List of Heroes characters with special abilities

List of Heroes characters with special abilities

This is an alphabetical list of characters with special abilities appearing in the television series "Heroes" as well as the "Heroes" graphic novels. A more extensive list of "Heroes" characters can be found at List of characters in "Heroes".

Main characters

Recurring, secondary, and guest characters

Charlie Andrews

* Played by: Jayma Mays
* First appeared in: "Seven Minutes to Midnight"
* Last appeared in: "Six Months Ago"
* Special ability: Eidetic memory [ Heroes Evolutions Assignment Tracker 2.0] ]

Charlene "Charlie" Andrews is a waitress at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, Texas, where Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi stop to eat on their road trip to New York. After she reveals to Hiro that she had recently developed the ability to quickly memorize and recall any information with great accuracy in a seemingly unlimited volume, Sylar murders her in the diner's storeroom, removing her brain in the same manner as his other victims.cite episode | title = Seven Minutes to Midnight | episodelink = Seven Minutes to Midnight (Heroes) | series = Heroes | serieslink = Heroes (TV series)| credits = Director: Paul Edwards, Writer: Tim Kring | network = NBC | airdate = 2006-11-13] Hiro tries to prevent her murder by going back in time one day to warn her, but he accidentally goes back six months, to April 24 (Charlie's birthday). He convinces Charlie that both he and she have special powers by stopping time to make one thousand origami cranes. After taking a job at the diner and dating Charlie, Hiro buys two tickets to take her to Tokyo. Charlie ponders her feelings and tells Hiro that while she does not usually let people get close to her due to a blood clot in her brain that is killing her, he makes her feel happy and she loves him. However, when Hiro and Charlie are about to kiss, he inadvertently teleports back to present day Japan and is unable to return.cite episode | title = Six Months Ago | episodelink = Six Months Ago | series = Heroes | serieslink = Heroes (TV series)| credits = Director: Allan Arkush, Writer: Aron Eli Coleite | network = NBC | airdate = 2006-11-27]

Bridget Bailey

* Played by: Tehmina Sunny
* First appeared in: version of Heroes Evolutions
* Special ability: Clairsentience

Bridget Bailey is an evolved human, with the power to perceive the history of any object she touches, introduced by the BBC in its mirror of Heroes 360 information. Her exchanges with Mohinder Suresh were later included on as part of Heroes Evolutions. Her first message, entitled "I need some advice", began on July 11, 2007. [ [ Bridget Bailey] ]

The "Heroes Evolutions" site, Assignment Tracker 2.0, was updated on August 5, 2008 to include a new interactive map which revealed Bridget to be a Company agent paired with and Berk Donahue. [ [ Assignment Tracker 2.0 Map] ] On the Evs Dropper blog, Bailey expressed regret that she was unable to aid in the war against Evs alongside her partner. In "Into the Wild, Part 3", Sean Fallon asks Gael Cruz about the "Bailey case", implying that he was assigned to aid her. Gael told him to forget it. Angela sends Bridget to meet Sylar in "One of Us, One of Them", where she is killed as soon as Angela leaves the room and her ability is absorbed.


* Played by: Christopher Eccleston
* First appeared in: "Godsend"
* Special ability: Invisibility

Claude is both a former employee of the Company and former partner of Noah Bennet. However, after it is discovered that Claude is hiding the identity of a powered person from the Company, Bennet is ordered to kill him. During the assassination attempt, however, an injured Claude turns invisible and escapes. He then spends many years invisible, hiding from the Company. He is eventually found by Peter Petrelli, who had seen him in a dream. Having previous experience with empaths, Claude is convinced by Peter to help him master control of his ability so that he will not eventually lose control and explode. With Claude's help, Peter is able to recall powers that he had previously absorbed, but before the training can be completed, Bennet and the Haitian track them down with the help of Isaac Mendez. They barely manage to escape, and an angry Claude abandons Peter to avoid any future capture attempts by the Company. "Hell's Angel" showed Claude attempting to capture Meredith Gordon with Noah and the "Golden Handshake" series showed Claude's attempt to capture Anya is his last mission with Haram and leads into Noah. In this graphic novel that Claude signs his name with the last initial "R", possibly reinforcing the joke he made to Peter that his name was Claude Rains. He was trained by Ivan Spektor.

Claude has the power to render himself invisible to the naked eye. This power is limited to the visible spectrum. It does not make him inaudible,cite web | last = | first = |title = Behind the Scenes: "Heroes" Week fourteen | publisher = Comic Book Resources | date = 2007-01-22 | url = | accessdate = 2007-02-09] nor does it mask his body heat or other such emissions, allowing him to be tracked through thermal imaging or similar methods. In addition, Claude has the ability to see others using the same power; Peter, having copied Claude's power, can see him when they're both invisible as easily as any normal person can when he's not invisible. Claude's power also extends to everything in his immediate vicinity, namely his clothes and other personal effects. This is exemplified when Claude grabs a woman's purse and hands it to Peter, which becomes visible as Peter holds it in his arms. Claude also demonstrates the ability to render other people invisible through physical contact.

Brian Davis

* Played by: David Berman
* First appeared in: "Six Months Ago"
* Last appeared in: "Six Months Ago"
* Special ability: Telekinesis

Brian Davis, who does not want his ability, reveals his telekinesis to Sylar. Brian then asks Sylar to make it go away. He is then killed by Sylar, making him the first of several victims.

Echo DeMille

* Played by: Kiko Ellsworth
* First appeared in:
* Special ability: Sound manipulation

Echo DeMille was almost captured by the Constrictor and Howard. He uses his power to escape and kill the Constrictor and another pair of agents to make his escape. When trying to meet with his gitlfriend, DeMille uses the brown note to avoid two more Company agents. He arranged to meet her thirteen weeks later at his family's cabin only to be ambushed by Penny and Connie Logan, Elle Bishop and several other paired agents. He incapacitates all but one with his ability and the man captures him. He is detained to Level Five where Angela Petrelli implies a former connection to him.


*Played by: Blake Shields
*First appeared in "The Second Coming"
*Special ability: PyrokinesisFlint is a prisoner of Level Five. After escaping along with a dozen other prisoners, he robs a bank with Knox, Jesse/Peter and the German. When Sylar and Noah later intervene and are busy dealing Knox and Jesse, Flint attempts to attack but is non-fatally shot by Noah and taken back to the Company.

"The German"

*Played by: Ken Lally
*First appeared in: "Berlin, Part 1" (graphic novel #91)
*Special ability: Magnetism manipulationThe German is originally introduced in "Berlin, Part 1", where Bianca Karina, Devin Patterson and Gael Cruz are dispatched to capture him. They are unaware that Connie Logan had given him files on all three of them. He nearly kills Gael and successfully kills Devin before Bianca knocks him out. Once he arrives in Hartsdale, he is put in Level Five. He subsequently escapes in "The Butterfly Effect" along with a dozen other prisoners. In "One of Us, One of Them", he threatens to kill Knox to stop him from bringing the Company to the bank they robbed. Knox subsequently disarms and kills him.

