the Trenton Tar Pits to try to find him, they return to their house only to find him in their living room with a PDA. This PDA, which actually does belong to Romulox, has numerous features not typical to a PDA, including a teleportation system. When Shake says that it's just like the one he wants (then "corrects" himself and says the one he lost), Romulox gives his PDA to Shake, with the claim that it's so outdated that "it makes me look like a hillbilly". He is a yuppie, and he shows up at the house dressed in a bikini. He has an "easy-flow elbow" (which lets him operate a grappling hook flawlessly), and claims to be one of only two people to have this trait, Bruce Willis being the other.

In "The Last One", he displays evidence that he is a poser, as he shows up at the meeting dressed exactly like Oog, which is unlikely a coincidence. The Dumbassahedratron notes this by asking "What, did you two call each other last night?". He eats some sun-dried tomatoes that he finds on the floor, which are part of the Broodwich; he is subsequently taken away to the Broodwich Dimension, where he's presumably killed by Jerry.


Status: Deceased

Oog (Jon Glaser) is a Neanderthal who came in contact with Frylock's time travelling supercomputer, the OoGhij MIQtxxXa. The computer increased Oog's intelligence and vocabulary, but not his syntax, and he still has several of his caveman traits. The computer also extended Oog's lifespan and, as such, he beat Frylock to the patent on the computer. He shows up at the Aqua Teens' house demanding video games. Frylock gave him some games and Oog responded by throwing the computer out Frylock's window, yelling out "Give to Oog! Oog crazy! Rip Oog head off!" while trying to rip off his head. He left their house trying to rip his head off but instead just flipping himself down the road over and over. Oog later appeared in a TV commercial for the OoGhij MIQtxxXa, screaming "You buy! Make Oog rich! Rip head off!"

As he still possesses Neanderthal traits, he can be distracted by jingling keys and made hyperactive by the sight of fire. As noted before, he will often at times attempt to rip his own head off. He gets bored very easily, in which he begins to scream out "BORED! BORED!" In "The Last One", he proposes a "12 point plan for good happy success". Ignignokt responds by throwing an animal bone through the window; Oog runs outside, grabs it, and promptly blows up in the vacuum of space.

Travis of the Cosmos

Status: Dead (Stabbed by Happy Time Harry)

Travis of the Cosmos (Brooks Braselman) is a pink, five-eyed alien who speaks in broken Japanese. He can only communicate by jabbing his sharp tongue into another's head and using their mouth to talk. This leaves a raw hole in the back of the host's head that varies in size from small on Shake to enormous on Randy. He came to Earth to try to get employment and a 401(k). Frylock invents a device from Meatwad's colander to allow him to speak normally, and he learns to speak English by using Carl's self-help tapes, which unfortunately seems to consist of obscenities and pick-up lines. He has trouble controlling his bladder, which is made all the worse by the fact that all of his fluids are composed of a corrosive acid. Travis also seems to possess the ability to melt organic matter with a red projectile sludge.

In "The Last One", he is stabbed in the eye by Happy Time Harry. This is the last time he is seen, so it is presumed that he died.

Wayne "The Brain" McClain

Status: Unknown, Presumably Alive

Wayne "The Brain" McClain (also known as Wayne "The Main Brain" McClain) (Seth Macfarlane) is a freakish genius possessing a huge cranium covered with "hair" that is actually grass and the ability to create realistic illusory environments (just like the Talosians from the "" episode "The Cage"). The Aqua Teens attempt to beat Wayne at the local bar's trivia night by using aversion therapy on Shake and Meatwad in the episode "Super Trivia". However, since he controlled everything that went on during the trivia night, he was able to make the Aqua Teens lose when they came close to actually beating him by making the last question asked one that didn't actually pertain to anything real, thus having an answer that only he knew. He tried to act smart so he could impress women, so Frylock smugly suggests he use his powers to make one himself. Wayne agrees just as smugly, and is last seen levitating into the sky with the girl that he created for himself.

The Wood Court

Status: Deceased: Big Ralph, Tree Judge, Tree Stenographer. Presumably Alive: Court-appointed Shrub

The Tree Judge (Dave Willis), Tree Stenographer (Matt Maiellaro), Big Ralph, and the Court-appointed Shrub are trees and members of the Wood Court. Ralph, a process server, delivers a summons to Shake for dumping cooking oil in the woods with Carl, but Shake burns him down for blocking the yard. The judge and stenographer later arrest Shake personally. The Judge claims to have sat on the bench for 100 years, and acts serious to his position, while the stenographer is very laid back and is the one that uses Carl's skin to record a transcript of the trial. Though the stenographer really spends most of his time doodling, rather than keeping track of the trial. He was previously in charge of getting the book of "Arboreal Legislation".

