The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1986 TV series)

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1986 TV series)
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Wonder wizard of oz tv title card.jpg
Title card from the English language version
(Oz no Mahōtsukai)
Genre Fantasy
TV anime
Directed by Naisho Tonogawa
Studio Panmedia
Licensed by Cookie Jar Entertainment
Network NHK, TV Tokyo
Original run October 6, 1986September 28, 1987
Episodes 52
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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, known in Japan as Oz no Mahōtsukai (オズの魔法使い Ozu no Mahōtsukai?) is an anime adaptation based on four of the original Oz books by L. Frank Baum. In Japan, the series aired on NHK then TV Tokyo from 1986 to 1987.[1] It consists of 52 episodes, which explain other parts of the Oz stories, including the events that happened after Dorothy first left Oz.

In 1987, HBO purchased the rights to the series and dubbed it into English. Production for the English version was done by the Canadian studio Cinar. Actress Margot Kidder was hired as narrator, and the Canadian band Parachute Club provided songs for the series, which aired as a mini-series. This English version attempted to completely occlude the show's Japanese origins, going so far as to remove all Japanese names and studios from the credits and to credit key aspects of the animation to Westerners, which applied primarily to the CGI opening sequence. Currently the English dub of series airs in the United States on the Cookie Jar Toons block on This TV.

The series has been aired in many countries outside Japan and has been dubbed in English, Spanish, Italian and numerous other languages.

Aside from having the same source material, this TV series bears no relation to the 1982 anime film directed by Fumihiko Takayama for Toho, though both works share the same title in Japanese. However, since the 1982 film was not released in Japan until 1986 - the same year in which the TV series was first broadcast - the two productions are often confused.


The plot

The re-released DVD set version

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is split into four distinct parts, or story arcs, each loosely based on different Oz books originally written by L. Frank Baum.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (episodes 1 to 17)

The first story arc is an adaptation of the first Oz book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It follows the adventures of Dorothy, an orphan girl living out in the gray prairies of Kansas with her Aunt Em, her Uncle Henry and her dog Toto. One day, After Em and Uncle Henry leave Dorothy and Toto alone in order to travel into town. A tornado appears, uproots the farmhouse, with Dorothy and Toto inside, and transports it to the Land of Oz.

In Oz Dorothy meets the Good Witch of the North, who tells her that she just killed the Wicked Witch of the East, as her house landed directly on top of her, and by doing so she freed the Munchkins from slavery. She also tells her that the only person able to send her back home is the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy is given the Silver Shoes of the Wicked Witch of the East and sent off along the Yellow Brick Road towards the Emerald City to see the Wonderful Wizard of Oz in hope of getting back to Kansas.

On her way to the Wizard, Dorothy meets the Scarecrow, made entirely of straw and lacking a brain, the Tin Woodman, made entirely from metal and lacking a heart, and the Cowardly Lion who wishes to become brave. Along their journey, the group comes to a large ditch in the road, and the Lion provides transportation by jumping across while the others sit on his back. The group then enters a dark forest and become trapped at the edge of a steep canyon, while being chased by the Kalidahs (animals with the bodies of bears and the heads of tigers). The Lion and the Scarecrow distract them as the Tin Man cuts down a tree which enables the group to cross the opening of the canyon. After escaping the Kalidahs, the Scarecrow gets caught in the middle of a river on a pole which cuts them off from the Yellow Brick Road, but luckily Mrs. Crane (an actual crane) saves him. A deadly field of poppies puts Dorothy, Toto and the Lion to sleep, but they manage to escape with the help of the Mouse Queen, and her subjects, whom the Tin Man rescued from a wildcat. They arrive at the Emerald City the next day, and thanks to the Good Witch of the North's kiss (on Dorothy's forehead) they are let in.

Once they are in the Emerald City, they request to see the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard grants an individual audience to each of them in a dark reception hall and changes his appearance with each one of them – he meets Dorothy, as a Giant Head; the Scarecrow, as a lovely angel-like lady; the Tin Man, as a terrible beast; and the Lion, as a ball of fire. He tells them that he will help them only if they kill the Wicked Witch of the West.

The friends then set off on a quest for the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West. Meanwhile the Wicked Witch of the West is busy forcing the Winkies (her slaves) to build her a new fortress which she will use to conquer the Land of Oz. As she senses the friends coming, and confirms it by seeing them in her magic mirror, she sends out wolves, crows and an army of her Winkie Soldiers - which Dorothy and her friends easily beat. The friends meet an old Winkie, the former Mayor, who fills them in on the Wicked Witch of the West. The Witch uses her Golden Cap to command the Winged Monkeys, who manage to destroy the Scarecrow and the Tin Man, and to capture the Lion but they spare Dorothy & Toto thanks to the Good Witch's kiss. The Wicked Witch of the West keeps the Lion locked in a cell, and tries to use him to pull her carriage. She keeps Dorothy as her personal cook. Dorothy eventually tips a large water jar upon the Witch, and all her evil work dies with her as she melts away. The grateful Winkies then help Dorothy find her friends and restore them. Soon the friends are together again, and Dorothy discovers the Wicked Witch's Golden Cap. Her friends make her promise that she will not use the cap to summon the Winged Monkeys, as the idea terrifies them.

