Daraga, Albay

Daraga, Albay
Banuaan kan Daraga
—  Municipality  —
Map of Albay showing the location of Daraga.
Daraga is located in Philippines
Location in the Philippines
Coordinates: 13°9′43″N 123°41′38″E / 13.16194°N 123.69389°E / 13.16194; 123.69389Coordinates: 13°9′43″N 123°41′38″E / 13.16194°N 123.69389°E / 13.16194; 123.69389
Country  Philippines
Region Bicol Region (Region V)
Province Albay
District 2nd district of Albay
Founded June 12, 1772
Barangays 54
 - Mayor Hon. Gerry R. Jaucian
 - Vice Mayor Carlos Baylon
 - Total 118.6 km2 (45.8 sq mi)
Population (2007)
 - Total 110,625
 - Density 932.8/km2 (2,415.8/sq mi)
Demonym Daragueño
Time zone PST (UTC+8)
ZIP code 4501
Dialing code 52
Income class 1st class
Website www.daraga.gov.ph

Daraga is a 1st class municipality in the province of Albay, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 110,625 people in 20,082 households.



The church tower is what remains of the Cagsawa Church, which was buried by the 1814 eruption of Mayon Volcano.
An old photograph of the Cagsawa ruins with the facade still standing.
Year Event
12th Century Early settlers were traders. The name Daraga came from a kind of tree that grew

in abundance in the hill where now stands the Catholic Church with Baroque architecture.

1587 Evangelization by Franciscan missionaries. They called the place Budiao and then renamed to Cagsawa.
1595 Cagsawa became a "visita" and was attached to the town of Camalig.
1772 Cagsawa was changed to Salcedo by Simon de Anda and later renamed Daraga
1814 Eruption of Mayon Volcano that caused the destruction of Cagsawa.
1815 Government for the town of Daraga was formally organized with Venancio Espiritu Salomon as Barangay Captain.
1892 Under Becerra Law, Daraga became a constituent of the City of Legazpi
1922 Daraga regained her autonomy when the Philippine Assembly ordered separation of Daraga from the capital town of Albay, composed of Albay and Legazpi City
1948 Under R.A. 306, Daraga was again incorporated to Legazpi as one of its district
1954 R.A. 993 creating the Municipality of Daraga
1959 Daraga’s name was changed to Locsin
1967 R.A. 4994 restored the name Daraga
1973 P.D. 125, Daraga was incorporated as part of Legazpi City, but implementation of this decree was suspended
1974 The first 4x elected Mayor Hon. Viciente Jaucian earns awards.
2006 MUDFLOWS from the slopes of the Mayon volcano, triggered by heavy rains from typhoon "Reming" (international codename: Durian) buried at least eight villages. More than 20.000 Individuals were evacuated. Thousands lost their homes.
2007 The National Museum declared the four-century old Daraga "Our Lady of the Gate Parish Church" in this town as a national cultural treasure in the country.
2010 Mayor Gerry R. Jaucian continuously negotiating for the establishment of the Bicol International Airport with the proposed construction site in Barangay Alobo.

February 1, 1814 was Mayon's deadliest eruption.

Geographical location

The Municipality of Daraga is located in the Southwest portion of Albay Province or at geographical coordinates of between 123 124 degrees longitude and between 13 14 degrees latitude. It is bounded on the North by Legazpi City; on the south by the Province of Sorsogon particularly the municipality of Pilar; on the East by Legazpi City and on the West by the Municipalities of Camalig and Jovellar.


The 2007 municipal population of 110,625 is distributed among the urban and rural Barangays. The urban population is 48.54% while Rural Population completes the remaining 51.45%; and the Built-up Density is 5,659 Persons/ km2. It has a literacy rate of 96.08%. the municipality growth rate is 1.3%.

In terms of employment and livelihood, farming ranks high at 33.53%, crafts and related workers as well as elementary occupations follows second with 17.71% and 21.89% respectively.


The legendary account gives meaning to the name DARAGA which refers to the more popular meaning of a Maiden. It is the local term for unmarried woman not only in the municipality of DARAGA but also in the entire Bicol Region. The early beginnings of Daraga dates back to 12th century where the settlement underwent several changes in location due to the constant threats posed by Mayon Volcano, adopting names from Budiao to Cagsawa and finally Daraga.

Daraga emerged to be progressive and prosperous in economy eventually becoming a first class municipality. The town economy, originally agriculture-based., has rapidly transformed into an eclectic emerging urban system enjoying the economic opportunities of being contiguously located to the urban center of Legazpi City. It draws trade relations with the island province of Masbate through the nearby Port of Pilar. It is strategically located along the Maharlika Highway being centrally accessible from Manila and the Visayas, as well as the other municipalities of Eastern Bicol Peninsula.


