A51 road

A51 road

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A51 road
Major junctions
South end: Kingsbury, Warwickshire
52°33′31″N 1°40′51″W / 52.5586°N 1.6808°W / 52.5586; -1.6808 (A51 road (southeastern end))
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North end: Chester
53°11′32″N 2°52′56″W / 53.1921°N 2.8821°W / 53.1921; -2.8821 (A51 road (northwestern end))
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The A51 is a road in England running from Kingsbury in Warwickshire (just east of Birmingham) to Chester. The road follows the following route:

The A51 is used by some long-distance traffic as an alternative to the M6 motorway, which is prone to congestion through Birmingham. The nearby M6 Toll motorway now serves a similar function.

Coordinates: 52°56′32″N 2°16′15″W / 52.9421°N 2.2707°W / 52.9421; -2.2707 (A51 road)