List of Zoey 101 episodes

List of Zoey 101 episodes

The following is a list of episodes for the Nickelodeon television series, Zoey 101. The series began filming in Fall 2004 to August 2007, with episodes airing through January 9, 2005 to May 2, 2008. A total of 65 episodes were produced spanning 4 seasons.


Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 January 9, 2005 May 1, 2005
2 13 September 11, 2005 April 16, 2006
3 25 September 24, 2006 January 4, 2008
4 14 January 27, 2008 May 2, 2008

Season 1: 2005

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
1 1 "Welcome to PCA" Savage Steve Holland Dan Schneider January 9, 2005 (2005-01-09) 101

In the series pilot, Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) and her younger brother Dustin (Paul Butcher) start to attend Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), an elite boarding school in western California. While there, Zoey meets Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn), a friendly guy with high hopes of getting a girlfriend. Chase leads Zoey to her dorm, where she meets Nicole Bristow (Alexa Nikolas), a savvy girl who is easily attracted to hot boys. Zoey also meets Dana Cruz (Kristin Herrera), a tomboy who doesn't accept diversity. A gorgeous yet rude guy named Logan Reese (Matthew Underwood), challenges the girls to a basketball match. Logan picks his team, which includes Chase and Michael Barrett (Christopher Massey), another friendly guy who is willing to accept a challenge. Zoey chooses her team, which includes Nicole, Dana, and Quinn Pensky (Erin Sanders), a meddlesome scientist who is always inventing wacky items. The girls lose the basketball game by one point. The coach of the basketball team then asks Zoey and Dana if they want to join the basketball team, because they helped the most. Zoey accepts, while Dana says she'll "think about it."

Quote: "Let's get this party started y'all!"—Quinn 
2 2 "New Roomies" Savage Steve Holland Steve Holland January 9, 2005 (2005-01-09) 102

Zoey's roommates, Nicole and Dana, don't get along and fight every day, which drives Zoey crazy. Once Zoey tells them how annoying they are, they go against Zoey and all three of them aren't friends anymore. Zoey decides to move in with Quinn. Zoey is not liking the fact that Quinn keeps on testing experiments on her. Since Nicole and Dana aren't her friends and Quinn is strange to be around with, Zoey starts hanging out with Chase. Zoey and Chase plan on watching a movie. Logan keeps on telling Chase that he is in love with Zoey and should try getting her away from making up with Nicole and Dana. As the movie rolls around, Zoey is already become friends with Nicole and Dana and the movie date, meant for 2, becomes a movie date of 4.

Quote: "It's a sickness, okay?"—Dustin 
3 3 "Webcam" Fred Savage Dan Schneider January 16, 2005 (2005-01-16) 105

Zoey and the other girls were playing a game called Confess or Stress where you must do a dare or admit a secret. While playing the game, Logan and Chase give them a bear, only from Logan. Logan says " He doesn't feel good. " So he just goes to they're dorm and " rests ". Just a day after, all the girls personal secrets are heard all over campus. Day after day, new secrets about the girls are heard. Finally, Zoey, Quinn and Nicole decide to put a stop to it. They go down to the lounge and find out that the bear has a webcam in it. Zoey goes to Chase and asks if he was part of the scheme. When Zoey and Chase look at Logan's laptop, they find it on the girls lounge. Soon the girls start to think that Zoey is revealing everyone's personal secrets around. The girls decide to do an act while Logan is watching the girls lounge so that way, he will be fooled. In the end, Dean Rivers is upset with Logan, and Logan loses his job.

Quote: "It's one incision!"—Quinn 
4 4 "Defending Dustin" Fred Savage Anthony Del Broccolo January 23, 2005 (2005-01-23) 103

When a school bully forces Dustin to do his homework for him, Zoey confronts the bully in public, embarrassing Dustin. Dustin tells Zoey that she's babying him too much and that he can defend himself. Dustin looks to Chase and Michael for advice, who tells him to defend himself the next time he gets bullied. Meanwhile, Zoey, Nicole, Dana, Chase, and Michael try to hide their dog, Elvis, away from their dorm advisor, Coco, since it's against school rules to have pets on campus. Absent: Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky and Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese.

Quote: "I think I'm going to change my underwear"—Dustin 
5 5 "Prank Week" Savage Steve Holland Anthony Del Broccolo January 30, 2005 (2005-01-30) 108
The girls keep on being the victims of pranks, on the week of pranks. The prank week tradition is that whoever is new at the school, will continuously be pranked and do not have the liberty to defend themselves. Finally, after the Logan and other boys ultimate water balloon prank, the girls decide to defend themselves. Zoey gets an idea of putting a bra, lipstick, girl's underwear, and a blouse on a statue of the man who founded PCA. What they didn't know was that the man's son was at the school and saw what happened. As a punishment he decides that after this semester, PCA will be an all boys school again. Feeling bad, Zoey decides to go to the man's son and try to keep all the girls here and she'll leave. He agrees, but Zoey must apologize to everyone at PCA. As Zoey apologizes, a mysterious liquid comes from the statue's legs, so everyone finds out that it was Logan's idea. 
6 6 "Jet-X" Savage Steve Holland Eric Friedman February 13, 2005 (2005-02-13) 106

Zoey and the girls are always late to class. Fortunately Mr. Bender's friend, Jake Savage, offers Zoey and her friends the chance to win a free Jet-X. All they have to do is team up and create a Jet-X commercial that Jake will judge, the winner having their commercial put on the air one hundred times. While Logan and his team, mostly Logan, work on their commercial with fancy video equipment and famous actors, Zoey and her team decide that the content of the commercial is more important than how much money is put into it. Now the test is to see which is better, a commercial made with lots of money, or a commercial that relates to teens and helps describe what the Jet-X is all about. However, Zoey discovers some accidentally recorded footage of the girls arguing, containing views about what the Jet-X is about, and helps them win the contest by using it (and other footage).

