Children of Passions

Children of Passions

The following are characters from the American soap opera Passions who are notable for being the children of important characters, but are too minor to have their own articles. The show wrapped up on August 7, 2008.


Sam Bennett

Unknown actor (January 2008)

Samuel Herbert "Sam" Bennett[1] is the newborn son of Jessica Bennett and Herbert "Spike" Lester, born sometime on or between August 15, 2007, and January 6, 2008.[2] Jessica has just left her husband of ten months, Spike, and moved back to her father's home when she discovers that she is pregnant. Though she is thrilled to be expecting, Jessica also realizes that having Spike's child will bind her to her abusive husband, who has also been her pimp When Spike discovers Jessica's pregnancy, he attempts to sell their child, but when Jessica refuses, he abducts her and again forces her into prostitution.

Jessica eventually escapes after Vincent Clarkson, masquerading as the Blackmailer, attempts to rape her, but Vincent then orders Spike to dig up all of the dead johns that Jessica has supposedly killed and bury Jessica alive. In her unmarked grave in the woods, Jessica and the unborn baby Sam die of asphyxiation; however, Jessica's sister Kay discovers that Jessica has died and encourages the rescue party to quickly say a prayer for Jessica and Sam, thus allowing Jessica and Sam's spirits to return to their bodies. Upon her rescue, Jessica names Spike as her would-be murderer, and when he is proven to have murdered all of Jessica's johns, he is arrested and sent to jail (he is later released, however, when Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald is forced to delete Spike's criminal record in order to recover his missing son, Marty).

After Spike is sent to jail, Jessica leaves Harmony to give birth; she eventually finds refuge off-screen at a convent with her cousin, Charity. There, in either late 2007 or early 2008, Jessica gives birth to her first child, whom she names Samuel after her father and grandfather in the hope that her son will identify with honorable men.[3] Jessica and Sam return to Harmony on January 7, 2008, when Jessica introduces her father to his namesake. Spike also finds his way into the Bennett home and threatens to kidnap Sam if Jessica does not let him see his son, pointing out that he has Alistair Crane on his side; he also demands that Jessica name the baby after him. Because she has already put "Samuel" on his birth certificate, Jessica reluctantly makes "Herbert" Sam's middle name. As of the series finale, with Alistair Crane dead, Spike's threats were for naught, and his fate is unknown. Jessica resumed her relationship with her former boyfriend Reese Durkee, apparently ending her marriage with the abusive Spike once and for all.

James Boothe

Ryan and Jackson Keane (July 22, 2005—October 2006)
Unknown actor (2005)
Seth Stern (October 26, 2006—April 2007)

James Boothe is the adopted son of Chris Boothe and Sheridan Crane Boothe. James's biological mother is a woman named Maureen Preston, who had named her son "Mark". Sheridan meets Maureen and "Mark" in the park in July 2005 and is drawn to "Mark" and his similarities to her missing son, Marty. The three are together when a tsunami hits, killing Maureen, who, with her last breath, makes Sheridan promise to take care of her son. Sheridan is eventually granted temporary custody of "Mark". Shortly thereafter, photographer Chris Boothe arrives up in town to record the aftermath of the tsunami. When Chris comes across "Mark", he recognizes the boy as his son, James; Chris claims that Maureen had been his wife, and when he'd become involved with the mob, she'd left him and taken James, changing his name to Mark. However, this is a lie; Chris has been hired by Sheridan's father, Alistair, to distract Sheridan from her ex-fiancé, Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald, and pretends to be James's biological father. This is eventually revealed to the audience, but not to Sheridan or any other series protagonists. The identity of James' real biological father is unknown.

Sheridan and Chris bond while caring for James and eventually become lovers. After Luis dies in Morocco while searching for his son with Sheridan, Marty, Sheridan and Chris leave James in Sheridan's mother Katherine's care and go off to search for Marty themselves. Fearing that one of them might die and leave their respective son an orphan, Sheridan and Chris are married in Hawaii on February 22, 2006, so that James and Marty will have someone to care for them should their remaining parent die. Instead of finding Marty, however, the Boothes find a very-much-alive Luis, leaving Sheridan torn between her new husband and former lover. After discovering that she is expecting Chris's child, however, she decides to remain with Chris and James. Both Chris and Sheridan are devastated when she suffers a miscarriage in July, especially after Marty's supposed death the previous on-screen day. After moving past their initial grief, Chris arranges for Sheridan to legally adopt James.