As the group spends a few days relaxing in the Witch's castle with their new Winkie friends, they are visited by a young boy named Tip and his guardian, Mombi. Mombi is a witch in training and upon hearing that her old friend the Wicked Witch of the West is dead, she decides to steal the Golden Cap from Dorothy. She transforms herself into a large gray cat and attempts to steal the cap while Dorothy is sleeping. Her plot is thwarted by the Cowardly Lion. Tip explains Mombi's plot and apologizes to Dorothy. Dorothy uses the Golden Cap, against her friends' wishes, to have the Winged Monkeys transport Tip and Mombi back to their distant home.

Before the group leaves Winkie-Land, the Winkies declare the Tin Man as their king. As they make their way back to the Emerald City they become lost in an enormous forest and struggle against a monstrous spider. The animals of the forest are thankful that the Lion defeated the Monster Spider and make him king to show their gratitude. Dorothy uses the Golden Cap to call the Winged Monkeys who then take her and her friends back to the Emerald City.

They return to the Emerald City to find the Wizard not only invisible but unwilling to grant their wishes. Toto reveals the Wizard’s secret hiding place. The Wizard reveals he is actually a traveling magician from Nebraska who was accidentally swept away to Oz in his hot air balloon. He eventually decides to grant them their wishes, as well as making the Scarecrow the King of the Emerald City in his place. The Wizard promises to take Dorothy back to Kansas in his hot air balloon, but Toto escapes from Dorothy's arms to chase a mouse and they miss the balloon's launching.

Dorothy is devastated, so her friends try to find a way to help her go home. The group decides to try to consult with Glinda, the Good Witch of the South. On their way to see Glinda they encounter a fighting tree, and a country full of miniature living people and animals made entirely of china. They are then nearly crushed by a pack of Hammer-Heads, but are rescued by a group of gnomes who help them escape through a series of caves. They, at last, reach the palace of Glinda.

Glinda, who originally planned to make Dorothy a princess, eventually agrees to help Dorothy and Toto return home. Dorothy bids her friends a tearful good-bye, and with the help of the Wicked Witch of the East's magical shoes she is sent rocketing back to Kansas.

The Marvelous Land of Oz (episodes 18 to 30)

The second story arc is an adaptation of the second Oz book, The Marvelous Land of Oz. Aunt Em and Uncle Henry are nearly finished building their new farm-house (after the former one was taken away by the cyclone) when Toto and Dorothy suddenly appear. Dorothy tells them of her adventures in Oz, but even though they find it hard to believe her, they are delighted that she has returned home.

Dorothy searches for one of her magic shoes, which fell off on the journey home, but is unable to find it. Later, when the family goes shopping for supplies in town, a circus being prepared has Dorothy reunited with the Wizard of Oz. Eventually, Aunt Em finds the other shoe, and Dorothy eagerly and carelessly uses both shoes to return to Oz, leaving Toto and the shoes in Kansas, but also leaving Aunt Em and Uncle Henry believing her.

Dorothy arrives back to the Land of Oz and is reunited with Tip, who is making a pumpkin-man to scare Mombi. It works, but Mombi tries out the Come-Alive Powder, and Jack Pumpkinhead comes to life. Mombi, who mistakes Dorothy for a witch, schemes to steal her powers and turn her into stone, but the children and Jack escape, with Mombi chasing after them. Later, they come across a wooden saw horse and decide to bring it to life with the Come-Alive Powder they have stolen from Mombi. They run on ahead with Jack to Emerald City, where they are reunited with King Scarecrow of Oz.

Dorothy and Tip meet General Jijnur who, with her All-Girl Army, plans to overthrow King Scarecrow and become Queen of the Emearld City. After the Gate-Guardian is defeated by Jinjur's army, Dorothy and Tip warn Scarecrow of the Invasion, and the friends make their escape, just as Mombi arrives at Emerald City. As Mombi joins General Jinjur in her plot to overthrow Oz, the friends go on to the West (despite the Saw-Horse's broken leg accident) and ask the Tin Man for help. Mombi uses her magic to surround the friends with a field of Sunflowers, which thanks to Jinjur doesn't last long. The Mouse Queen is called upon to help her friends with their mission and gives them her Secret Weapon. After more magic tricks, like a giant cliff-like wall and a circle of fire, the friends finally return to Emerald City and find it in bad shape - all the men are doing the hard work while the women can do whatever they want. In the Throne Room Jinjur, Mombi and the Army surround Dorothy & her friends, but is no match for the Mouse Queen's Secret Weapon. Jinjur attempts to attack, while Scarecrow decides for them to escape using the Come-Alive Powder.