First appearance of Mr. Bender

Quote: "You just spit on me."—Zoey 
7 7 "The Play" Adam Weissman Steven Molaro February 20, 2005 (2005-02-20) 104

Chase writes a play that he hopes to star in as the male lead—with Zoey as the female lead. The male and female leads kiss near the end of the play. Complications arise when Logan gets the male lead instead. Zoey starts seeing a different side of Logan and starts to develop a crush on him, much to the dismay of Chase. Meanwhile, Dustin is sick and Quinn tries to cure him.

Quote: "It's not making me better!"—Dustin 
8 8 "Quinn's Date" Steve Hoefer Eric Friedman March 6, 2005 (2005-03-06) 109

Quinn develops a crush on a boy named Mark Del Figgalo, but is too afraid to ask him out. She asks Zoey to ask for her, but when she does, he says no. Trying not to hurt Quinn's feelings, she says he said yes. She and Chase then concoct a way that she can go on a date with Mark without Mark knowing. Meanwhile, Dustin takes care of Elvis, Michael, Chase, and Logan's dog, while the other boys are busy, even though he's terribly afraid of animals.

Absent: Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese

Quote: "A toast to the meatball!"—Zoey 
9 9 "Spring Fling" Steve Hoefer Steve Holland March 13, 2005 (2005-03-13) 107

Zoey, Dana, Nicole sign up for the spring fling committee in order to get Drake Bell to perform at their spring fling. When they find out they have to give $5,000 to Drake for him to play at their spring fling, Zoey and her friends start a fund-raiser. A former PCA student offers a lot of money to reach their goal to wash his car, which they then accidentally damage and must use some of the funds to get the car fixed before the alumni student returns. When Drake Bell arrives his Manager see's there is not enough funds for the gig, until Drake see's the girls T-Shirt design and offers to do the concert for free if they give him their shirt design. Meanwhile, Quinn is experimenting on Dustin to see his reaction when he is deprived of sleep with a wristband device that shocks him awake if he falls asleep in which Dustin finally has a class mate cut the device off when he is finally fed up with having no sleep.

Absent: Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese

Special Guest Stars: Drake Bell as Himself and Manager

Song featured: Highway to Nowhere

Quote: "La la la la la la la la la la"—Quinn 
10 10 "Backpack" Savage Steve Holland Dan Schneider April 3, 2005 (2005-04-03) 110

After having to pay for a $50 backpack she squirted with liquid candy at the bookstore, Nicole is stuck with a horrible, candy covered backpack. Zoey and Nicole have no money for having to pay for the backpack. So the only thing Nicole can do is burst balloons with popcorn. But the backpack is saved when Zoey decides to spruce it up with a new design she created. To her indignation, Zoey's backpack idea is stolen from a girl named Stacy who is making a lot of money from it after tricking Zoey into letting her take photos of the backpack for the PCA news letter, and Zoey decides to improve on her own idea and sell her own backpacks with extra features. Quinn makes a banapple tree, which fails when the fruit creates a powerful acid, which Quinn pours on the seat of Stacey's Bicycle, nearly disintegrating it.

Absent: Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese

Guest Stars: Allison Scagliotti as Stacy

Quote: "Ya hear me, demons!"—Quinn 
11 11 "Disc Golf" Savage Steve Holland Anthony Del Broccolo April 10, 2005 (2005-04-10) 112

Zoey and her friends are worn out from always running in gym class, and Nicole keeps throwing up and is tired of it. To solve this, they decide to create their own disc golf team, since people who play sports don't have to participate in gym. Also, Michael is not happy with his weight due to his addiction to chips, so he asks Quinn to help him. Quinn creates chips that are delicious and calorie-free, but have many side-effects.

Guest Star: Thomas F. Wilson as the P.E. teacher

Quote: "Blah la la sola wayall!"—Michael 
12 12 "School Dance" Adam Weissman Eric Friedman April 17, 2005 (2005-04-17) 111

The school dance committee this year is using a personality quiz to partner people up with the same interests. Two people from the committee come to Zoey's class to talk about it and how it benefits them. So that he can get to dance with Zoey, Chase tricks her into giving him her answers to the quiz. However, his plan backfires when another guy called Glen (Guess Star Asher Book) also gets matched up with Zoey. They both need to agree about who will dance with Zoey or neither of them will. Meanwhile, Michael accidentally gets paired up with a boy as his dance partner.

Absent: Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky and Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks.

Quote: "Lord, what did I do? What?"—Michael 
13 13 "Little Beach Party" Savage Steve Holland Steve Holland May 1, 2005 (2005-05-01) 113

It's the end of the semester and Zoey and her friends are psyched about PCA's annual beach party, which is going to be the bash of the year, but everything gets turned around when they miss the buses because of a Quinnvention, and end up taking a taxi to a deserted beach more than fifty miles away from the party thanks to Logan. With no cellphone signal or Wi-Fi hot spot, they are stuck there until someone stumbles upon them. All is not lost, however, when they all decide to have their own beach party, starting their own tradition. Dustin has to stay in the water the whole time because a giant wave stole his swim trunks. Later on Quinn manages to call Mr. Bender to pick them up.

Last appearance of Kristin Herrera as Dana Cruz

Quote: "You’re a boy, go dig up some worms!"—Nicole 

Season 2: 2005–06

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
14 1 "Back to PCA" Adam Weissman Dan Schneider September 11, 2005 (2005-09-11) 201

It's the second year at P.C.A. Dana left for the European Exchange Program, fortunately for Nicole. But, the girls needed a new roommate. When they come back to their dorm they find their new roommate, Lola Martinez (Victoria Justice) pretending to talk to the dead. They think Lola is so freaky that they sleep outside. But it turns out that Lola is very normal and was just acting to try and pull it off to see if she is a good actress. Meanwhile, Michael and Chase have to deal with Logan, who's Dad gives him a huge entertainment center for their new dorm, which gives them a headache.

