List of Friday characters

List of Friday characters

The following are major and minor characters who appeared in Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next, and the upcoming Last Friday.

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Angry African

Angry African (played by Michael Blackson) was an unhappy customer at Day Day's job, Pinky's swearing. He only appeared in Next Friday, and wasn't mentioned since. He came in to the store because of a broken CD he ruined himself, expecting a refund. But Day-Day wouldn't give it to him, and pushes aside a track of CDs. But ends up being thrown out by Craig and Craid snatching the CD from him and him running away. He has also been a stand up comedian in the late 90's early 2000's.


Baby Joker

Baby Joker (played by Rolando Molina)

Baby D'

Baby D (played by The Lady of Rage) is D'Wana's younger, but physically bigger sister. D'Wana uses her to force Day-Day into getting back with her, as D'Wana thinks the baby she is pregnant with is Day-Day's, despite the fact that she was already six months pregnant when they met. Baby D is shown to have a crush on Craig, and tries to get Day-Day to hook them up. But she was in prison, babysitting, and doing hair at the same time and she snores when she was not sleep and tells Day-Day stuff that he doesn't care about it like telling him that there is a new Twinkie coming out. She throws bricks at Day-Day's car through the film.

Betty Jones

Betty Jones (played by Anna Maria Horsford) is Craig and Dana's mother. Her job is unknown, but she may be working as a receptionist. She arrives home at 19:45pm (7:45pm) as seen in the film. Betty Jones appears in Friday and its third film Friday After Next.

Big Worm

Big Worm (played by Faizon Love) is the main antagonist of the first Friday film. He is an obese drug dealer that Smokey works for. He is well known for his violent acts, for example he had killed a guy for fifty dollars. Since Smokey owes him $200 and he told Worm that he and Craig got high off his product, Worm makes a threat that if Smokey doesn't have the money by 10PM, he would kill Smokey and Craig. Big Worm drives an orange 1961 Chevy Impala and on his California license plates it says BIG WORM. Big worm sports a perm, and uses his job as an ice-cream truck driver to cover up his illegal activity. Big Worm sends his thugs to do a drive-by on Smokey and Craig but they fail at the job. In the end, Smokey is able to pay off the debt and the two reconcile. However, Smokey quits as Big Worm's dealer. Smokey is only mentioned in the narraration once, at the beginning of Next Friday. Craig tells us that his friend Smokey went to rehab, and that he's going to miss him.

Booster Pat

Booster Pat (played by Erica Vittina Phillips) is part of a pair of shoplifters in Friday After Next. In the film, she seems to be pregnant on first appearance while walking into Money Mike's store "Pimps and Hoes"; however, it's later revealed that she's wearing a fake belly made of a flattened basketball. When her partner/lover Broadway Bill fakes a seizure to distract Money Mike and Donna, Pat removes the fake belly and begins stuffing the store's clothing in its place, hence their names. Upon leaving the store, unfortunately, Craig and Day-Day, who witnessed everything through the store's window, catch them. Pat, (after a short fight with Day-Day) claims they didn't steal anything, as she didn't see any thing she liked. But Craig proves otherwise by pulling the stolen clothing out of her pants, exposing the pair as thieves. Pat and Bill are then taken away by the Jones cousins and, are later arrested and taken to jail by Officers Dix & Hole.

Broadway Bill

Broadway Bill (played by Chris Williams) is part of a pair of shoplifters in Friday After Next. In the film, he provides a distraction to Money Mike and Donna in Mike's store by faking a seizure, while his partner/lover, Booster Pat steals Mike's merchandise, courtesy of their names. Unfortunately for them, Craig and Day-Day, who witnessed everything through the store's window, catch and expose them as they leave the store. Bill tries to act like he knew nothing about the shoplifting, but the Jones cousins don't buy it and hold both him and Pat until the police arrive. Later, when Money Mike tries goes after the two with a razor for trying to rob him, Bill dares him to cut him, threatening to sue him if he does. Soon after, he and Pat are arrested and taken to jail by Officers Dix & Hole.


Craig Jones

Craig Jones (played by Ice Cube) is a fictional character from all three of the Friday movies, in which he is the main protagonist. He was created and is portrayed by Ice Cube, who is also the screenwriter and producer of the series. Craig and his father William "Willie" Jones (John Witherspoon) are the only characters that have appeared in all three films.