In mid- to late-2006, James witnesses two traumatic events, both involving Spike Lester — he first sees Spike shoot his father, wounding him in the leg, and then sees Spike murder Phyllis, a Crane maid. James sees Spike's face and identifies Spike from behind to his cousin, Fancy, as being the man who had murdered Phyllis, but Spike escapes and is never identified from the front or by name.

After Luis begins a relationship with Sheridan's niece, Fancy, Sheridan becomes obsessed with breaking the new couple up, though she makes no effort to end her marriage to Chris. Chris eventually realizes that his wife is still in love with Luis and leaves her in April 2007, taking James with him. When Chris briefly returns to Harmony in August of that year, he mentions that James missed his mother and wishes that Sheridan would call him; Sheridan expresses guilt at neglecting her son, but has not been seen calling him. Because she adopted him, Sheridan is still technically James's mother, though she does not have custody or contact with him.

Ethan Crane

Sarah and Thomas Buhl (June 21—August 22, 2002)
Colby and Grayson Button (September 2, 2002—July 25, 2003)
Unknown actor (2003)
Nicholas Graziano (2003—January 2004)
Field Cate (December 21, 2004)
Colton Shires (January 27, 2004—August 7, 2008)

Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane Winthrop (born Ethan Martin Crane), better known as Little Ethan, is the eldest child of Ethan Winthrop and Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Winthrop. He is conceived shortly after midnight on the day that Ethan and Theresa are set to be married in 2001, but the couple's wedding never takes place, and Theresa ends up bedding and wedding the man that Ethan had believed to be his father, Julian Crane. Theresa, as a result, believes that Julian has fathered her son, though Ethan plays a paternal role in the boy's life nonetheless. Little Ethan is born onscreen on June 21, 2002; he is later SORASed to eight years old in 2004,[4] making his year of birth 1996.

After Ethan's wife, Gwen, and mother-in-law, Rebecca, blame Theresa for the stillbirth of Ethan and Gwen's daughter, Sarah, the two women cook up a scheme for Julian, who is preparing to marry Rebecca, to be awarded sole custody of Little Ethan and then allow Ethan and Gwen to adopt the child. The plan works, and Theresa, desperate to regain custody of her son, knocks out Ethan and Gwen's planned surrogate mother and is implanted with their embryo; Theresa threatens to hold the Winthrops' unborn child hostage unless Ethan and Gwen undo their adoption of Little Ethan and return him to her. Ethan and Gwen agree to give Little Ethan back once their child is born, so when Theresa believes that she has miscarried, she drugs and rapes Ethan in order to trade their child for Little Ethan. When Theresa discovers that she is pregnant with twins, she realizes, as the DNA tests later prove, that one child was Ethan and Gwen's while one child was hers with Ethan. Unable to carry both fetuses to term, Theresa terminates the weaker fetus, and eventually gave birth to her daughter with Ethan, Jane.

Due to their contract, Theresa regains custody of Little Ethan, but Ethan and Gwen file for and win custody of Jane. In order to win back custody of her daughter, Theresa marries the program's primary villain, Alistair Crane, also believed to be Little Ethan's paternal grandfather, in 2005; while signing their pre-nup, Theresa also unknowingly signs papers that allow Alistair to adopt Little Ethan, renaming him Ethan Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane and making him the heir to the Crane Empire after disinheriting all of his other relatives.

Several months later in Rome, tabloid reporter JT Cornell gives Theresa definitive proof that Ethan, not Julian, had fathered Little Ethan. Theresa, however, decides not to tell Ethan, first fearing that Ethan and Gwen will sue for custody and then, after Ethan and Gwen break up and Ethan returns to Theresa, fearing that Ethan will hate her for keeping his son from him for so long. By the time Theresa has worked up the nerve to tell Ethan the truth, Ethan's ex-wife, Gwen, has discovered her mother Pilar's deadly, long-buried secret and threatens to reveal it if Theresa tells Ethan the truth.

Things become complicated, however, when Ethan and Gwen's infant son, Jonathan, direly needs a liver transplant. The boys' sister, Jane, is to donate part of her liver, but an ear infection prevents her from doing so, and there is not enough time for her to heal before doctors expect Jonathan to die. Theresa begs Gwen to let her tell Ethan that Little Ethan, as Jonathan's half-brother, may be a donor, but Gwen refuses. Theresa, therefore, decides to anonymously donate part of Little Ethan's liver, and finally tells her son that Ethan is his biological father. Little Ethan is overjoyed and agrees to donate part of his liver to his baby half-brother.

After the operation, Little Ethan develops a fever, and doctors begin to fear for his life; however, after his mother chooses to pray for his life instead of her reunion with Ethan, Little Ethan's fever breaks, and he begins to respond to the medical treatments on Christmas Eve 2007.

