List of Star Wars planets (T-V)

List of Star Wars planets (T-V)


It was at Taanab that Lando Calrissian demonstrated not only his ability to lead but also his knack for devising winning tactics. Lando managed to destroy the attacking space pirates, a feat which later led him to be placed in command of the Rebel starfighter groups during the Battle of Endor.Daniel Wallace and Scott Kolins, "The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons (Star Wars)" (1998). ISBN 0-345-42068-3]

Taanab was the homeworld of Rogue Squadron pilot Wes Janson.

In the player intevestigates a cult sighting here, where a huge, mutated rancor is let on the loose in some kind of dock area.


Talay is a planet under the Rebel Alliance, and position of the Tak base. It was the first target of the Dark Trooper project. The base was later overtaken by Imperials, and Kyle Katarn was sent to explore. There he discovered a prototype Dark Trooper weapon, which led him to investigate further. Also before this incident a Confederacy force had overwhelmed the planet but a clone force under Changxi ejected the forces. Jedi master Changxi was killed when order 66 was sent to the planet.


Taloraan is a gas planet similar to Bespin which mines tibanna gas. Rogue Squadron was sent to "Taloraan" to destroy enemy Tibanna Gas canisters.


Talravin is the home planet of Bastila Shan. The climate consists of sand-storms and very hot temperatures.


Talus is one of several planets located in the Corellian system. Along with Tralus, it orbits Centerpoint Station. Featured in Star Wars Galaxies.Roger MacBride Allen, "Ambush at Corellia", Book 1 of "The Corellian Trilogy" (1995). ISBN 0-553-29803-8] Roger MacBride Allen, "Assault at Selonia", Book 2 of "The Corellian Trilogy" (1995). ISBN 0-553-29805-4] Roger MacBride Allen, "Showdown at Centerpoint", Book 3 of "The Corellian Trilogy" (1995). ISBN 0-553-29806-2]


Tammuz-an is a double-ringed planet. Its inhabitants are tall, purple-skinned humanoids and govern themselves through monarchy. During the early days of the Empire, an evil vizier wiped the memory of prince Mon Julpa, and cast him away, usurping the throne. The true prince, Julpa, returned and reclaimed his throne. His next act was to stop the generations of fighting between the two races of Tammuz-an. The kingdom of Julpa consisted of purple-skinned humanoids, while Lord Toda's Outer Territories were populated by blue-skinned humanoids. In teaming together to rid themselves of the menace of Gir Kybo Ren-Cha, a pirate from nearby Tarnoonga, the two cultures were able to put aside their differences and unite Tammuz-an.


Tarento was the home planet of the great Jedi Master Uhu-Ku Ozier, a professor of knowledge at the Jedi Traning Center and Great Jedi Library on Ossus. (He died in the great shockwave while attempting to return to the planet to aid Ood Bnar.) Tarento's native population is a race of light-blue-skinned humanoids. The planet is the only habitable one in the Tarento System, and it is governed by a Democratic Monarchy. Its surface is mainly covered in water, with the exceptions of three islands, the largest of which houses a government-controlled military research facility. During the Late Republic Era, this facility experimented with mass human cloning; however, they never reached the level of the proficiency that the Kaminoans possessed. The majority of the planet’s populace lives in underwater domed cities and cities which float on the planet's ocean surface. The Tarentians are known for their extraordinary talents in the area of technological design. The Tarentians are rumored to have supported the Bothan Spy Network and the Rebel Alliance with numerous new technologies which they developed in secret during the reign of the Galactic Empire. This rumor has never been confirmed. (This problem may be due to the fact that every agent who tries to confirm the theory conveniently disappears while in one of the many Tarentian cities. They are never heard from again . . . )


Taris is the first planet visited by the player character (Revan) in the 2003 videogame "" upon escaping from a battleship known as the "Endar Spire", which comes under attack from Sith forces. There is a gang war in the Lower City and the Undercity is populated by monsters called rakghouls.