First appearance of Victoria Justice as Lola Martinez 
15 2 "Time Capsule" Steve Hoefer Steve Holland September 18, 2005 (2005-09-18) 202
Mr. Bender decides to have each person in his class put an item that best represents them into a time capsule. Chase is desperate to know what Zoey has said about him in the video she made to put in the time capsule, and will go to any lengths to find out. Also, Nicole tries to help Quinn to stop snoring and they succeed by putting fish up her nose. 
16 3 "The Election" Adam Weissman Eric Friedman October 9, 2005 (2005-10-09) 203
It's election time. Class presidents have to be voted for and Chase and Zoey nominate each other as a joke. Mark Del Figgalo is nominated as well. Then they make a pact that whatever happens, they promise that the election won't affect their friendship. However, when Logan helps Chase win the election (against his will), Zoey gets mad at him, and they decide to drop out of the race, with Mark being the winner. 
17 4 "Haunted House" Steve Zuckerman Steve Holland October 30, 2005 (2005-10-30) 206

Every Halloween at PCA, the upper school makes a haunted house for the lower school. This year, Logan is in charge. He promises everybody that the haunted house will not just make them scream but it will make them cry. But when Dustin and his roommate, Jack, get lost in the haunted house, Logan starts to get scared and starts to wonder where Dustin and his roommate have gone. Meanwhile, Michael gets chased all over PCA by some French tourists who think he is ill, and Nicole gets a case of mistaken identity when she chases Mark.

Absent: Victoria Justice as Lola Martinez 
18 5 "Bad Girl" Steve Hoefer Anthony Del Broccolo November 13, 2005 (2005-11-13) 204

Dustin's new girlfriend, Trisha Kirby, turns out to be a very rude girl. Zoey sends Chase to persuade Trisha to stop going out with Dustin and go for someone older. She gets the wrong idea and thinks that Chase is asking her out and she accepts. To make Trisha stop going out with Chase, he and Zoey pretend to be girlfriend and boyfriend. Meanwhile, Michael and Logan get sprayed by a skunk and ask Quinn for help, which backfires when she sprays their clothes with a disintegrating gas, leaving them naked, having to use trash bags to prevent exposing nudity.

Guest Star: Jennette McCurdy as Trisha Kirby 
19 6 "Broadcast Views" Adam Weissman Anthony Del Broccolo January 15, 2006 (2006-01-15) 207
Chase and Michael have an online show, The Chase & Michael Show. Zoey and Logan have their own segment on it called "He Says, She Says" and it all goes wrong when all the boys and girls begin fighting, so Dean Rivers cancels their show. A TV show producer then asks them to be on their show, but don't realize only Zoey and Logan can be on the show. Meanwhile, Nicole is depressed because she is failing Algebra when cute boys distract her, so Quinn and Lola try to fix her problem by using a hypnosis technique. 
20 7 "Girls Will Be Boys" Adam Weissman Jason Gelles & Mike Haukom January 29, 2006 (2006-01-29) 211
The girls can no longer relax on the boy's dorm roof, thanks to Logan. To solve this problem, they must prove that boys can act the same with girls around. So, they disguise Lola as a boy named 'Steve' and she goes to live with Chase and Logan, taking Michael's place when he pretends to be sick because of a cute young nurse, only to find out she works with the younger students and gets stuck with a very tough and burly nurse who works with the older students. Michael ends up catching chicken pox from Dustin who was already in the infirmary and has to deal with the tough nurse a bit longer. 
21 8 "Robot Wars" Adam Weissman Dan Schneider & Steve Molaro February 12, 2006 (2006-02-12) 205
Zoey challenges some computer geeks to a Bot battle, but first they must build a Bot to compete. The gang asks Quinn for help, but when Logan makes fun of her and everyone laughs, she gets upset and quits. So, they ask Miles, the smartest guy at PCA to help, but on one condition: Nicole must go on a date with him. 
22 9 "Lola Likes Chase" Steve Hoefer Eric Friedman February 26, 2006 (2006-02-26) 208

When Lola develops a crush on Chase, Zoey and Chase are forced to address their relationship. With some advice from Michael, Chase decides to say yes to the date and forgets all the things that he planned to do with Zoey. This makes Zoey feel jealous. Logan teaches Dustin how to impress the ladies, only to see Dustin get a date but he himself fails to.

Note: In this episode Chase says he likes a girl from his home town, presumably to hide his crush on Zoey. Coincidentally, he gets a girlfriend from his hometown, Rebecca, who guest stars in Season 3. 
23–24 10–11 "Spring Break-Up" Victoria Spears Dan Schneider March 10, 2006 (2006-03-10) 212–213

Zoey and the gang go to Logan's beach house for Spring Break and finding out that they are on the testing of Logan's dad's new show called "Gender Defenders". They compete in many challenges to see which team, the boys or the girls, wins. It is then revealed that both teams are already on the show, and it has been filming by hidden cameras. The gang then throws a party for the first airing of the show. At the party, Chase decides to get over his fear of telling Zoey of his love for her. He then sends her a text saying "I love you." After this, we see that Zoey left her communicator, which were given to all of the contestants on "Gender Defenders" sitting on a ledge next to a fountain. Zoey's communicator receives the message, but is knocked into the water fountain because it was set to vibrate. In the last scene, Chase sees that Zoey does not have her communicator and wonders where it is, but does not find out.

First appearance of Malcolm Reese—Logan's Father

Note: Malcolm and Reese are the two names of the brothers on the TV series Malcolm in the Middle
25 12 "People Auction" Adam Weissman Anthony Del Broccolo April 9, 2006 (2006-04-09) 209

After a fire burns down Sushi Rox, Zoey and the gang hold a people auction to raise money in order to rebuild it. Chase and Michael get auctioned to the sushi-crazy gym teacher. Zoey, Lola, and Nicole become Logan's personal cheerleaders, and they are told to "cheer his awesomeness", as in cheer for everything he does. His plan backfires when the girls decide to cheer for everything he does.

