Pillow Pal

Pillow Pal

Pillow Pals were a line of plush toys made by Ty, Inc. during the 1990s. The toys were given their name because they were soft like pillow, and were made with children in mind. Though many of them resembled certain Beanie Babies, those that did not share names with their Beanie Baby counterparts. Such Pillow Pals saw a demise in popularity in the late 1990s with the introduction of Beanie Buddies, which were also larger versions of various Beanie Babies. In January 1999, all Pillow Pals were redesigned, and their colors were changed. This new line did not sell well, and was discontinued by Ty around the end of the year.[1]

At the time of the final retirement, Ty donated its remaining stock of pillow pals to the Ronald McDonald House to be distributed to sick children.[2]

List of Pillow Pals

The following Pillow Pals were made during the 1990s:

Name Animal Type Introduced Reintroduced Retired Beanie Baby Resembled
Moose 1999 (neon) 1999 Chocolate
Lamb 1999 (neon) 1999 Fleece
Bulldog 1997 Wrinkles
Bunny 1999 (neon) 1999 Ears, but pink instead of brown
1999 (neon) 1999
Bunny 1998 Ears, but white instead of brown
Fox Sly
Porpoise Echo the Dolphin
Bear 1995 1999 (neon) 1999 Cubbie, but yellow instead of brown
Cat 1997 1999 (neon) 1999 Snip
Cow 1995 Daisy, but with white body instead of black
Pig 1995 Squealer
Platypus 1999 (neon) 1999 Patti
Tiger Stripes, but yellow-orange instead of orange-black
Bull Snort
Ribbit (All-Green)
Frog 1995 1999 (neon) 1999 Legs
Ribbit (Green-Yellow)
Frog Cumshot
Tie-Dye Bear 1998 1999 (neon) 1999 Sammy
Snap (All-Yellow)
Turtle 1995 Speedy, but yellow instead of green
Snap (Yellow-Green)
Turtle 1999 (neon) Featherhead
Bear 1995 Cubbie, but pink instead of brown
Bear 1999 Spangle
Leopard Freckles
Dalmatian Dotty
Elephant 1999 (neon) 1999 Peanut
Monkey 1999 (neon) 1999 Bongo
Whale Shamoo
Hippopotamus Melan Collie
Dog 1995 1999 (neon) 1999 Bones
Zebra Ziggy, but pink-green instead of black-white

After the 1999 redesign, the following Pillow Pals were made:

Name Animal Type Difference from original
Baba Lamb Purple rather than white
Frog New introduction in 1999
Bear New introduction in 1999
Carrots Bunny Green rather than pink
Koala New introduction in 1999
Meow Cat Purple rather than tan
Paddles Platypus Green rather than purple
Raccoon New introduction in 1999
Snap Turtle Tie-dyed rather than green
Squirt Elephant Turquoise rather than light blue
Swinger Monkey Blue and yellow rather than brown
Woof Dog Multicolored rather than brown


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