Meredith Gordon

* Played by: Jessalyn Gilsig
* First appeared in: "The Fix"
* Special ability: Pyrokinesis

Meredith Gordon is the biological mother of Claire Bennet. She first appears in "The Fix", in which she exhibits pyrokinetic abilities. According to a newspaper article found by Zach and Claire, Meredith and her 18-month-old baby were reported to have died in a fire 14 years before the episode's events. The backstory is revealed in the 22nd graphic novel, "Hell's Angel": in 1992, Mr. Bennet and Claude came to retrieve her, and it was Meredith who started the fire. Bennet leaves holding the baby Claire and later adopts her. After the fire, Meredith lived in Mexico for a while before moving to Kermit, Texas.

In "Distractions" Claire skips school to meet with Meredith for the first time since she was a baby.cite episode | title = Distractions| episodelink = Distractions (Heroes) | series = Heroes | serieslink = Heroes (TV series) | network = NBC | credits = Director: Jeannot Szwarc, Writer: Michael Green | airdate = 2007-02-05] Afterwards, Meredith contacts Claire's biological father, Nathan Petrelli, to notify him of their daughter's survival. Claire meets with Meredith again, wanting to see her fathercite episode | title = Run! | episodelink = Run! (Heroes) | series = Heroes | serieslink = Heroes (TV series) | network = NBC | credits = Director: Roxann Dawson, Writers: Adam Armus and Kay Foster | airdate = 2007-02-12] . Meredith tells her not to rely on her father for anything other than money, "because it's easy". Meredith says that Nathan is giving them $50,000, with Claire entitled to half; however, she actually made a deal with Nathan for $100,000. She later tells Nathan that Claire had come hoping that he would take her away. Nathan agrees with her about sending Claire away before the meeting, which Claire overhears. In "The Butterfly Effect", Meredith is called on by Mr. and Mrs. Bennet to come and help protect Claire while Mr. Bennet leaves to confront the escaped inmates previously held by the Company. She begins training Claire how to fight in the next episode.

Paulette Hawkins

* Played by: Tina Lifford
* First appeared in: "One Giant Leap"
* Special ability: Power augmentation

Paulette Hawkins is D.L. Hawkins' mother. In "One Giant Leap", she defends D.L. in front of Niki. She is not seen again until "The Kill Squad, Part 3" where it is revealed that she had become a thorn in the Company's side and she was locked in one of the five levels. She is brought out by the Kill Squad to augment the powers of Brenden Lewis so a crater created by a Guyanan local could be covered in forestry. She performs her duty under the impression that she will be taken to her grandson, Micah, afterward. Against the Company's orders, she is shot upon finishing.

Alejandro Herrera

* Played by: Shalim Ortiz
* First appeared in: "Four Months Later..."
* Special ability: Cease and reverse his sister's abilities

Alejandro Herrera is the brother of Maya Herrera. He is very protective of her, even after the initial discovery of Maya's power, which kills their friends and his new wife. When she runs away, he tracks her down and discovers his ability to stop the progression of the virus she creates. Afterward, they try to escape from Mexico in order to go to New York, picking up Sylar along the way. While Maya trusts Sylar, he does not, and soon after, when he tries to leave with Maya, Sylar kills him.

Sanjog Iyer

* Played by: Javin Reid
* First appeared in: "Seven Minutes to Midnight"
* Special ability: Dream manipulation

Sanjog Iyer is an Indian boy whom Chandra Suresh had been observing prior to leaving for New York. Chandra's notes described Iyer as having a genetic marker allowing the boy to enter people's dreams, where he acts as a "spirit guide" of sorts. He appeared in the visions that Mohinder Suresh experienced after returning to India with his father's ashes. After Mohinder found Sanjog, he explained to Mohinder that he does not enter the dreams of others but that they instead come to him.

In "Seven Minutes to Midnight", the name on the file's label included a comma as a typo. On the NBC website, Suresh's map spells the name Sanjop Iyer. The episode "Homecoming" confirms the boy's name is Sanjog Iyer.

In an interview with Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, they state that Sanjog's character was considered for the storyline involving Molly and her nightmare man, Maury Parkman. However, the idea was scrapped for reasons they did not reveal. [ [ Comic Book Resources – CBR News – The Comic Reel ] ]

Sanjog has recently appeared in the "Heroes" graphic novels showing visions of the past to various individuals.

Bianca Karina

* First appeared in: "Root and Branch, Pt. 1: The Big Bag and Tag"
* Special ability: Lung adaptation

Bianca Karina is an agent of the Company who can adapt her lungs to enable her to breathe in any environment, including underwater. She is partnered with Devin Patterson and engaged to Gael Cruz. She is first seen in Root and Branch, Part 1 when she and Patterson capture one of Julien Dumont's rogue clones. She is next seen in Berlin where she, Gael and Devin are sent to capture the German. After Gael is incapacitated and Devin is killed, Bianca uses her ability to knock him out. With the help of Paul Harding and Ahlrich Dekker, they get the German to headquarters. At the end of the Evs Dropper arc, she defends Donna Dunlap from Gael, locking him in a cell. After Donna and Eric Thompson identify Connie Logan as Evs Dropper, she is leads those sent to fight her. Once the majority of agents are killed, Bianca shoots the root Julien Dumont and all clone are killed. In "The Butterfly Effect" and "Dreams Until Death", she is killed by Sylar when attempting to capture him with Gael. However, Gael identifies himself as "special", so Bianca gets a quick death and her power is not taken.

Daniel Linderman

* Played by: Malcolm McDowell
* First appeared in: "Parasite"
* Special ability: Healing others [ Comic Book Resources - CBR News - The Comic Reel ] ] cite web | | title = TV Guide | url ={B8B859FA-DD58-4925-95DB-C1FFA36CC46B}] cite web | | title = MySpace Videos: Exclusive Heroes | date = 2007-04-03 | url = | accessdate = 2007-04-04]

Daniel Linderman [cite web | title = BEHIND THE ECLIPSE: SEASON 2, WEEK 1 | url =] [cite episode | title = Cautionary Tales| episodelink = Cautionary Tales | series = Heroes | serieslink = Heroes (TV series)| credits = Director: Greg Yaitanes, Writer: Joe Pokaski | network = NBC | airdate = 2007-11-19] [cite web | title = The Corinthian Casino | url =] [cite web | title = Yamagato "Sword Saint" Chapter Five | url =] served himself in the U.S. Army with Arthur Petrelli in the Vietnam War. Arthur would have died, if not for Daniel choosing to make him the second person he ever healed. After the war, Daniel finds himself living a nomadic, solitary existence. Though he occasionally drowns his sorrows in alcohol, nothing eases the pain of his war memories.

