Chief Secretary for Administration

Chief Secretary for Administration
Politics and government of Hong Kong

Basic Law
Chief Executive: Donald Tsang
Chief Secretary: Stephen Lam
Financial Secretary: John Tsang
  Secretary for Justice: Wong Yan-lung
Executive Council
    Convenor of unofficials: Ronald Arculli
  Bureaus, depts, etc.
     Political Appointments       Accountability System
Legislative Council
President: Jasper Tsang
Geographical constituency
Functional constituency
Political parties
   Pan-democracy camp
   Pro-Beijing camp
Court of Final Appeal
    Chief Justice: Geoffrey Ma
  High Court
District Councils
Human rights
Foreign relations
Universal suffrage

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The Chief Secretary for Administration (Chinese: 政務司司長), commonly known as Chief Secretary and abbreviated as CS, is the second highest position of the Hong Kong Government. The CS assists the Chief Executive (Governor before the transfer of sovereignty) in supervising the policy bureaux as directed by the CE and plays a key role in the government's policy formulation and implementation as a whole. This is particularly important in areas which cut across policy bureaux.[1]

The Chief Secretary also covers specific priority areas of the Chief Executive's policy agenda, and is responsible for forging a closer and more effective working relationship with the Legislative Council and for drawing up the Government's legislative programme.

The Chief Secretary for Administration also exercises statutory functions vested in the position by law, such as those concerning the handling of appeals and certain public bodies.

Before the transfer of sovereignty in 1997, the title was simply "Chief Secretary" (布政司). Before 1976, the title was "Colonial Secretary" (輔政司).[2]

Before the introduction of Principal Officials Accountability System (POAS) in 2002, it was a civil service position. As of 2005, the position has only been filled by former civil servants who retired from the civil service.


List of Secretaries

Colonial Secretaries between 1843 and 1976

Chief Secretaries between 1976 and 1997

Chief Secretaries for Administration after 1997

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