As Shake cannot afford an attorney, a shrub is appointed to represent him. The shrub tries to get Shake to plead guilty, but Frylock replaces him and attempts to get a reprieve. When the trial isn't going well, Shake rips off the shrub's arms and pretends to be a tree. Frylock shoots at them with his laser eyes and helps Shake and Carl escape. Despite the fact that they conduct trials and are capable of sending Shake a summons, they are quite unintelligent.

In the episode "The Last One" they are invited to the moon. They were running late and tried to take a wooden rocket to the moon with Merle, Flargon and Dingle. When Dingle lights the rocket they all catch on fire and are presumably destroyed.

Willie Nelson

Status: Alive and living in the Aqua Teen's attic (Seen in Movie)

Willie Nelson (voiced by Tom Scharpling) is a four-legged monster that appeared in the episode "The Shaving". He says that he has no relation to the human Willie Nelson, though he is possibly named for him, as Nelson was a guest in "Baffler Meal", the "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" episode in which the Aqua Teens premiered.

He has a body shaped like an onion, shaves every two days, and stores bodies in the attic of the Aqua Teens' home. He met them on Halloween. Master Shake tried to convince Willie to scare and/or kill Carl, insisting that he refer to himself as "Blood Feast Island Man" and wield two electric chainsaws. The Monster seems friendly and relatively harmless, until Frylock floats into the attic to give "Willie" some mail, where he finds the attic littered with body parts and entrails.

It turns out the "juice" that Willie likes is human blood. He proceeds to feast on Carl. He has "been known to do a number on plenty of cats". The door to the attic he lives in is closed and nailed shut. Willie Nelson has a short cameo in the feature film, and is thus assumed to still be alive.


Status: Voice apparently alive, Broodwich and sun-dried tomatoes eaten

The Broodwich Voice (Isaac Hayes III) is a demonic, disembodied voice that resides in a skull-filled chamber beneath the Aqua Teens' front garden. He, along with his evil submarine sandwich, the Broodwich, are unearthed by Shake while he was hunting for treasure in the front yard. He is a manipulative spirit who attempts to convince Shake that he is the "Chosen One" destined to eat the Broodwich.

After Shake eats all of the sandwich except the sundried tomatoes, which he hates, the Voice congratulates Shake on passing the "Last Temptation of the Broodwich" and Shake wins a skeleton bride. When he turns her down, the Voice applauds him again, and gives him a free lobotomy, which convinces Shake to eat the tomatoes. He advertises in "Vogue".

In "The Last One", he tempts Oog and Romulox to eat the sundried tomatoes. After he takes Romulox to the Broodwich Dimension, he is never heard from or mentioned again.


Status: Alive

Jerry appeared in the episode "Broodwich" and kept trying to kill Shake for entering his alternative dimension by eating the sandwich.He has a brain collection that his wife gets mad at him for having and has a giant axe. He also has a friend seen in one of his appearances. Shake refers to him as Mr. Sticks. He is based on a character from the short film "Rejected" by Don Hertzfeldt. The name Jerry is given by Meatwad, who pretends that they went to a strip club together in order to lure Shake into eating the broodwich.

Dumbass Ahedratron and Wisdom Cube

Status: Deceased, Resides in Hell (The Dumbassahedratron) Deceased (The Wisdom Cube)

The Dumbass Ahedratron (Jon Schnepp) and The Wisdom Cube (Brian Posehn) are two practical joking multicolored cubes. The Dumbass Ahedratron is obnoxious and appears on the Aqua Teens' front lawn. He claims to have all knowledge in the universe, and calls himself the "Wisdom Cube". Frylock initially believes him due to his eagerness to answer questions and believes his personality akin to that of an "eccentric genius." He enjoys making prank calls and engaging people in mindless conversation, which is what gives him away to Frylock. He wears offensive bumper stickers on his back. He is the cousin of the Wisdom Cube who also has a flair for bad comedy and practical jokes. The Wisdom Cube comes to pick up the Dumbass Ahedratron and leaves Frylock with a burning bag containing "the ultimate answer." However it actually contained dog droppings and as the two cubes laugh at Frylock they are both chopped up by a passing helicopter.

The Dumbass Ahedratron appears in "The Last One" as a part of Ignignokt's group. He annoys the other villains and generally talks too much and makes a nuisance of himself. He almost gets sucked out the broken window after Ignignokt throws a bone through it. He ends up in Hell at the end of the episode telling bad jokes to Satan who claims to "like funny box" but promptly blows him away with fire.