Jack uses the Wizard's old tricks to distract and scare the girls as his friends put together and bring to life a Moose-Bed (a canopy bed with a stuffed Moose head attached). Once everything is together, the friends narrowly escape and head off to Glinda in the South. But Mombi causes the Moose-Bed and its passengers to drift away into a valley of mist, mountains and cliffs, where they are encountered, captured and eventually manage to escape one of several giant flying lizards. They arrive at Glinda's castle and Glinda is aware of their dilemma. Her plan involves bringing back the true Ruler of Oz to the Throne: Ozma, the baby girl heir of their last king whom disappeared. As they search for information, they discover that only Mombi knows of Ozma's whereabouts. Glinda talks to Mombi, Jinjur and her army. Afterwards Mombi and Jinjur use a 'disguise' trick which doesn't last long - the friends look for Mombi throughout the palace and find Jinur and Mombi arguing with each other, breaking off their 'teamwork', only to have Mombi transform herself into a dragon. Glinda appears and chases after the escaping Mombi-Dragon and easily triumphs over her. Using her magic, Glinda has Mombi reveal what she did to Ozma, restores the Princess to her Throne, prevents Mombi and Jinjur from causing anymore trouble and rewards the friends by returning them home. Jack and Ozma hope for Dorothy to return to Oz again soon.

Ozma of Oz (episodes 31 to 41)

The third part of the series is an adaptation of the third Oz book, Ozma of Oz. It starts with Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, Dorothy and Toto sleeping peacefully in their Kansas beds, but as Dorothy's Magic Shoes start glowing, causing the Shoes to transport Dorothy back to Oz, leaving Toto & her Magic Shoes in Kansas. She arrives in the Land of Ev, where a trio of Wheelers rudely wakes her up and accuses her of being a witch. Dorothy escapes the Wheelers, and finds a little mechanical robot called Tik-Tok which she winds up. She learns that Tik-Tok was on a secret mission, given to him by Princess Langwidere, to free the prince of Ev, but he got himself into trouble with the Wheelers. Then, rather than he protecting Dorothy, Dorothy defends Tik-Tok from the Wheelers and accompanied by him goes off to meet Princess Langwidere.

Langwidere locks Dorothy and Tik-Tok in the dungeon. As Dorothy and Tik-Tok ask Mr. Mouse to get help from Oz, Princess Langwidere greets Ozma, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Jack Pumpkin head. Mr. Mouse gets Lion to come to Ev and inform his friends of Dorothy's imprisonment. It is then suggested that while Ozma and Jack would return back to Oz, Dorothy and Tik-Tok with the accompany of Dorothy’s friends would go to Nomeland to rescue Princess Langwidere's brother, the Prince of Ev from the Nome King. The group crosses a dangerous Desert, which consists of a sandstorm, funny looking plants, a giant beetle and only one oasis in the entire sandy waste.

They come across giant bones and a ship. While the group decides to rest in the ship for the night, they meet Billina, a Talking Hen (who acts like a Rooster), whom was once the Nome King's chicken. She tells them the way to Nomeland, before giving Tik-Tok an egg. On the way to Nomeland, the friends travel through rocky caverns where they encounter and manage to escape one of two Rock Giants and a Ruined City. They arrive at the Gateway which leads down into the Nome King's Underground Kingdom. After walking alongside a River of Flowing Lava, as well as crossing over it, they walk through an Ornament Hallway and meet the Nome King.

Knowing why they are here he tells them of his power and that if they would want to free the Prince, they would have to play his Guessing Ornament Game. After Tik-Tok mistakenly turns into an ornament first, Kaliko tricks the Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow in their guesses, turning them into ornaments. Dorothy, however, tricks the two Nomes into revealing the Prince of Ev and restores her friends. But when they try to leave, they end up getting trapped where Nome King & Kaliko scare them with pouring giant-tubs of lava, until they see and are terrified by the egg which Tik-Tok has secretly hidden.

With the Prince of Ev, the group tries to leave, but the Nome King isn't going to make it easy for them - he tries to drown them in a river of lava and catapults them with giant boulders. When it is finally decided that they have to follow the underground river for the way out, the Nome King, Kaliko and the Nomes attack them again with flying boulders. Fortunately, this attack gives the friends an opening to escape. They thank Billina for her help, but then the ship and the surrounding sand begins to sink by the Nome King again, but once Lion saves Scarecrow from being lost they are all finally free and safe from the Nome King, despite his displeasure. The friends then decide that it is time to go home.

The Emerald City of Oz (episodes 42 to 52)

The fourth and final story arc of the series is an adaptation of the sixth Oz book, The Emerald City of Oz. Continuing on directly from the last story arc, the Nome King is now planning his revenge. Meanwhile, Dorothy is still in Oz. She and Scarecrow has been busy chasing Ozma around the Emerald City, which takes them into a Secret Chamber. Even in the darkness, Ozma discovers a door which reveals to them the Heart of the Emerald City and the history of Oz, proving to Ozma that she must prepare a coronation to be Queen of Oz. Back at the underground kingdom of the Nomes, an Invasion specialist named Guph suggests that in order to conquer the Emerald City they must make an underground tunnel which will take them to the Emerald City. Along with Guph's Giant Dirt-Devouring Worm, the Nomes make the tunnel and pass underneath the 'Deadly' Desert.