Chico is a Bull Terrier dog owned by the Joker brothers, first appearing in Next Friday. The dog is a male, and is known to be very dangerous (such as barker and hissing). He saves the characters near the end of that movie from Deebo, by biting him in the right arm. In Friday After Next, he is taken by Craig and Day-Day, and is seen sleeping in the beginning. He is also known to keep trespassers out, such as when Ms. Pearly attempts to sneak and smoke some weed from the cousins' apartment, he bites her on the behind.


Cookie (played by Sommore) is Suga's sister, and Elroy's new girlfriend. She appears in Friday After Next.


Cinnamon (played by Trina McGee) A Woman, Pinky brought to Craig and Day-Day's rent-a-party and she said to be one of the Spice Girls.


Day-Day Jones

Day-Day Jones is a fictional character in the films Next Friday and Friday After Next. He is portrayed by Mike Epps. Day-Day first appears in Next Friday when his cousin Craig (Ice Cube) comes to live with him and his sex-crazed father (Don 'D.C.' Curry) in their mansion in Rancho Cucamonga, California He had a girlfriend named D'Wana and he dumped her after he found out she was pregnant and he put a restraining order against her after she keeps bringing her, little sister, Baby D. to come beat him up and sit on him and D'Wana once sprayed him with pepper spray and keyed his car. Day-Day can sometimes go overboard with a job. He had three jobs, at Pinky's Record Store, a Retirement home and the rent-a-cop job, espically when he almost caught him and Craig beat up by thugs sent by their grandmother and he is on weed just like Craig.

Dana Jones

Dana Jones (played by Regina King) is Craig's sister, and the daughter of William and Betty Jones. Dana is Debbie's best friend, she works at a local beauty parlor. She only appears in the first movie and is mentioned on Next Friday when her father, Willy Jones, comically tells Craig that his sister had moved out and it was time for him to move out too to lead the way for them to walk around the house 'butt naked'.


Deebo (spelled Debo in Next Friday) (played by Tom Lister, Jr.) is a character who appears in Friday and its sequel, Next Friday. Deebo is the secondary antagonist in the first film and a minor antagonist in Next Friday. Although he is considered to be the main villain, he actually serves as a secondary villain due to the fact that Big Worm is the main villain in Friday and Joker is the main villain of Next Friday. Initially, he and Craig seem to be neutral acquaintances. This is reflected well when Craig and Smokey are missing after a drive-by, Deebo is among the neighbors worried about them. His rivalry with Craig begins after Craig tries to defend Debbie by confronting him for punching her and beats him down by throwing a brick at his head, hitting him with wood and finishing him off with a kick to the face and a punch to the face. Deebo was later reincarnated in Friday After Next as Damon becomes the villain. But in the last film, Last Friday, Deebo and Craig are going to become cool, and Deebo is trying to catch Big Worm for some drug money


Debbie (played by Nia Long) is a friend of Craig's sister, Dana Jones. Debbie has a sister named Felisha who is unemployed and dresses as a tramp. Debbie has a relationship with Craig, after Smokey asks to find a girlfriend for him, she finds him an unattractive lady called Rita. She only appears in the first film. When standing up to Deebo for beating up Felisha, she says she is not afraid of him and he probably punches her or smacks her.


Donna (played by K.D. Aubert) is Craig's love interest and Money Mike's ex-girlfriend in Friday After Next. She has sexual relations with Craig at the end of Friday After Next. She was originally bossed around by Money Mike and he treated her like a servant and she always does the work at "Pimps & Hoe's".

Damon Pearly

Damon Pearly (played by Terry Crews) is a character in Friday After Next. He is the reincarnation and replacement of sorts for Deebo. Unlike Deebo, he does possess a slightly softer side. Damon is a muscular, homosexual man who just got out of prison. He claims to have known Craig and Day Day when they were younger twelve years ago before his arrest, but when his mother tells him that they don't have the rent money he gets angry, so his relationship with them is questionable. At first he threatens to rape (or possibly, kill) them if they don't give his apartment manager mom the rent money on time, but later he attends Craig and Day-Day's "rent party" not even threatening them at all, only to party and have fun. He attempted to rape Money Mike in Craig's bathroom at the party. Money Mike uses pliers he found behind the toilet to squeeze his testicles. He chases Money Mike and is said to eternally chase him at the end of the movie.


