OPC Data Access

OPC Data Access

The OPC Data Access Specification is the first of a group of specifications known as the OPC Specifications.

OPC Data Access is a group of standards that provides specifications for communicating real-time data from data acquisition devices such as PLCs to display and interface devices like Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). The specifications focus on the continuous communication of data.

The OPC Data Access specification is also known as OPC DA. OPC DA deals only with real-time data and not historical data (for historical data you need to use OPC Historical Data Access, or OPC HDA). There are three attributes associated with OPC DA. These are (1) a value, (2) the quality of the value, and (3) a timestamp. The OPC DA specification states that these three attributes have to be returned to an OPC client making a request. Therefore, if the data source is not capable of providing a timestamp, for example, the OPC DA server must create a timestamp.

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