Octave of the Holy Innocents

Octave of the Holy Innocents
Octave of the Holy Innocents
Studio album by Jonas Hellborg, Buckethead & Michael Shrieve
Released 1993
Recorded 1993
Genre Jazz, experimental rock
Length 42:37
Label Day Eight Music
Alternative Cover
Re-release Cover

Octave of the Holy Innocents is a studio album by Swedish bassist Jonas Hellborg, experimental guitarist Buckethead and drummer Michael Shrieve first released in 1993.[1]

The album title refers to the Massacre of the Innocents and the Simple Octave of Christian liturgical usage.

Hellborg reworked the album in 2003 and re-released it through Bardo Records.

He writes:

When looking over the tapes of these sessions I discovered tracks that I did not use the first time around. So there are no extra songs on this reissue, but a fundamental reworking of all the compositions of the first release. Some new light on this music that I did with 2 of my absolute favorite musicians.


Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Rana and Fara"   15:00
2. "Death that Sleeps in Them"   5:22
3. "The Past is a Different Country, I Don't Live There Anymore"   9:14
4. "Child King"   5:47
5. "Kidogo"   7:13


  • Buckethead: acoustic guitar
  • Jonas Hellborg: acoustic bass guitar
  • Michael Shrieve: drums
  • Recorded by Oz Fritz and Paul Berry at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, NY.
  • Mixed by Jonas Hellborg and Paul Berry at Greenpoint Studio.
  • Produced by Jonas Hellborg.


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