Mains Distribution Unit

Mains Distribution Unit

Mains Distribution Unit (MDU) are rackable power distribution electrical devices, mostly used in high availability environments like central apparatus rooms, data centers, server rooms to distribute clean power within racks, each MDU power inlet is fused for surge protection and power fluctuations.[1][2]

MDUs usually have multiple 415VAC 12 to 14 high density IEC 60320 outlets per 1U of rack space, with tie bar & inlet connectors. A 12 outlet MDU is generally capable of 6 Amps maximum continuous current load per outlet, with a total combined load of 16 Amps, each outlet have an assigned LED to allow identification of failed fuses. Larger MDUs might vertically span the height of a rack. Modern MDUs intelligently load balance internally, and can also be remotely monitored and managed over LAN or WAN networks.

MDU applications

Commonly used MDU installation environments:

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