As an aged man, Linderman is a reputed mobster, and founder of 's disciple.

In the series premiere, Linderman sends two thugs to Niki Sanders' home to collect on a loan she could not repay, but the thugs are killed. In "Collision", one of Linderman's subordinates gives Niki the opportunity to repay her debt by being the bait in a badger game targeting Nathan Petrelli; Jessica, Niki's alternate personality, eventually complies. Nathan, however, realizes that Linderman needs him to win the congressional seat he was running for, and convinces Linderman's associate to "donate" $4 million to his campaign, rather than the originally agreed-upon $2 million, and suppress the tape. Later on, in a meeting with him, Nathan holds a gun on Linderman. Linderman subsequently reveals to him the extent of his knowledge regarding Nathan's, Peter's and Claire's powers, as well as those of many others, before offering him the victory in the election, as well as an eventual position in the White House. In "Distractions", he arranged for Niki Sanders' freedom from prison in exchange for Jessica's services as an assassin.

In the episode "Landslide", Linderman heals Nathan Petrelli's wife Heidi's paralysis. Later Linderman meets with Candice and Micah at the building in New York. By promising Micah his freedom and enough money to make his family live happily ever after, Linderman persuades him to adjust the election results so that Nathan wins by "a landslide" by manipulating the outcome through one of the networked electronic voting machines. At night, Linderman gets an unexpected visit from Niki and Micah's father, D.L. Hawkins. Linderman pulls out a loaded gun and tries to shoot Niki, but D.L. takes the bullet for her. In return, he uses his phasing powers to phase his fist through Linderman's skull, leaving a fist-sized hole after removing it, seemingly killing him.

In "The Second Coming", Linderman appears before Nathan Petrelli explaining to him that he was healed by him. In "The Butterfly Effect", Linderman reveals that only Nathan can see him.

Eden McCain

* Played by: Nora Zehetner
* First appeared in: "Don't Look Back"
* Special ability: Vocal persuasion

Eden McCain was born as Sarah Ellis and raised in a small town. Her father frequently argued with her stepmother and left them when she was young. She was forced to do housework immediately after school for most of her childhood by her stepmother, a stereotypically cruel woman. Over time, her stepmother began to blame the girl for her father abandoning them. After years of this treatment, in response to a particularly violent tantrum, Sarah shouted "I wish you'd just die!" and caused her stepmother's heart to instantly stop beating. The house then caught on fire as a result of her stepmother's cigarette falling to the ground. After escaping, Sarah asked a passerby to take her west, and later adopted the name "Eden McCain".Cite comic| Writer = Perluigi Cothran | Penciller = Marcus To | Inker = Mark Roslan | Title = [ Heroes: Life Before Eden] | Volume = 1 | Issue = 9 | Date = 2006 | Publisher = Aspen MLT, Inc.]

Afterward, about six months before most of first season's events, Eden was a criminal doing any selfish thing she wanted. This changed when she was taken in by Noah Bennet. Bennet and his partner the Haitian pacified Eden's powers so that Bennet could persuade her into working with them. Her first assignment was to move in near Chandra Suresh and befriend him, so that she could remove the name of Bennet's daughter from a list of superhumans Chandra had made.

At the end of "Homecoming", Eden uses her power to put Sylar to sleep with the Haitian present. Later, in "Fallout", she suggests killing Sylar by using her power to make him kill himself. When Mr. Bennet disagrees, Eden takes matters into her own hands. She approaches Sylar outside his holding cell with a gun, then explains that she is going to give him the gun and he is going to commit suicide. During their conversation, Eden reveals that she was the next door neighbor of Chandra Suresh. Before she has a chance to invoke her power of persuasion, Sylar telekinetically jerks Eden through the glass wall of his cell, breaking her concentration. He then grabs hold of her throat and begins to choke her while she struggles to try and shoot him. Sylar claims that a gun will not work on him and that he will kill her and take her power. Eden quickly decides to put the gun to her own head and fire, taking her own life before Sylar can steal her power.cite comic| Writer = Andrew Chambliss | Penciller = Travis Kotzebue & Mucah Gunnell | Inker = Peter Steigrwald | Title = [ Heroes: Fathers & Daughters] | Volume = 1 | Issue = 11 | Date = 2006 | Publisher = Aspen MLT, Inc.] Her body is later found in Sudbury, Ontario, having been dumped into Lake Ramsey.cite episode | title = Godsend | episodelink = Godsend (Heroes) | series = Heroes | serieslink = Heroes (TV series)| network = NBC | credits = Director: Paul Shapiro, Writer: Tim Kring | airdate = 2007-01-22]

Daphne Millbrook

*Played by: Brea Grant
*First appeared in "Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1" (Graphic Novel)
*Special ability: Superhuman speed

Daphne Millbrook is a thief that uses her super speed to commit crimes. In "The Second Coming", Daphne speeds through Hiro Nakamura's office and steals one half of a chemical formula from his hands. Hiro stops time and catches up to her, but she is still able to move normally. Catching Hiro off guard, she punches him, unfreezing time before she speeds away. They meet again in "The Butterfly Effect", when Daphne comes home to discover that Hiro and Ando Masahashi have broken into her apartment and stolen her gold medal from her track days in high school. Eventually she agrees to a trade with Hiro for the half of the formula she stole from him. Handing the medal to Ando to trade with her, she runs forwards and is just about to snatch the medal when Hiro stops time again. She asks him if it's worth his friend's life, holding a knife to Ando's neck and cutting him. Hiro gives back the medal and Daphne darts away with both the first half of the formula and her medal, unaware that Hiro has attached a tracking device to the back of the medal.

Jesse Murphy

*Played by: Francis Capra
*First appeared in "The Second Coming"
*Special ability: Sound manipulation (expressed through voice)

Jesse Murphy is a former prisoner of Level Five. He is described by Knox as having no friends. He and Knox were captured by Noah Bennet and the Haitian after the two used their powers in an attempt to take over a neighborhood.Years later, an alternate, future version of Peter Petrelli puts the present-day Peter in Jesse's body to keep him safe. However, present-day Peter is forced to leave with the other Level Five prisoners when Elle Bishop accidentally releases them. Peter accompanies a group of them on a bank robbery to make sure that no innocents are hurt. However, Knox figures out the truth and attacks, causing Peter to trigger Jesse's ability. Before Peter can stop the villains, though, the future Peter releases him and takes him to the future. Jesse, now free, attempts to kill Noah Bennet with Flint and Knox, but Sylar incapacitates them and takes Jesse's power, killing him.

