List of Star Wars planets (R–S)

List of Star Wars planets (R–S)



A planet in the star wars expanded universe, it is located between the inner rim, and the core worlds, its population is 23 billion, most of which live in cities or space ports due to dry, desert-like conditions over the majority of the planet. Its capital city is located in the "tropical" region of the planet, making frequent rain storms a problem there.

Ragoon 6

A dangerous, yet lush world, Ragoon 6 was the location of a Jedi training site. The vicious malia beasts roamed the forests and mountains of the planet; they were perfect game for Jedi trainees. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn trained on the world just prior to their New Apsolon assignment. Anakin Skywalker trained there as a 14 year-old with Obi-Wan Kenobi and was attacked by bounty hunters there.

Rakata Prime or Lehon

Rakata Prime is a planet from the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Referred to as the "Unknown World", is the planet where the secret of the Star Forge is kept and the last planet visited by the player in the game before venturing to the Star Forge, where the game concludes.

The planet is home to the Rakata, an alien race that vaguely resembles the Mon Calamari but keep and tame infant rancors, also from the Star Wars universe. The Rakata formerly maintained a vast interstellar empire, which, according to a computer that the player finds on Kashyyyk, encompassed more than 500 star systems at its height. The Star Forge was at the center of their empire, however it ultimately caused their downfall. A disease killed off the vast majority of the Rakata and their empire along with them, confining them to a single planet. Thousands of years later, the Rakata System was the base of operations for Darth Revan's Sith Empire.

The condition in which the player finds the Rakata is a great change from their long history. They have lost almost all knowledge of their former technology, with the exception of the Elders. The Rakata split up into two groups - The Warriors, led by a Rakata known as "The One", and The Elders, who are led simply by a council of elders. The two groups have fallen into constant, petty, small-scale conflict with each other. The Warriors are far more numerous and savage, but the Elders have retained some technology from the Infinite Empire, and also live within the confines of their impenetrable fortress protected by a large, seemingly-arcane electrical barrier. Before the player leaves Rakata Prime, he must ultimately choose which one of the sides to stick with and who to betray. The player can choose to go to the dark side with the Sith or help the Republic.

Rakata technology was closely tied to the force, it may have manipulated it or used it as a power source. Through the ages the race gradually lost their connection with the force and lost the grip they had on their technology. Now the only known member of their race who can grasp their technology is a criminal whose mind was imprisoned in a strange box; the nature of this cage is such that a person will have to trade places with him in order for him to be set free (at which point the prisoner will inhabit their rescuer's body.)

Many millennia later, the Sith Lord Darth Bane knew that the planet's name known by the Rakata was in fact Lehon. On this planet, he found a holocron of Darth Revan, prior to becoming a Jedi again, who through the holocron taught him of the ways of the Old Sith.


Ralltiir was the site of a Rebel uprising just prior to the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Princess Leia and her starship, the Tantive IV of Alderaan, made a stop there and discovered that the Empire was planning the construction of the Death Star. Subsequently the Tantive IV and her crew made a jump to the Toprawa system where they received a transmission of the space station's design plans ultimately used by Luke Skywalker to destroy it.[1]

Ralltiir is chronicled in the Star Wars Radio Drama by Brian Daley.

Ralltiir is also seen in Rogue Squadron III: Ralltiir is home of the Myriad. a tight group of ship designers. the Myriad is not a guild, they deal with all races(as long as the credits are good) the Myriad specialize in microtechnology (i.e. taking a class 4 engine/ spaceyacht and microteching it to fit into a fighter with the same speed output).


Randa was once the location of a Rebel base for a short time during the second Kessel Run. The only time it was featured was in the Second Kessel Run comic.

The terrain is cliffs and short mountains, with small dry forests on the bottom.


Featured only in the book "Star Wars Jedi Quest #1", Radnor once was covered by a toxic cloud, though it later dissipated.


