Collision (Heroes)

Collision (Heroes)
Heroes episode
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A messenger from the future has a message for Peter.
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Directed by Ernest Dickerson
Written by Bryan Fuller
Production code 104
Original air date October 16, 2006
Guest stars
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"One Giant Leap"
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"Collision" is the fourth episode of the first season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes. It was originally titled "Come Together".



Matt Parkman is a prisoner of Mr. Bennet and the mysterious man. When it is revealed Matt knows of a Claire, the mysterious man is ordered to "Clean Matt out", a painful process.

Hiro and Ando arrive in Las Vegas. They will be staying at the Montecito Hotel and Casino. Ando helps Hiro with the warning messages for Isaac Mendez, so Isaac will know that he and the city of New York are in danger.

They pass by Niki Sanders and her son Micah, who are on their way to meet Mr. Linderman. Instead, they meet one of his associates. With Micah in the other room, Niki is told she will sexually blackmail a politician Linderman is involved with, as a form of 'insurance'.

Claire Bennet's body lies on the autopsy table as the coroner does a V-incision on her chest. Recording the details, the coroner notes that she was found naked and dragged into the Red River Creek. With the coroner distracted by a phone call, Claire heals up sufficiently to steal a lab coat and sneak out.

A quick montage reveals Isaac going over sketches in his art book, including one of Simone and Peter under an umbrella; Peter waking up next to Simone; Hiro and Ando at the casino; and Claire sneaking into her parents' house.

Nathan Petrelli is "accosted" in the street by Mohinder Suresh who warns him his life is in danger and asks about unusual experiences. Nathan realizes Mohinder is connected to the book Peter showed him. He asks his bodyguards to make sure he is not followed to Las Vegas.

Peter and Simone spend the night together. Nathan arrives and they argue. Nathan accuses Peter of sending Dr. Suresh, mistaking Mohinder for his father, Chandra Suresh, author of the book Peter showed him. Peter denies it. Nathan attempts to buy him off and fails. Simone leaves to talk to Isaac.

At home, Claire's father believes she was simply out all night with Brody. Upset at Brody's assault, Claire weeps.

Eden drops by Mohinder's apartment, giving him a package containing his father's ashes. Mohinder plans to return to Madras. Peter shows up with the revelation he can copy other people's powers.

At the casino, Ando has gambled away all of their money except for one dollar. Hiro uses his time powers to fix this.

As Niki prepares for her "job", she discusses with her friend about her blackouts. Micah reveals that he knows about her web-cam job. He suggests that he knows what she's going to be doing later that evening when he talks about how her job is "safer on the Internet."

Back at Mohinder's apartment, Peter learns more about his powers while talking to Mohinder. Mohinder refers to his father, who could have helped them more, only he "sits on the table" these days. Peter comes to the conclusion he has some sort of empathic ability.

Simone goes to Isaac's to buy his latest paintings for an art showing. Isaac refuses to give her any of the paintings where he drew the future. Isaac then proclaims he knows about her and Peter. Simone accuses him of following her, but says, only slightly angry, that he drew that picture seven weeks ago and expected it to happen. He then points to a painting that he did of Peter, who Isaac hadn't even met before painting it. Isaac asks Simone if she loves him, but she says she doesn't know about her feelings when it concerns either Peter or Isaac. He asks for an advance to buy "painting supplies" (heroin), which he believes will enable him to draw the future, and to find a way to stop a nuclear explosion that will destroy New York City. Simone leaves, but Isaac is largely unfazed: he tells himself that he is going to be a hero. He then begins to get a canvas ready as well as his heroin kit.

At school, Zach confronts Claire over what happened the previous night. Claire just wants to ignore it, knowing that she can't press charges against her assailant Brody, as she has no scars to prove anything. Claire makes up a story of having had too much to drink, confusing all, including Brody. Claire's classmate Lori Tremmel reveals that Brody got to her too, and directs Claire's gaze to Brody and another of his victims.

Back at the casino, Hiro cheats more blatantly, gaining more money. In the same casino, Niki finally meets with the politician: Nathan Petrelli.

Peter and Mohinder are outside Isaac's apartment, but cannot enter, as he is in a drug-induced trance, dreaming of Claire again.

Hiro and Ando are thrown out of the casino by security. A panicked Hiro protests that they are not 'subway gropers', a common problem in Japan. In the parking garage, they are attacked by a group of people who lost to Hiro. Ando is left on his own after Hiro is punched out.

Niki, after some doubts, and a threat on Micah's life, suddenly turns around and aggressively seduces Nathan. The mysterious symbol is seen on her back. It is made obvious that the encounter is being recorded.

Back on the subway, returning from having failed to see Isaac, Peter sees time seems to stop for all but him.

As Isaac comes back to grips with himself, he sees the pictures he painted, depicting Claire fleeing from a large shadowy figure, Hiro and Ando in a casino, and himself coming to. The portion of the picture with Claire is noticeably incomplete.

Claire tricks Brody into letting her drive his car by feigning fascination, then after revealing the truth about what happened the night of the bonfire drives it head-on into a brick wall at top speed.

While Niki and Nathan are sleeping, Mr. Bennet and the mysterious man arrive to take one of them. To whom Mr. Bennet is referring is not explicitly said, although the mysterious man does approach Nathan's side of the bed. The symbol on Niki's back is gone.

Peter can move around normally, but can't get out of the dim subway car. A very different looking Hiro, with a sword bearing the mysterious symbol, appears. He states, in perfect English, "My name is Hiro Nakamura. I am from the future. I have a message for you..."


At the beginning
Sometimes questions are more powerful than answers. How is this happening? What are they? Why them and not others? Why now? What does it all mean?¨


The Las Vegas casino which Hiro and Ando are thrown out of, is revealed to be The Montecito, the focal point of another NBC series, Las Vegas.


The total viewership for this episode was 13.07 million.

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