According to executive producer Greg Beeman, Jesse's power was originally "Earthquake-stomp", but was changed to a sonic scream due to budget constraints. [ [ Beaming Beeman - Season 3, Episode 3] - Director's blog on the filming of this episode]

Ishi Nakamura

*Played by: Unknown
*First appeared in "Cautionary Tales"
*Special ability: Unknown

Ishi Nakamura was the wife of Kaito Nakamura and mother to Kimiko and Hiro. She was shown as deceased when Hiro was eight years old when he went back in time with his father in an attempt to convince him to escape his death. It was revealed that she had an ability in an interview with Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski. [ [ Comic Book Resources Behind the Eclipse: Week 2] ]

Kaito Nakamura

* Played by: George Takei, Eijiro Ozaki (young)
* First appeared in: "The Fix"
* Special Ability: Unknown

Kaito Nakamura is a stern and powerful businessman in Japan and the father of Hiro Nakamura. He is the CEO of Yamagato Industries. He is described as a man with "real power" by his underlings. Mr. Nakamura does not want Hiro going around the United States trying to fulfill his "destiny". In reference to Takei's role as Hikaru Sulu in the original "Star Trek" television series, the license plate on Mr. Nakamura's limousine has the same number, NCC-1701, as the registration number of the Starship "Enterprise".

This characterization of a strict Japanese patriarch is promptly turned upside down. In "Company Man", he is shown working with Thompson for the organization behind Primatech nearly fifteen years before the events of the series' present. He ordered Noah Bennet to adopt Claire on the provision that if she exhibits any abilities she is to be turned over to The Company. It is revealed that not only had he been waiting for someone on the Nakamura line to manifest and has known of Hiro's powers for a long time, but that he once had allies who also had powers. Mr. Nakamura is on Hiro's side in the attempt to stop Sylar, in direct opposition to the Linderman group. He spends some time training his son in swordsmanship using wooden bokken, revealing that he was once a part of a group of heroes.In 1977 as part of the 'Company Founders' he was influential in protecting strain 138 of the Shanti virus from being released in an attempt by Adam Monroe to 'start the world anew'.

When Ando Masahashi is teleported to Yamagato, Kaito informs him that his position has been filled and that he can take Hiro's old post. When Ando asks about Hiro's return, Kaito says that there is no need to cross a bridge before needed.

After receiving a marked photograph of himself hidden in his newspaper, he realizes that he is doomed to die. Upon sending Ando off to retrieve a sword, Kaito meets with Angela Petrelli, who had been similarly threatened. That evening, Kaito is thrown off the roof of the Deveaux building by a hooded individual whom he recognizes. Ando returns just as Kaito is thrown over, and sees his body in the street – but not that of his assailant. In "Cautionary Tales", Hiro goes back in time to prevent his death. Kaito is resigned to his fate, explaining to Hiro that their gifts cannot be used to play God. Hiro lets the murder play out, but uses his powers to learn that the assailant was Adam Monroe.

In a question and answer segment with writers/producers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite, they confirmed that Kaito absolutely has a power, but it will not be revealed for a long while.Weiland, Jonah, (October 1, 2007) " [ Behind the Eclipse: Season 2, Week 1] ", Comic Book Resources. Retrieved on December 31, 2007.] A non-canon, deleted scene from the "Heroes" season two DVD boxset showed his ability as being able to analyze the probabilities of a situation and determine the outcome. However, it is to be stressed that this scene is not and cannot be taken as official confirmation of his ability.

Maury Parkman

* Played by: Alan Blumenfeld
* First appeared in: "Fight or Flight"
* Special ability: Telepathy

Maury Parkman is Matt Parkman's father, having abandoned Matt when he was thirteen. He is one of the twelve founders of the Company. Like his son, Mr. Parkman is a telepath; however, his powers are much more developed than Matt's. Instead of just reading surface thoughts, he can read people's memories and manipulate their perceptions of reality, allowing him to trap people in nightmares based on their deepest fears and insecurities. He can either knock a person unconscious and manipulate their dreams, as he did to Molly Walker (and by so doing, left her physical body in a comatose state that lasted until Matt learned how to counter Maury's influence using his own powers), or he can induce "waking nightmares" that allow the person's real body to move, as he did to Matt and Nathan Petrelli, who were tricked into fighting each other while both were experiencing a nightmare scenario. He is also able to detect Molly's attempts to locate him using her power, and he does not require close proximity to affect a person's mind.cite episode | title = Fight or Flight | episodelink = Fight or Flight (Heroes) | series = Heroes | serieslink = Heroes (TV series) | network = NBC | credits = Director: Lesli Glatter, Writer: Joy and Melissa Blake | airdate = 2007-10-22] His use of this ability has led Molly Walker to give him the name "the Nightmare Man."

Maury was one of several people swayed into believing that those with abilities are superior to humans by Adam Monroe, and when Adam escaped from the Company's custody, he sent Maury to kill those founding members who disagreed with him. He is implied to have been responsible for the self-inflicted wounds of Angela Petrelli. When he attempts to kill Bob, he is stopped by Matt, who manages to trap Maury in his own nightmare.

In one of Angela Petrelli's precognitive dreams, Maury is seen along with Adam Monroe, a woman who is either Tracy Strauss or her sister Barbara, Knox, and Sylar killing the Heroes.

West Rosen

* Played by: Nicholas D'Agosto
* First appeared in: "Four Months Later..."
* Special ability: Flight

Prior to the start of the series, West Rosen is abducted by Mr. Bennet and the Haitian and taken to Primatech Paper in Odessa. There, he escapes a lab by discovering his flying ability for the first time. He flies into a vent, where he sees Claire. Both West and Claire are very young at the time. Claire and West exchange words, until the Haitian comes to recapture West and wipe his memory clean. West is then released back home, with his newly discovered ability to fly.

West is a student at Costa Verde High School and classmate of Claire Bennet. He first notices Claire when he almost hits her with his car. The two strike up a friendship in Biology class.cite episode | title = Four Months Later... | episodelink = Four Months Later... | series = Heroes | serieslink = Heroes (TV series) | network = NBC | credits = Director: Greg Beeman, Writer: Tim Kring | airdate = 2007-09-24] West has a philosophy that people are either 'Aliens' or 'Robots'. [ [ Heroes Novel #52, "Flying Blind"] ] 'Robots', in his opinion, are those who act normal and question nothing – the kind of people who do not "look up". 'Aliens' are unafraid to be different.

He asks Claire in which category she belongs, wondering where she fits in the social hierarchy of the school. He sees that she makes a point of not being noticed, and is intrigued.

West possesses the power of flight, and uses it to hover outside Claire's bedroom window, observing her. In "Lizards", while observing her through a window, West learns of Claire's ability when he witnesses her regrow a severed toe.

Claire and West strike up a relationship in the episode "Kindred". She is angry at his behavior towards her during biology class, but West literally sweeps her off her feet and flies them both to a beach, where they share a kiss.

West has a tattoo on his neck similar to the one found on Matt Parkman and Claude made by Noah Bennet. During a surprise visit to the Bennet home, West sees Claire's father and Claire tells him her father is the man that abducted him. West leaves in a frightened rage, flying away before Mr. Bennet can notice him.

