Sandra Corleone

Sandra Corleone

Sandra Corleone is a fictional character appearing in Mario Puzo's novel "The Godfather", the "Godfather" film trilogy, and the "Godfather" video game. She was portrayed by Julie Gregg in the first "Godfather" film.

Born sometime during the 1910's, she married Sonny Corleone and mothered their four children:

*Francesca Corleone (Born 1937)
*Kathryn Corleone (Born 1937)(Twins)
*Frank Corleone (Born 1939)
*Santino Jr. (Born 1941)

Despite Sonny being married to her, he was a womanizer, and had a mistress, Lucy Mancini, with whom he fathered Vincent 'Vinnie' Mancini-Corleone. Vincent would grow up to succeed Michael as the Don of the Corleone family.

In the novel, further details of Sandra's life are given, calling her a large breasted woman who immigrated from Italy when she was just a child. She also could not take the size of her husband's large penis, and knew well he was a womanizer. She and Sonny live in a house in the Corleone Mall. After Sonny's death, she took her children to live with her parents in Florida.

Family Members

*Vito Corleone — Father-in-law; played by Marlon Brando in "Godfather I", played by Robert De Niro in "Godfather II"
*Carmella Corleone — Mother-in-law; played by Morgana King
*Sonny Corleone — Husband; played by James Caan
*Costanza 'Connie' Corleone-Rizzi — Sister-in-law; played by Talia Shire
*Fredo Corleone — Brother-in-law; played by John Cazale
*Michael Corleone — Brother-in-law; played by Al Pacino
*Tom Hagen — Unofficially adopted brother-in-law; played by Robert Duvall
*Mary Corleone — Niece; played by Sofia Coppola
*Anthony Vito Corleone — Nephew; played by Anthony Gounaris in Godfather I, played by James Gounaris in Godfather II, played by Franc D'Ambrosio in Godfather III.

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