Director of the United States Mint

Director of the United States Mint
Seal of the United States Mint.

The Director of the United States Mint is the head of the United States Mint. The position is currently vacant following the resignation of Edmund C. Moy in January 2011.

The position has been in continuous existence since the creation of the Mint by the Coinage Act of 1792. Initially appointed serving at the approbation the President of the United States, the Coinage Act of 1873 specified a five-year term for Directors.

The Director operates with general directions provided by the United States Secretary of the Treasury.

List of Directors of the United States Mint

Name Assumed Office Left Office President Appointed By
David Rittenhouse April 1792 June 1795 George Washington
Henry William de Saussure July 1795 October 1795 George Washington
Elias Boudinot October 1795 July 1805 George Washington
Robert Patterson January 1806 July 1824 Thomas Jefferson
Samuel Moore July 1824 July 1835 James Monroe
Robert M. Patterson May 1835 July 1851 Andrew Jackson
George Nicholas Eckert July 1851 April 1853 Millard Fillmore
Thomas M. Pettit April 1853 May 1853 Franklin Pierce
James Ross Snowden June 1853 May 1861 Franklin Pierce
James Pollock May 1861 September 1866 Abraham Lincoln
William Millward October 1866 April 1867 Andrew Johnson
Henry Linderman April 1867 May 1869 Andrew Johnson
James Pollock May 1869 March 1873 Ulysses S. Grant
Henry Linderman April 1873 December 1878 Ulysses S. Grant
Horatio C. Burchard February 1879 June 1885 Rutherford B. Hayes
James P. Kimball July 1885 October 1889 Grover Cleveland
Edward O. Leech October 1889 May 1893 Benjamin Harrison
Robert E. Preston November 1893 February 1898 Grover Cleveland
George E. Roberts February 1898 July 1907 William McKinley
Frank A. Leach September 1907 August 1909 Theodore Roosevelt
Abram Andrew November 1909 June 1910 William Howard Taft
George E. Roberts July 1910 November 1914 William Howard Taft
Robert W. Woolley March 1915 July 1916 Woodrow Wilson
F. H. von Engelken September 1916 March 1917 Woodrow Wilson
Raymond T. Baker March 1917 March 1922 Woodrow Wilson
Frank Edgar Scobey March 1922 September 1923 Warren G. Harding
Robert J. Grant November 1923 May 1933 Calvin Coolidge
Nellie Tayloe Ross May 1933 April 1953 Franklin D. Roosevelt
William H. Brett July 1954 January 1961 Dwight D. Eisenhower
Eva Adams October 1961 August 1969 John F. Kennedy
Mary Brooks September 1969 February 1977 Richard Nixon
Stella Hackel Sims November 1977 April 1981 Jimmy Carter
Donna Pope July 1981 August 1991 Ronald Reagan
David J. Ryder September 1992 November 1993 George H. W. Bush
Philip N. Diehl June 1994 March 2000 Bill Clinton
Jay W. Johnson May 2000 August 2001 Bill Clinton
Henrietta H. Fore August 2001 August 2005 George W. Bush
Edmund C. Moy September 2006 January 2011 George W. Bush

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