Patron saints of occupations and activities

Patron saints of occupations and activities

A list of Patron saints of occupations, activities and communication mediums:


*Adrian of Nicomedia - arms dealers, butchers, guards, soldiers
*Agatha - nurses, bellmaking
*Albertus Magnus - natural scientists
*Alexander of Comana - charcoal-burners [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Alexander the Charcoal Burner ] ]
*Alexius - nurses
*Amand - bartenders, boy scouts, brewers, innkeepers, merchants, vine growers, vintners
*Ambrose of Milan - bee keepers, wax-melters and refiners
*Anastasius the Fuller - fullers, weavers
*Andrew the Apostle - fish dealers, fishermen
*Andrew Kim - clergy of Korea
*Anne - equestrians, stablemen, French-Canadian voyageurs, Cabinet makers, homemakers
*Ansovinus - gardeners
*Anthony the Abbot - basket-makers, gravediggers
*Anthony the Great - swineherds, motorists
*Anthony of Padua - travelers, brush makers
*Antipas - dentists
*Apollonia - dentists
*Arnold of Soissons - brewers
*Arnulph - millers
*Augustine of Hippo - brewers, printers, and theologians


*Barbara - architects, builders and miners, artillerymen, foundry workers, firework makers, stonemasons, servicemen of the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces [ [ Church of Russian Missile Forces protector built in the Arctic shore] ]
*Bartholomew the Apostle - tanners, leatherworkers, curriers, plasterers
*Basil the Great - hospital administrators
*Benedict of Nursia - farmers, farmhands, husbandry
*Bénézet - bridge-builders
*Benno - fishermen
*Bernadette of Lourdes - shepherds, shepherdesses
*Bernardine of Siena - Advertisers
*Bernard of Clairvaux - bee keepers, wax melters and refiners
*Bernard of Menthon - mountaineers, skiers
*Bernard of Vienne - farmers, farmhands, husbandry
*Bernward of Hildesheim - architects
*Blaise - veterinarians, wool combers, town criers and weavers
*Bona of Pisa- travellers, specifically couriers, guides, pilgrims, flight attendants
*Botulph - farmers, farmhands, husbandry
*Brendan the Navigator - mariners, seafarers, sailors, those traveling by sea
*Brigid of Ireland - dairy workers, healers


*Camillus of Lellis - hospital workers, nurses
*Cassian of Imola - schoolteachers, shorthand-writers, parish clerks
*Catherine - philosophers, preachers
*Catherine of Alexandria - tanners, nurses
*Catherine of Siena - nurses
*Cecilia - musicians
*Charles Borromeo and Robert Bellarmine - Catechists
*St. Clare of Assisi - gold workers, laundry workers.
*Claude - sculptors
*Clement - stonecutters
*Saint Columbanus - motorcyclists
*Cosmas - doctors, pharmacists, surgeons, barbers
*Germaine Cousin - shepherdesses
*Christopher - travelers, surfers, athletes, drivers
*Crispin - tanners, shoemakers, cobblers, leatherworkers, curriers, saddle-makers
*Cuthbert - shepherds
*Cuthman - shepherds


*Damian - doctors, pharmacists, surgeons
*Dismas - undertakers, thieves
*Dominic - astronomers, astronomy, scientists
*Dominic de la Calzada - civil engineers
*Dominic of Silos - shepherds
*Dorothea of Caesarea - horticulture, florists, brewers
*Drogo - shepherds, coffee house keepers, coffee house owners
*Dunstan - blacksmiths, goldsmiths
*Dunstan and Venerius the Hermit - lighthouse keepers
*Dymphna - mental health professionals, therapists


*Edward the Confessor -kings
*Eligius - veterinarians, coin collectors, farriers, farmers, farmhands, husbandry, harness makers, goldsmiths, jewelers, Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers Soldiers, numismatists
*Elisabeth of Hungary - nursing services, bakers
*Erasmus of Formiae or Elmo - pyrotechnicians, steeplejacks, chimney sweeps, sailors and anyone who works at great heights
*Ephrem the Syrian — spiritual directors and spiritual leaders
*Eustachius - hunters, firefighters, trappers


*Ferdinand III - engineers
*Fiacre - taxi-drivers, horticulturists, gardeners
*Florian - firefighters, chimney sweeps
*Foillan - dentists, surgeons, truss-makers, children's nurses
*Frances of Rome - automobile drivers
*Francis de Sales - writers/authors
*Francis of Assisi - animal welfare and rights workers


*Gabriel - emergency dispatchers, Police Dispatchers, broadcasters, messengers, paratroopers and radio workers
*Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows - students, seminarians, clerics
*Gangulphus - tanners, shoemakers
*Gemma Galgani - students, pharmacists
*Genesius - actors, comedians, clowns, dancers, theatrical performers of all kinds, also attorneys, barristers, lawyers
*George - agricultural workers, archers, armourers, boy scouts, butchers, cavalry, Crusaders, equestrians, farmhands, farmers, field hands, field workers, horsemen, husbandry, husbandmen, knights, riders, Rover Scouts, saddle makers, saddlers, scouts, shepherds, soldiers, Teutonic Knights
*Giles - beggars
*Gregory the Great - teachers
*Gummarus - lumberjacks
*Rene Goupil - anesthesiologists