After he has recovered enough Theresa informs him that she must go to Mexico against the better wishes his grandmother in order to challenge a danger to their family that is keeping his parents apart. Little Ethan promises to keep his paternity secret and the secret of his mother's location from his father Ethan and looks forward to going on a trip to Florida to watch his favorite baseball team in spring practice. As all begin to put the pieces together Little Ethan is left to recover as both his grandmother Pilar, and father Ethan follow his mother to Mexico.

Upon their return the family gathers together in order to decide who will tell Little Ethan the tragic news of his mother's death and the Lopez-Fitzgerald family agrees it should be Ethan since they feel he is the closest person to Theresa that Little Ethan has left. After finally relaying the news to the devastated child, Ethan decides he wants to finally adopt Little Ethan in order to keep Theresa's children together as she would have wanted much to the dismay of Ethan's wife who is one of the women responsible for his mother's death. After a series of nightmares about not being able to help his mother Little Ethan and his father bond over their shared loss and as Ethan asks Julian, Little Ethan's legal father, for permission to adopt him, Julian agrees that it would be best for Little Ethan to be with his father even though no one has told Ethan the truth about Little Ethan's true paternity. (However, the new nanny, named Gertrude, was in reality, Theresa, alive and well.)

Finally, on August 5, 2008, Theresa reveals the truth about Little Ethan's paternity, and Ethan is overjoyed that the little boy he always considered to be his son is actually his biological son. Also, it was Little Ethan who found the proof of Gwen and Rebecca's lies and treachery that they pulled on his mother. He got to the church, being pursued by Rebecca, and after he fixed the camera, had his grandfather, Sam Bennett bring it out, and a few minutes later, the proof was shown to everyone in the basement that Gwen and Rebecca exposed Ethan's paternity and sold it to the tabloids, not to mention getting dirt on the rest of Harmony; and plotting with Juanita Vasquez to blow up St. Margaret Mary's Church and kill all within it. Upon discovering this treachery, Ethan furiously denounced Gwen and Rebecca and reunited with Theresa. Little Ethan is overjoyed when his parents are finally married, after the revelation that his father's marriage to Gwen was not even legal, since she was already married to an unknown man in Las Vegas.

Miles Harris-Crane

Julard Roddy (March 23, 2005—2005)
Lauren Bieber (2005—06)
Mekhai Wilson (2006)
Sinqua Walls (2006—September 4, 2007)

Miles Davis Harris-Crane (born Miles Davis Harris) is the eldest child of Chad Harris-Crane and Whitney Russell. Whitney has already found out that she is pregnant with Miles, but has not shared the news with anyone, when it was revealed that Chad's biological parents are Julian Crane and Eve Russell, Whitney's mother. To protect herself and her unborn child from the stigma of incest, Whitney begins a relationship with Fox Crane and tries to pass the unborn child off as his own. As her due date grows closer, however, Whitney feels more strongly that she cannot keep a child born of incest and urges Fox to go search for her best friend Theresa's missing daughter, Jane, convincing him to leave her with his power of attorney. Whitney gives birth to a son on March 23, 2005, and quickly uses Fox's power of attorney to give the child up for adoption. Fox is devastated to return to Harmony and find that he has lost custody of his newborn child. Though Julian and Eve, along with Whitney's father, TC, try to adopt the boy, custody is unknowingly awarded to his biological father, Chad Harris. Chad, who is still in love with Whitney despite the fact that she is his half-sister, tries to use "their" son to woo her back; together, they name the baby Miles Davis Harris after the legendary jazz musician of the same name.

When a tsunami strikes Harmony, Chad and Whitney end up once again having incestuous sex. Whitney admits to Chad that he is Miles's biological father, which a distraught Fox overhears. Whitney is so upset with herself for having had sex with Chad again that she joins a convent and prepares to take holy orders. Eventually, however, it is revealed that Chad's parents are actually Alistair Crane and Liz Sanbourne, Eve's adoptive half-sister, meaning that Chad and Whitney are only adoptive half-cousins and therefore not blood related. Elated, they renew their relationship and marry on December 26, 2006, becoming a family with Miles.

Unfortunately, Chad had begins an affair with tabloid reporter Vincent Clarkson, whom Chad is unaware is his half-nephew, while he believes that he and Whitney are siblings, and finds himself unable to stop once he and Whitney are back together. Whitney finds out about the affair shortly after revealing that she is pregnant again and leaves her husband. Chad is fatally shot in the chest by his own father, Alistair, on August 28, 2007, and Whitney, devastated, decides to take Miles and move to New Orleans to rebuild her life with her children away from Harmony.

