Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

The Fleet Management Systems Interface (FMS) is a standard interface to vehicle data of commercial vehicles. The six European manufacturers Daimler AG, MAN AG, Scania, Volvo (incl. Renault), DAF Trucks and IVECO have developed the so called FMS-Standard in 2002 to make manufacturer independent applications for telematics possible.

The following data are broadcasted at the FMS interface:
* Vehicle speed (wheel based)
* Vehicle speed (from tachograph)
* Clutch switch (on/off)
* Brake switch (on/off)
* Cruise control (on/off)
* PTO (Status/Mode)
* Accelerator pedal position (0–100 %)
* Total fuel used (litre since life time)
* Fuel level (0–100 %)
* Engine speed
* Axle weight (kg)
* Total engine hours (h)
* FMS-Standard Software Version (supported modes)
* Vehicle identification number (ASCII)
* Tachograph information
* High resolution vehicle distance
* Service distance
* Engine coolant temperature

The data are coded according SAE J 1939. The repetition rate of the data is between 20ms (e.g. engine speed) and 10 sec. (e.g. vehicle identification number)

With the FMS-Standard it is now possible to have manufacturer independent applications and evaluations of the data.

The amount of data is dependent on the manufacturer and model of the vehicle and might be different. If some data are not available at the interface they are marked as not available.

According a note from the truck manufacturers the FMS-Standard is seen as a world wide standard. A direct connection to the internal vehicle bus system is not permitted by the truck manufacturers and could lead to the loss of warranty.Meanwhile some manufacturers are quite restrictive in their workshops and cut all unknown connections to the internal bus system

According ACEA ca. 160.000 vehicles were fitted with a FMS-Standard Interface in the year 2007.The FMS-Standard was as well the base for the Bus-FMS-Standard for buses and coaches which was published in the year 2004.

See also

* SAE J1939

External links

* [http://www.fms-standard.com/ Official FMS-Standard Website]
* [http://www.bus-fms-standard.com/ Official Bus-FMS-Standard Website]

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