In the meantime, Scarecrow discovers a small box in the Wizard's Chamber which transports Dorothy and Ozma into a world where they meet Miss Cuttenclip the Paper Queen and Mr. Fuddles the Puzzle Man who creates a door which returns the girls back to Oz. As everybody gets everything ready, Dorothy and Ozma practice her magic powers by making a Giant Paper Bird come to life, so that they can ride it in the sky whenever they wish. Knowing the Nomes' fear and weakness, Guph also enlists the help of the monstrous Growleywog to ensure their victory. Practicing for the Coronation, Ozma's magic reveals where to find the Fountain of the Water of Oblivion, an important part of the Coronation.

Growleywog emerges in the West and starts devouring areas of the country. The terrified Winkies tell their King the Tin Man of the monster, and Dorothy also learns of the news. As the Tin Man battles Growleywog, Dorothy borrows the Magic Bird and tries to solve the problem without ruining any plans for Ozma. Underground, the Worm's failed attempt to go any further unto the emerald city gets Guph and the Nome King into an argument.

Nome King & his Army attempts to charge Emerald City, but Scarecrow's wondering of where and looking for Dorothy forces them back into the tunnel. After Dorothy manages to find the Winkie Timsmith to help her rescue Tin Man from the Growleywog, Guph sneaks into the Emerald City, going along the many stairs and doors, only to lose his memory in the Palace. Dorothy meets a pleasant Guph the next morning and the Nome King is worried. Ozma's Coronation is a success - despite Dorothy's exhaustion - and afterwards Tin Man talks to Ozma, the Lion and the Scarecrow on how to deal with Growleywog, which at that time is rejoined by the Nomes.

That night, Growleywog leads the Nomes in invasion of the Emerald City. As the Tin Man thwarts some of the Nomes, Scarecrow tells Dorothy his plan for a rescue. The friends do their best in scaring and attacking the Nomes with eggs, while the Lion watches over Ozma in her room, but their attempts are foiled and all seems lost for Dorothy and Scarecrow, but a voice comforts Dorothy, promising that all will be well. The next morning everybody is imprisoned by the Nome King and Dorothy wakes up to find herself alone in the Emerald City with the Growleywog and Guph, who has regained his memory but still protects her. Ozma uses her magic to save her people and trick the Nome King and his followers into defeat. Back in Oz, Glinda appears and congratulates Ozma on a job well done as the Nomes, Growlewog and Worm return home. After saying good-bye to her friends, Dorothy returns to Kansas.

Comparison with the original stories

  • The major change from the book in the second story arc was that the Wogglebug wasn't present, and Dorothy was incorporated into the story (she was not present in the original novel "The Marvelous Land of Oz" which that story arc is based upon). The other major change is that Glinda, who in the novel abhors transformations, transforms herself into an eagle to fight with Mombi, who has taken the form of a dragon (she became a gryphon in the novel, and was chased into the Deadly Desert by Glinda riding aboard the Saw-Horse).
  • Many scenarios from the third story arc were either loosely based on the original stories, moved around and even left out. The Nome King, designed as short and plump, is closer to Baum/Neil's original cheeky book version, except for the fact that he, Kaliko and the Nomes all have Tall pointy hats. While the book originally had an Iron Giant with a Hammer, this animated version has two Rock Giants. The Wheelers are changed from many mischievous well-dressed people with wheels-instead-of-hands-&-feet to 3 little hairy cave-like men wearing beanies that move around on stone wheels like uni-cycle, with short tempers and loud gruff voices. Instead of heads, Princess Langwidere changes her hats, which 'match' her moods.
  • Though still based on the books, the stories of the third and fourth arcs strayed heavily from their source material. Characters were renamed and bore no resemblance to how they appeared in the books (i.e. The Prince of Ev, Princess Langwidere, Lord Kaliko, The Growleywog, General Guph, Giant Worm), or simply were not present at all. The plot was changed a lot too - the characters can freely walk across the Deadly Desert unharmed, Billina does not even come from Kansas. the original books have the Nomes all illustrated fat bodies with skinny arms & legs, Guff looks like a small Chinese man with long whiskers and there is Growleywog, which was put instead of an army of tall skinny but strong malicious-looking men, which was designed as a big fat growling monster. A major plot theme from The Emerald City of Oz - Aunt Em and Uncle Henry coming to Oz - never happens at all. Dorothy also leaves Oz once again to go home to Kansas in the end.


