Diaphragmatic surface of heart

Diaphragmatic surface of heart
Diaphragmatic surface of heart
Base and diaphragmatic surface of heart.
Latin facies diaphragmatica cordis
Gray's subject #138 528

The diaphragmatic surface of the heart, directed downward and slightly backward, is formed by the ventricles, and rests upon the central tendon and a small part of the left muscular portion of the diaphragm.

It is separated from the base by the posterior part of the coronary sulcus, and is traversed obliquely by the posterior longitudinal sulcus.

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Shape is slightly concave. Direction is downwards and slightly backwards. It is formed 2/3 by the right ventricle and 1/3 by the left ventricle. It is grooved by the posterior interventricular sulcus which divides it into 2 ventricles. Vessels related to it are posterior interventricular branch of right coronary artery and middle cardiac vein. It lies on the central tendon of the diaphragm and is separated from fundus of the stomach and left lobe of liver.

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