Though Chad and Whitney take on the surname Harris-Crane upon their marriage, it is never definitively stated that Miles adopts that surname as well, though it is logical to assume so. After Chad's death, however, Whitney instructs doctors at the morgue to call her only "Mrs. Harris", so Miles may have reverted to his previous surname, if he ever changed it.

Endora Lenox

Cole Kvarda (July 28—October 23, 2003)
Nicole Cox (October 23, 2003—August 7, 2008)
Turiya Dawn (2007-08; as a teenager)

Endora Lenox is the only child of powerful witch Tabitha Lenox--the product of a drunken one-night-stand with billionaire Julian Crane. Born on July 28, 2003, Endora is a very powerful witch, more powerful even than her mother; while Endora's magical side does give her a bit of a devilish attitude, her father's mortal genes have granted her the ability to love. As a result, she appeared to have the desire to become a good witch, despite the fact that her mother's line has contained only bad witches for numerous generations. Also, while Endora does not actually speak, she communicates through word balloons that only certain people can somehow understand (most notably Tabitha and Father Lonigan).

Though Endora's father is Julian Crane, only Julian, Tabitha, Ivy Winthrop, Kay Bennett, Esme Vanderheusen, and Endora herself know of her true paternity until the very end of the series. Though Endora has a fondness for her father, she uses her magic to hurt him when he tries to sue for partial custody of her. Endora is also quite fond of her half-brother, Fox, and shows some affection for her half-sister Fancy, whose baby pictures Endora greatly resembles.[5]

Endora's fondness for good often clashes with her mother's plans for evil; Endora frequently foils her mother's plots to push Miguel and Kay together, wanting Fox to be happy with Kay. Eventually, Tabitha is forced to accept her daughter's good disposition and remove her from Julian's elite Paul Revere Preschool and enroll her in her archnemisis Esmerelda's Good Witch School.[6]

Due to Tabitha's failure to do evil, the Boys in the Basement kidnap Endora, also taking Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald when he tries to rescue her. The Boys promise to return Endora once Tabitha returns to doing evil; Endora returns to Tabitha briefly, but when Tabitha mentions ending her bad works with Endora back, the dark forces quickly take Endora back. After Tabitha's deceased doll-turned-real-boy, Timmy, appears to Tabitha and tells her that doing evil would not bring Endora and Miguel back, Tabitha decides on Christmas Eve to try good deeds to reclaim her daughter, assisting in the reunion of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and Fancy Crane. After her act, Endora and Miguel magically reappear in Tabitha's kitchen.

Endora conjured herself up her very own familiar, a white kitten which she named "Snowball", much to Tabitha's dismay.

Endora serves as her mother's conscience throughout her tenure on the series, helping her to see the goodness in others. It is Endora who encourages her mother to sacrifice her powers and be baptized in order to rescue the citizens of Harmony from both a toxic mushroom sauce and an erupting volcano. Endora also displays courage in helping her mother defeat the Demon Elf.

Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald

Sloane Kiley (July 21, 2003—2005)
Anara Greene (2003; dream sequence)
Hannah and Lauren Maddox (2005)
Mercedez and Isabella Soto (November 23—December 26, 2005)
Layla and Logan Wheeler (December 27, 2005—January 2007)
Abby and Emma McCoy (February 22, 2007—2007)
Stephanie Cantu (2007; as a teenager)

Maria Ivy Lopez-Fitzgerald is the only child and daughter of Kay Bennett and Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. Kay has been in love with Miguel since she was a child and is devastated when Miguel fell in love with her cousin, Charity. Kay uses magic to make Miguel believe that she is Charity, and he has sex with her, conceiving Maria.

Miguel promises to stand by his unborn child, but he refuses to end his relationship with Charity. Kay and Miguel's daughter is born several months premature on July 21, 2003, the same on-screen day as Endora Lenox. Maria's lungs are underdeveloped, and her death is prevented by Charity's deal with Death to stay away from Miguel in exchange for his daughter's life. Maria lives, and Kay decides to name her daughter Maria for Miguel's maternal grandmother and Ivy for her mother's archnemesis, Ivy Winthrop.

Unable to stay away from Miguel, Charity leaves town in July 2004, followed, to Kay's dismay, by Miguel, who goes to search for his missing girlfriend. Kay is left injured and infertile after being speared with a piece of rebar and a young, single mother to Maria. Kay works in the Crane Cannery to provide for herself and her child, though she eventually falls in love with and marries the wealthy Fox Crane, who gives her a job as his assistant at Crane Industries. Fox is a loving stepfather to Maria, treating her as his own child, and Maria adores her stepfather.