Situated on a hyperspace transport hub, Taris was once an important galactic presence but at the time of the game is decaying rapidly. One sprawling city covers the entirety of the planet surface. However, in most images there appears to be a long strip on the planet. This is believed to be due to an ocean.

The less affluent citizens live underground, in the Undercity or Lower City. After Revan rescues the Jedi Bastila, who has been taken prisoner by lower city gangs, the group flees the planet in the "Ebon Hawk", a ship stolen from a local crime boss named Davik Kang. Shortly afterward, Taris is destroyed by the Sith forces under the command of the Dark Lord Malak. Unlike Alderaan, the planet itself survives intact although its surface is completely devastated by orbital bombardment. Commander Beju was sent to Zelka Forn's Medical Facility but he escaped 15 years before the bombardment.Taris is also a planet in the game Star Wars: Empire at War.

Taspir III

Taspir was a hot lava-covered planet shown in the videogame "". About Taspir III, Jedi Master Kyle Katarn said with sarcasm: "It's an Imperial controlled planet, a real paradise." Most of the planet was covered in yellow haze, and the Imperial Remnant built a facility there. It was in the factory that Jedi Knight Jaden Korr searched for his/her old friend Rosh Penin, who had sent a distress signal. Jaden eventually found Rosh, but lost control of himself, and couldn't bring himself to trust Rosh because his old friend had turned to the Dark Side and joined the Disciples of Ragnos. Rosh begged for mercy, saying "Hey, Jaden, we're friends remember?" Then the player of the game must decide if Jaden goes to the Dark Side and kills Rosh, or stays Light and believes him. Regardless of the choice, Jaden faces and kills the red Twi'lek Alora,Tavion's apprentice. The choice affects the last two missions on Korriban, after Taspir.


Tatooine (TAT-too-een),This planet, seen in all Episodes apart from "Episode V", is the home planet of the Skywalker family and the setting for much of the action in the saga's films (as well as several of the novels and other pieces of written fiction). The planet is not actually named in ""; according to Lucas he named it retrospectively after the movie's desert location, Tataouine (French spelling) in Tunisia. Tatooine's indigenous inhabitants are the pygmy and intelligent Jawas and the nomadic Tusken Raiders.

Tatooine is a desert world in the"Arkanis Sector" a binary star system, inhabited by poor locals who mostly farm moisture for a living. The planet has been the site of repeated and failed attempts at colonization. During the prequel era, it was ruled for a long period by the Hutts, being beyond the reach of the Galactic Republic. After the fall of the Republic, the Galactic Empire established a token presence on Tatooine.

According to the game "Knights of the Old Republic I," verbal histories related by the Tusken Raiders claim that the planet was once a lush world before war (allegedly with the Rakkata) rendered it a desert. In addition, the game story relates that there are molecular flaws in the metal mined from the planet causing instabilities in things made with it (the metal corrodes easily) and as a result, many of the mining operations that have been set up on the planet ultimately fail. This relative lack of tampering is regarded as one reason so many force-sensitive individuals have originated there.

Tatooine is also home to much crime and activities that go along with it. This planet has many bars and places to gamble on various events, such as podracing. Podracing is a sport in which many competitors race extremely fast in hovercraft-type vehicles. Podrace tracks here include the Boonta Training Course and the Boonta Eve Classic. These races involve pilots piloting their pods through twisty canyons, dark caves, rock arches, mushroom rocks and cratered valleys etc.George Lucas "et al.", "The Annotated Screenplays" (1997). ISBN ISBN 0-345-40981-7] Kevin J. Anderson, "Tales From the Mos Eisley Cantina", ed. Kevin J. Anderson (1995). ISBN 0-553-56468-4] Kevin J. Anderson, "Tales From Jabba's Palace", ed. Kevin J. Anderson (1995). ISBN 0-553-56815-9] Kevin J. Anderson, "Darksaber" (1995). ISBN 0-553-57611-9] LucasArts Entertainment Company, "", a Nintendo 64 and PC game.]