Frat Aliens

Status: Deceased (Both)

DP and Skeeter (Patton Oswalt) are two drunk frat aliens that are constantly trying to get laid. DP's dad owns some sort of dealership, and Skeeter hates to be called by his real name (Zarnold Edward Quigley, which Err finds hilarious). They made their first appearance in the episode "Frat Aliens", when after crashing DP's ship into the Plutonians' ship, they head for Earth, crashing into Carl's house as they think it's a club with a bathroom, (Carl had installed a security grid that could be seen from space). The two also have a great deal of difficulty distinguishing between the genders of other species, and hit on both Frylock and Meatwad, believing them to be female. Skeeter leaves DP on Earth after throwing up all over the Aqua Teens' front lawn and passing out drunk.

The next morning, after Shake and DP are drunk and hung over, Frylock attempts to send DP back to Carniverous Howling Stump Monster Planet, where he lives (or rather, where the original owner of his ID lives). However, the ship Frylock builds crashes, and lasers in Carl's security grid obliterate DP.

DP and Skeeter were carrying around another alien, a frat pledge they called "Ass Head". However, after he fell out of the ship, he was shown again, later in the episode, unconscious and twitching. Before "departing" on his ship DP asks the Aqua Teens if they have seen him. Frylock says that he is dead, DP responds telling them to make him drink when he wakes up.

They both appear in "The Last One", but are killed and eaten by an alien female after irritating Ignignokt.

Clown Society

Status: Unknown, Presumed Alive (All)

Bingo the Robotic Floating Clown Head is keeper of the clown wig. Along with his associate, a wig holder named StyroHead who he often argues with, he wants to turn Carl into a clown by using a wig infected with the Clownisilus organism. He can only communicate by honking, which only StyroHead (and those who read the subtitles) can understand. He is a member of the Clown Society.

StyroHead is a demonically possessed wig-holder. He would enjoy being able to freak people out once in a while, but Bingo says they must never know. He works for Bingo and the Clown Society, but thinks they are all freaks and asses.

The Clownisilus organism is a bacteria in Carl's wig that starts to transform him into a clown, and is shown when Frylock looks at the strand of Carl's wig in the microscope. Once infected, the bacteria enlarges the feet, discolors the hair, and blotches the skin. Symptoms include juggling, riding a unicycle, and talking with a horn.

Sparkles is presumed to be the leader of the clown society. Bingo threatens to tell Sparkles about StyroHead making fun of the Clown Society, which affirms the theory that Sparkles is the leader. He never appears in any episode.

Bingo reappears in "The Last One", and is seen giving an infected wig to Randy, in order to cover the wounds in the back of his head. Unfortunately, since Randy doesn't understand what Bingo was saying, he didn't know what it would do to him, and was later seen frozen.


Status: Alive and Drunk

Turkitron (Matt Maiellaro) is a robotic turkey that showed up on Thanksgiving. He insists that he was sent from the year 9595 (in a reference to the 1969 song, "In the Year 2525") to save the great-great-great-great grandfather of "Goblox", the future leader of the turkey rebellion against the Master Chickens (a clear reference to ).

He's an habitual drinker and a moocher. He carries bizarre laser weapons disguised as hygiene products and socks. It was eventually revealed by Frylock that he is one of a large lot of malfunctioning "Tom Turkey" toys. The first one that arrived claimed to have previously been the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future, but as he had a different appearance than the ghost, came from a lot of recently produced malfunctioning toys and was one member of a large number of identical Turkitrons, the exact nature of the relationship with the Cybernetic Ghost has not yet been explained.


Status: Deceased (along with her friend, but can be seen dancing in the movie)

Robositter (The Big S) is a robotic babysitter created by Frylock. She is babysitting Meatwad, but ends up attacking him. She orders Meatwad to pick up the phone so she can talk to her friend.

She also sets the Aqua Teens' house on fire. And she created her parents to make them divorced. She also created her friend. And she says "Whatever!" to Frylock and refuses to do what he says. She is also in a relationship with her friend and not with Meatwad or Frylock. In fact, she hates her life and doesn't care about paying. She is killed in the griller at an resturant Frylock and Shake was working at along with her friend by Frylock and he said not to create a robot babysitter ever again. She and her friend can be seen in the movie in hell where MC Pee Pants sings the "I Want Candy" rap music.


