Montenegro–Ukraine relations

Montenegro–Ukraine relations
Montenegrin-Ukrainian relations
Map indicating locations of Montenegro and Ukraine



Formal Montenegro-Ukrainian relations began on June 15, 2006 when Ukraine recognized the Republic of Montenegro, less than two weeks after the Parliament of Montenegro declared the independence of Montenegro from Serbia.[1] Both countries established diplomatic relations on August 22, 2006. Ukraine has an embassy in Montenegro. In 2008, Montenegrin Government expressed intentions of opening embassy in Kiev.[2] Although economic ties are weak, Montenegro is a transit point for human trafficking between Ukraine and Europe.[3]


Official visits and statements

In 2006, Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic visited President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko.[4][5] In October 2008 Professor Željko Radulović, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Montenegro to Ukraine, presented his letters of credence to the Ukrainian President.[6] In December 2008 the Ukrainian non-resident extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador Anatoliy Oliynyk was dismissed and replaced by Oksana Slyusarenko.[7] In February 2009 The Montenegran Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, Igor Lukšić met Oksana Slysarenko and discussed common interests including banking and economic cooperation.[8]

In July 2009, on Montenegro's third anniversary as an independent state, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko sent his congratulation to President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic.[9] Later that month Ukraine's Deputy Premier for European and International Integration met his Montenegrin counterpart and expressed support for Montenegro's aspirations for European integration.[10]


In September 2006, the two countries agreed to cooperate in fighting money laundering.[11] In March 2008 Ukraine said it was initiating an agreement on visa free travel with Montenegro.[12] In October 2008, the Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Montenegro initialed an agreement on friendship and cooperation between two countries.[13] In June 2009 the two governments signed an agreement on mutual assistance in customs matters.[14]

Human trafficking

Montenegro has been identified as a transit point for human trafficking between Ukraine and the European Union.[3] Vulnerable groups in Ukraine include women in prostitution, unaccompanied foreign minors, ethnic Roma and foreign construction workers.[15] The "Balkan route" is a notorious path for sex-trade traffickers from Eastern European countries such as Ukraine.[16] However, Montenegro has denied UN allegations on human trafficking.[17]

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