Teevan is a planet that's only known native species is the natives, Teevans. The Teevans can bend in many ways, making them very good at combat. the only Expanded universe Teevan has been mentioned in so far is Star wars: jedi quest the way of the apprentice. Also the only Teevan mentioned in the book is Tru Veld, a fellow jedi Padawan along with anakin Skywalker. Tru becomes Anakins first real friend.

Teloc Ol-Sen

Teloc Ol-Sen is a desert planet, inhabited by the Teloc hunters.


Telos IV is shown in the Lucasarts videogame "". Telos was mentioned in the first game as the homeworld of character Carth Onasi, which he fled after it was bombed by the Sith fleet. During the game, restoration efforts are underway to help return the planet to what it was before being destroyed. The planet's inhabitants, during this restoration, relocate to the orbiting Citadel Station. During that time, Darth Nihilus attacked the planet with an armada of Sith fighters. During the battle, Nihilus was defeated by the Jedi Exile and his ship, the "Ravager", was destroyed by the Exile and Mandalorians. Due to this success, the Republic fleet won the battle and Telos was saved.

Thousands of years later, Telos has recovered and become a popular destination for intergalactic tourists. Also the surrounding area of Citadel Station reminds someone of airport. About twelve years before the Battle of Naboo, the former Padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn, named Xanatos, turned Telos, his home planet, upside down in his pursuit for personal power. Only the intervention of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi thwarted Xanatos' plans, and helped return the planet to its rightful government.


Telti is an ice planet with large buildings that stick up out of the ground. The buildings are homes for the native species. The natives are called P'w'ecks and Tiss'shars. P'w'ecks are a green furred species with red feathers coming out of their heads. Tiss'shars are a "Tyrannosaurus rex"-like species.


Teyr was a bureaucratic world, 34 light years from Vulvarch. It is a popular tourist destination, known for its majestic mountains and the breathtaking Teyr Rift. It was located near the Foless Crossroads. The planet was colonized by at least 496 BBY. On Teyr was held the race.

During the Clone Wars, it was the site of the Battle of Teyr in 22 BBY, which was led by the Jedi K'Kruhk.

Ganner Rhysode, a member of the New Jedi Order, was from Teyr.


*The "Black Fleet Crisis" Trilogy
*"The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons"

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Thakwaa is home to the Thakwaash, a race that includes Wraith Squadron pilot 'Runt' among its members


Thisspias is the homeworld of the Thisspiasians. Master Oppo Rancisis comes from Thisspias.


Thule is a semi-arid planet known for its rich savannas. Continually bombarded by lightning storms, Thule was a hidden Sith stronghold. The rocky outcroppings which broke the plains were charred black from being hit by lightning. This charred rock later served as a form of sustenance for unusual, bioluminescent moss that made the rocks glow with an eerie light.

Ulic Qel-Droma fought on Thule during The Great Sith War, during which the Dark Reaper was buried on the world. Thousands of years later, Count Dooku went to Thule to revive the Dark Reaper to attempt to destroy the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. A planetary shield enveloped the Thule, projected by the small moon Sivvi orbiting it.

The Battle of Thule is the last battle featured in the video game "". The battle was divided into four phases. At phase one, Anakin Skywalker and his strike force took out the planetary shield on the Thule Moon. At phase two, Obi-Wan Kenobi used the Low Altitude Assault Infantry Gunship to perform an aerial attack on significant strategic locations across planet Thule and destroyed the Communications Installation in order to cripple the Separatists' communications. At phase three, Mace Windu commanded the ground forces around Thule's capital city Kessia. Upon his arrival to Kessia, Cydon Prax destroyed Mace Windu's TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank. Mace Windu had to travel on foot to open the gates to the Sith Temple. At the final phase, Anakin Skywalker and his strike force went through the Sith Temple, defeated Cydon Prax and then re-defeated the Dark Reaper. Although the knowledge on how to defeat the Dark Reaper made Skywalker stronger, it made him more arrogant to Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Thyferra is a hot, humid planet located in the Mid Rim Polith system. Almost all of the galaxy's bacta is produced here. This is the homeworld of the Vratix race who discovered how to create the bacta from the alazhi and kavam plants. The Vratix shared the secret of bacta production to their human neighbors, the result of which is that Thyferra is almost completely controlled by two human-run corporations: Zaltin and Xucphra. These two corporations were chosen by Emperor Palpatine to supply the Empire's bacta, thus eliminating any real competition in the bacta market.

