Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

Kawartha Lakes, Ontario

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leader_title = Mayor
leader_name = Ric McGee
leader_title1 = Council
leader_name1 = City of Kawartha Lakes Council
leader_title2 = MP
leader_name2 = Barry Devolin (Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock, CON)
leader_title3 = MPP
leader_name3 = Laurie Scott (Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock, CON)
established_title = Amalgamated
established_date = January 1, 2001.
area_magnitude =
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area_footnotes = Statistics Canada
area_total_km2 = 3059.47
area_land_km2 =
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area_land_sq_mi =
area_water_sq_mi =
area_water_percent =
population_as_of = 2006
population_footnotes = Statistics Canada
population_note =
population_total = 74561
population_density_km2 = 24.4
population_density_sq_mi =
timezone = EST
utc_offset = -5
timezone_DST = EDT
utc_offset_DST = -4
latd= 44|latm= 21|lats= |latNS= N
longd= 78|longm= 45|longs= |longEW= W
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elevation_m =
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postal_code_type = Postal Code
postal_code = beginning with K
area_code = 705
website = [http://www.city.kawarthalakes.on.ca/ City of Kawartha Lakes' Official Site]
footnotes =

The City of Kawartha Lakes (2006 population 74,561) is a city in east-central Ontario, Canada. Although designated as a "city", it is a largely rural area. The municipality is named for the Kawartha lakes ("Kawartha," shortened from "Gaa-waategamaag", means "shining waters" in the Ojibwe language).

The main population centres are:
*Fenelon Falls


The municipality was created in 2000 by the Progressive Conservative government of Ontario through the amalgamation of the constituent municipalities of the former County of Victoria, and officially came into effect on January 1, 2001.

In a close vote (51% for, 49% against), the citizens of Kawartha Lakes voted to de-amalgamate in a November 2003 local plebiscite, but the provincial and municipal governments have not taken any steps since the vote to initiate de-amalgamation.


:::N/A = Data Not Available

Census Division rankings

National rank in terms of population (2006): 69
Provincial rank in terms of population (2001): 36


*Ancona Point
*Avery Point
*Baker Trail
*Birch Point
*Burnt River
*Bury's Green
*Camp Kagawong
*Campbells Beach
*Corson's Siding
*Cowan's Bay
*Crawfords Beach
*Cunningham's Corners
*Daytonia Beach
*East Emily
*Eldon Station
*Fairburn Corner
*Fee's Landing
*Feir Mill
*Fell Station
*Fenelon Falls
*Fleetwood Homes
*Fleetwood Stationcol-break
*Fowler's Corners
*Fox's Corners
*Frank Hill
*Gilsons Point
*Glenway Village
*Head Lake
*Hickory Beach
*Hillhead Corners
*Isaacs Glen
*Joyvista Estates
*Kenedon Park
*Kenstone Beach
*Keystone Beach
*King's Wharf
*Lake Dalrymple
*Lakeview Estates
*Lancaster Bay
*Linden Valley
*Little Britain
*Long Beach
*Long Point
*MacKenzie Point
*Mallards Bay
*Mariposa Station
*McCrackin's Beach
*McGuire Beach
*Mount Hereb
*Newmans Beach
*Oak Hill
*Oakdene Point
*O'Donnell Landing
*Orange Corners
*Pickerel Point
*Pleasant Point
*Port Hoover
*Powles Corners
*Ragged Rapids
*Red Cap Beach
*Sandy Point
*Silver Lake
*Snug Harbour
*Southview Estates
*St. Mary's
*Starr's Beach
*Sturgeon Point
*Sullivan's Bay
*Sylvan Glen Beach
*Taylor's Corners
*Tracey's Hill
*Union Creek
*Verulam Park
*Victoria Place
*Victoria Road
*Washburn Island
*Watson's Siding
*Zion col-breakcol-break


The following King's Highways pass through the city:
* Highway 7, part of the Trans-Canada Highway
* Highway 7A
* Highway 35
* Highway 115


* [http://www.devilselbow.com/ Devil's Elbow Ski Area] , Bethany
* [http://www.ganaraska-hiking-trail.ca/ Ganaraska Hiking Trail]
*Lindsay Airport, Lindsay
*Victoria County Museum, Lindsay
*Monck Historical Colonization Road
*Victoria Recreation Corridor
*Victoria Historical Colonization Road
* [http://www.kawartha.net/~fencom/museum.htm Fenelon Falls Museum] , Fenelon Falls
*Bobcaygeon Historic Colonization Road
* [http://www.highlandscinemas.com/ Highland Cinema and Museum] , Kinmount
*Trent-Severn Waterway
** [http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/on/trentsevern/visit/lock32_e.asp Lock 32:] Bobcaygeon
** [http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/on/trentsevern/visit/lock33_e.asp Lock 33] : Lindsay
** [http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/on/trentsevern/visit/lock34_e.asp Lock 34] : Fenelon Falls
** [http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/on/trentsevern/visit/lock35_e.asp Lock 35] : Rosedale
** [http://www.pc.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/on/trentsevern/visit/lock36_e.asp Lock 36] : Kirkfield lift lock

Protected areas

*Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park
*Balsam Lake Provincial Park
*Indian Point Provincial Park
*Emily Provincial Park
*Pigeon River Headwaters Conservation Area
*Fleetwood Creek Conservation Area
*Windy Ridge Conservation Area
*Ken Reid Conservation Area

urrounding counties

*Muskoka District Municipality
*Haliburton County
*Peterborough County
*Regional Municipality of Durham
*Simcoe County


* [http://www.city.kawarthalakes.on.ca/ City of Kawartha Lakes Official Site]
* [http://www.kawarthalakesonline.com/ Visit Kawartha Lakes Online for more information about the City of Kawartha Lakes]

Canadian City Geographic Location
North=Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Minden Hills
West=Ramara, Brock
Center=Kawartha Lakes
East=Galway-Cavendish and Harvey, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield
South=Scugog, Clarington, Cavan-Millbrook-North Monaghan

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