Nuclear power in Scotland

Nuclear power in Scotland

Nuclear power contributes about half of Scotland's electricity.[1] The current Scottish National Party (SNP) government elected in 2007 however has a 'no new nuclear power strategy'. This position is at odds with UK government policy which in January 2008 announced the go-ahead for new nuclear power stations to be built across the United Kingdom. Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond maintains that there is 'no chance' of new nuclear power stations being built in Scotland.[2] The Scottish Government's stance has been backed by the Scottish Parliament that voted 63-58 to support the Scottish Government's policy of opposing new nuclear power stations.[3]


Nuclear reactors in Scotland

Power station reactors

Research reactors

  • Dounreay
    • VULCAN (Rolls-Royce Naval Marine) (decommissioned in 1992)
    • PWR2 (Rolls-Royce Naval Marine) - (scheduled to shut down in 2014)
    • DMTR - (shut down 1969)
    • Dounreay Fast Reactor - Fast breeder reactor (shut down 1994)
    • Prototype fast reactor - (shut down 1994)
  • East Kilbride - Scottish Universities Research and Reactor Centre (deactivated 1995, fully dismantled 2003)


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