Nick Geraci

Nick Geraci

Fausto Dominic 'Nick' Geraci Jr. is a central character in the Mark Winegardner novels The Godfather Returns and The Godfather's Revenge. He is a caporegime in the Corleone crime family, but later betrays the family, and becomes a sworn enemy to Don Michael Corleone.


The Godfather Returns establishes Geraci's backstory. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio. His father, Fausto Geraci Sr., was a driver for Don Vincent Forlenza, who also served as his Godfather and became his trusted friend. Geraci has an uneasy relationship with his father, who sees him as selfish and ungrateful and resents that his son anglicized the Geraci family name, pronouncing it Jer-ay-cee instead of the original Jair-ah-chee.

Geraci becomes a boxer in his teens, eventually becoming a heavyweight champion under the moniker "Ace Geraci". He is introduced to Salvatore Tessio through his contacts in Cleveland, and becomes part of his regime. He participates in fixed fights for Tessio's sports fixing ring, and works as an enforcer while he rose through the ranks.

After Michael Corleone discovers Tessio's treachery against the Corleone family, he orders Geraci to kill his mentor to prove his loyalty. Geraci is then unofficially placed in charge of Tessio's regime, and is tapped to become the Corleone family Don after Michael retires.

Geraci's true position is made clear when he flies a plane carrying Frank Falcone and Tony Molinari, the Dons of Los Angeles and San Francisco, respectively. The plane crashes into a lake, killing the Dons, but leaving Geraci alive.

Following his recuperation, Geraci learns that Michael had sabotaged the plane as part of an elaborate plan to weaken the Chicago and Cleveland crime families. Geraci swears revenge against Michael, staying quiet until he can hatch a plan to defeat his nemesis. To this end, he befriends Michael's brother Fredo and manipulates him into giving Corleone nemesis Hyman Roth information later used in an attempt on Michael's life (as originally portrayed in The Godfather Part II).

Acting as a loyal Corleone, Geraci is placed in charge of the intended assassination of Fidel Castro, which ultimately fails. However, he learns from a CIA contact that the assassination was intended to fail, and Geraci intended to take the fall. Geraci goes into hiding upon realizing that Michael Corleone still wants him dead.

In The Godfather's Revenge, Geraci continues to elude Michael by constantly changing hideouts, orchestrating a smear campaign against Michael and Tom Hagen. He kills Hagen himself in Florida, and attempts to use a Commission vote to force Michael into retirement, leaving the Corleone family operations in his hands. His plan fails, however, as he is ambushed and killed by his old friend Eddie Paradise, Michael Corleone's new caporegime. The book he wrote, Fausto's Bargain, detailing his criminal life and life on the run, is later published and becomes a best seller.

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