A craggy red world, Rattatak is located so far out in the Outer Rim that the Republic has no knowledge of it, resulting in a lawless world ruled by brutal warlords who constantly battle for domination. Death and destruction are a daily occurrence in the civil wars until Asajj Ventress stopped the bloodshed and set herself up as a ruler of the planet. Frequenting arenas, Count Dooku finds her and makes her one of his Dark Jedi assassins. During the Clone Wars, after the Battle of Jabiim, Asajj transports Obi-Wan Kenobi and the ARC Trooper Alpha 17 to the planet for interrogation. They escape after a short conflict. The females have no hair

Raxus Prime

Raxus Prime is a rocky, polluted and dusty planet which has severely contaminated terrain caused by the debris of many crashed starships from distant planets across the galaxy. It is where Count Dooku found the ancient Force Harvester. Three missions in the videogame Star Wars: The Clone Wars take place on Raxus Prime. It is also an important base of the Confederacy of Independent Systems formed by the Sith Lord Count Dooku about two years before the Clone Wars. As a child, Boba Fett had an adventure here, shortly before the Clone Wars battle. During the Dark Times, Raxus Prime was the refuge for crazed Jedi Kazdan Paratus, who in his deranged state recreated the Jedi Temple out of used starship hulks. Paratus was killed by Darth Vader's secret apprentice Galen Marek prior to the rise of the Rebellion. During the rise of the Rebel Alliance the Empire constructed an orbital shipyard above Raxus Prime, where they manufactured Imperial I Class Star Destroyers. This allowed the Empire to take control of the planet since nobody took control of it at that time. Raw material was transported from the surface using a giant rail cannon. The facility was destroyed when Darth Vader's apprentice overloaded the rail cannon and aimed it at the Shipyard dead center, causing it to explode. The rail cannon itself was destroyed when a finished Star Destroyer was made to collied into the structure. This heavily toxic planet is also known, in The Force Unleashed, where droids go to be destroyed.


Recopia is a planet in the Recopi System.


Rephlan is a small planet in the Medisious Sector that is used for the rejuvenation of Wookiee combat soldiers. The planet is known to grow many medicinal drugs that are useful in replenishing health. Stormtroopers who leave the Imperial army without permission often go here to find exile.

Rhen Var

Rhen Var has a frozen surface, somewhat more mountainous than that of Hoth, but is still covered with snow and ice. Rhen Var was once a fertile paradise filled with vegetation and wild life. Millions of years ago, an atmospheric cataclysm turned it into an icy hibernate surface. Ancient Jedi monuments are buried beneath the surface of Rhen Var.

After The Great Sith War (4,000 BBY), Ulic Qel-Droma sought refuge on Rhen Var, and he is buried there with the secret to defeating the Dark Reaper. Along with the tomb of Qel-Droma, there are great chambers of ancient texts, some that pre-date the Old Republic and the Jedi Order. In one or more of these chambers is believed to be a superweapon built by an ancient race. The weapon is rumored to have the power to wipe out all life in the galaxy and wash it clean.

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, or the CIS, seized Rhen Var with an army so large that the Republic base had to evacuate the planet. Obi-Wan Kenobi informed the Jedi Council about the capture of the planet. After the liberation of the Kashyyyk moon Alaris Prime, the Galactic Republic retook Rhen Var.

Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, the Rebel Alliance discovered the planet and set up a communications center in the old ruins of a harbor. The Emperor learned of the move and dispatched a massive invasion fleet, complete with thousands of Snowtroopers and even a few AT-ATs to take it. The Empire uprooted the Rebels out of the harbor and forced them to retreat to the hills. The fleeing Rebels found short-lived refuge in an old citadel atop a high mountain before the pursuing Imperials caught up and destroyed the remainder of them.

Rhen Var was also featured in the video game Star Wars Battlefront. It was also a major planet in the Clone Wars video game. It's also featured as an Xbox download for Star Wars Battlefront 2, and has a wampa hunt mode.