However, shortly after Fox and Kay become engaged, Miguel returns to town and realizes that he's been in love with Kay all along. Initially torn, Kay soon decides that it is Miguel with whom she wants to be. Separated for a while by Kay's devotion to Fox while she believes that he is dying and Miguel's incarceration for Fox's attempted murder, the truth is eventually revealed and Kay leaves Fox, moving on with Miguel. Fox's death on September 17, 2007, leaves Kay a wealthy widow; however, that same day in Harmony, September 7, Miguel is kidnapped by the Boys in the Basement after he tries to save Endora from being kidnapped. Miguel eventually returns from Hell on Christmas Eve of that year, and Maria's parents finally marry on July 21, 2008. The finale reveals that Maria may possess magical powers like her mother and grandmother.

Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald

Derek Jones (September 2003)
Lillith Streett & Timothy Jeffs (September 2003—October 2004)
Jack and James Wright (October 13, 2004—February 2005)
Sawyer and Griffin Miller (November 24—December 9, 2004)
Shane and Mitchell Albin (February 14—November 16, 2005; May 12—July 17, 2006)
Daniel Chalfa (September 7, 2007—February 2008)

Martin "Marty" Lopez-Fitzgerald is the only child and son of Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald. He is conceived while his mother is still married to Luis's brother, Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald; though there is initially some doubt regarding Marty's paternity, it is eventually decided without the use of DNA testing that Marty is Luis's son.

Luis's ex-girlfriend Beth Wallace kidnaps Sheridan while she is still pregnant and holds her captive in a pit in her basement, hoping to take Sheridan's child and pass him off as her own child with Luis. Sheridan gives birth on September 9, 2003 (though Marty was later SORASed to seven in 2007, changing his year of birth to 2000), and Beth succeeds in making Luis and Sheridan believe that their child has drowned and that Marty, whom she names for Luis's father, Martin Fitzgerald, is her child.

Sheridan is always suspicious of Beth, however, feeling a strong connection to Marty. She convinces Luis to run DNA tests on Marty to see if she or Beth is Marty's mother, and is shocked when results came back proving Beth to be Marty's biological mother. However, a second batch of tests run a month later show that Sheridan is Marty's mother; the first tests had only tested for kinship, and it is revealed that Beth and Sheridan share the same father, Alistair Crane. However, when Beth realizes that Luis and Sheridan know that Marty is Sheridan's son, she takes the child and flees with Alistair's help. Sheridan, furious with Luis for not believing her earlier, orders that he leave Harmony, chase Beth down, and bring her child back to her.

Luis eventually catches up with Beth and Marty in Rome; however, on July 17, 2006, Marty is presumed deceased, along with Alistair and Beth, when a drone plane fires missiles at the train in which he is traveling, causing the vehicle to crash into a ravine below. However, over a year later in September 2007, Spike Lester tells Sheridan that Marty is alive, showing her live video footage of Marty in a playroom. Luis and Sheridan set out to recover their son, believing him to be somewhere in Harmony, but their efforts to find their son are constantly thwarted by bad timing and Alistair. After three months of fruitless searching, Alistair returns Marty to Sheridan's cottage on Christmas Eve, reuniting the two as mother and son for the first time since his birth. The little boy is thrilled to be reunited with his parents and happy to meet two of his maternal cousins, Fancy and Pretty Crane. Despite disturbing child-drawn pictures that Luis and Sheridan had found, fearing that Marty had been the artist and was in emotional pain while in Alistair's control, he claims that his grandfather did not harm him, and that a trip to the hospital in Portsmouth had been for a bone broken while playing football with one of his bodyguards.

Jane Winthrop

Unknown infants (2004-05)
Caleb and Jonah Gilpin (February—December 27, 2005)
Kacey Malmsten (2005 — December 11, 2006)
Camille and Kate Schwary (January 25, 2007—April 2008)

Jane Winthrop is the youngest child and daughter of Ethan Winthrop and Theresa Winthrop. Desperate to regain custody of her son, Little Ethan, who has been adopted by Ethan and his wife Gwen, Theresa replaces their planned surrogate and is implanted with their embryo. Shortly thereafter, Theresa fears that she has suffered a miscarriage and has therefore lost her way to win Little Ethan back, so she drugs and rapes Ethan, conceiving his child.

In August 2004, Theresa discovers that she is carrying twins - one that is Ethan and Gwen's child, and one that is hers with Ethan. By November, it becomes clear that Theresa cannot carry both children to term, and she is forced to abort the fetus with the lowest chance of survival. When she gives birth to a baby girl fourteen weeks early[7] on December 2, 2004, Theresa is unsure as to whether she or Gwen is the mother; a DNA test at the end of the month proves that Theresa, not Gwen, is the girl's mother, and the aborted boy, whom Ethan and Gwen planned to name Nathan, was the Winthrops' child.

