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San Francisco State University

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motto ="Experientia Docet" (Latin)
mottoeng ="Experience Teaches"
established =1899
type =Public
calendar =Semester
endowment =$41.2 million [cite web | title = All Institutions Listed by Fiscal Year 2007 Market Value of Endowment Assets with Percent Change Between 2006 and 2007 Endowment Assets | work =2007 NACUBO Endowment Study | publisher =National Association of College and University Business Officers | date = | url = | format = PDF | doi = | accessdate =]
staff =2,048 [ SF State Facts 2006-2007: Faculty & Staffs] , San Francisco State University]
faculty =1,783
president =Robert A. Corrigan
students =29,628 [ SF State Facts 2006-2007: Students] , San Francisco State University]
undergrad =23,843
postgrad =5,785
city =San Francisco
state =California
country =USA
campus =Urban, 134 acres (0.4 km²) [ SF State Facts 2006-2007: Today] , San Francisco State University]
former_names = San Francisco State Normal School (1899-1921)
San Francisco State Teachers College (1921-35)
San Francisco State College (1935-74)
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mascot =Gators
address =San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132
affiliations =California State University system
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San Francisco State University (informally referred to as San Francisco State, SF State, State and SFSU) is a public university located in San Francisco, California, bordering Lake Merced and Stonestown Galleria, at the corner of 19th and Holloway Avenues. The university, as part of the 23-campus California State University system, offers 117 areas of study for bachelor's degrees, 96 for master's, 27 credential programs and 34 certificate programs, from eight academic colleges. San Francisco State University is currently ranked as the 48th best masters'-granting university in the Western United States by U.S. News & World Report. [ San Francisco State University profile] , U.S. News & World Report.]

In the year of 2006–2007, approximately 29,628 students were enrolled at San Francisco State University, of which 80.47% were undergraduate students and 19.53% were graduate students. San Francisco State University was founded in 1899, making it one of California's oldest public universities.


*1899 - Founded as San Francisco State Normal School.
*1901 - First graduating class
*1906 - The 1906 earthquake and fire forces the school to relocate from Nob Hill to a new campus at Buchanan and Haight Streets.
*1921 - Renamed San Francisco State Teachers College
*1923 - First bachelor of arts degree awarded
*1935 - Renamed San Francisco State College
*1953 - Present campus near Lake Merced opens; it is formally dedicated in October, 1954.
*1966 - Beginning of the era of campus protests led by student organizations including the Black Students Union and the Third World Liberation Front. The protests against college policies and off-campus issues such as the Vietnam War included sit-ins, rallies, marches, teach-ins, and on several occasions violent conflicts with police. The protests were marked by counter-protests and widespread charges of corruption and election fraud in the student newspaper.
*1968 - A lengthy student strike erupted that developed into an important event in the history of the U.S. in the late 1960s. It was as significant, or more so, than events that occurred at UC Berkeley.Fact|date=August 2008 The strike was led by the Third World Liberation Front, and it demanded an Ethnic Studies program as well as an end to the Vietnam War. This became a major news event for weeks in the aftermath of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. At one point, University president S.I. Hayakawa famously pulled the wires out of the speakers on top of a van at a student rally. During the course of the strike large numbers of police drawn from many jurisdictions occupied the campus and over 700 people were arrested on various protest-related charges.
*1969 - In March, the strike officially comes to an end, with the administration retaining control of hiring and admissions, and the creation of the School (now College) of Ethnic Studies.
*1972 - Received University status as California State University, San Francisco
*1974 - Renamed San Francisco State University
*1993 - Downtown campus opened
*1999 - Celebrated 100th birthday
*2007 - New Downtown Campus opened at 835 Market Street


The university's colleges are:
* Behavioral and Social Sciences
* Business
* Creative Arts
* Education
* Ethnic Studies
* Health and Human Services
* Humanities
* Science and Engineering

In addition, the university features an extended learning program [] , open university [] , and for mature learners. []

The university awards bachelor's degrees in 112 areas of specialization and master's degrees in 96. It jointly offers three doctoral programs; a doctorate in education in partnership with University of California, Berkeley for aspiring principals and school administrators, and two doctorates in physical therapy with University of California, San Francisco.

