List of automation protocols

List of automation protocols

This includes list of communication network protocols used for process or industrial automation, building automation and substation automation applications.

Process automation protocols

*FOUNDATION fieldbus

*Profibus - by PROFIBUS International.


*CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) - Can be treated as application layer common to DeviceNet, CompoNet, ControlNet and EtherNet/IP

*Controller Area Network utlised in many network implementations, including CANopen and DeviceNet

*ControlNet - an implementation of CIP, originally by Allen-Bradley

*DeviceNet - an implementation of CIP, originally by Allen-Bradley

*EtherNet/IP - IP stands for "Industrial Protocol". An implementation of CIP, originally created by Rockwell Automation


*Interbus, Phoenix Contact's protocol for communication over serial links, now part of PROFINET IO

*"'HART Protocol

*DirectNet (CCM protocol) - supported by [ Automationdirect]

*Modbus RTU or ASCII

*Modbus-NET - Modbus for Networks


*Modbus Plus

*EGD (Ethernet Global Data) - GE Fanuc PLCs (see also SRTP)

*FINS, Omron's protocol for communication over several networks, including ethernet.

*Host Link, Omron's protocol for communication over serial links.

*Mechatrolink - open protocol originally developed by Yaskawa.

*MelsecNet/10, supported by Mitsubishi Electric.

*Optomux - Serial (RS-422/485) network protocol originally developed by Opto 22 in 1982. The protocol was [ openly documented] and over time used for industrial automation applications.

*SERCOS interface, Open Protocol for hard real-time control of motion and I/O

*GE SRTP - GE Fanuc PLCs

*Sinec H1 - Siemens

*SynqNet - Danaher

*TTEthernet - TTTech

*PieP - An Open Fieldbus Protocol

*BSAP - Bristol Standard Asynchronous Protocol, developed by Bristol Babcock Inc.

Building automation protocols

*BACnet - for building automation, designed by committee ASHRAE.

*LonTalk - protocol for LonWorks technology by Echelon Corporation

*Konnex - previously EIB







*CC-LINK, supported by Mitsubishi Electric

*Modbus RTU or ASCII


ubstation automation protocols

*IEC 61850



*DNP3 - Distributed Network Protocol


Automobile / Vehicle protocol buses

*Local Interconnect Network (LIN) - a very low cost in-vehicle sub-network

*Controller Area Network (CAN) - an inexpensive low-speed serial bus for interconnecting automotive components

*J1939 and ISO11783 - an adaptation of CAN for agricultural and commercial vehicles

*FlexRay - a general purpose high-speed protocol with safety-critical features

*Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) - a high-speed multimedia interface

*Keyword Protocol 2000 (KWP2000) - a protocol for automotive diagnostic devices (runs either on a serial line or over CAN)

*Vehicle Area Network (VAN)

*DC-BUS [] - Automotive power-line communication multiplexed network



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External links

* [ Modbus-IDA site]
* [ Schneider Automation site]
* [ NovaTech Orion] Automation Platform and Protocol Converter.
* [ Open Modbus/TCP Specification]
* [ ODVA--The organization responsible for DeviceNet, ControlNet, and EtherNet/IP]
* [ Archived copy of the EGD protocol specification] (no longer available from GE Fanuc's web site)
* [ EGD source code]
* [ See how EGD works]
* [ Networks supported by Mitsubishi Electric]
* [ OPC Foundation]
* [ SERCOS North America]
* [ SERCOS International e.V.]
* [ PieP Project Site @ Source Forge]

Free software exists for EtherNet/IP (Unconnected explicit messaging)
* [ CELL--CIP/Ethernet Library for Linux (now maintained by LSN-US)]
* [ Older free GNU LGPL version download of CELL]
* [ TuxPLC]

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