Ohlone College

Ohlone College

Coordinates: 37°31′49.88″N 121°54′52.05″W / 37.5305222°N 121.9144583°W / 37.5305222; -121.9144583

Ohlone College
Established 1965
Type Community College
President Dr. Gari Browning
Academic staff 465 (Part Time and Full Time)
Admin. staff 235
Students 19,000
Location Fremont, California California, United States United States
Campus 2 campuses (Fremont and Newark)
ASOC President Jason Trinidad
Colors Green, Yellow and White             
Mascot Renegade
Affiliations California Community Colleges
Website Ohlone.edu

Ohlone College is a community college located in Fremont, California. It was established in 1965. Ohlone College is a single college, multi campus district serving the areas of Fremont, Newark, and Union City with its main campus and district office in Fremont. It is one of 112 community colleges in the state of California and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

A satellite center called the Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology opened in January 2008 on an 80-plus-acre site in Newark, California. Voters approved a $150 million bond measure for this project in March 2002.[1]


History of Ohlone College

"Officially named Ohlone College on June 18, 1967, the institution honors the early Ohlone Indians of the Costanoan tribe, who inhabited the Fremont and Newark area. Long before the local Indians were named Costanoans by the Spanish priests, they were known by a neighboring Miwuk tribe as the Ohlones or “people of the West.” Distinguished by peaceful pursuits, especially in agriculture, they held profound reverence for the earth, believing it was theirs for living and not for the taking. They aided the Franciscan Fathers in building Mission San José in the late 18th century and prospered until 1806-33 when a series of epidemics virtually destroyed the tribe."[2]

The Fremont-Newark Junior College District was formed in 1965 following voter approval. Ohlone College opened at Serra Center in 1967, with construction of the Fremont campus following in 1972.[3] The district was first renamed Fremont-Newark Community College District, then Ohlone Community College District.[4]

Sample of Academic Areas

Degrees, Certificates, and Transfer Programs

A complete list of Ohlone College's Degrees, Certificates, and Transfer Programs is available on the Ohlone College website.

Center for Deaf Studies

The Center for Deaf Studies is proud to have one of the largest and most comprehensive programs in the West designed to meet the academic and vocational needs of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.

Ohlone College was created in 1967 to serve members of the Fremont Community. In 1972, the Ohlone College Center for Deaf Studies and Special Services was established when the College opened its doors to 30 Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. The population changes each semester and the Center for Deaf Studies has grown and has served up to 200 Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in a single year.

The Center for Deaf Studies is designed to open doors to educational and occupational opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

The primary purpose of the Center for Deaf Studies is to provide an opportunity for all individuals to gain maximum benefit from their educational experience. Ohlone College encourages Deaf and Hard of Hearing students to participate with their peers in the same activities and courses.

Biotechnology Department

Ohlone College offers classes leading to a certificate in Biotechnology. The field of Biotechnology is making groundbreaking discoveries that fight disease, improve food production, and help with cleaning up the environment. Biotechnology is a growing industry in southern Alameda and Santa Clara counties - with excellent opportunities, pay, and benefits to its employees.

Ohlone's Biotechnology A.S. Degree and Biotechnology Certificates provide students with an excellent preparation in various protocols and hands-on laboratory skills used in many biotech, bioscience and medical device companies. A goal of this program is to prepare students for entry-level positions.

Degree offered: Biotechnology A.S. Certificates offered: Bio-Manufacturing, Bio-Statistics, Cell Production / Fermentation, Quality Control / Research Associate.

Biotechnology High School Outreach Programs

Learning Alliance for Bioscience (LAB) Program: A National Science Foundation funded program that places high school students from underrepresented populations on an academic pathway to prepare for college degrees in biotechnology.

Fine Arts, Business, and Communication Division

Ohlone College offers many opportunities for personal achievement in arts for students and for the community. Participation in the arts broadens perspectives, stimulates the imagination, celebrates diversity, builds bridges across cultures, and exposes us to magnificent artistic monuments.

Fine Arts, Business, and Communication Division consists of the departments of Art, Broadcasting (Film & Television and Radio), Business Administration, Journalism, Multimedia, Music, Real Estate, Speech and Communication Studies, and Theatre and Dance.

Instructional programs serve three main student constituencies: (1) transfer, (2) occupational, and (3) continuing education. We seek to assist in the development of cultural arts in the Fremont-Newark community.

The division offers general education classes in the arts and provides practical instruction in studio art as well as performing opportunities in musical groups and theatrical productions. Each Spring, the Annual Student Art Show takes place in the Louie-Meager Art Gallery overseen by gallery director/curator Kenney Mencher, and the Multimedia Festival takes place at Hyman Hall on Ohlone College's Fremont campus.