The Cinema department, in the College of Creative Arts, was named one of the nation's "top film schools" by Entertainment Weekly in 2000 [] . Alumni of the program have worked on such films as Titanic, Schindler's List, and .Fact|date=March 2008


The university is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities, a subgroup of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The College of Business is accredited by The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International).


*The university is currently ranked as the 48th best masters'-granting university in the Western United States by U.S. News & World Report. [ San Francisco State University profile] , U.S. News & World Report.]
*"U.S. News & World Report" ranks San Francisco State University 1st in reputation among its "Western University Tier 2 peers" in 2000. [] [] .
*Among Western Universities, of which there are 112, San Francisco State was ranked 10th in terms of campus diversity by "U.S. News and World Report" [] .
*"U.S. News & World Report" ranks San Francisco State as 8th nationally in the number of transfer students [] .
*San Francisco State University's physical therapy master's program is consistently ranked among the top 20 in the country by "U.S. News and World Report" [] .
*San Francisco State University ranks 1st nationwide in the number of biological sciences undergrads who go on to earn biology Ph.D.s according to the most recent "National Science Foundation" report [] .
*San Francisco State University is among the top 201 colleges and universities that offer "real world," job-focused services and skill development, according to "Great Colleges for the Real World" by (Michael P. Viollt, Octameron Associates, 2002) [] .
*San Francisco State University is listed as having "one of the nation's top film schools" by "Entertainment Weekly" [] .
*Each year San Francisco State University's College of Business awards more business degrees than Stanford, UC Berkeley and the University of San Francisco -- combined [] .
*San Francisco State University sends more master's graduates into Ph.D. programs than any other masters'-granting university in the country [] .
*San Francisco State University is the only university in California to offer a bachelor's degree in technical and professional writing [] .
*The Academy of Management, the leading professional association for management scholars in the world, honored San Francisco State University's College of Business' Ohrenschall Center for Entrepreneurship with the McGraw-Hill/Irwin Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award (2002) [] .
*San Francico State University's College of Extended Learning offers the only American Bar Association-approved paralegal studies program in San Francisco [] .
*San Francisco State University was one of the first California State University campuses to offer a doctorate of education [] .
*San Francisco State University is the first and only university in the United States to house a College of Ethnic Studies [] .


In 1968, what was then the longest student strike in the nation's history [] , resulted in establishment of a College of Ethnic Studies, and increased recruiting and admissions of students of color. The University's extensive and sustained efforts at addressing tensions between Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian students [] in 2002 have become a national modelFact|date=February 2007 for addressing civil discussion and disagreement on college campuses.

The university's public enrollment data for Fall 2006 [] shows a slight under-representation of two minority groups when compared with the U.S. population. It reports a Native American enrollment of 0.8% (compared to 1.0% for the national population), and an African-American enrollment of 6.8% (compared to 12.8%). However there is a combined Chicano and other Latino enrollment of 16.9% (compared to 14.4% persons of Hispanic or Latino origin in the national population), and a total Asian or Pacific Islander enrollment of 24.5% (versus 4.5% of the national population), which shows that the enrollment may be more in line with citywide and statewide demographics [] . It is notable that the report's demographic categories and U.S. census categories use different language, and are therefore only broadly comparable.


The school first adopted their mascot, the Gator, in 1931. After a call for a mascot by the student newspaper the "Bay Leaf", students suggested the "alligator" for its strength and steadfastness. The student also suggested the spelling "Golden Gaters," with an "e," in reference to the Golden Gate. Students voted in favor of the name, but after numerous "misspellings" by the newspaper, the use of Gator, with an "o," stuck. [ [ SFSU Centennial History] , San Francisco State University]

The team was called the Golden Gaters until the late 40's. At that time, they began having two live alligators at football games, Oogee (oo-gee) and Ougee (aug-gee). The name was changed to the Golden Gators. The alligator mascots were dropped shortly and Golden was dropped from the name in the early 70's.

