Intelsat 9

Intelsat 9
Intelsat 9
Major contractors Hughes
Sea Launch (LSP)
Bus HS-601 HP
Launch date July 28, 2000
Carrier rocket Zenit-3SL
Launch site Ocean Odyssey
Mission duration 15 years (planned)
Mass 3659 kg (launch)
2389 kg (BOL)
Power 9900 W
Orbital elements
Regime Geosynchronous
Longitude 58° W (0°N 58°W / 0°N 58°W / 0; -58Coordinates: 0°N 58°W / 0°N 58°W / 0; -58)
Transponders 24 C band
24 Ku band
Bandwidth C band 24×36 MHz
Ku band 24×36 MHz

Intelsat 9 (IS-9) (formerly PAS-9) is a Intelsat Atlantic Ocean region satellite which delivers communications services throughout the Americas, the Caribbean and Western Europe. Following its launch from a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean (Sea Launch), Intelsat 9 succeeded the PAS-5 Atlantic Ocean Region satellite at 58 degrees west longitude, serving as the video neighborhood in the region as well as providing Internet and data services.

Intelsat 9 also serves as the transmission platform for SKY México's direct-to-home (DTH) service. The service employs a dozen Ku-band transponders on Intelsat 9 for the digital delivery of more than 160 channels directly to consumers' homes.

On 11 September 2001, the Al Jazeera network used the PAS 9 to broadcast the tragedies occurring in New York into Qatar.

Intelsat 9 highlights

  • The high-power platform from which more than a dozen of international broadcasters and programmers deliver their content throughout the Americas, including the United Kingdom's BBC; Germany's Deutsche Welle; Japan's NHK; Venezuela's Cisneros; Portugal's RTP; and the United States' Eternal Word Television Network, ESPN and HBO Olé Partners.
  • The permanent platform for Sky Mexico's DTH television service.
  • Comprehensive coverage enabling the Napa, California teleport facility to access the satellite, which permits signal turnaround between the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas and Europe.

Intelsat 9 customers

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