David Livingstone Elementary School

David Livingstone Elementary School
David Livingstone Elementary[1]
315 23rd Ave E
Vancouver, British Columbia, V5V 1X6, Canada
School number 3939060
School board School District 39 Vancouver
Principal David Brook
Vice principal none
School type Public Elementary school
Grades K-7
Language English
Mascot Lion
Enrolment 327 (September 12, 2010)
Homepage http://livingstone.vsb.bc.ca

David Livingstone Elementary (315 East 23rd Ave. Vancouver, BC) is a public elementary school in Vancouver, British Columbia part of School District 39 Vancouver.



Livingstone Elementary was built in 1912 running as an 8 roomed school in 1913. There were many gardens and a stream running close to the school. Livingstone was originally a kindergarten to grade 8 school until Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School opened in 1960. Now, Livingstone has a main building with 2 portables running as a kindergarten to grade 7 elementary school.

In 2002, Livingstone applied for a Smartboard grant under the Connections program from SmarterKids Foundation. After exploration of the Smartboard for the next 5 years, Livingstone has both received grants and purchased more Smartboards, making Livingstone the first school in British Columbia to have Smartboards for every kindergarten to grade 7 classrooms. It has changed the way teachers taught students and are now participating in a University of British Columbia study on the kinds of educational benefits that can be made by using the Smartboard.


In 2002, a proposal for the interactive whiteboards was sent to the SmarterKids Foundation in connection to the Connections program (see reference). Since then, the interactive SmartBoards started to roll in as 3 were donated to the school in 2003. With extensive consultation with Livingstone's Parent Advisory Group, this elementary school is the first school in BC to have this board in every K-7 classroom in 2007. As a result, the Vancouver School Board has designated Livingstone as the District Technology Inquiry School in 2008.


Livingstone has a program called the MACC (Multi Age Cluster Class). The MAC Class offers an accelerated learning where students can learn at their own pace. Each term includes a special PRP (Personal Research Project); first term: Evening of Eminence, second term: Smart Board Presentation, third term: COL (celebration of learning).

A music specialist teaches music to all students at Livingstone, giving a music program at Livingstone. They also have a district band program for grades 5-7 plus a lunch hour choir.

Students of all grades get to go on major field trips at one time of the year to help supplement their curriculum. Kindergartens to grade 3 students go to a local attraction, grade 4 to Fort Langley, grade 5 to Barkerville, and grade 6 and 7 to Sea-to-Sky Outdoor School.

An application has been made to apply for "District Technology Inquiry School". The Twice Exceptional (Gifted-Learning Disabled) District Consultant are also at Livingstone.

Livingstone has been operating a Vancity Youth Branch for its students to learn banking at an early age. Grade 6 and 7 students help run the operations of the branch in a classroom with supervision of a Vancity representative once a week.


For grade 4-7 students, opportunities for volunteer activities gradually show up. From grade 4, they help out in the lunch program area to help serve food and work in the kitchen with washing dishes. From grade 5, they also have the opportunity to help out at the library as monitors, work in the office taking calls and helping around, and dealing with games when the time is needed to rent out games during a rainy day. By grade 7, they are required to do volunteer work to get a good mark on Personal Education.

There is was a great athletics program for the past few years, but due to minimal interests for competitions at other schools, there's now a sports program running sports activities mainly afterschool.

Livingstone has also taken part of a Recycling Program with Encorp. Students help count containers and store them for pick up. Livingstone has been the top 4 schools in BC, since starting in the past 4 years. They have collected 40,000 containers a year for the last few years.


  1. ^ "For School Data, Source: BC Schools Book." Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Education January 16, 2006.

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