Rhinnal is a Core World in the Darpa Sector that has recently recovered from an ice age. The frigid world operated under the authority of the sector government housed on the nearby planet Esseles, until the Empire arose and seized control of the entire region. The Empire quickly removed the Esseles appointed leader and seated Imperial Governor Phadreas Kole. Rhinnal is best known for wondrous advancements in medicine, and for producing some of the best skilled physicians in the galaxy. The capital city of Rhire contains one of the last Jedi chapter houses where the sick could be healed through the meditation of Jedi Healers.


Rhommamool is a water planet and aquatic nature preserve. It was also the place where the Yuuhzan Vong Executor Nom Anor began the new religion, the "Red Knights of Life", an anti-Jedi and anti-droid movement.

In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed novel the planet was described by as a "hot, baking orange" desert planet "under the light of its primary star" and a mining world. Here, Darth Vader's apprentice was buying droid parts to repair his droid PROXY.


Riflor is a planet in the trinary star system of Riflorii. It has the tendency to change its gravitational pull, making it an unstable, potentially dangerous planet


Rishi is a tropical planet in the Rishi System. This planet is about twelve parsecs from the Rishi Maze. Colonists who have built congested cities and towns in the deep winding valleys, inhabit the planet. The native bird Rishi dwell in the high mountainsides around them. Talon Karrde and Mara Jade used Rishi as a temporary hideout following their abandoned smuggling operations on Myrkr. During the Clone Wars the Republic had a listening post set up, but that was destroyed to stop an invasion on Kamino.[2]


Rinn is a world in the outer edges of the galaxy just of hutt space, and its nearest planets are Ylesia and Barab 1


Roche is actually a dense asteroid field where the insectoid Verpine have made their home. The Verpine are best known as the designers and producers of the B-wing starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Endor. Although devoid of any habitable planets, the Roche system is teeming with space-born silicon-based lifeforms and is believed to be the system where both the parasitic mynocks and the "ship-eating" space slugs originated.

It has been suggested that the Roche Asteroid Field may be the site of a Rebel outpost seen in the cartoon portion of the Star Wars Holiday special.

The Verpine are also known for weaponry like the Verpine shatter rifle which, unlike blasters, shoots projectiles. The Verpine are mentioned in the Republic Clone Commando series and the Legacy of the Force series.


Rodia is the homeworld to the Rodians and the Rodians bounty hunter Greedo and Drexl Roosh from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The dense tropical forests that cover much of the planets surface have been slowly disappearing because of the growing urban areas. Rodia was ruled by a dictatorial regime that was too controlling over the populous and refused to be part of the Old Republic. Around 1 BBY, the Gladiators of Rodia raided cities, and fought for control of the planet. As this started, Greedo escaped to Tatooine. The Gladiators of Rodia succeeded in toppling the regime, but in turn, created a lawless anarchy government. In 2 ABY, two democracy-loving Rodians gathered ten to sixteen fellow Rodians for an army against the gladiators. They were successful, and established Rodia's first democracy.

Colonization from the Hutt race brought the planet under the control of the Hutt Empire. Much of the planet became stripped of its natural resources and polluted to support the Hutts' way of life. Twelve years later the Hutts were overthrown and killed.

The planet fell into anarchy yet again, but a band of Rodians teamed together and with the help of the New Republic, founded the second democracy on Rodia.

During the war with the Yuuzhan Vong, Rodia was occupied, along with many other nearby planets. Unlike many other species, however, the Rodians simply retreated into their forests and used guerrilla warfare tactics to fight the Vong. The Yuuzhan Vong left the planet in frustration of the guerrilla tactics. Rodia then became a member of the Galactic Alliance.


Ronika was a colony world that was terraformed into a common exile for criminals in the Empress Teta system under the rule of Empress Teta. It was the eighth planet in the system. Following the Unification Wars, many rebels were exiled to Ronika, but were later granted amnesty for their service in the Great Hyperspace War.

Ronika was a desolate place, covered in desert and rock. Its surface was exposed to high levels of ultraviolet radiation, and was home to stinger moths.

Jori Daragon was sent here for stealing the Starbreaker 12, but was able to easily escape and fly back to Koros Major.