In Cautionary Tales it is revealed that West's last name is Rosen. He captures Noah Bennet and asks him if Claire is in league with Noah. Noah replies that Claire lied to him about West, so she must care about him. Later, West helps Noah trade Elle Bishop for Claire. The episode ends with West holding Claire while she mourns the death of her father.

In "Powerless", West confronts Claire about her decision to reveal her power and Claire breaks up with him after a heated argument.

Dale Smither

* Played by: Rusty Schwimmer
* First appeared in: "Unexpected"
* Special ability: Superhuman hearing

Dale Smither is a middle-aged woman working in a garage near Bozeman, Montana, where Mohinder and Sylar (impersonating Zane Taylor) meet her to discuss her ability. She describes her super hearing, saying that she can hear a rain storm from 40 miles away, a cockroach walking along the floorboards in her next-door neighbours' house and the slightest change in someone's heart beat. Dale listens to rap to drown out many unwanted sounds, saying that it helps her to nullify her power. She is murdered by Sylar shortly after their meeting.

Ted Sprague

* Played by: Matthew John Armstrong
* First appeared in: "Nothing to Hide"
* Special ability: Induced radioactivity

Theodore "Ted" Sprague, born on August 28, 1973, he was first mistakenly identified by Matt Parkman and Agent Audrey Hanson as Sylar. Ted has the ability to generate and manipulate radiation, which he first discovers after being abducted by the Haitian. At first, his power is very destructive, replicating harmful side-effects such as radiation poisoning. He subconsciously emits a small amount of radiation constantly, which, while not immediately dangerous, was responsible for his wife's cancer. As a direct result of prolonged exposure to Ted, his wife Karen Gallagher Sprague fell into a coma and died within a few years. He is also able to produce an EMP when necessary. Through his anger, he tracks down Noah Bennet for answers and comes to be friends with Matt Parkman.

His powers are mimicked by Peter Petrelli who is unable to control them and later explodes. When they are trying to bring down the company, they are confronted by the police. Ted draws the attention while Claire and Peter can escape. He is subsequently arrested and transported in a van, but Sylar tracks him down and steals his power, killing him in the process.

Zane Taylor

* Played by: Ethan Cohn
* First appeared in: "Run!"
* Special ability: Liquification

Zane Taylor is the first person to respond to Mohinder's calls when Mohinder resumes his father's research. Zane leaves a phone message on Mohinder's answering machine, inviting him to Virginia Beach to talk; however, Sylar arrives first and impersonates Mohinder. After an anxious Zane displays his ability to liquefy objects, Sylar kills him. When Mohinder arrives later on, Sylar impersonates Zane and demonstrates Zane's power to liquefy the toaster instantly. When Mohinder asks for a DNA sample, Sylar swabs a sample from inside the cheek of Zane's corpse. According to the article reporting his death, Zane is a musician; he is even seen wearing a Ramones t-shirt, which Sylar then wears while impersonating him.

Candice Wilmer

* Played by: Missy Peregrym (season 1) and Rachel Kimsey (season 2)
* First appeared in: "Company Man"
* Special ability: Illusion creation

Candice Wilmer is an agent of The Company, first introduced in the episode "Company Man". In Season 1, she is paired, for a short while, with Mr. Bennet and is seen using her powers to taunt multiple characters. After Bennet's betrayal to The Company is revealed at Candice's hands, however, she is seen operating on her own. Aiding Mr. Linderman in the kidnapping of Micah Sanders in ".07%", Candice is seen watching after Micah in "Landslide", in which she also guides him through rigging a voting machine to make Nathan Petrelli win an election for Congress. In the next episode and season finale, "How to Stop an Exploding Man", Candice is confronted and knocked out by Niki Sanders who, with D.L., came to New York for Micah.

During the summer hiatus between Seasons 1 and 2, a four-part graphic novel was published that revealed Candice's real name to be Betty, and that the slender appearance portrayed by Peregrym is another illusion she created.

Her next and final appearance is in the third episode of Season 2, "Kindred", in which she is portrayed by Rachel Kimsey. It is revealed in this episode that after she came to, Candice adopted another appearance and the name Michelle, took the wounded Sylar under someone else's instructions to a remote area, and cared for him there until she was killed by him. After she dies, she turns into her real self, a very overweight woman (illuminating an earlier exchange between her and Micah), leading Sylar to condemn her for trying to be something she isn't.


Missy Peregrym formerly worked with executive producers Greg Beeman and Jeph Loeb on "Smallville" and was excited to be able to audition for the role because of it. However, she felt her first audition was "one of [her] worst performances" and was surprised to get another reading the following Monday, after which she felt she did "a little better." [cite web|url= |title= Heroes' Newest Heroine: HeroSite Interviews Missy Peregrym | |accessdate=2008-01-19] While filming, Peregrym stayed around set while the other actors played the illusions Candice cast in the show. The visual effects necessitated her to follow the other actors' exact actions as they filmed: from the parts where the viewer would see the illusion, to the parts where the viewer would see Candice or vice versa.cite web|url= |title=Trailer Park Interview: Missy Peregrym | |accessdate=2008-01-19]

For Season 2, however, it became more difficult for Candice's character to be involved in the show. Peregrym was never contractually bound to "Heroes" for the second season, and after being cast in the show "Reaper" as a series regular, scheduling interfered with her availability to shoot her remaining scenes as Candice. This resulted in the writers' original plan for Candice and Sylar to have a multi-episode story arc being scrapped and the character getting killed off in her next episode. The producers attempted to collaborate with the producers of "Reaper" on shooting dates for the final episode in which Peregrym would appear, but although she agreed to work on a weekend, schedule changes for "Reaper" made this impossible. To work another actress into Candice's part and to explain the appearance change in the show, writer J.J. Philbin used exposition in her following line to Sylar: “I used to go by Candice. But ever since I dragged you off of Kirby Plaza, police are kind of looking for my old self. So, I went for a new look. What do you think? Too generic?” Rachel Kimsey then came in and her performance made a strong enough impression on writers and producers that they attempted to keep Candice, but couldn't. [cite web|url= |title=Season 2 Episode 3- "Kindred" |author=Greg Beeman |accessdate=2008-01-19]


*Played by: Ntare Mwine
*First Appeared in "The Butterfly Effect"
*Special Ability: Precognition (expressed through painting)Usutu makes himself known to Matt after he is teleported to Africa by the future Peter Petrelli. He had painted an image of the earth exploding on a nearby rock. This image appears several times in the episodes "The Second Coming" and "The Butterfly Effect", painted on various objects in various places. He also seems to have an extensive knowledge of Matt's life, having painted the major events of Matt's story arc in Volume One when he was just a child.