From Thyferra the planets of Korriban and Cinnigar are seen but the planet of Koros Minor is not seen. The reason for this is that the planet of Koros Minor is not seen because of the seven moons blocking it. Together the three planets form a non-equilateral triangle.

The planet was featured in the Nintendo 64 videogame "Star Wars: Rogue Squadron". In the game, Grand Moff Kohl Seerdon launched an invasion of the planet to prevent bacta from reaching the Rebel Alliance, starting the Battle of Thyferra. Under command of Luke Skywalker, Rogue Squadron liberated the planet and Skywalker killed Seerdon as he fought in his modified Shuttle.

Shortly after the fall of Coruscant, the Director of Imperial Intelligence and self-proclaimed Empress of the Galactic Empire, Ysanne Isard, fled to Thyferra with two "Imperator"-class Star Destroyers, one "Victory"-class Star Destroyer, and the Super Star Destroyer "Lusankya". After six months, the new Rogue Squadron attacked and systematically destroyed the Imperial fleet and ended the Imperial control of the planet. After the battle, a joint coalition government, including humans and the Vratix was set up on Thyferra, and the New Republic took over control of the "Lusankya".Michael A. Stackpole, "The Krytos Trap", Book 3 of "" (1996). ISBN 0-553-56803-5] Michael A. Stackpole, "The Bacta War", Book 3 of "X-wing" (1996). ISBN 0-553-56804-3] Barbara Hambly, "Children of the Jedi" (1995). ISBN 0-553-57293-8]


Tibrin is the homeworld of the Ishi Tib.


Tirahnn is a terrestrial planet in the Tirahnn System.


Togoria is a mild-climated world mentioned in A. C. Crispin's "The Han Solo Trilogy".

It is a greenish planet with lakes and shallow oceans where the Togorians, intelligent two-legged felinoids which stand up to three meters high, live. Togorians are among the most talented species of the galaxy in the art of the hunt and discretion. Togoria was the birthplace of the Togorians Muuurg and Mrrov, and where they returned to live after escaping from Ylesia alongside of Bria Tharen and Han Solo, when he was 19.

The Togorians are very friendly with mosgoths, giant flying reptiles which possess intelligence higher than average for animals. Those peaceful monsters are very useful on Togoria, since they serve as the main form of transport for the Togorians. Helped by their mosgoths, they manage to defend themselves against some very voracious predators on the planet.


Toola is a cold world that is also home to the Whiphid. Clone Commander Keller led an Imperial task force to root out Jedi hiding on Toola in the early days of the New Order. Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight, found Jedi artifacts left behind by a Master of the Old Jedi Order in a cave there—possibly the work of Keller's division, although Skywalker observed lightsaber slashes in the Jedi's empty robes that he believed must have been the handiwork of his father, Darth Vader.Dave Wolverton, "The Courtship of Princess Leia" (1995). ISBN ISBN 0-553-56937-6]


Toprawa was the site of a suicidal infiltration mission by the Rebel Alliance, aimed at stealing and transmitting the plans to the first Death Star. Led by Bria Tharen, a former lover of Han Solo, the Red Hand Squadron infiltrated the Imperial facility on the surface and took control long enough to transmit the stolen plans to Princess Leia's Corellian Corvette, the "Tantive IV". After the transmission was received, the "Tantive IV" made a hyperspace jump to Tatooine but was followed and captured by the Star Destroyer "Devastator" in the opening minutes of "". Bria Tharen's team held out to complete their mission but were eventually overrun by brute force. Red Hand Squadron was utterly wiped out in the Imperial counterattack.