Note: When Zoey says that Logan wanted them to cheer for EVERYTHING he does, that statement is wrong because Logan said that he wants them to do everything he tells them to do and he never told them to cheer for everything he does.

Zoey 101 featured song: "Summer Sunshine" 
26 13 "Quinn's Alpaca" Michael Grossman Eric Friedman April 16, 2006 (2006-04-16) 210

Quinn's pet alpaca, Otis, is depressed because he misses her, leaving her feeling depressed as well. The girls then decide to try and cheer her up by throwing an alpaca-themed party. However, this only makes her miss Otis even more and she leaves PCA to meet with him, which could get her suspended as it is the middle of the semester. Meanwhile, the guys make a bet to see who can go the longest without saying anything containing the letter 'S' and the person who loses has to run across the campus wearing nothing but a bikini top, a hula skirt, and a flashing red helmet.

Last appearance of Alexa Nikolas as Nicole Bristow

Note: This episode features the song "Makes Me Happy" by Drake Bell

Season 3: 2006–08

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
27 1 "Surprise" Adam Weissman Dan Schneider September 24, 2006 (2006-09-24) 301

It is a new year at PCA, which leads to several surprises, including the heartbreaking news that Nicole will not be attending PCA this year because she was diagnosed with OMGD (Obsessive Male Gender Disorder). Thus, Nicole is sent to an all-girls school. This results in Quinn moving in with Zoey and Lola after a room-assigning mishap with Coco and online bra-ordering. After everyone settles into their new rooms, Chase tells Zoey he wants to talk with her privately. Lola and Quinn say that Chase wants to tell her he is in love with her, but Zoey does not believe them. Meanwhile, Michael and Logan are fighting for the single bed in their new room. Zoey went to go talk to Chase and ended up seeing Chase and his girlfriend, Rebecca, kissing.

Guest Star: Daniella Monet as Rebecca

First appearance of Rebecca 
28 2 "Chase's Girlfriend" Steve Hoefer Steve Holland October 1, 2006 (2006-10-01) 302

A shocking ending from "Surprise" leads to yet another plot twist. Chase's girlfriend, Rebecca, seems really sweet until she tells Zoey to stay away from Chase. After Chase learns about this, he must make a decision: Rebecca or Zoey. Chase ends up dumping Rebecca. Meanwhile, Quinn is helping Logan with his free throws in basketball, but tricks him into doing silly stuff because he called her a spazz.

Guest Star: Daniella Monet as Rebecca

First appearance of Stacey Dillsen 
29 3 "Hot Dean" Michael Grossman Steve Holland October 22, 2006 (2006-10-22) 303

A new hot Dean, Dean Taylor, fills in for Dean Rivers when Dustin, his friends and Quinn hit Dean Rivers with a model airplane by accident. Meanwhile, the girls' Dorm Advisor Coco has just been dumped by her boyfriend Carl again. Zoey and her friends set up Dean Taylor and Coco on a date at Sushi Rox because they are tired of hearing about Coco's complaints about Carl.

First appearance of Carl (Coco's boyfriend) 
30 4 "Zoey's Tutor" Michael Grossman Steve Holland November 5, 2006 (2006-11-05) 305
Zoey struggles with Chemistry, where she scores a "C" on a test. She is given a new tutor; to her surprise, her tutor is Logan, who secretly happens to be one of the best Chemistry students. Zoey starts learning Chemistry with Logan behind her friends' backs. All of her friends become suspicious, especially Chase. Chase tries to find out why, so Logan lies and says that Zoey is dating him, which Chase does not believe. Meanwhile, Quinn tries to catch her rat, which was lost and bugging Lola since Quinn's plasma bolt hit Lola in the head and made her unconscious. 
31 5 "The Great Vince Blake" Adam Weissman Steve Holland November 12, 2006 (2006-11-12) 306

Vince Blake appears to be the ladies' man, the best school athlete, and the savior of the football team. He helped PCA advance to the state championships. Little do people know, he is in fact a cheater; Chase caught him taking pictures of a history test with his cell phone. Chase must choose: not to tell the teacher and let Vince cheat more or make PCA lose its biggest football game. Logan, Michael, and the football team convince him not to tell, but Zoey thinks he should. Meanwhile, Zoey, Lola, Quinn, and Mark put healthy snacks called Moon Bars to try and persuade the students to stop eating junk food, but ends in chaos as they turn out to be addictive after Quinn and Mark put cactus juice in them to enhance their flavor.

Guest Star: Brando Eaton as Vince Blake

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

First appearance of Vince Blake 
32 6 "Silver Hammer Society" Adam Weissman Jeffrey Bushell November 26, 2006 (2006-11-26) 307

Zoey, Michael, and Lola are invited into a secret society at PCA called the Silver Hammer Society. Chase is also invited to join, but he rejects the offer. Logan desperately wants to join, and pretends to be Chase in order to do so, but his disguise is quickly revealed. To get in, the rest of the group must do ridiculous deeds. Then Logan starts to make his own club, Logan Knights. Also, Quinn acts weird around a new girl in school, Sara, when she suspects she knew Quinn from a while back.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

Note: One of the new members of the Silver Hammer Society name is Joe Catania, one of the producers.
Also, in this episode we find out Quinn used to compete in beauty pageants. In the iCarly episode, "iWas a Pageant Girl", Quinn was announced as one of the contestants. 
33 7 "Michael Loves Lisa" Roger Nygard Dan Schneider January 7, 2007 (2007-01-07) 313

After developing a crush on a girl named Lisa, Michael becomes too nervous to perform in the Open Mic Night, causing him to throw up on her and another guy. While cleaning up, Lisa falls in love with the other guy. Upon hearing this, Michael becomes really sad. Meanwhile, Logan and Chase are having a go-kart race. But Chase's out of control go-kart crashes into Lisa's table and Michael pushes her out of the way to save her and she kisses him and they start going out.