Benjamin "Knox" Washington

*Played by: Jamie Hector
*First appeared in "The Second Coming"
*Special ability: Superhuman strength (enhanced by others' fears)Benjamin "Knox" Washington is an escaped former prisoner of Level Five. He and Jesse Murphy were captured by Noah Bennet and the Haitian after the two used their powers in an attempt to take over a neighborhood. Knox claims that it was Jesse's constant talk of getting revenge on Bennet that kept him going in his years of incarceration.

When Elle Bishop later accidentally releases the Level Five prisoners, Knox accompanies "Flint", "The German", and Jesse/Peter on a bank robbery. However, wanting to drawn Bennet to the bank, he alerts the police. When "The German" objects, he easily kills him with his strength. After Noah arrives and allows himself to be captured in order to free the prisoners, Knox discovers the truth about Peter, who uses Jesse's power in an attempt to save Noah and himself. When Jesse is freed by Future Peter, he and Knox attempt to kill Noah, but they are stopped by Sylar. Knox manages to escape as Sylar takes Jesse's ability.

In one of Angela Petrelli's dreams of the future, Knox is seen alongside Sylar, Adam Monroe, a woman resembling Tracy Strauss, and Maury Parkman, killing the Heroes.

In the future portrayed in "I Am Become Death" Knox works with other Heroes to hunt down Peter Petrelli, but his sadistic nature remains. After tracking Peter to Sylar's home, he feeds off the fear of Sylar's son, Noah, to gain the upper hand against the former serial killer. However, after Noah is inadvertently killed because of the fight, Sylar's anger and grief cause him to lose control of his radiation abilities and explode in a nuclear blast.

Webisode characters

Characters with special abilities who only appear in the webisodes.

"The Constrictor"

* Played by: Mark Steger
* First appeared in:
* Special ability: Constriction

The Constrictor is sent with Howard to capture Echo DeMille. After their first attempt fails, leaving Howard dying on the ground and bleeding from his ears, the Constrictor finishes Howard off and goes after Echo himself. However, he is killed by Echo after using his ability on Echo's girlfriend in an attempt to force him to surrender.

Graphic novel characters

Characters with special abilities who only appear in the graphic novels.

Abu Aswan

* First appeared in: "History of a Secret"
* Special ability: Levitation of objects

Abu Aswan is a descendant of the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu who, after discovering that he can manipulate the weight of objects, suspects that his ancestors used similar abilities to build the pyramids. Visiting him in a dream, Sanjog Iyer tells him that the pharaoh had one of his kin stoned for publicly demonstrating the same ability, and persuades him to keep his ancestors' secret. His name was originally seen in the list by Chandra Suresh.


* First appeared in: "The Golden Handshake, Pt. 1"
* Special ability: Water absorption

When Claude meets his first partner Haram he also learns about Rollo Fusor, a criminal whom the Company believes is killing people by dehydrating them. Haram considers Fusor his first failed case, and bears a solid hate against him.

In 1990 the Company sends Claude and Haram to France to catch Rollo. However, when they are to arrest him, Rollo himself is dehydrated, and the real criminal is revealed to be his partner, Anya. [ [ Interview:Golden Handshake – Heroes Wiki] ] While Haram and Claude are to arrest the unnamed woman, she attacks Haram, nearly killing him. Claude manages to stop her, and she is killed by Haram.

Felicia Brooks

* First appeared in: "Donna's Big Date, Part 2"
* Special ability: Disintegration

Felicia Brooks was a Company agent who was trained by Noah Bennet. She vigorously trains Donna Dunlap to be an agent herself and is not seen with a partner. She rises up against Gael when she overhears him talking about the posthuman agents and fight Penny Logan until Eric Thompson knocks everyone out with tear gas. She commented annoyance at other agents who blasted discussions without questioning their importance first and was extremely angered at Connie Logan's betrayal. She, Penny and Connie had trained together and it was implied that the were friends. She is among those sent to deal with Evs Dropper and is killed in the process.

Au Co

* First appeared in: "War Buddies, Pt. 4"
* Special ability: Plant manipulation

Au Co was a Vietnamese girl killed by Arthur Petrelli on a mission during the Vietnam War. Arthur Petrelli and Daniel Linderman were on a mission to locate an airplane. They found it too late and there were no survivors, but "Dallas" decided to carry on with the airplane's mission to destroy Au Co. They presumed that it was a nearby farming village, but later realized that it was a young girl with the ability to make plants grow at a rapid rate. She was shot to death by Arthur despite Daniel's efforts to stop him. This event, and those leading up to it, eventually resulted in a close bond between Linderman and Petrelli.

Leonard Cushing

* First appeared in: "Trust Issues, Pt. 1"
* Special ability: Acid secretion

Leonard Cushing was an agent of the company who could secrete a highly potent corrosive from his hands. Cushing was Eric Thompson's partner until one mission where they were trying to find Evs Dropper. Thompson found Cushing in a room with a fellow agent's dead, acid-burnt body. Thompson believed that Cushing was responsible, and when Cushing was about to reveal something about Evs Dropper, Devin Patterson came and shot him. With his final breath, he tells Thompson that Evs Dropper is always watching, as a warning.

Richard Drucker

* First appeared in: "The Last Shangri-La"
* Special ability: Electronic communication

Richard Drucker was an evolved human recorded by the Company. He is described in Evolutions as having hatred towards the founding members of the Company. He also attended college with Charles Deveaux and they were friends before the start of the Company. They were both associated with an unidentified group, described as "like-minded individuals" but Drucker left the group in 1977 and moved to Bangalore. his phsical body was destroyed in Bangalore in a plane crash. He is a distant relative of Hana Gitelman. The Company has extensive information on Drucker in its files. [] []

He continued to exist within computers, like Hana, until they were both deleted while trapped in the Company's mainframe.

Julien Dumont

* First appeared in: "Root and Branch, Pt. 1: The Big Bag and Tag"
* Special ability: Replication

Julien Dumont was an agent of the company supposedly monitoring a bag and tag mission of several of his duplicates who had gone rogue in Antarctica, Australia and the Congo (though a holding room filled with more indicates that there were even more). While the duplicates in Antarctica and Australia are captured, the third jumps from a cliff and dies. When his partner and girlfriend, Sabine Hazel, reports back, Julien says he can still sense the third one alive, making her suspicious.

Following a tip from someone known only as Evs Dropper, Sabine realizes that the Julien she knows is really another duplicate, and demands to know what's happened to the real Julien. The duplicate claims that she's never met the real Julien, it's been him all along. Infuriated, she kills the duplicate and takes his keycard, using to access a Company holding cell where she finds the original Julien, kept in a coma and hooked up to machinery that activates his cloning powers involuntarily. The Company had been using him as an agent factory for years, producing an endless supply of clones to recruit while keeping the original alive and protected, as it is believed that if he dies, all his clones would die as well. Sabine proceeds to disconnect and extract Julien, even understanding he's not the Julien she loved, and the two flee from the Company. They are rescued by another Julien, who takes them to a safe house where Sabine finally meets Evs Dropper in person.

