Pulmonary artery pressure

Pulmonary artery pressure

Pulmonary artery pressure (PA pressure) is a measure of the blood pressure found in the pulmonary artery. Mean pulmonary arterial pressure is normally 9 - 18 mmHg.[1]

Site Normal
pressure range
(in mmHg)[2]
Central venous pressure 3–8
Right ventricular pressure systolic 15–30
diastolic 3–8
Pulmonary artery pressure systolic 15–30
diastolic 4–12
Pulmonary vein/

Pulmonary capillary wedge pressure

Left ventricular pressure systolic 100–140
diastolic 3-12

It is usually higher than the pulmonary wedge pressure.

It can be elevated in sickle cell disease.[3]

It can be used to measure pulmonary artery hypertension.[4]


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