Guest Star: Lisa Tucker as Lisa Perkins Another Guest StarStephen Lunsford as Greg

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

First appearance of Lisa Perkins 
34 8 "Wrestling" Michael Grossman Ethan Banville & Arthur Gradstein March 1, 2007 (2007-03-01) 310

After seeing Zoey stop a fight, the wrestling coach wants Zoey to join the wrestling team. The days pass, and she doesn't get a chance to wrestle anyone. Then later on, she finds out that she will be wrestling in the tournament. However, all the boys Zoey is put against forfeit because they don't want to wrestle a girl. As she is about to face the undefeated champion, Chuck Javers, Zoey finds out that was the coach's plan, and was the whole reason he put her on the team. Meanwhile, Lola wants to be a reporter, and joins Jeremiah Trottman during the tournament.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks 
35 9 "Zoey's Balloon" Steve Hoefer George Doty IV March 11, 2007 (2007-03-11) 311

Zoey and her friends must write a secret and tie it to a balloon for psychology class. However, Zoey's balloon gets stuck in a tree, and someone finds and learns Zoey's secret. The mysterious person begins blackmailing her, forcing Zoey to do various cruel tasks. It turns out that the person who was blackmailing Zoey was Rebecca, Chase's ex girlfriend wanting to get revenge on Zoey for Chase dumping her.

Guest Star: Daniella Monet as Rebecca

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

Note: Quinn and Lola were destroying Firewire's Galaxy Wars action figures. Galaxy Wars is also mentioned in Drake & Josh and iCarly. Logan has no lines in this episode but appears in two scenes there.

Coincidentally, the last episode directed by Steve Hoefer, "Chase's Girlfriend", also had Rebecca in it. 
36 10 "Chase's Grandma" Michael Grossman Ethan Banville & Arthur Gradstein March 18, 2007 (2007-03-18) 312

Chase's birthday is coming up but he is too busy writing a 5,000-word paper to care. When Zoey hears that Chase and his grandmother share the same birthday and that Chase shared a close relationship with her when he was young, she thinks she has the perfect gift for him: to bring his grandmother to PCA, but she gets the flu and is unable to come to PCA. Meanwhile, Lola and Quinn are trying to get Dustin's arm out of a vending machine. And the secret birthday party they threw for Chase became a disaster after Chase learned his grandmother had more than a flu and it got worse and his grandmother died on her and Chase's birthday. On another scene we see that Zoey makes Chase feel better by hugging him under the rain.

Note: Most of this episode is not shown in the UK showings—All scenes with Dustin and the vending machine are cut out for unknown reasons. 
37 11 "Quarantine" Adam Weissman Steve Holland March 25, 2007 (2007-03-25) 304

When Quinn accidentally spills her own germ in their dorm room, the girls along with Logan, Chase, and Michael are Quarantined in their room until it is proved to be safe. However, they begin to drive each other crazy; Michael is VERY hungry, Lola keeps screaming, Logan is obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror, Chase begins to feel ill, Quinn is worried that Mark may be cheating on her, and Zoey has to miss a date with an extremely cute guy named Danny.

Guest Star: Nicole Anderson as Maria

Note: Danny is played by Austin Butler, who later plays James in Season 4. 
38 12 "The Radio" Steve Hoefer Ethan Banville & Arthur Gradstein July 19, 2007 (2007-07-19) 314

Chase sells Zoey a "fada model #115" radio for $5 and a coupon for a free taco. Quinn tells Zoey that the radio is worth $10,000 and so Zoey plans to give the radio back to Chase. When Chase discovers the value of the radio, he scolds Zoey for not giving it back to him, even though she was planning to give it back. This makes her mad and she decides not to give the radio back. Chase's grandfather takes the radio back when he also discovers its value. After being teased by Lola about how Quinn has never been kissed by Mark, Quinn tries to make him kiss her.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

Note: The radio Chase sells to Zoey was seen briefly in the Season 1 episodes "New Roomies" and "Webcam". 
39 13 "Paige at PCA" Roger Christiansen Dan Schneider August 10, 2007 (2007-08-10) 318

A science star named Paige Howard attends PCA and is going to install her new energy converter to make PCA run on "Paige Power". This upsets Quinn because she realizes that she may no longer be the smartest girl on campus, and she gives up science. When the energy converter threatens to cause a catastrophe Quinn realizes her science gift is needed when she saves the school from a near meltdown. Meanwhile, Chase and Logan try to make Michael think that he is going crazy for a psychology class project after he refuses to do his share of the work. The guys hire Coco's little person cousin to help out with their prank.

Guest Star: Miranda Cosgrove as Paige Howard

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks 
40 14 "Dance Contest" Adam Weissman Ethan Banville & Arthur Gradstein September 16, 2007 (2007-09-16) 321

Michael and Logan must help Chase become a wonderful dancer before a dance contest to dance with Zoey. Lola wants to get the main role in a play, but in the meantime, she tricks a British guy into going on a date with her. Also, Michael, Logan and Quinn try to be customer of the week to get free coffee. In promotion for this episode Nickelodeon promoted this as a new season.

Guest Star: Kelly Blatz as Gene

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

Note: This episode aired as part of Nickelodeon's dancing lineup, featuring dancing themed episodes of Nickelodeon's sitcoms, and also featured new episodes of Unfabulous, iCarly, Just Jordan and Drake & Josh.

