Tie bar

Tie bar

A tie bar (also tie slide, tie clip, or tie clasp)cite web
title=Here Lies the Tie Clip: An elegy for a great accessory.
] is a neckwear accessory that clips a tie to the fold of a shirt, preventing it from swinging and ensuring the tie hangs straight, resulting in a neat, uniform appearance. Rising to prominence in the 1920s, the tie bar is typically worn by necktie wearing professionals.

Tie bars are usually made of metal and often have minor decorative patterns. Some tie bars have a small badge indicating membership to a club or an affiliation in the same way that ties themselves often have, or some other commemorative token. Occasionally, tie bars made of leather or chain are seen.

"The Tie Bar" is also the name of the largest brand of neckties on the internet.

Tie pin

A similar neckwear-controlling device is the tie pin (also stickpin, tie tack, or tie tac), a pin that tacks the tie directly to the shirt or to a chain, which slips through the buttonhole of the shirt. It is also much more subtle as it is much smaller than a tie clip or tie bar. However, the pin on a tie tack may eventually damage the tie because the pin must pierce the tie.

Tie chain

The tie chain is yet another option in keeping neckties under control. This necktie accessory is composed of two parts, a durable bar and a chain (typically of gold or silver). The bar attaches to a button on the shirt and when properly worn is covered entirely by the tie. The chain is then left to rest across the necktie, keeping the tie secure. Typically not seen in the business world, the tie chain appears most frequently at more formal affairs.

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