Ottilio Cuneo

Ottilio Cuneo
Ottilio Cuneo
First appearance The Godfather
Last appearance The Godfather: The Game
Created by Mario Puzo
Portrayed by Rudy Bond
Nickname(s) Leo the Milkman
Gender Male
Family Cuneo Family

Don Ottilio "Leo the Milkman" Cuneo is a fictional character appearing in Mario Puzo's novel The Godfather. In the film adaptation he is called Carmine Cuneo by Vito Corleone. He was portrayed by actor Rudy Bond.

Role of the Cuneo Family in the Story

In both the novel and film, the Cuneo family is one of the Five New York Families. The Cuneo family, along with the Tattaglia family, Barzini family and the Stracci family, invest in Virgil Sollozzo's heroin trade and fight in the subsequent war against the Corleones.

Eventually, Cuneo and Emilio Barzini decide to assassinate Sonny Corleone, and so contact Carlo Rizzi and use him to set Sonny up; at their command, Rizzi beats up his wife and Sonny's sister Connie. Sonny drives towards Carlo's home in a fit of rage, where Barzini and Cuneo's assassins gun him down.

After Vito Corleone declares peace among the Five Families, he promises not to break the peace and thus, Victor Stracci, Emillio Barzini, Phillip Tattaglia, and Carmine Cuneo have their families start taking away territory from the Corleones.[citation needed] Later, after Don Corleone's death, they summon Michael to a fake peace summit where he is to be assassinated.

Michael, however, had already foreseen this move, and has Cuneo and all other dons in New York assassinated, eliminating almost all of the Five Families' interests in New York — and, therefore, eliminating the Cuneo Family. Cuneo meets his end when Corleone family soldier Willi Cicci traps him in the revolving door of a hotel lobby before shooting him through the glass.


In the film, Cuneo is the head of the Cuneo crime family, one of the Five Families of New York. He sides with his fellow dons against the most powerful of the five, the Corleones, in Emilio Barzini's plot to take their territory and assets, and spread the heroin trade through New York City.

In the novel, however, Cuneo is not murdered. In Mark Winegardner's sequel, The Godfather Returns, Cuneo is one of the New York dons attempting to keep peace between the Corleones and their enemies.

In The Godfather: The Game, the player is asked to stay and wait until Don Cuneo exits a hotel. When outside the player is prompted to shoot him.


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