Broadcasting Department

Ohlone College is the home of 89.3 KOHL radio and ONTV-28 television channel broadcast over cable. The radio station and TV studios are housed on the campus. The Ohlone Network News on the TV channel is prepared and delivered by students themselves. KOHL has been the host of notable individuals such as civil rights activist Bobby Seale[5][6] and actress Rita Moreno.[7][8]

The Broadcasting curriculum at Ohlone College is designed to prepare students as broadcasters for careers in journalism, the radio industry, television, and related fields (advertising). Students are encouraged to develop a wide variety of skills in order to be better prepared for a wide range of vocational opportunities. Placement often depends on audition tape; portfolio of scripts; willingness to relocate anywhere in the country; talent; job availability; and a thorough job search.

Certificates offered by the Broadcasting Department at Ohlone College include:

  • Audio Technician
  • Digital Video and Editing
  • Entertainment Television
  • Lighting and Video for Television
  • Live Television Production
  • Music Video Production
  • Radio Air Talent
  • Radio Digital Production
  • Radio Program Management
  • Radio Studio Operations
  • Journalism
  • Theatrical and TV Lighting Technician
  • and more

Broadcasting: Film & Television

Ohlone College Broadcasting: Film and Television offers hands-on classes in film production, film directing, film editing, AVID editing, Final Cut Pro editing, shooting video for TV, film production, video production and TV news production.

The department teaches hands-on digital video production, using full-size Sony DV Cams, and television news production including a live weekly newscast during the spring and fall semesters, as well as an ASL (American Sign Language) live newscast.

Students have the opportunity to write, produce and edit their own short films which are then broadcast on Ohlone College Television ONTV Channel 28 (Comcast Cable) and streamed live to the internet at www.ohlonetv.com. The station broadcasts theater department productions, student-produced films and television pilots, as well as other content aimed at a college audience. Dina Ruiz Eastwood, wife of Clint Eastwood, anchored the show Newsline at the school before moving on to San Francisco State University and KSBW-TV.

Broadcasting: Radio

Ohlone College's Radio Broadcasting department is a career-oriented, operations intensive curriculum featuring the latest technology. Lecture and lab situations combine to provide students with the background and skills required to meet the needs of the radio communications industry. Students broadcasting in the radio control room for KOHL Radio 89.3. Students are exposed to both analog and digital studio systems, including digital multitrack production techniques.

KOHL Radio 89.3 is a non-commercial FM radio station broadcasting in the contemporary hit format. Because of the high level of professionalism projected by Ohlone broadcasting students over the air, many area residents are unaware that they are listening to a campus radio station.

Health Sciences Division

The Health Sciences and Environmental Studies Division at Ohlone College can help you prepare for a job as a Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistant, or Phlebotomist. Most programs only take between two and three years to complete.

Registered Nursing Department

Ohlone College offers an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) and the California Board of Registered Nurses (BRN). Students who graduate from this Nursing program are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN which leads to licensure as a registered nurse (RN).

Ohlone's Registered Nursing program can be completed in two academic years. The graduates of an associate degree program in nursing are prepared to practice as staff nurses providing direct patient care in hospitals and long-term care facilities, clinics, and other agencies where nursing roles and services are structured and well developed.

All classes are held on the Ohlone College Newark Center. Clinical, hospital, and community experiences are provided at a number of sites in Alameda, Santa Clara, and other local counties. During the first year, nursing students take basic nursing and support courses to the major. The development of critical thinking, professional oral and written communications, and ethical practice form the foundation for success in future nursing courses. Beginning in the latter part of the first year and continuing through the second year, nursing courses are more specifically concerned with the care of patients ranging in age from infants to the elderly with various conditions affecting their health. With expert faculty guidance, nursing students learn to function in the clinical setting as they care for clients with a wide variety of health-illness problems.

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Department

Ohlone College's Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program is a two calendar year course of study leading to an Associate of Science Degree and eligibility to take the National PTA licensing examination. The degree requirements include general education, supporting courses, and Physical Therapist Assistant theory and clinical courses. Successful completion of the PTA major field courses and supporting courses meet the Tech Tools graduation requirement.

The PTA Program at Ohlone College is limited to 32 students per class each academic year. Clinical affiliations are an essential part of the program. Students are expected to be able to travel to off-campus locations in the greater Bay Area.

Ohlone College's PTA program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education of the American Physical Therapy Association.

Physical Therapist Assistants are skilled health care providers who work under the direction of a Physical Therapist (PT). Duties of the PTA include assisting the PT in implementing treatment programs, training patients in exercise and activities of daily living, conducting treatments, and reporting to the PT on the patient's response.

PTAs work in HMO's, hospitals, private physical therapy offices, community health centers, corporate and health centers, nursing homes, home health agencies, schools, pediatric centers, and colleges and universities.

Program Admission is based on a selective process and involves a special Application for Admission. Applicants are selected once a year and begin the course of study each Fall semester.

