List of Serbian saints

List of Serbian saints

Over the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the church has had many people who were venerated to sainthood. The list below is made up of Holy Serbs and their feast days - according to the Gregorian calendar.

Serbian Saints

  • Anastasija, venerable – Ana, St. Sava’s Mother (6 July)
  • Angelina of Serbia, venerable – despotess (12 August, 23 December)
  • Arsenije Sremac (Arsenius of Syrmia), saint – archbishop (10 November)
  • Danilo II, Daniel II, saint – archbishop (2 January)
  • Đorđe, George – despot (see Maksim)
  • Đorđe Kratovac, George of Kratovo, holy new-martyr (24 February, 8 June)
  • Gavrilo I, Gabriel I, hieromartyr – patriarch (26 December)
  • Gavrilo Lesnovski, Gabriel of Lesnovo, venerable (28 January)
  • Grigorije Molčalnik (Gornjački), Gregory the Hesychast (of Gornjak), venerable (20 December)
  • Grigorije, Gregory, saint – bishop of Raška (Rashka) (12 September)
  • Jakov, James, saint – archbishop (16 February)
  • Jefrem, Ephraim, saint – patriarch (28 June)
  • Jefrosinija, Euphrosyne, venerable – Milica (Militsa) (1 August)
  • Jeftimije Dečanski, Euthymius of Dečani, venerable (24 November)
  • Jelena Dečanska, Helen of Dečani (Dechani), venerable - tzarina Neda (3 June)
  • Jelena, Helen, saint – queen (12 November)
  • Jelisaveta, Elisabeth, venerable – Jelena Štiljanović (Yelena Shtilyanovich) (17 October)
  • Jevgenija, Eugenia, (see Jefrosinija, Euphrosyne)
  • Jevstatije I, Eustace I, saint – archbishop (17 January)
  • Jevstatije II, Eustace II, saint – archbishop (29 August)
  • Joanikije Devički, Joannicius of Dević (Devich) venerable (7 May, 15 December)
  • Joanikije, Joannicius, saint – patriarch (16 September)
  • Joasaf srpski Meteorita, Joasaph of Serbia the Meteorite, venerable – the last of the Nemanjić dynasty (3 May)
  • Josif Novi, Joseph the New, saint (28 September)
  • Jov, Job (see Sinaiti)
  • Jovan Novi (Branković), John the New (Brankovich), holy – despot (23 December)
  • Jovan Vladimir, John Vladimir, holy – king of Zeta (4 June)
  • Kirilo, Cyril, saint – patriarch (12 September)
  • Maksim, Maximus, saint – archbishop – Đorđe Branković, despot – (31 January)
  • Martirije, Martyrius (see Sinaiti)
  • Milica, see Jefrosinija
  • Milutin, holy – king (12 November)
  • Nemanja (see Simeon Mirotočivi)
  • Nestor Dečanski, Nestor of Dechani, venerable (4 November)
  • Nestor, (see Sinaiti)
  • Nikodim, Nicodemus, saint – archbishop (24 May)
  • Nicodemus of Tismana (Serbian: Nikodim Tismanski), venerable (8 January)
  • Nikon, Nicon, saint – patriarch (12 September)
  • Nikola, Nicholas, saint (19 December)
  • Nikolaj Velimirović, Saint Nikolai Velimirovich of Ohrid and Zica, - archbishop
  • Petar Koriški, Peter of Korisha, saint (18 June)
  • Petar Cetinjski Čudotvorac, Peter of Cetinje (Tsetinye) the Miracle-Worker, saint (31 October)
  • Holy Mother Paraskeva (Petka) (27 October)
  • Prohor Pčinjski, Prochorus of Pčinja (Pchinya), venerable (1 November)
  • Rafailo Banatski, Hilandarac, Raphael of Banat the Hilandarian, venerable (29 August)
  • Roman, Romanus, (see Sinaiti)
  • Romil Ravanički, Romulus of Ravanica (Ravanitsa), (see Sinaites)
  • Sava I, saint – archbishop (27 January)
  • Sava II, saint – archbishop (21 January)
  • Sava II Branković (Brankovich), saint – metropolitan (7 May)
  • Sava III, saint – archbishop (8 August)
  • Simeon Mirotočivi, Simeon the Myrovlytes (Myroblytes, Myrrhgusher), saint – Stefan Nemanja (Nemanya) (26 February)
  • Simon monah, Simon the Monk, venerable – king, Stefan Prvovenčani (Prvovenchany), Stephen The First-Crowned) (7 October)
  • Sinaiti, Sinaites*, venerable (19 May)
  • Sisoj, Sisoes, (see Sinaiti)
  • Spiridon, Spyridon, saint – patriarch (28 June)
  • Stefan Dečanski, Stephen of Dečani, saint – *Dragutin, holy – king (see Teoktist)
  • Stefan Lazarević, Stephen Lazarevich, holy – despot (11 August)
  • Stefan Nemanja of Serbia (see Simeon Mirotočivi)
  • Stefan Piperski, Stephen of Piperi, venerable (2 June)
  • Stefan Prvovenčani (Stephen the First-Crowned)I, (see Simon monah)
  • Stefan Slepi, Stephen the Blind, - despot (22 October)
  • Stefan Štiljanović, saint – prince (17 October)
  • Stefan Uroš, holy – emperor (15 December)
  • Stefan Uroš III, holy - king, (24 November)
  • Stefan Urošica Nemanjić, holy – prince (24 November)
  • Vladislav (Stephen Vladislav), holy - king (7 October)
  • Teodor Komogovinski, Theodore of Komogovina, holy martyr
  • Teoktist, Theoctist, venerable – Dragutin, king (12 October)
  • Vasilije Ostroški Čudotvorac, (Basil the Miracle-Worker), saint – bishop (12 May)
  • Visarion Saraj, Bessarion Saray, venerable (3 November)


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