After the Empire secured the facility, and after the disaster at Yavin, the Empire cast about for a suitable way to express its anger. Yavin was devoid of human life, the Rebels elusive as ever, so they eventually decided to make an example of Toprawa, for its role in obtaining for the Rebels the fatal technical readout of the Death Star. Toprawa was leveled to the ground, its advanced (for a colony) civilization reduced to stone age level. The planet was occupied by multiple s, and placed under a permanent blockade. Stormtroopers would parade vehicles full of food through the street, tossing the rubbish only to those Toprawans whose groveling and self-abasements amused them or seemed most sincere. Further twisting the dagger, the Imperial troops lived lives of stunning leisure and pleasure amidst the squalor, and made sure the natives knew full well what they were missing.

Before and after the Battle of Endor, the planet came under the control of the Imperial Governor Faylon Bataar. Bataar imposed strict laws limiting the freedoms of Toprawans and invited Imperial families to reside in newly built luxurious accommodations. Bataar wanted Toprawa to become a major Imperial centre, he wanted to build large cities with grand monuments and buildings. But this dream seemed more and more unlikely as time went on with the troubles of war that was getting ever closer to Toprawas doorstep. After numerous attempts from the Rebels to seize the planet, all of them were a failure because Bataar had amassed a large garrison of many troops and vehicles, although Bataar relied on the main Imperial army and navy. Once they were defeated and Coruscant was taken, Toprawa was on its own.

Toprawa remained unconquered for many years, until Bataar finally died and his fortune was divided amongst greedy politicians. The Toprawa garrison therefore became weak and was finally liberated by the New Republic soon after.

Tyria Sarkin, a pilot in Wraith Squadron, is from Toprawa


Toydaria is a muddy world located in Hutt Space, and home to the Force-resistant Toydarians, such as Watto and Reti.


Tralus is one of several planets located in the Corellian system. Along with Talus, it orbits Centerpoint Station.Roger MacBride Allen, "Ambush at Corellia", Book 1 of "The Corellian Trilogy" (1995). ISBN 0-553-29803-8] Roger MacBride Allen, "Assault at Selonia", Book 2 of "The Corellian Trilogy" (1995). ISBN 0-553-29805-4] Roger MacBride Allen, "Showdown at Centerpoint", Book 3 of "The Corellian Trilogy" (1995). ISBN 0-553-29806-2]


Trandosha is home to the humanoid reptilian Trandoshans, a race that helped the Empire enslave the Wookiees who inhabited the neighboring planet of Kashyyyk. Bossk, a bounty hunter from "", is a native of Trandosha.


Trieron is the third planet in the Veron system. It is a research planet that is covered in cool oceans and glacial continents.


Trono is the homeplanet of many and was taken over by Trono Gallia, who was a Mandalorian 1,000 years before "The Phantom Menace" and a distant relative of Adi Gallia. He was also the great-grandfather of the three dead Jedi Spirit Mandalorians brothers Sinik Gallia, Cody Gallia and Jargus Gallia. This world had forests and rolling plains and had a MandalMotors factory. The name before it was taken over is unknown.


Trigalis is a wet, green planet much like Kashyyyk. It's located in the Outer Rim Territories.


Tund was the homeworld of the Sorcerers of Tund. It was reduced to a ball of ash by Rokur Gepta.

Tyne's Horky

Tyne's Horky is a fictional planet in the "Star Wars" saga. It is a mining colony in the Outer Rim Territories seen in the animated series "".


Tynna was a planet in the Expansion Region and home to the Tynnan species.