Roon is home to humans, Twi'leks, Duros, Sullustans, and Koboks. Gaff was born on Roon. Roon has a fixed orbit (one side is permanently light and the other is permanently dark). The dark side is mainly ocean and there are many storms and whirlpools. Roon's surface was destroyed during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong.


Roona is another habitable planet in the Roon system. It is home to the Roonans. It was destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong.


Rori is one of the three moons of Naboo, and one of two that are habitable. King Narmele the Explorer colonized the swampy moon around 2000 BBY, and a city there still bears his name. Some scientists contend that earlier colonists settled Rori before the Narmele colony, but if this is true, no trace of them has been found. Naboo's two other moon's are called Ohma D'un and Tasia

Rori is an explorable planet in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies.


Rothana is a planet near the edge of Wild Space. Rothana Heavy Engineering is headquartered here.


Several centuries before the Battle of Yavin, the inhabitants of Rutan decided to relieve the pressures of a growing population by colonizing its moon Senali. Senali later won its independence in a violent civil war, which left both worlds devastated. In an effort to promote peace, it was decided that the first-born child of the ruling house of each world would travel to the other world once they reached the age of seven, remaining there for nine years as they learned about the other world's culture. This arrangement worked well for many years, until the Rutanians sold information on the Senali to the Yuuzhan Vong, who then devastated both worlds.[3]


Ruusan is where the (Battle of Ruusan) occurred in 1,000 BBY. Ruusan was a temperate, pleasant world, inhabited by both humans and a strange sentient species known as Bouncers.

During the battle between the Jedi commanded by Lord Hoth, and the Sith commanded by Lord Kaan, much of the planet's surface, including several cities, were destroyed.

After the battle had ended, a Jedi Knight named Johun Othone constructed a grand memorial to the fallen warriors called the Valley of the Jedi. It was said to harbour the spirits of the soldiers who fell. Despite this, the world was quickly forgotten, as the Galactic Republic turned inwards.

By the time of the Empire's reign, Ruusan was forgotten and used by independent spacers and merchants as a base of operations.

However, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors rediscovered the Valley of the Jedi as they chased the Dark Jedi Jerec, who had killed Katarn's father in an attempt to find the Valley's location. Kyle chased Jerec's minions until he finally managed to gain a map to the Valley. Upon arriving he discovered that Jerec's minions, taken from the Imperial Remnant, had established a base as Jerec began taking the power for himself. Kyle fought through the Remnant defenses and finally met Jerec inside the Valley, dueling him and ultimately defeating the more powerful Dark Jedi.

When Kyle decided to retake his old title as Jedi Knight after swearing it off, he went to the Valley of the Jedi to regain his powers. This act led two Dark Jedi to discover the valley, and infused an army of Imperial troops with Force Powers. Luckily, the troops that weren't captured or killed by trained Jedi, blew up when their flagship exploded.


Ryloth is the home planet of the race of the Twi'leks. Ryloth is a tidally locked planet, which means one side of the planet is constantly facing the sun. This side is called the Brightlands, and the other side is called the Nightlands. This results in the temperature on the day side being burning desert, and the night side the temperature is freezing cold. There is a habitable, twilight band around the planet where the day and night sides of the planet meet (just like Aurelia). The Twi'lek people live in a series of urban cities that are located in the habitable band of the planet. It has four continents and two oceans. The continents are Haxiang, Dengdian, Lienru and Tienhu; the oceans are the North Ocean and the South Ocean.

The Nightlands have an eerie beauty, strange crystal-like plants have evolved here, glowing from within, having to produce their own light from which to make energy due to the absence of natural light. These plants are a sight to behold, but many predators and criminals dwell in the nightlands and is often the site of podracing spectacles, the huge crystal trees often distract the pilots, causing them to crash and explode, much to the crowd's amusement. The Podracing cannot occur in the brightlands at all, but is found in the dark side of the habitable band of the planet.