The municipality of DARAGA has a general climate characterized by Dry Season with a very pronounced Maximum Rainfall from November to December. Prevailing wind is in the general direction from North East to South West.


A land-locked municipality, DARAGA has a total land area of 118.860 square kilometers. This is about 4.70% of the land area of Albay Province. This municipal land area is distributed among the present 12 urban barangays and 42 rural barangays. The urban barangays have aggregate areas of 9.08 square kilometers or 7.59% while the Rural barangays makes-up the remaining 110.78 square kilometers or 92.41% of the total Municipal land area.


The Municipality of Daraga has predominantly Very Low Elevation (0–100 m) occupying about 80.63 square kilometers or 67.27% of the total municipal land area. The surface terrain is generally characterized by combination of levl to nearly level areas, Gentle to Undulating Areas and Undulating to Rolling Areas.


The different soil types to be found within the Municipality of Daraga are the Mayon Gravelly Sandy Loam, Annam Clay Loam, Gravelly Sandy Loam, Legazpi Fine Sandy Loam (Stoney Phase), Sevilla Clay Loam and Sevilla Clay .

The underlying geology are made up of several types, namely Alluvium, Shale and Sandstone Limestone and Basalt and Andesite Series. The prevalent geologic type is the Shale and Sandstone Sequence and other equally significant geologic types such as alluvium. Recent Volcanic, Crystalline Limestone and Psyroclastine Limestone are found near the base of Mayon Volcano mostly in the urban barangays.


Minerals available within the municipality of Daraga are non-metallic consisting of Gravel, and Boulders. These minerals are abundant in Barangays Budiao, Busay, Bañadero and Matnog brought down from the slopes of Mayon Volcano during occurrences of volcanic eruptions and rains.


The surface drainage pattern of the Municipality of Daraga is largely affected by the water run-off coming from Mayon Volcano coupled with those from other directions. Major river systems which conveys and acts as natural drainage channel as well as water source includes the 1) Yawa River in Barangay Cullat, Malobago, Kilicao, Tagas, Binitayan & Bañag which connects to the Albay Gulf in Legazpi City; 2) Colabos Creek in Bañag, San Roque, Market Area, Sagpon, and Bagumbayan; 3) Quillarena River in Malabog & Budiao; 4) Gumacon Creek in Barangay Maroroy, Tagas; and 5) Gulang-Gulang Creek in Barangay Pandan.


Transportation plays major supporting role in the social and economic development of a locality. It provides the means by which people and goods can circulate to and from any direction. The local government unit is mandated pursuant to Republic act 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991 to undertake measures to enhance its transportation system. The Municipality of Daraga possess a transportation system which supports its present functional role particularly in terms of economic development. Reasonable assessment is necessary in order to effectively enhance transportation system within the municipality.

The Municipality of Daraga has a total Road Network of about 129.01 kilometers. This is categorized either as National Roads, Provincial Roads, Municipal Roads and Barangay Roads. These barangay Roads comprised the bulk of the municipality road network system. About 24.97% are concrete paved while the remaining 75.03% remains in Asphalt, Gravel of Earth fill pavement conditions. These are about 25 bridges within the municipality and 66.22% of which are within barangay roads while the other bridges are part of national, provincial of barangay roads.

The Philippine National Railways passes through the Municipality of Daraga regularly on its way to Legazpi City or to Manila. It has a station in Barangay Market Area where the arrival and departure schedule is 5:14 AM and 3:30 PM respectively. However station facilities needs further improvement


Up to the present, Daraga has retained its title of being the most progressive town not only in the province of Albay but in the whole of the Bicol Region. For decades it has enjoyed the air of progress, being a long time first class municipality in the province. - Daraga will be the future site of the Bicol I][mkmkm nternational Airport which will further boost tourism in the region and will introduce more opportunities especially in this town. Local officials are now eyeing it's cityhood in the near future or upon the completion of the said international airport, if that so, Daraga would be the fourth city in Albay.