  • Dorothy Gale - Dorothy is the main heroine of the series. She lives with her Uncle Henry and her Aunt Em on a farm in Kansas. Dorothy travels to Oz in a cyclone where she makes many new friends and shows great bravery. Dorothy wishes to return home to Kansas, so as not to worry her uncle and aunt, from the first moment she arrives in Oz.
  • Scarecrow - The Scarecrow used to stand in the middle of a large corn field in the Munchkin Country and was supposed to frighten the crows (but failed at this task), until he met in Dorothy on her way to the Emerald City. The "brainless" Scarecrow joins Dorothy on her journey in the hope that The Wizard will give him a brain. Even though he does not believe it yet, the Scarecrow already has a sharp brain full of brilliant ideas, and he proves this throughout the whole journey.
  • Tin Man - Originally a human, the Wicked Witch of the East transformed him into a Tin Man made entirety out of tin. She also took his heart from him so that he would not be able to ever love again. Since he is made entirety from metal, the Tin Man gets rusty quickly when in contact with water. One day, whilst chopping down trees in the forest it started to rain, and he was stuck in middle of the forest for more than a whole year until Dorothy and the Scarecrow met him by coincidence and helped him out. The "heart-less" Tin Man wants to be able to love again and therefore joins Dorothy on her journey in the hope that The Wizard will give him a heart.
  • Cowardly Lion - The lion previously lived in the large forest situated in Munchkin Country. The Cowardly Lion was always cowardly, fearing everything. The Cowardly Lion joins the gang on the journey to the Emerald City in the hope that The Wizard will give him some courage. Even though he doesn't know it, throughout the journey the Cowardly Lion proves to be very brave and courageous, and all he needed was to boost his self confidence.
  • Toto - Dorothy's small Cairn Terrier dog, who barks on whomever he sees. He was given to Dorothy by Uncle Henry as a present.
  • Glinda the Good Witch of the South - Glinda features throughout the whole series. Initially, Dorothy and her friends travel to Glinda so that she can help Dorothy return to Kansas. Glinda instructs Dorothy on how to use her magic shoes to return to Kansas, and makes Scarecrow the King of Oz, Tin Man the ruler of the Winkies and Lion the king of the forest. Glinda also plays a role in the later story arcs, helping to transform Tip into Ozma.
  • Uncle Henry and Aunt Em - The sister of Dorothy's mother, Aunt Em adopted Dorothy, after her mother's death. While Uncle Henry worked very heard on the farm to provide the family, she worked at home and took care of the farm's animals and of Dorothy. Later, when Dorothy returns home to Kansas with the help of her magic shoes, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry refuse to believe Dorothy's tales of her adventures in Oz, dismissing them as hallucinations.
  • The Wizard of Oz - The Wizard lives in the Emerald City and was reputed to have the biggest and greatest magic powers in all of Oz. All the inhabitants of Oz fear him and his powers. He is the ruler of the Emerald City, the capital of Oz, and from there he controls the entire country. The Wizard dismissed the former ruler of Oz, King Barak, years before, and since then has controlled the Emerald City. No-one has ever seen his face. When Dorothy and her friends arrive the Emerald City, they are able to meet with the Wizard due to the a kiss that the Good Witch from the North gave Dorothy. The Wizard promises to fulfill their requests on condition that they kill the Witch of the West. The courageous gang manage to kill the Wicked Witch of the West, endangering their own lives the process. When they return to the Wizard, he is not interested in seeing them and tries to postpone meeting them. When they gang bursts in to the big hall, they find out that he is just a man that has been deceiving everyone with tricks. He was the announcer in a circus and worked in a Hot air balloon, until one day the rope which was holding the balloon loosened up and the balloon carried him all the way to Oz. The people of the Emerald City thought that he was a great wizard because he came down from the skies - and he let them believe it. Unfortunately the Wizard is not be able to help Dorothy return to Kansas. Dorothy meets the Wizard again in Kansas, before she returns to Oz for the second time.
  • Good Witch of the North - The Good Witch of the North appears in the first episodes of the show, when Dorothy arrives for the first time in Oz, mistakenly killing the Wicked Witch of the East, so the Good Witch of the North comes to thank her. She is very clumsy and confused all of the time - she is actually convinced that Dorothy is a good witch herself, who has come a long distance in order to help the nation munchkins that was suffering from the evil witch's rulership. The Good Witch of the North rules the northern country and had great powers in the past, but nowadays her powers have weakened. She is not able to help Dorothy return home and she never heard of Kansas, therefore she sends Dorothy to the great Wizard of Oz who lives in the Emerald City to help her get back home. She gives Dorothy a basket of food, the shoes of the Wicked Witch of the East, and her famous signature kiss. The Good Witch of the North is known for her powers of healing. She has the ability to easily cure every sick person and to prevent diseases with the help of her magic powers. She also has the ability to give a protective kiss - which turns whoever receives it to be protected from all bad. Dorothy receives the kiss in the second episode, and since then no one can hurt her, even though many villains try throughout the series - they all fail due to the powerful kiss.
  • Queen of the Field Mice - The Queen first met the gang whilst they were passing through the deadly Poppy field, which puts Dorothy, Toto and Lion into a deep sleep. The Scarecrow and the Tin Man are immune, and are in the process of dragging them out of the field when they see the queen of the Field Mice being chased by a big cat. The Tin Man, helps her and rescues her immediately from the cat. The queen, owing her life to the gang, asks them if there is anything that she and the field mice could to do for them in return. With the mice's help, Dorothy, Lion and Toto are taken out of the poppy field. Since that incident, the gang became good friends with the Queen of the Field Mice, and the Field Mice help the gang from time to time throughout the series.
  • The Prince of Ev - The Prince of Ev is the descendant to a dynasty of kings whom used to rule Oz. The prince grew up with Tik-tok, a robot built especially for him. The prince grew up, and enjoyed exploring the kingdom and its neighboring kingdoms over the years, until one day, on one of his tours with Tik-tok in the desert, the prince disappeared without leaving a trace. Tik-tok returned to the royal palace to inform his parents, hoping they would obtain their boy. With time it became clear that the Nome King kidnapped him. The prince bothered the Nome King, because prince was tall, a fact which irritated the king. Therefore, the Nome King kidnapped the Prince of Ev and cast a spell over him that would prevent him from growing any more. The Prince of Ev's parents became very sad. With their son was gone, their lives was filled with great sorrow and they did not want to rule the country any more - so they dismissed themselves of the kingship. Their daughter, Princess Langwidere, became the ruler of Ev. Dorothy and her gang, on a mission from Ozma, eventually find out that the prince was transformed into an iron sculpture by the Nome King. The King agrees to free the prince from the spell only if they enter one-by-one into a room full of iron sculptures, and each guess which of the sculptures is the prince of Ev, and touch it. Whomever would failed to find him would also transform into an iron sculpture.
  • Princess Langwidere - The Prince of Ev's sister, and the current ruler of Ev. She possesses many different hats, which will change her mood depending on which one is wearing. Princess Langwidere requested from Princess Ozma to help find her brother - the throne of the kingdom does not interest her and she only wants the Prince of Ev to return and become the ruler of the country. Princess Ozma sends the Tin man, the Scarecrow, Dorothy, the Lion and Tik-tok on an expedition in the land of Ev to find the Prince of Ev.
  • Tip / Princess Ozma - The little mischievous boy "Tip" was first introduced in an episode of the first story arc, and played a prominent role in the second, accompanying Dorothy on her second adventure in Oz. At the end of The Marvelous Land of Oz was actually Princess Ozma, heir to the throne of Oz. When the previous King of Oz disappeared, the Wizard of Oz became the caregiver of his daughter, Princess Ozma. The wizard wanted to rule the Emerald City without any disturbances, so he gave the Princess Ozma to Mombi who had always wanted children of her own. Mombi pitied the little baby and did not want the princess to suffer from growing up with her, and therefore transformed her into a baby boy and named her Tip. Dorothy met Tip for the first time at Mombi's. Tip was very connected to Mombi - he knows that under the scary exterior hides a warm, loving, humane mother whom gave him a warm home and love throughout all the years. The gang went to Mombi because they were trying to figure out what happened to Princess Ozma, since they wanted to her, as the true ruler of the Oz's Throne, to become the ruler of the Emerald City. After investigating Mombi, she tells them her biggest secret, which had she sworn never to tell - Tip is actually Princess Ozma. Glinda removes the spell that was cast upon Princess Ozma, and she becomes the new ruler of Oz. Princess Ozma is very mischievous, and is somewhat of a tomboy - she likes to climb on trees and play soccer. She thinks Dorothy is much more worthy of being the ruler of Oz than her. Princess Ozma is considered to be a good ruler by the citizens of Oz and is very popular.
  • Jack Pumpkinhead - Jack Pumpkinhead was introduced in The Marvelous Land of Oz, and was created by Tip as a way of scaring Mombi. Jack was brought to life with the Powder of Life.
  • The Sawhorse - The Sawhorse was also introduced in The Marvelous Land of Oz, and brought to life using the Powder of Life. He accompanies Dorothy, Tip and Jack on their journey to the Emerald City to see the Scarecrow.
  • The Gump - The Gump was also introduced in The Marvelous Land of Oz, and brought to life using the Powder of Life. He is able to fly, thanks to the craftsmanship of Dorothy and her crew.
  • Tik-Tok - Tik-tok is a robot that plays a prominent role in Ozma of Oz. He was previously the best friend of the Prince of Ev, and meets Dorothy during her first encounter with the Wheelers in the Land of Ev. Tik-tok joins Dorothy and Co on their journey into the Nome King's kingdom to find the Prince of Ev.
  • Billina - Billina is a chicken introduced in Ozma of Oz, when she is inhabiting a ship in the desert. Billina plays an important role in the escape of Dorothy and her friends by giving them one of her eggs - unbenownst to her, eggs are poisonous to Nomes.


