City 7 TV

City 7 TV
City 7 TV
City 7 TV logo
Launched circa 2002
Picture format 4:3 (576i, SDTV)
Broadcast area Arab World
Headquarters United Arab Emirates
Nilesat 102
Evision 140

City 7 TV is the U.A.E.’s first English language television channel producing various local programmes spread throughout the viewing day. CITY 7 TV is a satellite television channel accessible to all viewers free-to- air on Nilesat 101. It is also available on Channel 1 of Showtime, Channel 140 on e-vision and Du IPTV.

City 7 TV is the brainchild of Mohi-Din BinHendi, a UAE national who saw a great opportunity to address the needs of,both, an expatriate audience and modern Arabs looking for local programming in English. In the last year of operation, the channel has expanded with the introduction of several locally produced news and entertainment shows. These include news, business and programmes on cars,cooking, shopping, sports, fashion, children. City 7 TV is a free-to-air channel and is available on Nilesat 101, channel 1 on Showtime, channel 89 on all E-vision packages and Du IPTV.



City 7 TV caters to the English speaking community across the Middle East, making its reach the widest in the region. City7 TV programming covers a range of genres, including News, Business, Current Affairs, Entertainment, Cars & Safety , Lifestyle, Fashion, Culture, Nightlife, Sport and children’s programming.

The Channel is watched by the multicultural population of the UAE & the rest of the MENA region, and has the added advantage of being the only channel reaching out to visitors, tourists and business travellers to the UAE.


Original Shows

  • City Women
  • In Gear
  • Kids Club
  • Society
  • Chefs in the City

Other Shows

  • Heart Break High
  • The Basil Brush Show

Re-launch and subsequent turbulence

City 7 TV was relaunched in 2007,with new programmes and a new name. However,signs of troubles begin emerging in December 2007 when the then CEO resigned, seeking a "different environment". In October 2008, the channel's 130 staff members were not paid their wages for that month. In a candid,televised interview broadcast on City 7, owner Mohidin Bin Hendi said City 7 must be "proactive". While he stated he wouldn't sell out the channel although he might consider it if it's the right offer by the right person.[1]. The staff were then paid their regular wages.


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