The municipality of Daraga has diverse existing industries. These industries are situated mostly in Urban Area as well as in strategic rural barangays. Such industries consists of the following: 1) Isarog Pulp & Papers, Co. Inc., 2) Various Abaca Handicraft Manufacturers; 3) Various Printing Press; 4) Various Furniture/Upholstery Shops; 5) Various Aluminum and Glass Manufacturers; 6) Various Rice and Feed Mills; 7) Gravel and Sand Quarrying 8) Various Concrete Products Manufacturing; 9) Various Repair Shops; 10) Various Welding Shops; 11) Various Machine Shop/Iron Works; 12) Rubber Craft; 13) Marble Works; 14) Electronics Repair Shop; 15) Various Gasoline Stations; 16) Various Bakeries/Bakeshop; 17) Cocolumber Processor; 18) Meat Products Processing; and 19) Floor Wax Repacker.

There are 927 existing commercial establishment spread around the municipality with 32 Banking and Financing agencies, 84 wholesaler and trading firms, 518 retailers, 252 service shops and offices and 40 real estate firms. |


The Municipality of Daraga possesses both existing and potential tourist spots or attractions. Its existing tourist spots/attractions are the Cagsawa Ruins and Resort & Our Lady of the Gate Parish .

Cagsawa Ruins and Resort is located in Barangay Busay. Its prominent attraction is the Belfry of the Cagsawa Church which submerged in mudflow during the February 2, 1814 Mayon Volcano Eruption and killed 1,200 people. The site is presently developed and complete with facilities for rooms, lodging and food, toilets/bathrooms, stalls for native products /ornamentals, restaurant/eateries, telephones and administration office significant number of foreign and local tourist visit the site all year round and realizes a sizeable profit.

The Our Lady of the Gate Parish was constructed in 1773 atop Sta. Maria Hill in Brgy. San Roque and is uniquely known for its rich baroque architecture.

Potential tourist attractions abounds within the municipality and are presently considered for development, namely: 1) Naglaos Cave in Barangay Nabasan; 2) Kimantong Skydrive in Barangay in Kimantong; 3) Bigao Cave in Barangay Bigao; 4) Natural Spring in Barangay Canarom; 5) San Rafael Cave in Barangay San Rafael; 6) San Vicente Grande Cave in Barangay San Vicente Grande; 7) Sumlang Lake in Barangay Salvacion.

The annual celebration of Santacrusan in almost all barangays richly depicts the bicolano culture and tradition.

Existing tourism infrastructures such as hotels, pension houses and tourist lodges, restaurants and fast foods; nightclubs and pub houses, spas and resorts, novelty or crafts shops, Land and Air transportation; power, communication and transportation facilities are already in-place.


Daragueño, Bicol, Tagalog, English


Daraga is politically subdivided into 54 barangays.

Barangays Class Population1 Area (ha) Barangay head
Alcala Rural 2501 116.1802 ESTER L. LLANDEZA
Alobo Rural 683 160.6478 DEXTER L. MARMOL
Anislag Urban 4823 858.4977 ALWEN L. NIMO
Bagumbayan Urban 3289 132.5419 MARK C. MAGALONA
Balinad Urban 1395 153.7430 ESTER LL. LONDONIO
Bañadero Rural 1577 204.0003 PERFECTO E. LLENARESAS
Bañag Urban 2798 27.3543 GAYZEL C. MANDANE
Bascaran Urban 3392 423 TEODORO L. LEGSON
Bigao Rural 887 296.0832 SALVADOR MIRAVALLES
Binitayan Urban 4212 24.0552 CELILIA A. AREVALO
Bongalon Rural 1053 73.4752 FERELYN M. SEVA
Budiao Rural 1742 290.0678 JEFFERSON M. MAPULA
Burgos Rural 999 148.6710 MERIAM M. MILLENA
Busay Rural 2098 213.7914 AMADO B. LOREJO
Canarom Rural 490 247.3559 EFREN M. LLASOS
Cullat Rural 1420 30.7778 LUIS D. ESPEJO
de la Paz Rural 734 73.1887 MARIA L. MARJALINO
Dinoronan Rural 562 61.0673 HIRFA M. ESPADILLA
Gabawan Rural 1802 93.1821 ROBERTO C. OBISPO
Gapo Rural 1853 389.2490 JESUS M. MAGDAONG JR
Ibaugan Rural 486 179.0034 RAUL LL. MALTO
Ilawod Urban 1851 18.4240 TEDDY A. VILLANUEVA
Inarado Rural 1621 682.2203 ROMMEL N. MARTICIO
Kidaco Rural 1110 116.0303 AMELIA MAGALLANO
Kilicao Urban 3752 379.4295 ERIBERTO M. MADRONA
Kimantong Urban 1838 20.9764 JOEY M. MAÑAGO
Kinawitan Rural 378 78.4592 EDUARDO N. LUBIANO
Kiwalo Rural 1162 57.6508 JANET L. LORILLA
Lacag Rural 2217 383.8633 ARTHUR L. LLABORE SR.
Mabini Rural 573 124.8330 RANULFO N. LLORERA
Malabog Rural 4049 287.4584 ALVIN L. MONTALLANA
Malobago Rural 1205 61.5571 EDUARDO LL. MAZO
Maopi Rural 1000 252.9489 ALEX M.LOTERIÑA
Market Area Urban 2616 20.8215 WILFREDO N. NAYVE
Maroroy Urban 4829 73.5990 AGNES O. MENDOZA
Matnog Rural 1459 270.1466 BONIFACIO M. ODIVER
Mayon Rural 1564 356.6953 ADORACION BLAZO
Mi-isi Rural 862 518.1970 ELMER A. LORICA
Nabasan Rural 597 552.1423 MENCHE A. LLAMASARES
Namantao Rural 1558 363.0704 MARILOU LLANETA
Pandan Rural 1321 94.3188 ROSALITO CIMANES
Peñafrancia Urban 2503 193.7429 JOSE M. LOBAS
Sagpon Urban 6876 29.6158 GUALBERTO C. MATUTINA
Salvacion Rural 3212 551.6138 NELSON N. MABINI
San Rafael Rural 278 32.6412 ALODEA M. LISAY
San Ramon Rural 1518 784.9949 AIDAR L. LLAGUNO
San Roque Urban 4388 41.9651 VICTOR U. PERETE
San Vicente Grande Rural 960 346.5665 ELENA M. VIBAR
San Vicente Pequeño Rural 312 63.6688 GONZALO N. MARFIL SR.
Sipi Urban 3420 38.9200 DEXTER BILLY M. LORICA
Tabon-Tabon Rural 2415 207.9939 RIC M. RODRIGUEZA
Tagas Urban 7786 100.4492 CHERRY M. MAYOR
Talahib Rural 515 341.9260 NIEVES M. JACOB
Villahermosa Rural 2084 414.7122 ELADIO L. RODRIGUEZA