Campus buildings

Classes and Services

* Administration (ADM)
* Burk Hall (BH)
* Business Building (BUS)
* Cesar Chavez Student Center - a unique building with an unusual floor plan. The ground floors are shaped like hexagons, containing open areas, concessions, the book store and the cafeteria. Each hexagon is topped by a thin pyramid approximately five stories tall. Both pyramids lean at approximately 45 degrees towards each other. The inside of the pyramids contain a stacked set of ever-higher living-room-like areas with couches and tables.
* Creative Arts Building (CA)
* Fine Arts Building (FA)
* Gymnasium (GYM)
* Hensill Hall (HH)
* Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Building
* Humanities Building (HUM)
* J. Paul Leonard Library (currently under renovation expected completion date 2011)
* Ethnic Studies and Psychology (EP)
* Science Building (SCI)
* Student Health Center - An underground building with a center open-air court area.
* Student Services Building (SSB)
* Thornton Hall (TH)

Residence Buildings, Communities, and Services

* Café in the Park [] []
* City Eats Dining Center [] []
* Mary Park Hall []
* Mary Ward Hall []
* Science and Technology Theme Community (STTC) []
* The Towers at Centennial Square []
* The Village at Centennial Square []
* University Park North []
* University Park South []

Conference Facilities

* Seven Hills Conference Center []
* Towers Conference Center []
* Downtown Campus []


The school's athletic teams, called the Gators, compete in the California Collegiate Athletic Association (except in wrestling, that is in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference), in the Division II of the NCAA. SFSU fields eleven sports for men and women for the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Fall sports for men include cross country and soccer. Fall sports for women include cross country and soccer. Winter sports for men include basketball and wrestling. Winter sports for women include basketball and indoor track and field. The spring sport for men is baseball. Spring sports for women include outdoor track and field and softball.

SFSU has produced three major league baseball players, of which two later became All-Stars (former Mets shortstop Bud Harrelson, and former Brewers and Red Sox outfielder Tommy Harper).

Wrestling has been the most successful sports team in SFSU history. The Gators have scored at a National Championship meet every year since 1963-64. They currently have the sixth longest scoring streak of any collegiate squad. Lars Jensen has been the head coach since 1983-84 and has had an All-American in 22 of his 24 seasons. He has coached nine individual NCAA Champions, 50 All-Americans and in 1996-97, he led SFSU to the NCAA Division II National Championship.


Recent controversies have included accusations of racial profiling surrounding the 2005 arrest of Dr. Antwi Akom, at the time a tenure-track assistant professor of Africana Studies. Akom allegedly fought with and was subsequently arrested by campus police outside his office. He had previously expressed his concerns regarding police conduct to the administration in a letter. In reporting on the incident, the university’s paper [] also cites another controversial incident in 2004. The local ABC news affiliate reported that Akom was charged with two felonies in the incident [] and that some witnesses corroborate the University Police department's version of events. Charges against Akom were eventually lifted by the San Francisco district attorney.

The incident prompted supporters to create a website that advocates the end of what they term racial profiling at San Francisco State. [] The administration defended its role in the entire incident. It commissioned an investigation by former City Attorney Louise Renne and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, the latter an alumnus of the university and popular advocate of diversity in California politics. [] [] The president's public statements marketed the investigation as an independent commission. The investigation concluded that no racial profiling took place. []