Status: Alive (All), Dead (Donna)

Hypno-germs are microscopic organisms which cause Shake to hallucinate in the episode "Hypno-germ". The germs, with Germ Master (Eric Wareheim), Germ Guard, and Donna,(Germ Master's Daughter) like to star in off-Broadway plays that they write themselves after they've been drinking on the weekends. The only cure are Mexican jumping beans. The beans, with Poncho (Fred Armisen) and the Bean Wizard (Bob Odenkirk), star in a romantic play with the germs, in which Donna and Poncho have a forbidden relationship, which shows similarities to the story of Rapunzel (when Donna lets down her long golden nose-hair), only Poncho is killed, and turned into a zombie by the Bean Wizard. Zombie Poncho drives the germs out of Shake, but cause him to pass gas from his eyes, making him Mexican.

Shake's hallucinations include: the Basketball, (Tim Heidecker), who has permanently-closed eyes and loves to quote beer commercials; the Wall, who insists that "it" is the basketball; file cabinets, Phil, his wife (who have just celebrated their anniversary), and their daughter, a six-month old manila folder; and Tulip Sniper, a flower that ironically fires a machine gun on full automatic despite his name, and is simultaneously polite.


Status: Alive (seen in the background in Meatwad's exercise video in the movie)

Dirtfoot is a legendary dirt monster who lives in Jersey. Dirt Foot is presumed to be a homosexual as the only known photograph of him was taken at a gay pride parade. For most of the episode he shares a rather cozy apartment with Master Shake at the bottom of the old well which mysteriously appears in front of the Aqua Teens' house at the beginning of the episode. When Shake's shenanigans get him a spot on the evening news after he claims to be unable to remove his hand from the mailbox, Dirtfoot jumps to the rescue and carries Shake to safety. Carl tells the media that Dirtfoot and Shake have been lovers for quite some time. Although he is presumably killed by being stabbed by several knives an old woman, he is still alive (see status).

Mr. Wongburger

Status: Unknown, Presumed Deceased (All)

Mr. Wongburger is a giant, bespectacled alien resembling a penis that appeared in the episode "Dickesode". In keeping with the "dick" theme, Wongburger bears a resemblance to Dick Cheney and possesses an advanced "dickree" in "dick-nology". He frequently uses penis-related puns with his cronies, the "Rice Mascots". He and his men use a "Rip n' Win" contest at the Wongburger fast-food restaurant to steal dicks, which are used to build a giant "dick ship" to return to the "dick planet". The Rice Mascots go to the home of the unlucky winners of the Rip n' Win sweepstakes to rip off their genitalia. They talk with a high-pitched voice, brandish large hooks, and wear necklaces made out of penises. The Rice Mascots resemble stereotypical Asian caricatures. They drive a monster truck named "The Ripper" that has a huge barbed hook on the back. After collecting enough penises, Mr. Wongburger and his men take off in their "dick ship", only to crash into the Wongburger corporate headquarters, which was also made out of dicks. He is voiced by Tommy Blacha in his appearance.


Status: Unknown, Presumed Alive

Handbanana is a genetically-engineered "dog" created by Frylock at the crying of Meatwad. Spawned in Carl's pool, Handbanana is the product of Meatwad's toddler "laptop" and Master Shake's "hand DNA". Although Handbanana is seemingly innocuous and shows great skill at baking, a warning label on the DNA software states that he has the capacity to "mind link" with family members; Carl is the unwilling recipient of both this mind-link and subsequent rapes. As such, Carl is the only character capable of hearing Handbanana's pickup lines and rape threats, and the Aqua Teens remain convinced that Carl is simply losing his mind.

Handbanana is one of many characters on the show capable of dubious supernatural powers; Handbanana replicates Frylock's voice in a telephone exchange with Carl in a successful attempt to convince the latter of "bad dog" Handbanana's fate at the kennel. Carl then rests face-down on a lawn chair by his oft-featured pool, naked from the waist down, resulting in yet another rape at the paws of handbanana. Carl then spawns his own "dog" from the hairs on the bottom of his feet. "Spaghetti" (as he called himself, though Carl originally named him "The Enforcer"), was ordered to rape Handbanana, however Spaghetti and Handbanana both proceed to rape Carl.


Status: Unknown, Presumed Alive

Spaghetti originally was named the "Enforcer" by Carl but he wanted to be called Spaghetti instead. Carl spawned Spaghetti in the episode "Handbanana" and wanted him to rape Handbanana but instead he chose to rape Carl along with Handbanana. He was made from the hairs on the bottom of Carl's feet and after learning that, he wants to rape Carl over Handbanana.