The pristine world was part of the Republic until a stone mite infestation 22 BBY prompted it to secede shortly before the onset of the Clone Wars. However, this planned secession apparently did not occur, as Senator Streamdrinker, continued to serve in the Galactic Senate until his arrest after the Declaration of a New Order 19 BBY.

During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Tynna became one of the planets conquered by the hostile race, which bio-engineered the planet's extensive seas for their own purposes.


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Ukio is a major agricultural center, and the 4th largest exporter of foodstuffs in the Star Wars galaxy. It is captured by Grand Admiral Thrawn in Dark Force Rising to feed his clone army.


Umbara is a planet within the dark reaches of the Ghost Nebula. Chancellor Palpatine's Staff Aide, Sly Moore, is an Umbaran from this planet.


Umgul is a planet in the Mid Rim. The climate on Umgul is humid and cool, and the planet is almost always covered by dense fog and deep hanging clouds. The planet's natural resources are of no relevance and it is of little strategical importance. Nevertheless, the planet was famous throughout the galaxy as a center for sports and entertainment, most important the Umgullian Blob Racings.


Urkupp is a large world with different kinds of wild life. It has deserts, jungles, forests, grasslands and mountains. This planet is mainly a nature preserve. Urkupp was destroyed by a massive supernova sparked during the Great Sith War, killing all of its inhabitants.


Ut is a planet in the Hapes Consortium, known for its beautiful singers.


Utapau appears in "" with large sinkholes covering much of the surface. Entire cities are built in cracks and crevasses in the sides of the massive sinkholes, which extend inwards in perpetual twilight. It is revealed that the main reason for this practice is the existence of water on the sinkhole floors.

Towards the end of the Clone Wars, General Grievous traveled to this world to re-group and relocate the Confederate Separatist Council to Mustafar and to trap Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Port Administrator Tion Medon aids Obi-Wan and Commander Cody in tracking down the General.

Utapau consists of two primary races; the Pau'ans comprise thirty percent of the planet's population. They are the upper class of Utapaun society. They work as government officials, administrators, and bureaucrats while the Utai, the other primary race, perform a secondary role as labor for their Pau'an masters. It is mentioned that they make up the labor class because of their natural humility.

Government in Utapau is largely autonomous. Local administrators called "Masters of Port Administration" govern the various cities of Utapau. Each administrator is supported by a committee for that city which helps and advises the administrator on local affairs. Each administrator reports to the Utapaun Committee, which is led by the Chairman of Utapau; head of state and government for the entire planet. Only the Pau'ans serve in these capacities as government officials. Many are appointed because of prestigious backgrounds. The current administrator for Pau City, Tion Medon, is a descendant of the late Timon Menon, credited with unifying Utapau in its early history. Pau'ans prefer darkness to light and raw meat to cooked, which explains the location of their cities deep within the sinkholes of Utapau.

Utapau is also the home of Boga. Boga is a Varactyl, a race of giant bird-lizards used for transport. They can be easily domesticated, and Utai often Wrangle them. Other species include the insectiod reptavian the Cancell, and the mysterious, subaquatic, Nos monster, usually found in the bottom of sinkholes.

In early drafts of the first and fourth Star Wars movie scripts, George Lucas originally used the name Utapau for both Tatooine and Naboo. Utapau is also a Thai city.

The planet has appeared in several Star Wars video games, notably Battlefront 2, and .

The male from the only surviving pair of endangered pygmy rabbits released in the wild as part of a Washington State University program is named Utapau, after this planet in the Star Wars universe. [Wiley, John K. [ "Rare rabbits breed in wild"] , Casper, June 18, 2007. Accessed July 4, 2007.] Afflation: New Empire


Vaathkree is the homeworld of the race of Humans Vaathkree.


Vandelhelm is home to the Volics.


Varl was the original homeworld of a giant race of slugs, the Hutts. It was destroyed long ago in a cataclysm or a flood that utterly destroyed its atmosphere and obliterated the rest of the system that it inhabited.

