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Modern Curriculum Press
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Modern Curriculum Press is one of the Pearson Learning Group publishers, specializing in direct skill instruction style curriculum materials.


Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics

Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics (MCP) is published by Modern Curriculum Press. MCP is an inexpensive basic mathematics curriculum with textbooks for grades kindergarten through six. The workbooks are consumable, red-black-white illustrated with simple drawings. There is a teacher's guide is easy to follow and features a 'correcting common errors' section. Each lesson explains the math concept and solution methods in a traditional fashion rather than the constructivist approach of identifying one correct or not illustrating any traditional methods.

In 2006, it was promoted as "Today's Clear Choice for Accessible Skills-Based Direct Instruction", promoting mathematical success for all students, especially those who struggle with their core math program.[1] It uses a traditional drill and practice format. MCP Math can be used as a supplemental text, though as a primary text it is more popular with homeschoolers than public schools.

These texts were not designed to conform to the controversial NCTM standards of mathematics reform, which is a feature to many parents seeking to homeschool or supplement public education. Students can solve applications where students by filling in missing parts, which makes them think. Many word problems are included. There are separate sections for problem solving. Each book is smaller than a typical traditional hardback textbook, or compared to some newer text series which may include many textbooks, or no textbook at all to bring home. The low cost and simplicity makes this attractive to many homeschooling parents, though they are not designed to conform to the mathematics standards of any state or the NCTM.

According to the publisher:

"A complete, economical math series teaching problem-solving strategies, critical-thinking skills, estimation, mental-math skills, and all basic math concepts and skills. Its design encourages thinking skills, active participation, and mastery of skills within the context of problem-solving situations, abundant practice to master those skills, developed models students actively work with to solve problems, and reinforcement of problem-solving and strategies. Each lesson begins with a developed model that teaches algorithms and concepts in a problem-solving situation, and students are required to interact with that model."

MCP Mathematics Levels K, A-F (Grades K-6) includes

  • Models for each lesson to help students learn concepts and skills
  • Problem Solving lessons to introduce strategies for solving real-life problems
  • Abundant opportunities for practice to ensure mastery of skills
  • Chapter tests to help students prepare for standardized tests
  • Field Trips (Levels A, B) and Excursions (Levels C-F) to help students practice critical thinking skills
  • Easy-to-follow lesson plans

These textbooks are available from most homeschool supply stores and websites.

They are a less expensive alternative to the highly regarded, but more expensive and skill-intensive Saxon math textbooks. In contrast to Saxon's approach of combining many skills, MCP presents generally one skill at a time, though some units have been criticized for having too many practice problems for some children.

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