Mucus Men

Status: Imagined (From Shake's Dream)

Mucus Men are giant man-shaped blobs that appeared in the episode "Global Grilling". The men were created from Shake's mucus, and came to life when he caused global warming with a radioactive grill. They made Meatwad their leader, thinking that it was his grill. They, with Meatwad, enslaved earth and made everyone create more mucus, and would "congest" those who defied their word. It is revealed that the Mucus Men, and the grill, were only a part of Shake's daydreaming.

Eric and Larry

Status: Alive (All)

Eric (The short, chubby one) and Larry (The tall, lanky one) are two aliens that appear in the episode "Antenna". They pay Carl 40 dollars a month (which is not really dollars at all, but floating geometric shapes called "yorlocks" ) to build a tower antenna directly over his home. The antenna tower reaches their home planet, which they apparently were going to climb down to take over Earth. The tower sends powerful signals that mess up TV reception near the tower, causing the only clear reception to be a show about them stacking boxes back and forth; moving a box from the top of one stack to the top of another, then back again. Those who spend time near the antenna experience massive bleeding from the nose, growth of the eyes, and subsequent deformation of the head from Eric and Larry's advice to tilt their heads back. Eric is voiced by Mike Judge and Larry is voiced by Will Forte.

Carl Brain Sr. and Jr.

Status: Alive (All)

Carl Brain Sr. and Jr. are two giant brain aliens which appear in the episode "Carl Wash". Carl Brain sometimes wears plastic eyes and blue fright wig, while Carl Brain, Jr. is smaller with a more high-pitched fast-speaking voice, and wears a colorful hat, smaller plastic eyes, and sometimes a hard plastic smile. They run an abandoned car wash, which they call the "Carl Wash". Their plan is to make slaves out of the disembodied brains of their customers. What they don't realize is that not everybody's brains can float, talk, and think without a body as they can. They leave the Carl Wash for their planet with a hair piece covering the top of it. Carl Brain and Carl Brain, Jr. originally appeared in the "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" episode "Chambraigne".

The Insane-O-Flex

Status: Original Insane-O-Flex: Destroyed (Committed suicide from Shake's "Nude Love"). Baby Insane-O-Flexes: Unknown, Probably Deactivated.

The Insane-O-Flex was the ultimate exercise machine made by Walter Melon in the movie. It operated by taking over a person and forcing them to do extreme exercise (which was seen to be Carl in the movie), but in the process managed to destroy a lot of the city. It also is apparently female, because it laid eggs that would presumably hatch into Baby Insane-O-Flexes. Meatwad brings up that it is in several exercise videos where you are hunted by the Insane-O-Flex, because it is angered by the song the machine comes with called "I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay)". This causes the Aqua Teens to find a new dance song to stop it. The Insane-O-flex was originally to be destroyed by MC Pee Pants singing a rap song, but ended up killing itself when Master Shake sang "Nude Love".

Walter Melon

Status: Alive

Walter Melon is the main antagonist in the movie. He flies around in a watermelon converted into a space ship with drummer Neil Peart (of the band Rush). Walter Melon appears to simply be a slice of watermelon that was somehow brought to life. He is the Aqua Teens' actual father (their mother being a giant burrito) and seemingly created Dr. Weird, Ignignokt, and Err. He originally created The Insane-O-Flex, but his plan didn't work out, and it can be presumed that he deactivated the Baby Insane-O-Flexes.


Status: Presumed Alive

Paul Appeared once in "Couple Skate" as a giant, tentacled monster, who happens to be going through a bad custody battle with his wife. Was Carl's New Neighbor for a short time while the Aqua Teens were being held captive by Marcula In the end he ends up Squishing Carl within his grasp at Marcula's 4,040 birthday party. It is not Certain if he is alive or dead due to Carls head bouncing off the spiders egg sack, releasing them.

The Bible Fruit

Status: Deceased (All)

The Bible Fruit first appeared in an episode by the same name, they are comprised of three characters: Bert Banana(David Cross), Tammy Tangerine(Kristen Schaal), and Mortimer Mango(H. Jon Benjamin). Frylock meets these characters on Myspace, and invites them to his house, assuming that their pictures are merely avatars of fruit. These characters all seem to exhibit symptoms of chronic alcholholism, and drug addiction, which becomes the focal point of the episode. The episode concludes with the characters violently succumbing to their urges, and attempting to murder Master Shake, because Frylock told Mortimer Mango that Master Shake was full of crystal methamphetamine. Frylock then has Meatwad blow up the Aqua Teen's house, killing Master Shake, and The Bible Fruit.

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