Chester (disambiguation)

Chester (disambiguation)

Chester is a city and is also the county town of Cheshire, England. The name comes from Old English ceastre, city, ultimately from Latin castra, camp.

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Given name
  • Chester A. Arthur (1829–1886), the 21st president of the United States
  • Chester Bennington (b. 1976), the lead vocalist of the rock band Linkin Park
  • Chester Brown (b. 1960), Canadian alternative cartoonist and, since 2008, the Libertarian Party of Canada's candidate for the riding of Trinity-Spadina in Toronto, Canada
  • Chester Burnett (1910–1976), known as Howlin' Wolf, American blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player
  • Chester Carlson (1906–1968), American physicist, inventor, and patent attorney
  • Chester Conklin (1886–1971), American comedian and actor
  • Chester Conn (b. 1896), American composer of popular music
  • Chester Crocker (b. 1941), American diplomat
  • Chester Gould (1900–1985), American cartoonist, best known as the creator of the Dick Tracy comic strip
  • Chester Himes (1909–1984), American writer, author of If He Hollers Let Him Go
  • Chester Holifield (1903–1995), United States Representative from California
  • Chester Kallman (1921–1975), American writer
  • Chester Ludgin (1925–2003), American operatic baritone
  • Chester Manifold (1867–1918), Australian politician and philanthropist.
  • Chester Morris (1901–1970), American actor, who starred in the Boston Blackie detective series of the 1940s
  • Chester W. Nimitz (1885–1966), American five-star admiral
  • Chester Taylor (b. 1979), American football running back of the National Football League who is currently on the Arizona Cardinals
  • Chester Thompson (b. 1948), American drummer and session musician
  • Chester Williams (b. 1970), former South African rugby union rugby player
  • Chester Sidney Williams (1907-1992), American educator and author who wrote extensively about education and freedoms
  • Art Chester (1899–1949), American air racer
  • Bob Chester (1908-1977), American jazz and pop music bandleader and tenor saxophonist.
  • Charlie Chester (1914–1997), British stand-up comedian
  • Craig Chester (b. 1965), American actor and screenwriter
  • Frank Chester (1901–1966), Canadian politician in Manitoba
  • Frank Chester (umpire) (1895-1957), English first-class cricketer and notable international cricket umpire
  • Gary Chester (1924–1987), American session drummer and drum teacher
  • Major F. G. L. Chester (1899–1946), also known as Gort Chester, British soldier and member of Z Special Unit in Borneo
  • Ilan Chester (b. 1952), Venezuelan singer, keyboardist, arranger and composer; he was born in Israel as Ilan Czenstochowski
  • James Chester (b. 1989), English footballer who plays for Hull City
  • Raymond Chester (b. 1948), retired American football tight end
  • William Chester, disambiguation page
  • Chester McBadbat, The Fairly OddParents character
  • Chester the Molester, cartoon character from Hustler magazine


  • Chester Cheetah, mascot for the snack food Cheetos
  • Chester Drescher (1982-2000), a performing dog born Queens, New York, USA
  • Chester (horse) (1874–1888), a good Australian Thoroughbred racehorse and a leading sire
  • Chester White, a breed of domestic pig which originated in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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