D'Wana (played by Tamala Jones) is Day-Day's pregnant ex-girlfriend. Her first and only appearance was in Next Friday. She angrily harasses Day-Day about "quitting her" while she was pregnant almost every time she appears, despite the fact that she was already pregnant when they met and thus Day-Day had no obligations to her or her child. Going as far as getting her little (but physically bigger) sister to make Day-Day get back together with her. Day-Day said he first found out when she was pregnant when she was drinking 40s and when she was eating a chesseburger. She is so mean, when she keyed Day-Day's brand new car and burned his eyes with pepper spray and she last seen with her sister Baby D, when throwing a brick at Day-Day's back windsheld and laughing and driving off.


Elroy Jones

Uncle Elroy Jones (played by Don 'D.C.' Curry) is Day-Day's father, Craig's uncle, and Willie Jones brother who was introduced in Next Friday. Uncle Elroy is a wealthy person who resides in Rancho Cucamonga, California. He and his son, Day-Day, had eventually won the lottery. Since his wife's death, he has become something of a sex hound and started dating Sugar and later dumped her for her sister Cookie in the third film. Elroy was first mentioned (although not by name) in Friday when Willie has a talk with Craig after learning that he has a gun in his room and tells him that his uncle had a gun too. This was referenced in Next Friday, when Elroy brings his gun (albeit with two bullets) as he, Craig and Willie plan to rescue Day-Day and Roach from the Joker brothers, with Willie stating that he never changed. He and Willie operate a BBQ restaurant together in a strip mall.


Ezal (played by Anthony Johnson) is a poor African-American individual who lives in Los Angeles who is known to be the city crack head and scrapes up 2 dollars every day just to buy himself a 40. Ezal is first seen when Smokey arrives at the store to pick-up cigarettes for his mother, Ezal then fakes falling on the floor and demands money of the sweeper of the store. He then demands $10, $20 or $150,000 from the sweeper, but the sweeper tells Ezal to "get out". He steals Deebo's shoes at the end of Friday, and hands him the knife Deebo gave him to hold while he fights Craig, announcing "I steal, I don't kill."



Felicia (or Felisha) (played by Angela Means) is the sister of Debbie, and girlfriend of Deebo. Felicia is a dirty, trampy girl, who asks Smokey and Craig to borrow some of their belongings but they refuse to let her do so. She is later seen towards the end, sleeping with Deebo, but Deebo finds someone has gone through his pants so he punches Felicia instantly and leaving her with a bloody nose, and a black eye. She is seen at the end of the film. Prior to that, Smokey stops by to visit Debbie and she informs him that Felisha/Felicia is inside with Deebo (whose bike is outside). Smokey is shocked and yells "Felisha's fuckin' Deebo too?!"



Hector (played by Demetrius Navarro) is a Mexican drug dealer who appears in Friday. He is known for driving dangerously fast in his lowrider (almost hitting Pastor Clever at one point) and talking fellow dealer Smokey into smoking a joint with him and his nameless friend one night, only for him to realize that it is angel dust. Smokey immediately trips out and goes into a hysterical state, running down the neighborhood in his wife-beater and underwear while Hector and his friend follow him in his lowrider, laughing. As seen in the first film, Smokey has gained a pure hatred for Hector but reluctantly sells weed to him to pay off his debt to Big Worm.Hector is going to be seen in the Last Friday film. And is going to apolligize to Smokey, but hes never going to accept it



Joann (played by Vickilyn Reynolds) is Smokey's mother. Joann is only seen in the beginning and at the end of Friday. She is seen when Smokey goes back to his home to smoke the "weed", while there Smokey refers to his mother that she's "always talking shit". She is seen at the end when the neighbors hear the machine guns shooting at Smokey and Craig.


Joi (played by Paula Jai Parker) is Craig's girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend), who always mistakenly thinks that Craig is cheating on her whenever a lady is near Craig, such as Debbie and Felisha. Craig eventually breaks up with Joi in favor of Debbie. Joi only appears in the first film.