Ryloth features a wide variety of landscapes, including ice caps, urban cities, forests and grasslands. The ice caps are inhabited by taun-tauns, and the forests are populated with ro-roos, moufs, phorples, krevols, billzem bugs, talcaris, scoolbs, tilacs, and froocs.

In the years before the fall of the Republic, Senator Orn Free Taa represented Ryloth. The Separatists led by Wat Tambor invaded Ryoth, the Republic led by Mace Windu, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ashoka Tano freed the planet of Separatist occupation. Twi'leks have integrated windmills and turbines to power their homes and industries carved into the mountains. Ryloth was also the source of much ryll. After the Galactic Empire formed, Jabba the Hutt enslaved many female Twi'leks as dancers. Soon after, notorious crime lord Tyber Zann set his base of operations up in Ryloth.

Ryloth is the homeworld of Twi'leks Aayla Secura, Bib Fortuna, Mazer Rackus, Ayy Vida, Oola, Lyn Me, Sebulba's lovely masseuses Ann and Tan Gella, and presumably Mission Vao.[1][4][5][6]


Ryyk was the homeworld of the Neti. It was destroyed by a supernova a little bit before the Ancient Sith War nearly 4000 BBY killing almost all of the Neti. A Jedi Master known as Ood Bnar survived as he was on Ossus teaching Padawan learners.

Jedi Master T'ra Saa was a Neti


Saarn is a green world with vast grasslands.


Sacorria is a planet in the Sacorrian System, located on the fringe of the Corellian Sector. The planet is a peaceful one, yet is secretive. It is ruled by the Triad, a council of three members: a human, a Selonian, and a Drall. Sacorria has one moon, Sarcophagus, where the dead are buried. Tendra Risant, one of Lando Calrissian's suitors, is a native of Sacorria.[1]


Saheelindeel is a planet located in the Tion Hegemony.


Saleucami appears during Order 66 in Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and is a member world of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Located in the Outer Rim Territories, Saleucami is a barren desert planet, but is littered with large, bulbous plants. With its strange bloated rocks, and oases with palm trees, this makes for an unusual world. The sky is usually clear, but the climate sometimes varies from ultra arid to quite humid.

In 6,100 BBY, it was colonized by Wroonians, and later followed by Humans, Weequay, Grans and Twi'leks. There are three kinds of plants and six kinds of animals on the planet. Approximately 32% of the planet's surface is covered in water.

Saleucami was a large battle site during the Outer Rim Sieges of the Clone Wars, and the Galactic Republic was triumphant and took control. Jedi Quinlan Vos was the General for the Republic on Saleucami during this battle, but moved with his clone troopers to Boz Pity. To finish the last small operations, some Republic troops were left behind with the Jedi Master Stass Allie.

When Supreme Chancellor Palpatine enacted Order 66, causing all clone soldiers to kill the Jedi, the instructions reached Saleucami quickly. Stass Allie was on her BARC speeder bike patrolling the terrain when the order came. Clone Commander Neyo, who was on another BARC speeder behind her, blasted the Jedi’s vehicle. The speeder exploded and crashed into a rock, killing Master Allie.

Saleucami was also a playable area in Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

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Salliche is an agricultural world in the Core Worlds region. It is a major supplier of food to Coruscant.


Sanjin is a blue green gas giant like Bespin.


Sanyassa is the home planet of the Sanyassan Marauders.


Sappire is the world of the Throoks.


Sarahwiee is a frozen planet in the Bseto system.


Sarapin is the major energy source for the Republic, serving many of the Core worlds. It is a planet of lava flows and volcanic rock, though not nearly as hot or desolate as Mustafar. During the Clone Wars, Confederacy General Sev'Rance Tann led an assault on Sarapin, killing the Twi'lek Jedi Jor Drakis and capturing the planet. However, Jedi Master Echuu Shen-Jon led his clone forces against Tann and recaptured the world for the Galactic Republic. During the fighting, the battles concentrated on the Mount Corvast Citadel, the largest and most strategic fortress on the planet. Later, after the rise of the Galactic Empire, Sarapin continued to provide energy to the major Imperial worlds. Sarapin produced 80% of the Core Worlds' power.