Additional controversies include:
*Student protests of military recruiters on campus (in which the administration defended its actions [] ), and confrontations between students with differing views on the Iraq War (in which the administration defended its actions again [] ).
*The National Lawyers Guild charged that the university violated due process rights of campus anti-war activists. []
*The Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) has charged that the university violated due process rights of campus anti-war activists []
*A near-riot occurred on May 7, 2002, when a pro-Palestinian group attended a pro-Israel demonstration on campus. The pro-Israel students say that the Palestinian supporters chanted anti-semitic epithets at them, such as "Hitler should have finished the job." The pro-Palestinian group say the pro-Israelis started the conflict by calling them terrorists and using epithets such as "camel jockey." No violence occurred, but campus and city police were called in to defuse the situation. []
*In 1994 a mural depicting Malcolm X was painted on the student union building, commissioned by the Pan-African Student Union and African Student Alliance. The mural's border contained yellow Stars of David and dollar signs mingled with skulls and crossbones and near the words "African Blood." The next week, after demonstrations on both sides, the school administration had the mural painted over, and subsequently sand blasted. [] Two years later a new Malcolm X mural was painted, without the controversial symbols. []

Notable alumni


*Gary Austin - actor, teacher, founding director of the "Groundlings"
*Kari Byron - artist, cast member on the Discovery Channel show "MythBusters"
*Tory Belleci - special effects engineer and cast member on the Discovery Channel show "MythBusters"
*Annette Bening - Academy Award-nominated actress, "American Beauty", The American President
*Alex Borstein - comedian, actress, voice actress
*Christopher Boyes - Academy Award-winning sound designer and mixer
*Rachel Brice - belly dancer
*David Carradine - actor
*Dana Carvey - comedian
*Vernon Chatman - co-creator of "Wonder Showzen"
*Lisa Cholodenko - director and screenwriter High Art, Laurel Canyon
*Peter Coyote - actor and author
*Michael Curtis - television, film writer, and producer
*Roger Dobkowitz - former producer of The Price is Right
*Arthur Dong - Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker
*Keir Dullea - actor
*Danny Glover - actor, best known for his role as Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon series of action films.
*Richard Goodman - television writer
*Nina Hartley - porn actress
*Ed Haynes - folk singer and songwriter
*Ellen Idelson - television writer and producer
*Sarah Lane - former host of "Attack of the Show"
*John Lee - co-creator of "Wonder Showzen"
*Delroy Lindo - actor
*Rosie Malek-Yonan - actress
*Mike McShane - actor and improvisational artist
*Mary Mara - actress
*Ed Marques - actor, comedian and MTV VeeJay
*Rex Navarrete - comedian
*Kenn Navarro - animator, creator of Happy Tree Friends
*Melissa Ng - actress
*Steven Okazaki - filmmaker
*Greg Proops - actor and stand-up comedian
*Reg Rogers - actor and Tony Award nominee
*Cyrus Saatsaz - creative director, KNBR. Host of The Extreme Scene. Accomplished freelance action-sports writer.
*Ggreg Snyder - actor and pop culturist
*Ronnie Schell - actor and comedian
*Frank Silva - actor (Killer Bob in Twin Peaks)
*Jeffrey Tambor - actor
*B.D. Wong - actor
*Steven Zaillian - Academy Award-winning screenwriter, film producer and cinematographer. Wrote or co-wrote "American Gangster", "Schindler's List" amongst others.


*Dean Biersch- Founder of the Gordon Biersch Brewing Company
*Robert L. Harris- Vice President of Environmental Affairs at PG&E
*Gregory Fischbach - Founder of Acclaim Entertainment, a videogame company
*Andreas Glocker- Founder of Sirius Connections
*Gilman Louie- Software entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and Founder and former CEO of In-Q-Tel
*Manny Mashouf- Founder of bebe stores inc. clothing retail shops
*Chris Larson- Co-Founder and chairman of online lender E-Loann and founder of
*Kenneth Fong- Founder of Clontech Laboratories and chairman of Palo Alto based Kenson Ventures LLC
*Mohan Gyiani- President and CEO of AT&T Mobility
*George M. Marcus- Founder of Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Brokerage Company
*Jayshree Ullal- Senior Vice President at Cisco Systems, Inc. ,was named one of Newsweek magazine's "20 Most Powerful Women to Watch" in 2001.
*Stephen M. Wolf- Former Chairman of United Airlines