Varl orbited around a star system with two suns, Evona and Ardos, which were worshipped as gods by the ancient Hutt civilization. According to Hutt legend, the two suns, represented by the gods Evona and Ardos, used to illuminate the system. One day, Evona died a fiery death when it was absorbed into a black hole, and as the planets smashed into each other in the chaos of Evona's death, Ardos became mournfully grievous and driven mad by anger and imploded into a white dwarf.

When the fiery explosion came, the gravitational fury unleashed by the death of Evona had seemingly smashed the entire star system into rubble. This huge imbalance caused many of the system's fellow planets also to catasclymically shatter into huge asteroid fields. These asteroids destroyed all the other planets, except the planet Varl, which somehow survived the death of one god and the wrath of another. Be it through themselves or (much more likely) powerful planetary shields, the Hutt race had managed to survive the deaths of their gods, if just barely, and in their own eyes had become as gods themselves. This "revelation" and the subsequent (and major) boost to their egos most likely led to the colonization and settlement of other planets in the galaxy such as their new homeworld Nal Hutta. The Hutts now believed themselves greater than the gods they once worshipped.

However, the main scientific theory, supported by Senior Anthropologist Hoole himself, is that Varl was destroyed by the Hutts themselves, in a civil war. This armageddon destroyed the entire system.

The veracity of the legend itself is somewhat questionable. Indeed, the general consensus among the scientific and archaeological community of the "Star Wars" universe is that this rendition of Hutt lore (and in fact "all" renditions of Hutt lore) is almost certainly "not" true.

While the Ardos system is now indeed "rubble" and one planet (probably Varl) does seem to have somehow survived, it is generally assumed that the ancient Hutt civilization somehow obliterated it themselves, most likely due to a civil war of some sort between various factions of the ancient Hutt civilization. This explanation fits what is known of the Hutt mentality, and indeed the Legend would probably help cover up what would be now seen as an embarrassment to the Hutt race.
* [ A link to more information about Varl on Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki]


Vendaxa is the homeworld of the Acklay. The planet Vendaxa has one of the densest ecosystems in the galaxy. After the Mandalorian Wars, the Czerka Corporation made many outposts on the surface, built to capture the abundance of exotic creatures that roam its surface. The outposts sold them to wealthy beast collectors and as arena beasts on more barbaric worlds. The Acklay hunt leathery-shelled lemnia on the plains of Vendaxa, using their sharp claws to pierce the shells to gnaw out the fleshy interior. Vendaxa is home to many other nightmarish predators, and became of interest to organisations wishing to deal with the Confederacy on Geonosis, knowing how prized beasts such as the vicious acklay were in the Geonosian Arena. The sun of Vendaxa bathes the planet in a harsh light, causing most life there to evolve small, dark eyes.


Veron is the second planet in the Veron system. The native Gazarin were ruled by the humans. The planet attracted many tourists.


Vizcarra is the planet where smuggler Memcha-Badawzi was sent to after her arrest by the Empire and Tait Ransom was scheduled to be sent to after his arrest for smuggling weapons into on Omman. The criminal Wookiee Syychi was born on Vizcarra.


Vjun (also "Vijun, or Vijjun"') was a hideout for Count Dooku in the Clone Wars. He took an old woman's house and invited Jedi Master Yoda to come and save him from the Dark Side. Really being a trap, Dooku hoped to use the strong power of the Dark Side to finish Yoda, but failed when Jedi Master Obi-Wan and Anakin showed up.

Later, it was where Darth Vader's personal fortress, as shown in Star Wars Jedi Academy Bast Castle, resided. It has concentrated acid rain and the fortress is well guarded by many of Vader's best troops, including the legendary Dark Troopers. It also was the holding cell of Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber after he died. The fortress has been infiltrated and attacked many times, once by Kyle Katarn with one of his apprentices, Jaden Korr.Sean Stewart, "" (2004). ISBN 0-345-46309-9] Tom Veitch, "Dark Empire II" (1995). ISBN 1-56971-119-4] Another time was in one of the Junior Jedi Knight books where Anakin Solo, along with Tahiri, Uldir, Tionne, and Ikrit, went to recover Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber.