Saren is a grassland planet populated by tribes of creatures called "Mandalorian Warriors". Saren was revealed to the galaxy in 27 ABY when two young Jedi were fleeing from the Fall of Coruscant to hide. They were captured by the Mandalorians and brought to Mandalore himself (Boba Fett) to see if they should live. Mandalore found them worthy to live and allowed them to stay with the Mandalorians until they felt it necessary to leave.


Sedesia is an urban planet in the Mustafar system. The Mustafarians, Geonosians, and Utapauns live on the same planet.


Sedri is a vast urban planet that is home to humans, Xexto, and Ranats.


Selab is a planet in the fictional Star Wars galaxy. It is located in the Hapes Consortium. The planet is completely covered with salt water. There are man-made docking bays located in different regions of the planet. Any ship may land on them and take a long elevator down to the bottom floor of the planet where many different cities are located. Some of major cities are Skiverrn, Killet, Alask, and Veven 3.

Selab has an estimated 4 billion population count. Many live in the city of Veven 3, because of its incredible beauty. However there is a high crime rate in the city. Many different species live on Selab, among them Humans, Ithorians, Rodians, Twi'Leks, and the Selkath. Selab's affiliation is with the Republic, but it has its own independent government system called the Selab Defense Organization, or SDO for short.

Hardly any battles ever come across Selab. It is so well protected by the ocean that no one has ever attempted to destroy the cities. The criminals lurking the cities in secrecy must steal weapons. Weapons are only issued to the Republic and the SDO. Any person who is not part of the Republic or SDO is stripped of their weapons before going down to the cities through the docking bays.

People call Selab Manaan's brother. These two planets are so alike in many different ways. Kolto mines are located on both planets. Many ocean species of Manaan are also located on Selab. As for the history of Selab, none has ever been major. Riots did break out every 100 years but always stopped within a matter of days.

Selab has no moons AND only one small sun. There are plants that grow on the bottom of the ocean called "trees of wisdom". They have been said to bear fruit that improves the knowledge of an elderly's mind. One tree was delivered to Leia Organa four years after the Battle of Endor at the Hapan Gift ceremony.

The word "selab" is probabaly related to Urdu word selab meaning flood.


Selonia is a planet in the Corellian system. It is primarily inhabited by Selonians, but large numbers of humans and Drall also inhabit the planet. Selonia is a humid planet that has relatively large oceans compared to other planets in the Corellian system. One notable geological feature on Selonia is the Cloudland Peaks.

Under the surface of Selonia is a planetary repulsor, which was constructed many millennia ago by unknown beings who used it to place the planet into its current orbit around the star Corell.[1][7][8][9]


Sembla is the watery world in which the Vurks hail from. Sembla is famous for is its rare, beautiful, and sometimes deadly orchids. The Lauza orchid is a key ingredient to many poisons used by assassins. It is located in the remote Slagus system in the outer rim. It is mostly swamps, bogs and warm seas that are heated by volcanic ridges. The Vurks are an amphibious humanoid species. They are a nomadic people and like to separate themselves from the rest of the galaxy's troubles. It is known that at least one Vurk, Coleman Trebor (who was killed by Jango Fett after he tried to attack Count Dooku in the Battle of Geonosis) rose to the rank of Jedi master during the Jedi's twighlight years. Although the Vurk did their best to stay neutral during The Clone Wars, they eventually were forced to pick a side, which they decided on joining the Republic. After the purge Sembla was forgotten and went back to their usual ways in peace.


Serenno is the homeworld of Count Dooku, and a member world of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It became a CIS stronghold, creating a retreat for the elite of the Confederacy. It was badly damaged during the Clone Wars and faded into the background of galactic affairs thereafter.


Serias is a planet in the Sierianan System of the Outer Rim. It is the innermost and the only inhabitable planet in the system. It was discovered by Korren Starchaser.