Ironically, she is shown in bed with an unnamed man while on the phone with Craig. She is what could be considered a hoochie mama, having a Ghetto-Fabolous personality.


Joker (played by Jacob Vargas) is a Mexican gangster who is the antagonist of Next Friday. He is said to be related to Hector from the first film. He is a violent man with a terrible mouth and probably abuses Chico and treats his sister bad and usually overprotective of her by sending Chico to maybe bite them as Craig is a survivor.


Karla Joker

Karla Joker (played by Lisa Rodríguez) is The Joker's sister who was a brief love interest for Craig but he left to go back to South Central. Her brothers are overprotective of her and usually upset at them as they keep coming back home from prison as her parents and her are trying to avoid them but they kept on following them. She is last seen seeing Craig leaving.


Lil' Chris

Lil' Chris is a boy riding on a bike, that appears in the first film. He constantly knocks over all of trash cans in the neighborhood, which makes Smokey and Craig angry, because that means more work for them cleaning up the mess. Later in the film, Smokey manages to spank him with his belt, Craig holds him down, then he gets on his bike and pedals off never to be seen again.

Little "Lil'" Joker

Little "Lil'" Joker (played by Lobo Sebastian) His Mexican family is said to be of Aztec origins.


Lollipop (played by Nikki Davis) Pinky's girlfriend who Pinky brought to the rent-a-party for them like a present


Mrs. Ho-Kym

Mrs. Ho-Kym (played by Amy Hill) is the Korean neighbor of Uncle Elroy and Day-Day in Next Friday. She is known for speaking in gangsta jargon when greeting Craig and Day-Day and being aware of the Joker brothers drug shipping activities, much to Day-Day's early disbelief.

Mr. and Mrs. Parker

Mr. Parker (played by Tony Cox) and Mrs. Parker (played by Kathleen Bradley) are a married African-American couple who are friends of the Jones family. They live across the street of the Jones. A pastor named, Pastor Clever sleeps with Mr. Parker's wife, Mrs. Parker, and is caught sleeping with her. He throws a brick on the back of the pastor's car. He is seen once more towards the end of the movie pounding Smokey after Craig beats up neighborhood bully, Deebo.

Mrs. Pearly

Mrs. Pearly (played by Bebe Drake) is the mean apartment manager in the third film who at first threaten to evict both Craig and Day-Day, the tenants and roommates in the apartment building, unless they didn't have the rent money by midnight, which was stolen, also she decided to send her gay, prison-bound son Damon after them. She also harbors a sexual attraction to Craig's father, who she tried to seduce and rape when he came to her apartment to find the bathroom. Craig's father is pulled on the couch on top of her, who asks him to have intercourse with her but Craig's mother was already aware of this and proceeds to attack Mrs. Pearly by grabbing her hair.

Money Mike

Money Mike (played by Katt Williams) is a pimp who dresses in stereotypical pimp clothing and owns "Pimps and Ho's", a clothing store made for pimps and hookers. He is on very good terms with Craig and Day Day as he helps them hide from the grandsons of the angry carolers Day Day annoyed. He becomes tight with them after they save his store from being robbed he brings out a razor and almost cuts the robbers with it and one of them threatens to sue him, until Craig and Day Day stop him from doing so. He is almost raped by Damon, but uses a pair of pliers to squeeze Damon's testicles. He is chased by Damon at the end of Friday After Next. However, Craig states in the film's epilogue that Money Mike is still being chased around the neighborhood to this very day implying that the chase will never end.


Moly (played by Maz Jobrani) is an Israeli Jew who owns the strip mall where Craig and Day-Day work as security officers, along with "Holy Moly Donuts", an extremely disgusting and fly-infested restaurant and there is probably flies in the donuts as Willie said while once ordering to hold the maggots and that only has 2 cops in it always. Moly is beat up by the grandsons of the carolers who Craig and (mainly) Day-Day bother. He fires Craig and Day-Day, and is later seen being chased by members of the Department of Health after Willie reported him, crying for help and its presumed the Department had the donut shop shut down.