  • Wicked Witch of the East - The Wicked Witch of the West's sister who Dorothy crushed with her house at the beginning of the show. Dorothy 'inherits' the witch's magical shoes.
  • Wicked Witch of the West - Hated in all of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West has conquered all of the western part of Oz, ruling it and transforming all of the inhabitants into her slaves. She has magical powers even stronger than Glinda's, and frightens the Wizard of Oz, inspiring him to get rid of her. He sends Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man the Cowardly Lion to destroy her. The witch is forcing the Winkies to build a new fortress for her which she will use to conquer Oz. She seeing the gang of four coming in a magic mirror and sends out wolves, crows and an Army of her Winkie Soldiers out to attack them - but Dorothy's friends are easily able to beat them. The witch acts cruelly to those who try to rebel her and those dare to disobey her, she transforms into a sculpture of stone. When she notices Dorothy's shoes, the witch realises that she would be able to gain back all of the powers that she had lost by the means of the formidable shoes, and conspires to steal them. No one has knowledge of the witch's weakness - she would dissolve in water. The Witch uses her last command of the Golden Cap to call the Winged Monkeys, who manage to take apart the Scarecrow and Tin Man, capturing the Lion (who she wants to harness to her carriage). Dorothy and Toto are also spared, thanks to the Good Witch's kiss, and the monkeys bring her to the witch's fortress where Dorothy is forced to be the Witch's slave. The witch claims that her powers are much stronger than the Good Witch of the North, and therefore the Good Witch's kiss is insignificant to her. However, the truth is that the witch is petrified of the combination of the good witch's kiss and Dorothy's shoes. Dorothy and the lion eventually manage to escape and hide from the witch. When the witch discovers their hide out, she gets very angry and turns the lion into a stone sculpture and threatens Dorothy and Toto that she will turn them into stone too if Dorothy does not hand over her shoes. The witch almost ends up burning Toto with her witchcraft, and so Dorothy surrenders and gives the witch one shoe, promising to give the other after she would frees Toto from the flames. Toto jumps into a large vat of water, and splashes water on the Wicked Witch of the West, melting her.
  • Lord Kaliko - Lord Kaliko is the Nome King's 'sidekick', often offering advice to the King.
  • Mombi - Mombi took care of Ozma, after changing her into a boy named Tip.
  • The Growleywog - The Growleywog Joins the Nomes in their attempt to conquer the Land of Oz.
  • General Guph - The General of the Nome Army.
  • General Jinjur - General Jinjur and her army staged a revolt against, and temporarily took control of, the Emerald City in the second story arc.
  • The Nome King - The Nome King is the ruler of the Nome kingdom, located in the Deadly Desert. The Nomes are immortal rock fairies who dwell underground. They hide jewels and precious metals in the earth, and resent the "upstairs people" who dig down for those valuables. He has tried to conquer all of Oz before to gain control of the Emerald City - but has thus far failed due to the warm climate of the desert, and the strong sun light which exhausted all of the Nomes. The Nome King is of very short stature, and tries to make up for it by proving to everyone how big of a ruler he is - he dried out the whole sea until there was only a big desert left (because it made him feel small), and he kidnapped the Prince of Ev. After Dorothy and her friends rescue the prince from the Nome King in Ozma of Oz, the King is enraged and plots his revenge by conquering Oz and ruling the Emerald City of Oz with the help of General Guff and a Giant Worm (in The Emerald City of Oz). The nomes use the worm to dig a tunnel under the Deadly Desert towards the Emerald City.

