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The City 6 refers to an informal association of college athletic programs in the Philadelphia area. It is not a conference; in fact, the six schools that are members of the City 6 are members of four separate conferences: the Atlantic 10, the Big East, the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA), and the Ivy League.

The colleges in the City 6 are all of the Philadelphia Big 5 schools—La Salle University, Saint Joseph's University (SJU), Temple University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Villanova University—along with Drexel University.

Rivalries between these schools are intensified because of this association, as well as the fact that each university is located within a 15-mile radius of one another. The most intense rivalry among the City 6 schools, however, is that between Saint Joseph's and Villanova. This match-up is referred to as the Holy War.

Officially, "City 6" refers to the City 6 Extramural Classic, which features the best intramural teams from each school competing against one another. The classic was founded in 1986 by representatives from Saint Joseph's and Temple. Games between the intramural programs are held at such locations as SJU's Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse, Penn's Franklin Field, and Villanova Stadium.[1]

The sports that each school competes in are flag football, volleyball, basketball, and softball. Each sport includes competition for men, women, and co-ed.[2]

Over 13,000 intramural participants have competed in City 6 events over the last twenty years.[3]

Varsity basketball

Each spring, the basketball coaches of the six schools sit together and are speakers at the Coaches vs. Cancer Tourney Tip-Off Breakfast, to raise money for the American Cancer Society.[4]


Institution Location Founded Affiliation Enrollment Year Joined Nickname Conference
Drexel University University City 1891 Private 19,882 1986 Dragons CAA
La Salle University Germantown 1863 Private/Catholic 6,012 1995 Explorers A10
Saint Joseph's University West Philadelphia/Lower Merion Township 1851 Private/Catholic 7,542 1982 Hawks A10
Temple University North Philadelphia 1884 Public 31,600 1982 Owls A10
University of Pennsylvania University City 1740 Private 19,813 1986 Quakers Ivy
Villanova University Villanova 1842 Private/Catholic 9,535 1986 Wildcats Big East


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