She is told by Evs (Connie Logan) that they were married and Penny is their daughter. Gael asked for Julien to be tested but tells her he was killed two years later. At the end of the battle, Bianca shoots Julien to kill the oncoming clones.

Donna Dunlap

* First appeared in: "Donna's Big Date, Part 1"
* Special ability: Superhuman vision

Donna Dunlap was merely an everyday dental receptionist who happened to have telescopic, microscopic, and nocturnal vision. She went on a date with a disguised Eric Thompson. After receiving a mysterious warning from someone known as Evs Dropper, she left and stayed at her apartment. She later found out she was being watched by Thompson and Elle Bishop. As she tried to escape, she was stunned by Elle and taken into captivity. She is taken to the Company infirmary where she recovers next to Noah. Bob sees her exposure to Bennett as a risk and orders her memory of that day erased with hopes of later convincing her to help The Company. Evs Dropper reveals the erased events to her as proof of what was done and convinces her to fight against the Company. She is trained by Felicia Brooks and sees a picture of her death painted by Isaac Mendez. She becomes suspicious of Evs and renounces her allegiance, uncovering the truth of Cushing's murder in the process. She and Eric capture a rogue Julien clone and soon after try to stop an escaping Sabine and Julien. She and Eric are later dispatched to recapture Brenden Lewis, but both are knocked out and the support must capture him. She is interrogated by Gael later on, who thinks she is still working with Evs so she escapes with Eric (with Bianca's help) to a hotel where she is incapacitated and replaced by Penny Logan. She is captured by Connie, who nails her feet to a board and binds and gags her to a chair strapped with enough explosives to destroy a metal bridge. Eric tries to save her, but she pushes him over and falls into the painting's position as the bomb detonates.


* First appeared in: "Revolutionary War, Part 1"
* Special ability: Replication

During the Revolutionary War, Adam Monroe, working as a mercenary for the British Empire, learns of a man who destroyed an entire town single-handedly, and claims he cannot be killed. Adam initially assumes the man has the same regenerative ability as he does, but upon meeting this man, Evan, Adam kills him on the spot. His crew is immediately attacked by an unseen army, and Adam soon finds himself fighting another Evan... and another, and another. It turns out Evan has the ability to duplicate himself, effectively making him a one-man army. Adam attempts to track down and kill the original Evan, believing this will stop all the duplicates; however, this proves futile when he finds that the duplicates can also duplicate themselves, and Adam is hopelessly outmatched.

Benjamin Franklin

* First appeared in: "A Lesson in Electricity"
* Special ability: Electricity absorptionBenjamin Franklin conducted experiments on electricity an held a kite with a key out during a storm where he was electrocuted, but discharged the remaining energy through his cat. He writes this in his diary which Joseph Priestley thinks must stay hidden.

Manuel Garcia

* First appeared in: "Faces, Part 1"
* Special ability: Teleportation

Manuel Garcia had connections to Evs Dropper, and with her held, he managed to evade the Company by teleporting. He was eventually captured by Connie and Penn Logan while acting as agents and not as Evs Dropper. They managed to get close enough to him by Penny impersonating his girlfriend with Conne's ability. His name was revealed on the Assignment Tracker's interactive map. He was recruited into the Company after his capture and was killed while fighting Evs Dropper.

Howard Grigsby

* First appeared in: "Blindsided"
* Special ability: Bioluminescence

Howard Grigsby is a man with the ability to emit blinding amounts of light. He thinks he is the light of God, and is the reason that Noah Bennet must get his famed glasses. Near the end of Blindsided, it is also noted that he has been sent to a Level Five detention cell.


* First appeared in: "It Takes a Village, Pt. 1"
* Special ability: Empathy

Guillame was the Haitian's father and a leader in their village in Haiti. He is known as the Houngan, the Priest, and has a power that has been able to protect his village from attack. He dies when jumping off a mountain.

Paul Harding

* First appeared in: "Into the Wild, Part 3"
* Special ability: Hair manipulation

Paul Harding was listed on the assignment tracker map. Before the map was created, it was mentioned that he and his partner helped Bianca and Gael bring the German to Primatech Research. He left a discussion on Evs Dropper's blog about mysterious blue water, traveled with his partner, Ahlrich Dekker, to Calgary to capture an unidentified posthuman and angrily commented on being ordered back from the battle with Connie Logan by Bob Bishop while Dekker was sent on his own. He eventually arrived by himself and was killed in the subsequent battle.

Brendan Lewis

* First appeared in: "The Kill Squad, Pt. 1"
* Special ability: Plant manipulation

Brendan Lewis was captured once and it was suspected that his ability would mutate. When it does, he escapes and knocks a partnership unconscious and kills most of a support team before being recaptured. He is sent to a crater the size of a village in Guyana caused by a local manifesting his ability. Paulette Hawkins augments his power to cover the crater with forestry and he is killed in the process.

"Liquid Man"

* First appeared in: "Team Building Exercise"
* Special ability: Self-liquification

A man with the power to transform his own body mass into a water-like liquid, who was apprehended by Ivan, Maarten, and Noah Bennet when they trapped him in a train's freezer car.

Connie Logan

* First appeared in: "Faces, Part 1"
* Special ability: Appearance alteration

Connie Logan was agent of the Company, who was considered an invaluable asset for her ability to mold and reshape other people's faces as if they were made of clay, and to change their hair and eye colors as well as their vocal cords to precisely mimic the appearance and voice of another person, creating perfect disguises. The effect only lasts 24 hours, and she could not change her own appearance. She often worked with her non-powered daughter, Penny Logan.

The graphic novel "Into the Wild" reveals that she is the mysterious "Evs Dropper", and is working to bring down the Company alongside an army of Julien Dumont clones. She is also married to the original Julien. She and her daughter are killed by the Kill Squad in the ensuing battle along with the rest of her forces, though the Company suffered heavy casualties.


* First appeared in: "Team Building Exercise"
* Special ability: Pyrokinesis

Maarten was Ivan's partner at the time when Noah Bennet was Ivan's protégé.


* First appeared in: "Normal Lives"
* Special ability: Plasticity manipulation

While en route from Texas to California, Noah Bennet learns of a couple of murder victims whose bodies were unnaturally bent out of shape. Realizing the killer must be one of his early cases – Marcus, a man with the power to alter the plasticity of any object his fingers are touching, allowing him to easily bend or crumple them – he takes it upon himself to apprehend the man and turns him over to the Company.

Samir Mellouk

* First appeared in: "Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Pt. 1"
* Special ability: Phasing

Samir Mellouk worked with Daphne Millbrook to steal rare artifacts from around the world. He is captured by Julien Dumont and Sabine Hazel.