American Idol is referenced in this episode. 
41 15 "The Favor Chain" Adam Weissman Jeffrey Bushell September 23, 2007 (2007-09-23) 315
Zoey's dad signs a permission slip, allowing Zoey to go off campus to meet her favorite author. She asks Coco and she says she'll do it, but Zoey must get her some special ravioli that only Michael can make. Michael asks for another favor where Stacey will finish there class project but Stacey wants a date with Logan and Logan wants his PCA ring back from Dustin and Dustin wants Lola to be his talent show partner and Lola wants Chase to babysit a baby and finally Chase wants a bunch of nerds to stop bothering him. When it doesn't work they all get there stuff back but at the end Coco still drives Zoey. 
42 16 "Zoey's Ribs" Steve Hoefer George Doty IV September 29, 2007 (2007-09-29) 316

After an unknown deceased relative of Zoey's sends her "a thousand pounds of ribs", Zoey, Chase, Michael, and Logan agree to have a rib cook-off. After a fierce feud between Michael and Logan, they decide to compete against each other with Zoey on Michael's team, and Chase on Logan's. The famous cook off judge turns out to be a fraud wanted by the Authorities. Meanwhile, Quinn accidentally blows Mark's eyebrows off in an experiment gone awry, and she creates a stimulant that accelerates hair growth.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks 
43–44 17–18 "The Curse of PCA" Steve Hoefer Dan Schneider October 13, 2007 (2007-10-13) 308–309

After bringing up the legend of a former PCA student named Charles Galloway (Jeff Norkin), who fled to the wilderness above PCA at a place called Redstone Gulch because of an extremely hard test, the gang decides to go check it out for themselves, with help from Lola's crush, Leif, who then gets himself and Lola lost in the wilderness. There, they find the necklace of Charles L. Galloway. When the gang refuses to let Logan keep the necklace, which he says will be evidence that they proved the legend true, and make them famous at PCA, he steals it and puts it in Zoey's backpack, causing a violent thunderstorm to form a green cloud to come after Zoey and the others, which causes Zoey to break her ankle. Zoey must help save PCA by getting to Redstone Gulch and placing the necklace back where it came from. This is the second Zoey 101 two-part episode.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks 
45 19 "Drippin' Episode!" David Kendall Ethan Banville & Arthur Gradstein October 21, 2007 (2007-10-21) 317

Michael tries to introduce his new slang word, "drippin", which means "Good. Awesome. Sweet." Logan gets a horror movie called Shinnyuusha. Evidently, Dustin freaks out from watching this movie and stays with the girls overnight. The girls learn that Dustin was only scared for the first night and that he stayed for a couple of more nights because he missed hanging out with Zoey. Meanwhile, the guys’ dorm encounters a new problem – the fire alarm goes off every night. At the end it turns out it was Logan's illegal J-Phone from Japan that was setting off the fire alarm, which leads to Logan getting beaten soundly by the other boys in his dorm building.

Note: The movie title, Shinnyusha, means 'trespasser' in Japanese. Also the "J-Phone" is a parody of the "iPhone" 
46 20 "Son of a Dean" Steve Hoefer George Doty IV November 4, 2007 (2007-11-04) 319

Zoey starts dating Dean Rivers's son. But then, Zoey thinks he might not be Mr. Perfect. Lola and Quinn told Zoey that he rigged the ticket but Zoey does not believe them until Vance tells Zoey himself that he can do that. Meanwhile, Logan makes a dance video for girls so they can dance with him from the TV. Chase and Michael struggle to make 26 more episodes of The Chase & Michael Show to give by the end of the month, and end up getting sued by Friday Night Live for their idea of two bowling pins afraid of a bowling ball rolling towards them.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

Note: When Quinn and Lola are testing ringtones, we hear the iCarly theme song without the lyrics on Lola's phone and that Friday Night Live is a parody of the sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live
47 21 "Hands on a Blix Van" David Kendall Jeffrey Bushell November 18, 2007 (2007-11-18) 320

There is a contest to see who can keep their hand on a Blix van for the longest. The winner gets a private Blix jet for two to anywhere in the world, and many people are determined that they can win. Logan tries to win by lying about breaking his leg, scaring students off, sneezing on their hands and he requested a chair so the competition would be easier for him. Logan gets Stacey to lose by offering to be her boyfriend for a week. Zoey wins by tricking Logan who ends up stuck with Stacey. Meanwhile, Lola and Quinn try to find a way to make Quinn stop laughing after a breath spray she made to cure her bad breath makes her laugh non-stop. In the end, Lola cures her by making out with Mark right in front of her.

Guest Star: Lisa Tucker as Lisa Perkins

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks 
48 22 "Miss PCA" David Kendall George Doty IV December 2, 2007 (2007-12-02) 322

Logan hosts a new "Miss PCA" beauty pageant. While Zoey, Lola and Chase initially found the event degrading, the girls asked to join when Logan revealed the prize of the contest: the chance to be on the cover of Buzz Magazine. And when Zoey and Lola find out, they sign up, but Zoey and Lola become competitive and start sabotaging each other. In the meantime, Michael desperately tries to make Quinn laugh at his jokes.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks 
49 23 "Logan Gets Cut Off" Adam Weissman Dan Schneider December 9, 2007 (2007-12-09) 323

Logan is in trouble when his dad discovers that he's purchased a $327,000 car without his permission. That's when Mr. Reese steps in and takes control. He takes away Logan's valuables, closes his bank account, and cuts his credit card in half. When Zoey, Lola and Chase see that Logan is in desperate need of help, Zoey does Logan's laundry, Lola helps him with his hair, Chase types out his report, and they all try to teach Logan how to fend for himself with no money. Meanwhile, Michael says he can get out of any difficultly tied ropes, so Mark and Quinn tie him up to see what he can do.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

Note: Mark and Michael watch The Great Doheny, who appears in an episode of Drake & Josh.