Sermeria is a world part of the Galactic Republic. It is represented by Ister Paddie in the Galactic Senate.


Sernpidal is a metropolitan world with two moons, located in the Outer Rim. Chewbacca died during the Yuuzhan Vong crisis when its smaller moon was drawn to the surface of the planet by a Yuuzhan Vong dovin basal. He died saving Anakin Solo from the moon by throwing him into the Millennium Falcon a split second before the moon hit. Sernpidal was nearly destroyed by this mega disaster; billions died from the shock of the moon's collision.[10] This was the homeworld of the Sernpidalians.


Serroco is an Outer Rim world inhabited by humans, and once by a primitive near-human race known as the Stereb. The planet was the site of a major battle of the Mandalorian Wars in which the Mandalorians launched nuclear weapons from space to decimate the Republic bases as well as the cities of the Stereb, which Atton Rand describes as being "turned into glass craters." The Battle of Serroco was a major defeat for the Republic, as the majority of their ground forces were destroyed, their fleet decimated, and the planet was depopulated. After the war, a group of human veterans and refugees of the battle formed a gang in the refugee sector of Nar Shaddaa.


Setor is a large gas giant, like Bespin. It has floating cities. Dominant lifeforms include humans and Bimm.


Shawti is a planet in the Star Wars saga. Shawti is an agricultural planet in the Outer Rim Territories controlled by the Hutts where they raise Klatooinian slaves.


Shola is a volcanic planet, located in the Outer Rim, with a topography similar to that of Mustafar. Although largely unexplored, deep scans of the planet have revealed mining tunnel systems that lead almost to the planet's core and give rise to the theory that alien species that once existed here may have destroyed themselves in a massive cataclysm that left the planet in its current state.

Shola means flame in Urdu.


Shili is the homeworld of the species of the Togruta which live in large ultramodern cities on the planet. There are also vast grassland and forests that are filled with life. Shili is a long-running member of the Galactic Republic. There are known three Jedi from Shili: Jedi Master Raana Tey, Jedi Apprentice Ahsoka Tano and the brilliant Shaak Ti.


Sileron is the first planet in the Veron system. It is the homeworld of the Derkolo.


Simaril is a world within the Inner Rim. It is a temperate world with about thirty-eight percent land mass, with great swirling oceans of blue. The world has very ancient temples, many in ruins, and is believed to be the old Galactic Capital—pre-dating recorded history in the known galaxy. Currently uninhabited, the world once played host to a variety of Force-sensitive creatures whose skeletons remain memorials to their legacy. The ancient ruins contain a language older than any other in the galaxy, and is rumoured to be the original home of the Ancients (the race who mapped the galaxy and established the first hyperspace routes).


Simpla-12 is a poor, polluted colony world home to a Jenna Zan Arbor research facility. Most people lived in the Sim-First colony, including pirates, black market dealers, and pilots. Sim-Fist itself was a labyrinth of a town with patchwork durasteel buildings, warehouses, and walkways. Zan Arbor and Ona Nobis brought Qui-Gon Jinn to the planet for Force research.[11][12]


Sisk is a planet that orbits a red dwarf star. It is the homeworld of the Sic-Sux.


Skako is a planet with an extremely dense atmosphere with intense pressures that only the native Skakoans are used to. If they leave the planet, they must wear a special protective suit or they will die from decompression. Urban sprawls scatter the planet's surface. Industries churn out polluted haze into the atmosphere, which is the cause of the orange colored sky. Skako is also home to the Techno Union headquarters.

Wat Tambor, the head of the Techno Union, is a Skakoan, and thus wears the special lifesuit as seen in Attack of the Clones and in Revenge of the Sith.

Skor II

Skor II is the homeworld of the Squib. Skor II is the second planet in the skor system. Skor III and Skor IV are the other terrestrial planets in this system. This planet has vast grasslands, mountainous regions, forests, salt flats, and a sea roughly the size of Alaska.

Skustell Cluster

The Skustell Cluster is where the species Ongree originates. Jedi Knight Pablo-Jill is from the Skustell Cluster.