*Hervé - bards, musicians
*Homobonus - businessmen, tailors, and clothworkers
*Honorius of Amiens (Honoratus) - bakers, confectioners, bakers of holy wafers, candle-makers, florists, flour merchants, oil refiners, and pastry chefs
*Hubertus - hunters, furriers
*Hunna - laundresses, laundry workers, washerwomen


*Isidore the Farmer - farmers, farmhands, husbandry, manual laborers
*Isidore of Seville - computer scientists, computer programmers, computer technicians, computer users, schoolchildren, students


*Jadwiga of Poland - queens
*James, son of Zebedee - veterinarians, equestrians, furriers, tanners, pharmacists
*James, son of Alphaeus - pharmacists
*Jerome - librarians, translators, spectacle makers
*Joan of Arc - Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, soldiers
*John the Almoner - Knights Hospitaller
*John the Apostle - tanners
*John the Baptist - farriers, bird dealers, Knights Hospitaller
*John of Damascus - makers of images of the crucifix
*John of God - hospital workers, nurses, booksellers
*John Baptist de la Salle - teachers of youth
*John Bosco - apprentices, editors, printers/publishers
*John Gualbert - foresters
*John Vianney - priests
*Joseph of Arimathea - funeral directors, tinsmiths
*Joseph of Cupertino - air travelers and aviators
*John of Capistrano - jurists
*Jude (also known as Jude Thaddeus) - police officers, hospital workers
*Julian the Hospitaller - shepherds, boatmen, murderers
*Justa and Rufina - potters


*Lawrence - librarians, tanners, cooks (having been martyred by roasting alive on a gridiron)
*Leodegar - millers
*Lidwina - skaters
*Luke the Apostle - doctors, surgeons, artists, painters, Notaries


*Margaret of Antioch - nurses
*Martha - dieticians, cooks
*Mary Magdalene - tanners
*Magnus of Avignon - fish dealers, fishmongers
*Albertus Magnus - chemists, medical technicians
*Macarius of Unzha, Venerable - craftsmen, merchants, travelers (in Russian Orthodox Church [ [ Macarius of Unzha] (Introduction by Metropolitan Bishop Nicholas of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas) ru icon] )
*Malo - pig-keepers
*Martin de Porres - Hairdressers
*Martin of Tours - soldiers
*Matthew - accountants, tax collectors, bankers, bookkeepers, custom agents, security guards,
*Maturinus - comic actors, jesters, and clowns, as well as the patron saint of sailors (in Brittany) of tinmen (in Paris) [ [ Saint Mathurin ] ] and of plumbers. [ [ San Maturino ] ]
*Maurice and Lydia - dyers
*Maurice - infantrymen
*Michael the Archangel - radiologists, soldiers, paramedics, paratroopers, police officers, communications workers, postal workers, grocers, supermarket workers, stevedores, longshoremen


*Nicholas of Myra - sailors, fishermen, pharmacists, prostitutes, pawnbrokers, thieves
*Nicholas of Tolentine - mariners
*Notburga - farmers, farmhands, husbandry


*Our Lady of Salambao - fishermen


*Pantaleon - doctors
*Patrick - engineers
*Paul the Apostle - hospital public relations
*Peter the Apostle - popes, fishermen, fishmongers, sailors, bakers, harvesters, butchers, glass makers, carpenters, shoemakers, clockmakers, blacksmiths, potters, masons, bridge builders, cloth makers
*Peter of Alcantara - guards
*Peter Celestine - bookbinders
*Phocas the Gardener - farmers, farmhands, husbandry


*Quentin - bombardiers, chaplains, locksmiths, porters, tailors, and surgeons


*Raphael the Archangel - doctors, pharmacists, nurses, shepherds
*Raymond Nonnatus - midwives, obstetricians
*Raymond of Penyafort - medical record librarians, Canon lawyers
*Regina - shepherdesses
*John Regis - medical social workers
*Roch - surgeons, tile-makers, second-hand dealers, gravediggers

*Sebastian - athletes
*Severus of Avranches - silk workers, wool weavers and manufacturers
*Simon - tanners
*Solange - shepherdesses
*Stephen - bricklayers


*Tatiana - students
*Theobald of Provins - charcoal-burners
*Thérèse de Lisieux - florists, unofficial hole in one makers
*Thomas - architects
*Thomas Aquinas - students, academics
*Thomas Becket - secular clergy
*Thomas More - politicians, statesmen, lawyers, civil servants


*Urban of Langres - vine-growers, vine-dressers, gardeners, vintners, and coopers


*Valentine - beekeeping
*Veronica- laundry workers; photographers [ [ Patron Saints Index: Saint Veronica ] ]
*Vincent de Paul - hospital workers
*Vincent Ferrer - builders
*Vitus - comedians, dancers


*Walstan - farmers, farmhands, husbandry
*Winefride - payroll clerks
*Winnoc - millers
*Wolbodo - students
*Wolfgang of Regensburg - woodworkers, woodcarvers


*Frances Xavier Cabrini - hospital administrators


*Yves - lawyers


*Zeno of Verona - fishermen
*Zita - domestic servants, waiters

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