Last appearance of Malcolm Reese—Logan's Father 
50–51 24-25 "Goodbye Zoey?" Steve Hoefer Dan Schneider January 4, 2008 (2008-01-04) 324–325

Zoey's parents come for an unexpected visit to PCA and tell Zoey and Dustin that they are moving to England because Zoey's dad's business is starting a new branch in London. When offered to accompany the parents to London, Dustin quickly declines the offer because he is seeing someone, but Zoey decides to think about it first. Although Zoey treasures Chase's opinion, Chase had heard the rumor before Zoey gets a chance to tell him about the news. This leads Chase to bitterly convince Zoey that she should go to London, and she decides to leave PCA. After she leaves, Chase starts hanging out with a disgusting girl named Gretchen who looks a lot like Zoey. He later admits that he only did so because he missed Zoey. In a cliffhanger ending, due to a webcam malfunction, Zoey watches Chase confess his love for her when talking to Michael and Logan.

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks (Part 2)

Last appearance of Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews as a regular cast member
Last appearance of Mr. Brooks
First and only appearance of Mrs. Brooks 

Season 4: 2008

  • 14 episodes (1 episode was originally produced for season 3)
  • This season was filmed in the summer of 2007, and ended in August 2007.
  • Jamie Lynn Spears appears in all episodes.
  • Paul Butcher, Victoria Justice, Christopher Massey, Erin Sanders, and Matthew Underwood are absent for one episode. 1
  • Austin Butler is absent for one episode, after joining the main cast in the episode "Rumor of Love" (episode 13).
  • Sean Flynn is no longer a main character, but is a guest star for two episodes and appears via archive footage from "The Great Vince Blake" for the flashback scenes in "Vince Is Back".

1 In episode 65, it includes clips of these characters from other episodes.

Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
52 1 "Trading Places" Adam Weissman Dan Schneider January 27, 2008 (2008-01-27) 406

Zoey returns to PCA to talk to Chase, but discovers that Chase has recently transferred to Covington to be with her. After Chase and Zoey meet through video chat, Chase reveals that he has to stay in London for at least one full semester. They go on a "date" (through webcams) but it doesn't work out, so they agree to wait until the semester is over.

Special Guest Star: Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews

Note: Lola watches a show called Girly Cow, which is also shown later in iCarly
53 2 "Fake Roommate" Adam Weissman George Doty IV January 27, 2008 (2008-01-27) 401
Michael and Logan attempt to fool the housing lady into thinking that Chase is still at PCA so that they do not need to obtain a new roommate. To do this, Logan makes a fake Chase. Meanwhile, it is time for Coco's job review with Dean Rivers. After learning that he likes lions, she tries to please him by bringing a "tame" lion into his office. Dean Rivers enters the office and the lion attacks, sending him to the hospital. Thus, Coco is fired and is hired as a bathroom attendant at a fancy restaurant. The girls then get a new dorm advisor, Mira, who seems really sweet until they soon discover that she steals the girls' stuff. 
54 3 "Alone at PCA" David Kendall Ethan Banville February 3, 2008 (2008-02-03) 402

The gang must stay on campus over spring break when the trip to Yosemite is canceled. Stacey is waiting at PCA for her parents to pick her up to go skiing but they never show up and Stacey can't reach them when her cell phone number is blocked from her parents' home phone. Dean Rivers' golf trophy gets smashed and he assumes it was Michael and Logan so he puts them under dorm arrest. Zoey and the girls set out to find the real culprit who turns out to be a disgruntled former student who is now a grounds keeper.

Note: The character Seamus Finnegan is named after the Harry Potter character of the same name. 
55 4 "Rumor of Love" Michael Grossman Jeffrey Bushell February 10, 2008 (2008-02-10) 403

Michael and Logan learn that they will be getting a new roommate (Austin Butler). Their new roommate is named James, who soon becomes a celebrity among all of the girls at PCA. A rumor spreads that Zoey and James are dating.

Note: In this episode Michael plays with a toy called Clackers, which is what Drake plays with in an episode of Drake & Josh.

First appearance of Austin Butler as James Garrett 
56 5 "Anger Management" Steve Hoefer Matt Fleckenstein February 17, 2008 (2008-02-17) 404

Dustin is Logan's new assistant. However, the job is short-lived after Logan leaves Dustin an angry voicemail, which Dustin showed to James, Michael and Zoey. James then puts it on the Internet and everybody hears the message. Dean Rivers is unfortunately blamed for it when it ends up on a talk show. Anger struck, he sentences Logan to anger management classes. He can get out of the class if he manages to keep his cool outside of them, but Zoey is out to do whatever she can to make sure he goes back there by intentionally provoking him. Meanwhile, Lola eats nuts that Quinn spit out, and becomes angry at Quinn because she did not immediately tell her that those peanuts were in her mouth when she saw Lola eating them.

Trivia: While Quinn was fighting with Lola and Lola wasn't talking, Lola was going onto 
57 6 "Quinn Misses the Mark" Roger Christiansen Dan Schneider February 24, 2008 (2008-02-24) 405

Quinn and Mark agree to stop dating for a while, but Quinn sees him with a girl named Brooke, and is upset. She decides to start a new look to get Mark back. She begins to change her hairstyle, clothes, and makeup. Quinn's plans don't seem to go the right way, but she gets attention from other guys. Meanwhile, a horse begins following Michael because he feeds Logan's cookies to it. Quinn is comforted by Logan and they end up kissing, which then leads to a secret relationship.

Note When Quinn is mangling Mark's face on the computer, she's listening to the Wade Collins song, "Cry Like A Lion" from iCarly. 
58 7 "Walk-A-Thon" Michael Grossman Ethan Banville March 9, 2008 (2008-03-09) 407
Zoey and Dustin are participating in a charity walk-a-thon at PCA called The Big Walk, and they are getting sponsors to donate, but Lola accidentally pledges a total of $600. Zoey visits Carmine, the organizer of the walk-a-thon, to explain the problem to him, and discovers that he is extremely fierce. Meanwhile, Quinn and Logan start dating privately, and they have to convince everyone, especially Michael, who may have seen them hugging, that they still hate each other. Also, Lola attempts to knit a sweater, but finds it very difficult. 
59 8 "Vince is Back" David Kendall Dan Schneider March 22, 2008 (2008-03-22) 408

The gang is surprised to find out that the bully and football star, Vince Blake, is back after being expelled. The girls talk to Dean Rivers so he would expel Vince. The girls decide to just ignore him, which proves harder than expected when Lola starts to constantly make out with him, but Logan and Michael decide that it's time for some revenge, or "comeuppance" as Michael calls it.