Gwen, whose daughter Sarah was stillborn the previous year and had found herself unable to have any more children, is devastated to learn that she has lost her last chance to be a mother. When Dr. Russell gives Gwen a sedative to calm her nerves, the medication interacts with some other medication she has taken, causing her to have a psychotic break. Gwen stabs Theresa in the back with a scalpel, briefly paralyzing Theresa, and is jailed. Ethan and Theresa are able to take their premature daughter home in January, when Theresa chooses to name her daughter Jane after her favorite book, Jane Eyre — Theresa identifies as Jane in a situation where Ethan represents Edward Rochester and Gwen his crazy wife, Bertha Mason.

Jane spikes a fever and is forced to return to the hospital; at the same time, Gwen senses that "her baby" is sick and slits her wrists so that she can return to the hospital. There, she kidnaps Jane, renames her Ashley, the name that she and Ethan had chosen, and flees, boarding one of the Cranes' private jets. Unfortunately for both Gwen and Jane, the plane is carrying Alistair's wife, Katherine Crane, to a remote compound, where the three are held captive. Fox Crane, Ethan, and Theresa rescue the three captives in April, and they return to Harmony, where Ethan agrees that he and Gwen will not sue for custody of Jane if Theresa refrains from pressing charges against Gwen for attempted murder.

Theresa, however, fears that Gwen and her mother, Rebecca, will retaliate first, so she presses charges against Gwen for attempted murder. Ethan is furious and successfully defends his wife, proving that she has acted under the influence of medications that had interacted badly. At the same trial, Ethan successfully lobbies for full, albeit temporary, custody of Jane. Theresa is devastated and vows to get her daughter back; to achieve her goal, she agrees to marry the program's main villain, Alistair Crane, who promises to help her win back Ethan and Jane. His promises are unsurprisingly false, and Theresa's only perk is that she, too, is able to live in the Crane mansion, where Ethan and Gwen live with Jane.

After Alistair falls into a coma, Theresa makes ploys for several months to break up Ethan and Gwen and win back Ethan and Jane; she prevents the Winthrops from moving to India and arranges for Gwen to find a job with an employer whom Theresa bribes to keep Gwen late at night away from Ethan and Jane. Theresa's bids stop once she finds out that Little Ethan is really Ethan's son; fearful that Ethan and Gwen will seize custody of her son, too, she lies to them about his true paternity and largely drops all efforts to win back Ethan and Jane. As a result, Gwen acts as Jane's mother for the first two years of Jane's life; after Gwen finds Ethan and Theresa in bed together early in 2007, Gwen leaves town and filed for divorce, despite the fact that doing so means that she will lose custody of Jane.

In late 2007, Ethan and Gwen's newborn son, Jonathan, is in dire need of a partial liver transplant, and Jane, as his older half-sister, is quickly tested and found to be a match. Despite being just shy of three years old, the doctors are confident that the procedure will not adversely affect her health in the future. Jane is ready to go into surgery when it is discovered that she has an ear infection; as a result, she is unable to be Jonathan's donor.

In August 2008, her parents, Ethan and Theresa, are finally married after Ethan's marriage to Gwen is revealed to be invalid.

Jonathan Winthrop

Jack and Nathan Ecker (September 7—December 2007)

Jonathan Winthrop is the son and only living child of Ethan and Gwen Winthrop. Gwen is unaware that she is already several months pregnant when she leaves her husband, Ethan, and moves away from Harmony after finding him in bed with his ex-fiancée and constant love-interest, Theresa Crane. Though she has experienced symptoms of pregnancy, she is not suspicious; she believes that she is barren after the stillbirth of her daughter, Sarah, three years previously.

Gwen is already in her second trimester when she discovers that she is pregnant. She decides not to tell anyone of her pregnancy, however, fearing that Ethan, among others, will believe that she is using her pregnancy to win him back. Gwen gives birth to a son on May 11, 2007;[8] she returns to Harmony a month later in order to finalize her divorce.

After Ethan is poisioned and falls into a coma, Gwen realizes that she is still in love with him and regrets their divorce. Gwen anxiously waits for Ethan to emerge from his coma, but is called away with news that Jonathan is ill. Once he has recovered, she returns to Harmony with him and introduces Ethan to his son — Theresa has just told Ethan that he has a son, but was referring to their child, Little Ethan, instead of Jonathan, as Ethan assumes.