Mo' Wet

Mo' Wet (played by Crystal Mattison)


Officer Dix & Officer Hole

Officer Dix (played by Reggie Gaskins) and Officer Hole (played by Joel McKinnon Miller) are two inept police officers who appears frequently in Friday After Next. They respond to Craig call about the burglary but seem to put little effort in finding the culprit. They confiscated marijuana from Craig and Day-Day and spend their whole day either smoking it or eating at the same donut shop in the strip mall.

Old Man with Shotgun

The Old Man with Shotgun (also played by Mike Epps) is a resident wielding a double-barreled shotgun. He appears towards the end of Friday After Next, when Craig and Day-Day chase the robber through his yard, he tells them to get off his "Collard Greens". Firing at them, he then follows them into the home of the carolers Craig and Day-Day bother. Before the credits, he is seen singing, saying "I'll beatbox yo ass!".


Pastor Clever

Pastor Clever (played by late comedian Bernie Mac) is a pastor of the local baptist church. He comes and visits Smokey and Craig. He is revealed to be a un faithful pastor when they both show him Mrs. Parker watering her grass, the pastor then mocks Psalm 23 saying " The Lord is my sheppard, He know what I want. ". The pastor heads over to Mrs. Parker and asks her if they can talk in her house. They end up sleeping together. Mr. Parker finds him sleeping with his wife, and kicks out to his car, he manages to throw a brick at his back window. The pastor drives off never to be seen again.


Pinky (played by Clifton Powell) is Day-Day and Roach's boss in Next Friday. Pinky fires Day-Day after he gets into a fight with Craig after mistaking him for a robber. He blames Day-Day and Roach and fires them immediately. He also appears at Craig and Day-Day's Party in Friday After Next, now a good friend of Craig and Day-Day. He still feels bad for the incident at the record shop and continues to apologize for it every time he and Craig hang out.

CW (Pinky Chauffeur)

CW (Pinky Chauffeur) (played by Keebo) Pinky's Chauffeur and Pinky usually get upsets at him for his reckless driving and say something after he leaves and when Pinky gives him his drink he usually finishes it and he is last seen in the deleted scene in "Friday After Next" when they go to the burglar Santa's home.



Red (played by DJ Pooh) is an United Parcel Service employee and Craig's co-worker . He only appears in the first film. Red lets Deebo borrow his bike and when he tries to retrieve it, Deebo magnificently punches Red in the eye and sends him flying and he and his father leave the site as Deebo threatens to beat his father too. He later meets with Smokey and Craig when they are sitting on Craig's porch talking and he is left with a big black eye. When Deebo arrives, they try to hide all of their valuables so that Deebo won't steal them. Deebo sees Red's chain that his grandmother gave to him and takes it but Red and the others are too scared to retake it. And after Deebo rides away, Red starts crying as he runs to his car. At the end of the film, Red punches Deebo (while Deebo is dazed from his fight with Craig) and manages to retrieve his chain and bike.


Roach (played by Justin Pierce), was a new friend of Craig's and a co-worker/best friend of Day-Day. He became the third accomplice and tritagonist to Craig in Next Friday and he helped them get the money from the Jokers and he is a skateboarder but fails to do any tricks. Pierce was to reprise his role in Friday After Next, but due to his death in a Las Vegas hotel before production began. But he was last seen taking Chico home with him.


Rita (played by Yvette Wilson) is a friend of Debbie. Debbie hooks Smokey up where she tells him about her friend called Rita saying that she looks like "Janet Jackson". When she arrives at Craig's home, she comes out looking (to Smokey) like "Freddie Jackson" instead of "Janet Jackson". Smokey informs Rita to never ever come by his home ever again, and if she fails to comply Smokey will never want to talk to her again.



