Ritchie Nobilio

Ritchie Nobilio

Richard Nobilio ("Ritchie-Two-Guns) is a Corleone "soldato" who has a pivitol role in the novels The Godfather Returns and The Godfather's Revenge.

He was born in the same neighborhood as Tommy Neri and Pete Clemenza, who he always admired. After he was considered a friend of the family he became a well-known-hoodlum.

In 1956, he was sent by Clemenza to kill a man who had refused Clemenza's favors. He came with a silenced gun, and fired at the man. The gun was empty so he ran around and knocked the man down. He then found a gun behind a whiskey bottle on the man's desk. He took it and emptied it into the man. He was known then on as 'Ritchie Lucky' and 'Ritchie-Two-Guns', 'Two-Guns' is what stuck.

In 1957, he was made and taken into Clemenza's regime. He became a trustworthy and good earner. After Clemenza's death in 1958, he was taken into Frank Pentangeli's regime. After Pentangeli Committed suicide in 1959, Nobilio became the new "caporegime". From then on, he became Michaels top earner and has been ever since.

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