12007 census Source:
Land Area and PB: Daraga Municipal and Developing Office
Population: NSO 2007 Census

Government Officials

City Mayor: Hon. Gerry R. Jaucian (2010 - present)



  • Daraga North Central School1
  • Alcala ES
  • Alobo ES
  • Anislag ES
  • Bagtang ES
  • Balinad ES
  • Bañadero ES
  • Bañag ES
  • Bascaran ES
  • Bigao ES
  • Binitayan ES
  • Bongalon ES
  • Budiao ES
  • Burgos ES
  • Busay ES
  • Carolina ES
  • Cullat ES
  • Canarom ES
  • Dela Paz ES
  • Gabawan ES
  • Gapo ES
  • Ibaugan ES
  • Inarado ES
  • Kidaco ES
  • Kilicao ES
  • Kinawitan ES
  • Kiwalo ES
  • Lacag ES
  • Mabini ES
  • Upper Malabog ES
  • Malobago ES
  • Maopi ES
  • Maroroy ES
  • Matnog ES
  • Mayon ES
  • Mi-isi ES
  • Nabasan ES
  • Namantao ES
  • Pandan ES
  • Peñafrancia ES
  • San Rafael ES
  • San Ramon ES
  • San Vicente Grande ES
  • San Vicente Pequeño ES
  • Tabon-tabon ES
  • Tagas ES
  • Talahib ES
  • Villahermosa ES
  • Bicol University Integrated Laboratory School (BUCEILS)
  • #ES:Elementary School, LC: Learning Center
  • 1DNCS covers Barangays Bagumbayan, Sipi,Ilawod, Market Area, Kimantong,San Roque and Sagpon (except Bagtang)
  • 2Covers Sitio Bagtang
  • 3Brgy. Salvacion
  • 4Brgy Dinoronan

High School

  • Daraga NHS
  • Anislag NHS
  • Malabog NHS
  • Lacag NHS
  • Bascaran NHS
  • Banadero NHS
  • San Vicente Grande HS
  • Kilicao HS
  • Immaculate Concepcion College of Albay (ICCA) High School Department
  • United Institute (U.I.) High School Department
  • Mary's Child Science Oriented School (MCSOS) High School Department
  • Bicol College (BC) High School Department.


  • Daraga Community College (DComC)
  • Immaculate Concepcion College of Albay (ICCA)
  • Bicol University College of Education (BUCE)
  • Bicol University College of Business, Economics and Management (BUCBEM)
  • Bicol University College of Social Science and Philosophy (BUCSSP)
  • Bicol College (BC)

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