Smokey (played by Chris Tucker) is one of the main characters in Friday along with Craig. He is known to be the neighborhood marijuana dealer/user and Craig's best friend. He is directly responsible for the trouble the two encounter with Big Worm, Big Worm gave him marijuana to create profit, however Smokey thought otherwise. In the end of the first film, as the day has ended, Smokey remarks he was no longer going to be Big Worm's associate and putting himself through a rehab program, then lights up a joint and tells the audience "I was just bullshittin'! And you know!" However, Craig reveals in Next Friday Smokey did, in fact, go to rehab. Craig states that he will miss him. Although he was briefly mentioned, he does not appear in Next Friday or Friday After Next. In Friday After Next, Smokey is never mentioned. There is a possibility that the character may return for Last Friday, the final movie in the Friday series. Smokey did appear in Friday: The Animated Series as it focuses it on Craig and Smokey in South Central. Smokey is sort of the comedian in the neighborhood and sometimes gambles with Deebo. It was metion in Friday: The Animated Series that Smokey first name was Clarince.


Stanley (played by Ronn Riser) is a partially rich businessman and an oreo who lives on the same street of "The Jones Family" and a next-door neighbor and is a friend of the family. He appears in the first two films, Friday and Next Friday. He gets very sensitive to people walking on his grass. He wants to get out of South Central and looking for a new house in California and may have the same problem as Willie as when Willie run into him at an gas station and he stunk up the whole bathroom.


Suga (played by Kym Whitley) is Uncle Elroy's crazy girlfriend in Next Friday. When Craig visits or about to move in, she seems to have a seemingly large crush on him and she tried to kiss him and lick his face. She only makes one appearance in the trilogy. It is revealed that Elroy broke up with Suga in Friday After Next and hooked up with her sister, Cookie.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus (played by Rickey Smiley) Santa Claus is actually a robber who breaks into homes and steals presents around Christmas. In Friday After Next, he steals a radio filled with rent money, Day-Day's baby pictures, and Craig's CD collection, among other stolen items and made himself a sandwich and when Craig tries to stop him, he beats Craig with a christmas tree. At the end of Friday After Next, Craig and Day-Day chase him into his abandonded home and he runs into one of the carolers' home and he is beaten and throw out of the window by her thug grandchildren and punch into the eye by the little thug, he is hit by a car and knocked out and strapped onto a Santa's sleigh ornament with christmas lights and still talking junk to Craig and Day-Day as they leave with their presents and rent money.

However, on the DVD's alternate ending. Santa Claus is actually revealed to be a homeless man robbing people and stealing their gifts so his children can have a nice Christmas. When The Jones family and Pinky tries to attack him and take their stuff back, the children order them to leave their father alone and take their gifts back because they don't need them anyway. Craig feels bad for them and forgives Santa. He lets them keep the presents. The Jones' and Pinky spends Christmas with them in the end.


Shana (played by Terri J. Vaughn) She is one of Craig's sister's Dana Jones' friends in the first Friday film that comes over to do Dana's hair.


Shooter (played by WC)

Sister Sarah

Sister Sarah (played by Starletta DuPois) is one of the carolers Day Day annoys when he accuses her and Sister Faye for being prostitutes and calling them hoes, which causes her to get her grandsons to beat up Day Day and Craig but they escape for calling them "old ass ladies" and warned them but didn't listen and she is last seen in her home when Craig, Day-Day, Santa Claus and the Old Man with a Shotgun breaks into their home and running from the man with the shotgun.

Sister Faye

Sister Faye (played by Frances Gray)



Tyrone (played by Sticky Fingaz) is Deebo's younger brother who appears in Next Friday, when the pair, shackled together, escape from prison to get revenge on Craig. They are re-captured at the end of the film. He is regularly abused by Deebo who smacks him on the head.


Tasha (played by Angela Bowie)



William "Willie" Jones

William "Willie" Jones (played by John Witherspoon) is Craig and Dana's father. He works as a dog catcher, but in the third film, he quits his jobs and operates a restaurant with his brother Elroy, "Bros' BBQ". He appears to be very hard on Craig because of his slacker nature and even wants him to move out, but he does love him as he shows him to fend for himself without using a gun but to fight. He also has a sibling rivalry with his brother Elroy, who he laments as ungrateful and receiving the most affection from the family than he ever had. He is further enraged that Elroy had won the lottery. A common running gag in the film series is that Willie has an irritable bowel disorder that causes him to run into the bathroom at the most unfortunate times and even when he ate hot sauce in his burrito. He is known for coining the phrase "Don't nobody go into the bathroom for about 35-45 minutes". Jones appears in all Friday films and he once smacked his mother when he should have been acting in the restaurant's commercial.


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