*Willie Brown - member and 58th Speaker of the California State Assembly and former mayor of San Francisco, California
*John L. Burton - former president pro tempore of the California State Senate
*Ron Dellums - mayor of Oakland and former U.S. Representative from 1971-1998
*Saeb Erekat - head of the Negotiations Affairs Department of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
*Keith Kerr - Military general and gay rights activist [ [ SLDN Military Advisory Council - - Retrieved November 30, 2007] ]
*Wilma Mankiller - First female Chief of the Cherokee Nation
*Mario Savio - Berkeley free speech activist
*Bill Thomas - American politician, representing the 22nd District of California in the House of Representatives
*Leland Yee - member, California State Senate
*Javad Zarif - Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations
*Hank Chapot - founding member, Green Party of California and Green Party of the United States, three time candidate for California's 14th Assembly District. 1994, 1996, 98 Volunteer archivist, California Green Archives
*Faisal bin Musa'id - Saudi prince who killed his uncle, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia


*Kevin Cadogan - former guitarist for rock band Third Eye Blind
*Paul Desmond - jazz alto sax player; played with Dave Brubeck for many years
*Craig Fairbaugh - Lead/Backup vocalist and guitarist Plus 44, Mercy Killers
*Fat Mike - lead singer and bassist for the punk band NOFX
*Jennifer Finch - former bassist for all-girl punk group L7
*Johnny Mathis - musician
*Dan 'The Automator' Nakamura - music producer
*Terry Riley - composer
*Cal Tjader - jazz vibraphonist
*Janet Weiss - drummer Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, The Jicks
*Frank Moura jazz band director at Menlo Atherton High School
*Jess Thomas - Heldentenor
*Vince Guaraldi - jazz musician and composer of the Peanuts cartoon music


*Po Bronson - author and journalist (MFA in creative writing)
*Ernest J. Gaines - novelist
*Cork Graham - author and war correspondent (AP)
*Linda Gregg - an award-winning American poet.
*Bill Lee - author
*Rosie Malek-Yonan - author of [ The Crimson Field]
*Frances Mayes - author of "Under the Tuscan Sun"
*Richard Melo - author of Jokerman 8, a novel set at San Francisco State University
*William Mize - Shamus Award nominated mystery author
*Anne Rice - novelist
*David Wallechinsky - author
*Shawn Wong - author
*Kirby Wright - poet and novelist (MFA in Creative Writing)


*Ken Bastida - news anchor, CBS affiliate in San Francisco, California
*Stan Bunger - news anchor, KCBS-AM, San Francisco, California
*Ben Fong-Torres - writer, broadcaster, editor at "Rolling Stone"
*Mike Galanos - CNN Headline News anchor
*Kimberly Hunt - Award Winning News Anchor, KGTV 10 News, San Diego
*Frank Munnich - traffic reporter for Shadow Traffic, KCBS-AM
*Bill Nichols - sportswriter, Dallas Morning News
*Malou Nubla - former television host on KRON and KPIX
*Frank Somerville - news anchor for KTVU
*Christopher Ternate - Journalist and Notable Professional Male Model
*Jan Wahl (movie critic) - journalist and movie critic for KRON and KCBS
*Pierre Salinger- The press secretary to President John F. Kennedy and longtime chief of ABC's Paris bureau
*Dylan de Thomas - environmental journalist ("Resource Recycling Magazine")


*R. Paul Butler - astronomer who discovered first system of multiple planets orbiting around a sun-like star.
*Yvonne Cagle - NASA astronaut
*Heather Fong - current and first female chief of the San Francisco Police Department (MA)
*Charles Hall - inventor of the waterbed
*Stan Mazor - while at Intel, helped to design the first microprocessor with Federico Faggin
*Floyd Peters - former NFL player and coach
*Kathleen Rand Reed - corporate anthropologist and ethnomarketer
*Bob Toledo - former UCLA head football coach, current head coach at Tulane University


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* [ Official website]
* [ Official athletics website]
* [ Student Publication]
* [ Pre-admissions information]
* [ On-Campus Housing Website]

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