Matt Neuenberg

* First appeared in: "The Man with Too (Much) Brains"
* Special ability: Eidetic memory

Matt Neuenberg was a high school student who had difficulty fitting in and making friends, feeling that people are only ever interested in him for his ability to quickly memorize and recall vast amounts of information with great accuracy. After demonstrating his ability at a talent show, he encountered Elle and was taken to the Company, where he was subjected to painful experiments. Later, Elle told him that this was for his own protection, and that he and she want the same things.

Matt was eventually used by the Company to guard their computer from hackers. Through his efforts, an attempt to hack the Company computer by Hana Gitelman and Richard Drucker is stopped by downloading the information to his head before destroying the computer. However, he died when the Company downloaded the information from him.


* First appeared in: "Different and the Same"
* Special ability: Elasticity

Piper is a girl with the ability to bend her joints to superhuman limits.

Piper keeps having haunting dreams, causing her to not sleep. One night when she does fall asleep, Sanjog Iyer shows her a vision of the past where she was supposedly abducted by aliens. She finds herself on an examination table, but she uses her powers to escape. A girl named Debbie shows Piper to a window, through which Piper leaves the building. Debbie reveals she is Piper's sister who was separated from her at birth and taken by the Company. The "aliens" that abducted Piper long ago were actually Mr. Bennet and the Haitian. Piper wakes up and screams out Debbie's name. Piper's mother calls the doctor about Piper's "delusions of having a sister". The "doctor" is really Mr. Bennet who says he'll be right over.

Sparrow Redhouse

* First appeared in: "String Theory"
* Special ability: Unknown

Sparrow Redhouse was on Chandra's list. In 2011, in the possible future in which the destruction of New York City in 2006 isn't stopped, Future Hiro rescues Sparrow from police. When he scolds her for not obeying her curfew, Sparrow criticizes the government.

Sebastian Shell

* First appeared in: "Into the Wild, Part 3"
* Special ability: Object displacement

Sebastian Shell was on the assignment tracker map. He was partnered with Julia Ryan and both were killed in the battle against Connie Logan and the other members of the Evs Dropper persona. In Evs Dropper's blog, he questioned the intentions of tracking agents (Bianca Karina), helped Ahlrich Dekker identify Calgary, helped crack a code as a training exercise and commented on Connie Logan's identification as Evs Dropper.

Linda Tavara

* First appeared in: "War Buddies, Pt. 7: Coming Home"
* Special ability: Aura absorption

Linda Tavara had the ability to see and absorb the auras of other people by touching them. Her hand glowed with a blue light when she did this. If she bsorbed the life force of another evolved human, she also gained their power.

Linda first discovered her ability in her teens, during the 1960s. It is implied that her parents knew of it too, and fearfully took measures to keep her isolated. Despite this, Linda was enthralled by her power, and went out into the city to fully experience it. After some time, she spotted Ida Walker, an elderly woman whose aura glowed brighter than most people's. Though she seemed to understand right and wrong, she continually felt to urge to steal life forces. Thus, she absorbs Walker's aura and obtained the woman's ability to see the dead.

In her adulthood, she worked as a private investigator and possibly bounty hunter. However, she would routinely continue stealing the life forces of powered people, even if she was assigned to bring them to authorities. This led to suspicions from others, and these misgivings force her employer to fire her. Afterward, she is approached by a mysterious woman who hires her to locate certain individuals for her, all implied to have powers. After turning in two such people, Linda is tasked to find a man named Jason Welkes, but she instead absorbs his life force and disposes of the body. When asked, she repeated her previous habit of claiming she was unable to find the person. This leads the informant to question her competence, and threaten to take away her next assignment. In response, Linda aborbed the informant's life force, and stole a notepad regarding the next targets, which included Daniel Linderman and Arthur Petrelli.

Linda introduced herself to Linderman at a gas station, and he traveled with her while she gains his trust. After Linderman demonstrated to her his ability to heal others, Linda attempted to absorb his power. However, Linderman killed her with a stick before she successfully did so.

She was originally seen on Chandra Suresh's list.

Teenage patient

* First appeared in: "Blackout, Pt. 1"
* Special ability: Electricity absorption

At an unnamed New York City hospital, Mohinder meets a dying man who shows symptoms of the same blood disorder that Shanti and Molly shared. Mohinder tells the man that he can cure him by giving him a blood transfusion. Following the transfusion, it appears to Mohinder that it was unsuccessful, and while he is wondering why it worked for Molly but not this individual, the patient suddenly erupts with electricity. After witnessing one of the patient's seizures, Mohinder realizes that he does not have Shanti's illness; his own uncontrolled power is damaging his health each time it manifests. A Company agent arrives in the patient's hospital room to take him into custody, but another of the patient's seizures incapacitates the agent with electrical arcs. Mohinder gets the patient out of the hospital and attempts to drive him out of town, but another seizure disables the car. The patient explains that he had been at peace with dying because of the guilt he felt over the deaths caused by his seizures. Mohinder directs him to a secluded lakeside cabin where he can live in peace and learn to control his power.


* First appeared in: "The Last Shangri-La"
* Special ability: Omnilingualism

Traveler answers a call from Hana Gitelman and is asked to deliver a message to Richard Drucker in Bhutan. He enters the country and easily adapts to his surroundings thanks to his command of languages. While traveling on foot, he falls down an incline and injures himself. He shouts for help before passing out. When Traveler awakens he is in a Bhutanese temple, being tended to by Buddhist monks. A man who appears to be Drucker asks for his message. Traveler informs him that his message is from Hana Gitelman, to whom Drucker is related.

Unnamed agents

* First appeared in: "Walls, Pt. 1"
* Special ability: Superhuman speed and electric manipulation

In an alternate future, one year after the explosion, Peter Petrelli and Hiro Nakamura infiltrate a prison complex where many "special" people are being unjustly detained, including Niki Sanders, and attempt to break them out. As they attempt to escape, they encounter a team of agents who attempt to stop them, including a woman with the power of super-speed and a man with the power to generate and manipulate electricity. Peter absorbs the powers of the agents, who are soon knocked out by Niki.

Unnamed deaf agent

* First appeared in: "Going Postal"
* Special ability: Sound absorption

Recruited by The Company especially to capture Echo DeMille, his body absorbs all sound, effectively making him permanently deaf.

Unnamed man

* First appeared in: "Faces, Part 1"
* Special ability: Nerve gas emission

A man who emits nerve gas when he sweats was captured by Penny Logan for the Company.

Ida Walker

* First appeared in: "Moonlight Serenade"
* Special ability: Spectral vision

Ida May Walker was one of Linda's first super powered victims. She said that she could see "angels" since she was little, though this was due to her power. Linda was drawn to her due to the fact that her aura glowed stronger then most. Her power was stolen by Linda and she was killed.

According to Heroes Evolutions, she is Molly Walker's grandmother.


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