Voice Actors

Character Japanese voice U.S. voice
Dorothy Sumi Shimamoto Morgan Hallet
Scarecrow Yoshito Yasuhara Richard Dumont
Tin Man Takuzō Kamiyama George Morris
Cowardly Lion Ichirō Nagai Neil Shee
Glinda the good Witch of the South Aiko Konoshima  
Uncle Henry Eisuke Yoda Walter Massey
Aunt Em Haruko Kitahama
The Wizard of Oz Seizo Kato
Tadao Futami
Doug Parker
Good Witch of the North Mitsuko Tomobe  
Toto   Lee Tockar
Queen of the Field Mice Fumi Hirano  
The Prince of Ev Eiko Yamada  
Princess Langwidere Yoko Asagami Bronwen Mantel
Tip / Princess Ozma Masako Nozawa Steven Bednarski
Jack Pumpkinhead Kazuyo Aoki Adrian Knight
The Sawhorse Akio Nojima  
The Gump    
Tik-Tok Yūji Mitsuya A.J. Henderson
Lord Kaliko   Arthur Grosser
Billina Rihoko Yoshida  
Wicked Witch of the West Hisako Kyōda  
Wicked Witch of the East    
Winged Monkeys    
Mombi Chie Kitagawa Kathleen Fee
The Growleywog    
General Guph Joji Yanami Dean Hagopian
Giant Worm    
General Jinjur Hikari Akiyama Susan Glover
The Nome King Osamu Saka  


Three pieces of theme music was used for the original Japanese version of this series. The first opening song is called "Fanshii Gaaru (ファンシーガール lit. Fancy Girl)" and is sung by Satoko Yamano. The ending song is called "Mahō no Kureyon (魔法のクレヨン lit. Crayon of Magic)", and is sung by the Japanese vocalists Kumiko Ōsugi and Ema Ōsugi. Later on in the series, the opening song changes to a retro-style instrumental version of "Fanshii Gaaru", which has a different set of instruments than the song version. This theme (with added lyrics) has been used by a few of the other international dubs of the series.