Vodran is a planet in the Si'Klaata Cluster, on the Ac'fren Spur hyperlane. It is a jungle- and swamp-covered world, home to the reptilian Vodran people. In addition to the Vodrans, Vodran was the original home of the dianogas and a sapient species known as Vodranites who resembled dianogas. The planet was taken over by the Hutts under the Treaty of Vontor in 25,100 BBY. It was brutally subjugated by the Galactic Empire.


Xim the Despot was killed on Vontor in 25,100 BBY.

Vorian IV

Vorian IV is a planet that was polluted with niobarium by the Commerce Guild. It is covered by Shu Mai.


Vortex is a windy world inhabited by the reptavian species known as the Vors. It is home to a large crytalline structure known as The Cathedral of the Winds. The Vors created a concert of wind music by plugging holes in the cathedral with their bodies. The cathedral itself was destroyed for a time, and 358 Vors were killed, when Admiral Ackbar's B-wing crashed into it. Although the root cause of the accident was Imperial sabotage, Ackbar blamed himself for the disaster and temporarily resigned. The New Republic aided in the reconstruction process, and in a meaningful gesture of reconciliation, many New Republic delegates were invited to attend the cathedral's inaugural performance.Kevin J. Anderson, "Dark Apprentice", Book 2 of "The Jedi Academy Trilogy", ""(1994). ISBN ISBN 0-553-29799-6]


Vox was once the home for the extinct race, the Vxeon. The indigenous people that had lived there had made a Utopian society, but it no longer stands since the arrival of other life forms (such as the Galactic Republic). The soft winds of this planet have a special Force connection, and this planet is said to have been the birthplace of the Force. One of the legends surrounding the planet is that the winds of the planet are actually souls of people who die with the Force.


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  • List of Star Wars planets (A-B) — Aargau= Aargau is one of the Deep Core Worlds, and is the headquarters of the Bank of Aargau, which is owned by the Confederacy of Independent Systems ally, the InterGalactic Banking Clan. Aargau is located in the Zug system. The planet shares… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Star Wars planets (C–D) — Dorin redirects here. For the wine grape that is also known as Dorin, see Chasselas. Contents 1 Caamas 2 Cadomai 3 Callos …   Wikipedia

  • List of Star Wars planets (E-G) — Ealor Ealor is a planet in the Bysis system. It is home to the graivehs, and covered with grasslands and temperate forests. Elom Elom is home to Eloms and the Elomin. For centuries, the two species lived unknown to one another, with Eloms living… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Star Wars planets (M–N) — For the Mirial Company, see Mirial s.u.r.l.. Contents 1 M2398 2 M4 78 3 Malachor V …   Wikipedia

  • List of Star Wars planets (R–S) — Contents 1 Ragodepodia 2 Ragoon 6 3 Rakata Prime or Lehon 4 …   Wikipedia

  • List of Star Wars planets (C-D) — CaamasCaamas is a toxic planet in the Cirius System that was formerly a highly populated habitable world, until the Empire bombarded it shortly after the Clone Wars, killing nearly all the inhabitants of the planet. The native Caamasi were a… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Star Wars planets (K–L) — Contents 1 Kalakar VI 2 Kalarba 3 Kalee 4 Kalist VI …   Wikipedia

  • List of Star Wars planets (O–Q) — Contents 1 Obroa Skai 2 Odos 3 Ojom 4 Omiddelon III …   Wikipedia

  • List of Star Wars planets (R-S) — Ragoon 6 A dangerous, yet lush world, Ragoon 6 was the location of a Jedi training site. The vicious malia beasts roamed the forests and mountains of the planet; they were perfect game for Jedi trainees. Obi Wan Kenobi and Qui Gon Jinn trained on …   Wikipedia

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