Sluis Van

Sluis Van is a planet in Sluis sector. It is the native planet of the Sluissi, an alien species that seem to act and move very slowly compared to other creatures of the galaxy. Five years after the Battle of Endor, the shipyards here were attacked by Grand Admiral Thrawn with his mole miners, stolen from Lando Calrissian's Nkllon mining operation. Through the use of Lando's knowledge of the mole miners' code, the New Republic was able to prevent Thrawn's theft of several star cruisers and frigates.[13]


Sleheyron is a volcanic, industrial planet, with a major export of fuel. It was mentioned briefly in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, as the volcanic planet in the Star Map computer. It was also the former home of Yuthura Ban before she killed her master, Omeesh the Hutt, and escaped. It was cut from the final release of the game, but it still existed in the Star Wars universe. In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, the planet is mentioned as the source of Vogga the Hutt's fuel.


Smarteel is a planet in the Outer Rim and is home to many pirates and outlaws.


Sneeve is a planet located in the Kastolar Sector with very low seas and prosperous reefs. Much of the land is not solid, but swampland.


Socorro is hot desert world best known for its unique pitch-black sand that covers most of the planet. Socorro is a haven for gangsters and pirates that attack nearby shipping lanes. It is featured in the original West End Games Star Wars: The Role-Playing Game adventure, "The Black Sands of Socorro".


Solaest was the site of an uprising against the Empire, which was suppressed.


Sorrus is a rocky, desert planet home to the bounty hunter Ona Nobis. In order to maintain an even distribution of limited water supply, the Sorrusians dug a massive maze of irrigation canals. Civilization was varied on the world: some cities, like Yinn La Hi, were known for high tech medical facilities, while in the Arra desert region, there were also primitive Sorrusian clans. Ona Nobis was from one such clan.[11][12]


Sriluur is a fictional planet in the Star Wars saga. It is the homeworld of the Weequay.


Stenness is a planet in the Stenness system. It may have been the homeworld of the hssiss, although hssiss were also found on Ambria, Vjun, and Korriban.


A small quaint planet near the outer-rim. It is also Obi-wan Kenobi's home planet.


Subterrel is a planet that is known for its mining. In Attack of the Clones, Dexter Jettster proclaimed to Obi-Wan Kenobi that he last saw a Kamino saber dart in a mine of Subterrel. The name "Subterrel" most likely stems from the root word "subterranean", giving a clue to how the planet may be inhabited. The planet is an underground colony. The Kaminoans created clones to mine the depths of Subterrel, which is how the Kaminoan dart was found there. Subterrel is close to Polis Massa, as seen in Revenge of the Sith, and the inhabitants of both have regular dealings.


The surface of Sullust is volcanic and the atmosphere is made up of toxic gases, forcing the native Sullustan inhabitants to live in subterranean cities. The planet is the headquarters of the galaxy-spanning SoroSuub Corporation. In the time of the Old Republic, Podraces were found in various places on the planet.

The Rebel Alliance also used the system as a planning and staging point for their assault on the second Death Star, their location briefly being mentioned on-screen when Darth Vader asked the Emperor "What of the reports of the Rebel Fleet massing near Sullust?" in Return of the Jedi. Sullust has also been featured in the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron videogame. Kyle Katarn, the hero from the Star Wars: Dark Forces and Jedi Knight series of video games hails from Sulon, one of Sullust's moons.[1][14][15]

Nien Nunb, Lando Calrissian's co-pilot during the Battle of Endor was a Sullustan.

Sullust is also in the video game Star Wars: Empire at War, one of the few planets with a shipyard large enough to produce Capital ships such as Mon Calamari Cruisers, and Imperial Star Destroyers.

You can also find Sullust in the video game Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.


Svivren is a major trading port in the galaxy.

Sy Myrth

Sy Myrth is a member world of the Confederacy of Independent Systems but was once part of the Galactic Senate. When it was with the Republic, Senator Toonbuck Toora represented it.


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