Ethan and Gwen bond over their son, naming him Jonathan after his maternal grandfather.[9] However, numerous characters begin to question Jonathan's health — both Ethan and Rebecca comment that Jonathan sleeps too much, and Ethan and an ICU nurse observe that Jonathan looks a bit strange at one point. When Jonathan spikes a fever of 105°, Ethan and Theresa rush him to the hospital, despite Gwen's denial-induced insistence that he is fine. At the hospital, Vincent Clarkson changes the dosage of medicine that Dr. Russell has prescribed for Jonathan, hoping that Jonathan will die and the medical review board will assume that Eve had prescribed the wrong dosage while under the influence of alcohol.

Jonathan receives a dosage far too high for an infant and barely clings to life; doctors insist that he needs a special treatment, but Gwen refuses to authorize it, insisting that Jonathan will be fine and refusing to let the doctors who nearly killed her son treat him any longer. Ethan finds himself unable to authorize the treatment because Gwen has not listed him as Jonathan's father on the birth certificate, but he is finally able to understand that Gwen's reluctance comes from denial and fear that Jonathan will die as Sarah did. Gwen authorizes the treatment in just enough time to save her baby.

Jonathan is still ill, however; doctors now report that he is in liver failure and is in dire need of a liver transplant; only a close blood relative stands a decent chance of being a match for donation. Neither Ethan nor Gwen, nor his parents or her father (due to Rebecca's excessive drinking, her liver was not considered), are a match, leaving only Ethan's nearly three-year-old daughter, Jane, as a possible donor. Due to Jane's young age, however, doctors are reluctant to allow her to serve as a donor, and Theresa begs Gwen to allow her to tell Ethan that her son, eleven-year-old Little Ethan, is also his son and thereby also a possible and more suitable donor. Gwen refuses, however, and when Jane is found to be a match, and doctors are sure that the procedure will not adversely affect her health, Ethan and Theresa agree to let Jane serve as Jonathan's donor.

When Jane is taken in to the operation room, however, it is discovered that she is suffering from an ear infection and can therefore not be a donor; doctors insist that Jonathan does not have enough time to wait for Jane to heal, so an extensive search through all of Ethan and Gwen's extended family for a possible donor begins. However, none of Gwen's family, nor any of Ethan's siblings or their children, are a match. Theresa insists to Gwen that Little Ethan is Jonathan's only hope, but Gwen remains in denial, believing that holistic treatments can save her son. Unable to watch an innocent infant die, Theresa tells Little Ethan that Ethan is his father and, after gaining Little Ethan's approval, has Little Ethan become an anonymous donor for Jonathan. After initially fearing that Jonathan will reject Little Ethan's liver, doctors announce that they expected Jonathan to make a full recovery on Christmas Eve, and he is released from the hospital in January 2008.

After Gwen is arrested in the series finale, Ethan weds Theresa and declare that they will raise baby Jonathan themselves alongside their two older children, Little Ethan and Jane.

Sarah Winthrop

Sarah Winthrop is the only daughter and firstborn child of Ethan Winthrop and Gwen Hotchkiss. Ethan is prepared to propose to his former fiancée, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane, when Gwen Hotchkiss reveals that she was pregnant with his child. She insists that he not propose to her only because she is pregnant, explaining that she will move to New York City and raise their child on her own. However, after careful deliberation, Ethan proposes to Gwen, who accepts, much to Theresa's dismay.

Gwen's pregnancy is difficult, however, and she and Ethan decide to fly to Los Angeles mid-year 2003 so that she can be under the care of a specialist, Dr. Abel, and so that she can gain some distance from Theresa. However, Theresa also decides to spend her summer in Los Angeles with friends Chad Harris and Whitney Russell, hoping to give Ethan and Gwen some space. While Gwen lies on bedrest in the hospital, Ethan finds himself drawn to Theresa, and, while drunk, makes out with Theresa on the beach.

At the hospital, Gwen is watching TV when, during a news report, she sees Ethan and Theresa on the beach. Furious, Gwen leaves the hospital and returns to the Cranes' apartment complex, convincing herself along the way that she saw wrong and will talk things out with Ethan and return to the hospital. However, upon arriving at the apartment, she finds Theresa, whom she did not known to be in Los Angeles. The two wind up in a physical altercation that leads to Gwen falling and becoming unconscious.

Gwen is rushed back to the hospital, where Ethan is given the choice between saving his wife or his unborn child. Despite Theresa's insistence that he save his baby, Ethan chooses to save Gwen. Though Gwen lives, their daughter is stillborn on October 7, 2003. When Gwen awakes, she is devastated, and they have their baby posthumously baptized as Sarah before burying her in Harmony.

