Infobox Album
Name = Anatomize
Type = Album
Artist = Thanatopsis

Released = February 17, 2006
Recorded =
Genre = Instrumental, Experimental rock
Length = 55:47
Label = TDRS Music
Producer = Travis Dickerson
Reviews =
Last album = "Axiology" (2003)
This album = "Anatomize" (2006)
Next album =

"Anatomize" is the third and most recent album by instrumental group "Thanatopsis", featuring Buckethead, Travis Dickerson and Ramy Antoun. This album strayed away from the more somber tones of Axiology and had a sound more like the first Thanatopsis album, mixed with influences from the Buckethead album Population Override (which Travis Dickerson also played on), while still retaining the identity that Axiology had brought with it. []

Track listing


title1 = Counter Clockwise
length1 = 5:41

title2 = Break Even Point
length2 = 4:09

title3 = Vitreous Humor
length3 = 5:59

title4 = Pollyana
length4 = 8:07

title5 = Prolix Mood
length5 = 4:43

title6 = Common Ground
length6 = 6:31

title7 = Unnerved
length7 = 4:31

title8 = Simper
length8 = 4:12

title9 = Broca's Area
length9 = 4:52

title10 = Cross Section
length10 = 6:58


**Buckethead - guitars.

**Travis Dickerson - keyboards.

**Ramy Antoun - drums.

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