People's Republic of China–Thailand relations

People's Republic of China–Thailand relations
People's Republic of China relations – Thailand relations
Map indicating locations of People's Republic of China and Thailand



People's Republic of China – Thailand relations officially started in November 1975 after years of negotiations.[1][2]



Prior to 1975, Sino-Thai relations were one of mutual suspicion as China supported left leaning factions within the Thai political circle and Thailand was weary of Chinese involvement with Cambodia's conflicts.[1]

Sino-Thai developed positively in 1978 when China continued backing Thailand during Cambodia's internal conflict whereby communist forces from Vietnam ousted the Khmer Rouge from power and threaten the security of South East Asia.[3]

Sino-Thai relations continue to develop as trade became the dominant theme in bilateral relations.[2] Thailand continues to support the One China Policy and maintains unofficial relations with Taiwan. This helps Thailand gain access to capital and the huge Chinese mainland market.[2]

Bilateral relations

The bilateral trade relations have grown from year to year.[4] Sino-Thailand bilateral trade volume in 1999 was of US $4.22 billion .[4] Trade volume between the two countries reached US $25.3 billions in 2006, 31.07 billion dollars in 2007 and 36.2 billion dollars in 2008.[5]

China's export to Thailand were computer components, electrical motors, consumer electronics, machinery, metal products, chemicals and clothing.[5]

Thailand's export to China were computer components, rubber, refined oil, plastic pellets, chemical electronics, crude oil and wood products.[5]

China is Thailand's second largest export market. China is also Thailand's largest importer of goods into the country in 2010.[6]

China and Thailand has signed a Free Trade Agreement back in 2003 which covered agricultural products.[7] It was also known as a early harvest agreement on agricultural products in 2003.[8] A comprehensive agreement is still pending negotiations.

China has planned to create China City Complex in Thailand to boost trade and get around trade barriers in the ASEAN region as well as other large foreign Markets which Thailand has trade agreements with such as the United States and European Union.[9][10] China take advantage of the ASEAN–China Free Trade Area which came into effect January 1, 2010 which will allow its goods to be exported through ASEAN countries with zero or reduced trade barriers.[10]

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