Guest Star: Brando Eaton as Vince Blake

Note: Sean Flynn (Chase Matthews) is credited as a special guest star in this episode, despite the fact that he only appears in a short clip from the season three episode "The Great Vince Blake", when recapping scenes from that episode at the beginning of the show. When Zoey and Quinn are talking in Michael and Logan's dorm, the laptop has on it. Plus, you can hear the iCarly episode "iDon't Want To Fight" playing for a brief moment. Vince says he doesn't drink coffee but in Coffee Cart Ban he says he's been drinking coffee. 
60 9 "Dinner For Two Many" Larry LaFond Matt Fleckenstein March 30, 2008 (2008-03-30) 409

Zoey wants to go on a date with just James, with none of their other friends, at a restaurant called Vaccaro. Meanwhile, Quinn hates having to sneak around when spending time with Logan, and they plan a romantic dinner as their first official date. They also decide to go to Vaccaro, thinking that no one else at PCA could afford the food there. Both couples, however, end up sitting right next to each other. Zoey notices them, and after two different lies told to cover up their secret, Michael and Lola end up joining the two couples, creating more chaos.

Trivia: When Logan and Quinn are in the janitors closet, talking about Varcarro, Logan says "it's about half a mile up from PCH," meaning the Pacific Coast Highway. Stacey Dillsen also mentioned that Vaccaro is up PCH in the episode, "Fake Roommate" 
61 10 "Coffee Cart Ban" Roger Christiansen George Doty IV April 6, 2008 (2008-04-06) 410

After Lola causes an accident involving coffee carts and Dean Rivers's wife, Dean Rivers bans all coffee carts at PCA and makes a rule that no coffee is allowed on campus. Logan and Michael start selling coffees in their room, but overcharges his customers, selling large coffees at $9 per cup, and $1 more for sugar. When the girls find out, they decide to open another coffee sale in their room, but they charge less than half of what Michael and Logan charge, at $4 per large cup. Logan finds out, and he decides to tell Dean Rivers about them selling coffee in their room. So the girls try to sabotage the boys coffee shop with a laser to shoot all of the plastic cups. Eventually, both groups are caught, and Dean Rivers is extremely unforgiving and relentless to the group. Even when Zoey tries to convince him that everyone thinks his rule is unfair, he is about to expel them, but he uses Quinn's laser gun and accidentally breaks the door of his cupboard, which has a coffee machine behind it. This forces him to allow coffee again. At the end, Calvin (the guy who works at the coffee cart) gets back at Logan by charging him $400 for one cup.

Guest Star: Brando Eaton as Vince Blake

Brando Eaton is only seen in one scene.

Last appearance of Dean Rivers 
62 11 "Roller Coaster" Adam Weissman Jeffrey Bushell April 27, 2008 (2008-04-27) 411

Zoey's physics class is going on a field trip to ride on a rollercoaster. Everyone is excited to go, except for Michael. He seems to be afraid of rollercoasters. As Logan finds out about this, he tells everyone Michael is afraid of riding them. Michael is worried that Lisa thinks he is a wimp because he is scared to ride roller coasters. Will the gang be able to help Michael out, and will they stand by his side?

Guest Star: Lisa Tucker as Lisa Perkins

Notes: Mystic Mountain is also the name of the theme park that Drake & Josh go to when they ride on the Demonator in the episode "The Demonator".

When Zoey answers her phone to Firewire her ringtone is "Leave It All to Me" from iCarly.

Also, the roller coaster that Michael rides is actually the Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain. When in the episode, they call the theme park Mystic Mountain and Michael rides the Spine Twister. 
63–64 12–13 "Chasing Zoey" Steve Hoefer Dan Schneider May 2, 2008 (2008-05-02) 412–413

As the prom approaches, Zoey questions her feelings for James, and Michael learns how to drive a stickshift. Quinn and Logan try to pick dates for each other to keep their relationship a secret. As the episode continues, we start to wonder whether Chase is going to come back. Stacey now speaks with perfect S's after getting hit by a car. This is the series finale of Zoey 101.

Last Appearance of Logan, Michael, Quinn, and Lola, although they do appear in flashbacks in the episode PCA Confidential.

Absent: Austin Butler as James Garrett (Part 2)

Trivia: In the 5th minute Quinn is looking at 'iCarly' while talking to Lola. In the 7th minute of this episode, Zoey is looking at on her laptop.

Special Guest Star: Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews

Guest Stars: Lisa Tucker as Lisa Perkins, Brando Eaton as Vince Blake, and Dan Schneider as Crazy Cab Driver

Note: The band that plays at the prom is the same band that plays in an episode of iCarly. Also, this episode aired in Canada on September 12, 2009 because of a late schedule. 
65 14 "PCA Confidential" Steve Hoefer George Doty IV May 2, 2008 326

Zoey, Chase and Stacey answer questions for students thinking of attending PCA, while Coco supervises. Stacey soon gets annoyed because nobody asks her anything. This is a clip show of the series.

Note: This episode aired along with the series finale "Chasing Zoey", and was originally produced for season 3. Also, this episode aired in Canada on December 14, 2007 because it was part of Season 3. This is also the first time only two cast members are present and the first time Lola, Michael, Logan and Quinn are absent for the season though they are seen appearing in Season 1, 2, 3 and 4 clips as a flashback.
Absent: Victoria Justice as Lola Martinez, Christopher Massey as Michael Barrett, Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese, Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky and Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks. 

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