The U.S. version uses one piece of theme music for the episodic format, and four pieces of theme music for the highly edited movie format. The first song is "Searching for a Dream", used for the 52 episode T.V. version and first movie. It changes the original Japanese animation into a CGI opening. The 2nd opening song is "Listen to You Heart", used for the second movie arc. The third song is "Taste the Rain", used for the third movie release, and the fourth is "Close Your Eyes", which is used for the final movie release. All songs were created and performed by The Parachute Club. The ending song is a shortened version of "Searching For a Dream", which plays while showcasing clips from the series.

Episode Listing

Number English broadcast title Japanese translated title
1 Dorothy Meets The Munchkins Dorothy And The Tornado
2 Dorothy Finds A Friend

Yellow Road

3 Adventures Along The Yellow Brick Road Departure To Hope
4 The Journey To Emerald City The Difficult Road
5 Saved By The Mouse Queen Black Flower
6 The Emerald City, At Last Emerald Palace
7 Wizard Wants A Favour Witch Of The West
8 The Wicked Witch Of The West Winky's Battle

Dorothy's Magic Powers

Witch's Castle
10 Freedom From The Witch After The Shoes
11 Mombi, Tip And The Golden Cap Mombi And Chip
12 Back To Emerald City New King
13 The Wizard's Disappointing Secret Identity Of The Great King Of Oz
14 The Wizard Tries To Help

Left Behind

15 Journey To The South To The South
16 Glinda, The Good Witch Witch Glinda's Castle
17 Home Sweet Home Again Glinda
18 Dorothy Meets The Wizard, Again Kansas
19 Back To Oz Back To Oz
20 The Escape From Mombi Chip Is A Father
21 General Jinjur Attacks General Ginger
22 Escape From The Emerald City Scarecrow King Runs Away
23 Tinman To The Rescue The Woodcutter's A King
24 Mombi's Terrible Magic Mombi's Magic
25 Trapped In The Palace Join Strength
26 The Magical Escape Gump

Glinda Agrees To Help

Seeking Help
28 The Emerald City, Captured Back To Emerald
29 Mombi's Attempt To Trick Glinda Mombi The Witch?
30 Ozma Princess Of Oz Chip's Secret
31 Tik Tok, The Mechanical Man Dorothy And Tick-Tock
32 The Kidnapped Prince Castle Langdia
33 The Deadly Desert Desert Journey
34 The Talking Hen Hen Of The Desert
35 Monsters Of Stone Edge Of Oz
36 The Underground Country Of Gnomes Gnome Of The Underworld
37 The Deadly Guessing Game The King's Problem
38 Dorothy Outsmarts The King The King's Favorite Thing
39 The Secret Fear Of The Nomes Scary Room
40 The Nome King Sets A Trap In Search Of The Light
41 Saved By The Sun Back To The Surface
42 The Nome King Plans Revenge The Gnome's Counterattack
43 Princess Ozma's Secret Secret Of Emerald
44 Miss Cuttenclip And Mister Fuddle Land Of Chokkinpet
45 The Growleywog Joins The Nomes Harvest In Oz
46 The Water Of Oblivion Spring Of Forgetfulness
47 Nomes On The March Bakekubi Goes On A Rampage
48 A Winky Helps His King Guff Becomes A Good Person
49 The Crowning Of Ozma Coronation
50 The Nomes Attack Victory Of The Gnome King
51 Dorothy And Her Friends Defend the Palace Dorothy Keeps Fighting
52 A Very Happy Ending Back To Kansas

Regional releases

To give it a secondary market, episodes of the show were later re-edited into four films and released in the United States on VHS and Laserdisc (and later DVD), in which major plots and storylines are removed in favour of cutting each story-arc down into their retrospective book-canon story. HBO occasionally broadcast the first two movies in the U.S. in addition to showing the TV series in episodic form. To this day, no release of the show in an uncut episodic format in the U.S. has come to light, save for a streaming version of some episodes on Cookie Jar's site which is updated weekly. All 52 episodes, however, are available for instant streaming on The show aired in Australia and the UK multiple times in the early 1990s in the full episodic format on the ABC and ITV channels respectively. It also aired around the same time in India on the Doordarshan channel. The full original Japanese version is available for purchase at YesAsia. In México, IC Group have released the first 26 episodes in a collection of 4 DVDs under the name of EL MAGO DE OZ. This Spanish-dubbed collection is available for purchase at dvdenlared. A series of French-dubbed DVD sets of the whole series are available in France.


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