Respiratory Therapist (RT) Department

Respiratory care is a health care specialty directed at the diagnosis, treatment, management, and care of patients with deficiencies and abnormalities associated with the cardio‑respiratory system.

The Respiratory Therapist is a licensed healthcare professional in cardio-pulmonary evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

Upon completion of Ohlone's Respiratory Therapist program graduates are eligible to sit for the California State License Examination for Respiratory Care Practitioner (RCP). Once the RCP Credential has been attained graduates are eligible to sit for the Advanced Level Practitioner Examinations (RRT) of the National Board for Respiratory Care.

This program is based on a selective admission process and involves a special Application for Admission. Applicants are selected once a year and begin the course of study each Fall semester.

Environmental Studies Department

Carl Sagan once asked, “Who will speak for Earth?”

With this question and the namesake of our college in mind, the Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology was founded in the spring of 2008. The opening of this LEEDs Platinum campus reinforced the overall commitment of the Ohlone Community College District not only in providing a first rate academic environment but also its commitment to the community at large.

Using a holistic approach to the field of Environmental Studies, the Green Academy of Sciences and Technology External link. was created as an overall “green umbrella” to bring the best from both the social and physical science disciplines to the students.

Courses in the Ohlone College Environmental Studies Department include:

  • Solar Photovaltaic Design and Installation
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Law and Regulations
  • Environmental GIS

Degrees offered include Environmental Studies A.A. and Environmental Science A.S. (both are also transfer majors). There is also a certificates in Environmental Stewardship.

Psychology Department

The Ohlone College Psychology Department provides undergraduate courses in the field of psychology, readying students for transfer to university with a solid foundation in the major theories of psychology and counseling. A sampling of the course provided includes:

   * PSY-101 General Psychology
   * PSY-102 Introduction to Experimental Psychology
   * PSY-104/AJ-119 Murder in America
   * PSY-105 Child Development
   * PSY-106 Adolescent Development
   * PSY-108 A Survey of Human Development
   * PSY-112 Social Psychology
   * PSY-114 Introduction to Paraprofessional Counseling
   * PSY-115 Abnormal Psychology
   * PSY-120 Biological Psychology
   * PSY-139 Psychology in the Workplace

Upon successful completion of the courses in this discipline, the student should be able to: demonstrate understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity through knowledge of behavioral principles from a cross-cultural perspective; utilize critical thinking skills necessary to critically assess real world issues and the various perspectives on them; evaluate scientific studies with an understanding of what constitutes a valid research method and publication source; effectively communicate skills by reading primary and secondary source material, discussing course content, and writing one or more papers; understand the diverse assumptions and values that shape our experiences and/or attitudes of the world; and articulate the major psychological theories.

Environmental factors

Like nearly all such structures built in the 1960s, the school's gymnasium was analyzed in 1989 and found to contain asbestos fibers; in addition acoustical reverberation analysis was conducted at that time.[9] These analyses led to the replacement of the gymnasium ceiling with asbestos free material that offered higher acoustical absorption to mitigate the previous reverberation issue.

The Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology opened in January 2008 as the country's first "green" community college. The campus features state-of-the-art energy conservation capability, onsite solar energy generation, geothermal heating and cooling technology, recycling/Reuse techniques, healthy building materials, natural lighting, ergonomic furnishings, soils and watershed conservation, and drought-resistant/native plants.[10]

Associated Students

The Associated Students of Ohlone College exists to represent the student's needs, wants, and concerns.

Student Government

The Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) Student Government consists of Senators and seven Executive Officers.[11] More information can be found on the Ohlone College website or the ASOC Student Government website

2011 - 2012 Executive Officers


  • Jason Trinidad

Vice President

  • Nabeel Naqvi


  • Amit Patel


  • Tawney Warren

Representative At Large

  • Nandar Lin

Legislative Representative

  • Alex Hernandez

Newark Representative

  • Manav Shah

Marketing and Communications Representative

  • Charlyn Gonda

Student Member, Board of Trustees

  • Kevin Feliciano


Ohlone College has many active clubs. The following is a list as of April 27, 2009[12]

  • Afghan Youth Coalition
  • American Sign Language Club (ASL Club)
  • American Medical Student Association (AMSA) Health Care Coalition
  • Anime Club
  • Asian Pacific American Student Association (APASA)
  • Beta Tau Mu Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Bibliophiles Anonymous
  • Biology Club
  • Business and Economics Club
  • Game Developers Club
  • Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
  • Indian Student Association
  • International Club
  • Liberated Individuals For the Environment (LIFE Club)
  • Make-A-Wish
  • Math League
  • Muslim Student Association (MSA)
  • Ohlone College Civic Engagement Club
  • Ohlone League of Engineering
  • Photography Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Smash University (Competitive Badminton)
  • Speech and Communications Club
  • Statistics Club


  • Nurses of Ohlone College
  • Peer Mentors
  • Respiratory Therapy

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