Gwen resolves to leave Ethan after Sarah's death, but after he swears on their daughter's grave to never leave her for Theresa again, Gwen agrees to take him back. As retaliation for Sarah's death, Gwen's mother, Rebecca, arranges for Gwen and Ethan to adopt Theresa's son, Little Ethan. Sarah's death is a driving force for several storylines throughout the remainder of 2003 and through 2004 and 2005; ramifications are still felt in present storylines. After Sarah's death and Ethan and Gwen's adoption of Little Ethan, the couple try to use a surrogate to carry their child; Theresa, however, replaces their surrogate in an attempt to use Ethan and Gwen's child to trade for Little Ethan. Through a series of events, however, Theresa becomes pregnant with both Ethan and Gwen's son and her own daughter with Ethan; Theresa is later forced to terminate one fetus to save the other, and Ethan and Gwen's son does not survive. Gwen is devastated to have lost her last chance at having a biological child, and she and Ethan sue for and win custody of Ethan and Theresa's daughter, Jane; Theresa and Gwen fight over custody of Jane for more than a year. Theresa also fights to win Ethan back, but Ethan refuses to leave his wife largely out of guilt for his role in Sarah's death. Gwen's denial over her son Jonathan's illness also stems from her inability to accept the fact that she could lose another child like she lost Sarah.


  • In early 2001, Sam and Grace Bennett discover that, after more than fifteen years, they have finally conceived their much longed-for fourth child. Though early in her pregnancy, Grace feels that she is carrying a son, and plans to name him Jack Bennett. However, when Grace hears the news that her husband fathered Ivy Crane's firstborn, Ethan Crane, she collapses and falls down the stairs at the Crane mansion. She subsequently suffers a miscarriage on February 14, 2001.
  • Desperate to regain custody of her son, Little Ethan, who was adopted by Ethan and Gwen Winthrop, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald drugs the Winthrops' intended surrogate and has herself implanted with their embryo. Later, when Theresa fears that she has miscarried and thereby lost her leverage, Theresa drugs and rapes Ethan, becoming pregnant once more. However, in August 2004, Theresa discovers that she is carrying twins — Ethan and Gwen's son, and her and Ethan's daughter. When Theresa is informed that she cannot carry both children to term, she chooses to have the weaker fetus aborted, and the boy, whom Ethan and Gwen planned to name Nathan Winthrop, is terminated on November 8, 2004.
  • Newlyweds Chris and Sheridan Boothe learn that they are expecting their first child together in April 2006 (coinciding with actress McKenzie Westmore's pregnancy). However, the news of Sheridan's son Marty's apparent death on July 17 devastates the couple, and Sheridan suffers a miscarriage as a result on July 20, 2006.
  • In May 2007, Whitney Harris-Crane finds that she and her new husband, Chad, are expecting their second child together. The two are thrilled, but their marriage is torn apart when Whitney discovers that Chad has been cheating on her with Vincent Clarkson. Whitney takes their two-year-old son, Miles, and leaves Chad; the two are trying to work through their problems when Chad is murdered by his own father on August 28, 2007. Unable to stay in a town filled with memories of Chad any longer, Whitney moves to New Orleans, Louisiana, hoping to start a new life with Miles and her unborn child. The date of birth, gender, and name of Whitney and Chad's youngest child are never given on-air, Sam Bennett mentions in late 2007 that Whitney is still expecting, while a letter from Simone to Kay on July 16, 2008, reveals that Whitney has already given birth.
  • On May 12, 2008, the intersex Vincent Clarkson gives birth to a baby boy who was fathered by his own father, Julian Crane. Neither Vincent nor Julian ever officially names the child before the series finale three months later.
  • In the Passions series finale on August 7, 2008, Fancy Lopez-Fitzgerald tells her new husband, Luis, that they are expecting their first baby together. It is assumed that Julian becomes head of the Crane Empire with Fancy and her unborn child as heirs presumptive based on Julian's statements in that episode. A few minutes later, Luis's sister Paloma tells her new husband, Noah Bennett, that they are also to become parents. The genders and intended names of the babies are never revealed, though the time of Fancy and Paloma's announcements indicates that the children would have been born sometime around April 2009.


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  2. ^ Before resurfacing with baby Samuel on January 7, 2008, Jessica was last seen, still pregnant, on August 14, 2007, meaning that Sam was born at some point between those two dates.
  3. ^ Jessica tells Sam that she named her son after him (transcript, January 7, 2008)
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  9. ^ In the October 15, 2007 episode, Ethan and Gwen decide to name Jonathan after her father.

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