People's Republic of China–Ukraine relations

People's Republic of China–Ukraine relations
China–Ukraine relations
Map indicating locations of China and Ukraine


Former Ukrainian minister of defence Yuriy Yekhanurov meets with his Chinese counterpart Liang Guanglie in Beijing.

China–Ukraine relations are foreign relations between Ukraine and the People's Republic of China. China has an embassy in Kiev and a Consulate-General in Odessa. Ukraine has an embassy in Beijing and a Consulate-General in Shanghai. Diplomatic ties were established in 1992[1].

Chinese Ukrainian trade relations have intensified since 2008[2] and are growing, for instance various Chinese companies are interested in investing in the construction of a large orbital road around Kiev and in building a number of bridges across the Dnipro River[3]. China intends to provide a loan of 25 million yuan (about USD 3.7 million) to Ukraine.[4] During the 2009 flu pandemic in Ukraine the Chinese government allocated free aid worth a total of 3.5 million yuan ($500,000) to supply diagnostic devices, facemasks, eyeglasses, gloves, and other means of protection for Ukraine.[5]

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